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  1. SplatoonFan#2102

    Message to Anyone.

    I am going to dump a bottle of hot sauce in my food. I hope you can smell it before eating.
  2. SplatoonFan#2102

    Last person to comment wins!

    Aw sweet. I won.
  3. SplatoonFan#2102

    About Deep Cut & the 2 members of the trio that Aren't Manta Rays

    I am simply hear to state that Big Man is the best idol. I will not be taking criticism either.
  4. SplatoonFan#2102

    New games. Probably gonna become active.

    New games. Probably gonna become active.
  5. SplatoonFan#2102

    I now exist.

    If you read the title you will notice I now exist.
  6. SplatoonFan#2102

    Hold X for as long as you can hold your breath

  7. SplatoonFan#2102


  8. SplatoonFan#2102

    I have joined.

    I have joined.
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