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Search results

  1. vinylic

    What's your rank (s)?

    congrats! i've only been playing for about a year, but i'm A- in tower control and splat zones, B+ in rainmaker, and B in clam blitz. clam blitz is hard : (
  2. vinylic

    I'm looking for a team!

    hello hello! if you're still looking for someone, i'd be down to play sometime! i'm terrible at talking to people though so i apologize in advance lmao i forget to check on here very often, but my discord and friend code are linked to my profile (i think) so you could add me on there, assuming...
  3. vinylic

    What's your favorite weapon to main?

    i main dualies in general, but my favorites are probably the (original) dapples. i wish i could be a charger main but my hands are too shaky to aim very well </3
  4. vinylic

    What would you like to see in Splatoon 3?

    honestly, i'm mostly just excited to be around for a splatfest for the first time JKFDLKD; i got the game for my birthday last year, so i haven't been able to participate in any. as far as new features, though, i hope they add a button to leave a lobby instead of just putting your switch to...
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