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  1. G1ng3rGar1

    The OC Gear Shop

    Hey guys! Ginger Gari here (feel free to move this where it needs to be) Okay, so I kind of randomly thought up of a thread to make, so here I am making it! Okay, the purpose of this thread is to help each other find the right builds for our Splatoon Squid/Octo OCs. I know I definitely don't...
  2. G1ng3rGar1

    Help naming my Twin Squad?

    Hey kids and Squids! I'm back with another thread! I really have no idea where to put this :P so hopefully it's in the right place. Anyway, my friend and I have this casual twin squad going on. I want to name it, but we have no idea what to name it. As long as it's short and involves a squid...
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