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Search results

  1. Heals

    This or That

    Flamin' hot cheetos but i wouldnt eat em, give em to a friend Woomy or ngyes
  2. Heals

    Corrupt a Wish

    Your wish is granted, but you become fox I wish I was the woomy in my pfp (based opinion, give me drywall)
  3. Heals

    The Neverending Story : 4 words edition

    and purchased tasty drywall.
  4. Heals

    ABC Stories

    I dont know though, evidence says yes, roller says no.
  5. Heals

    The Character(s) in the avatar above you are nearby. What'ya do?

    Splat them, splat them ALL!
  6. Heals

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    No Question: does drywall taste scrumptious? (it does obviously)
  7. Heals

    You know you play too much Splatoon when:

    When you hear a squid child speaking to you telepathically telling you to splat some guy named Billy that I've never heard of or seen, yes, I have never met a Billy.
  8. Heals

    Have you ever...?

    Yes in old phantom forces, I got an 8 man with an m60 but I thought it was a 9 man. Still a good clip tho, still have the recording. Have you ever eaten drywall? And if so, how did you like it?
  9. Heals

    Eating drywall, anyone wanna join?

    Eating drywall, anyone wanna join?
  10. Heals

    Three Word Stories

    Love eating drywall
  11. Heals

    The object on your right is your weapon in the invasion of the Octolings!

    HAHA, FACE THE WRATH OF A PILE OF DRYWALL (tasty and don't ask)
  12. Heals

    Would You Rather...?

    Depends on the salmonid, but probably an octarian Would you rather have me break into your house and steal your left kidney (tasty) or eat drywall (very tasty)
  13. Heals

    What Pokémon is the person above you?

    espeon, purble
  14. Heals

    Last person to comment wins!

    No you dont
  15. Heals

    Three Word Stories

    Cheese tastes good
  16. Heals

    Three Word Stories

    so very bored
  17. Heals

    Three Word Stories

    not have fun
  18. Heals

    The object on your right is your weapon in the invasion of the Octolings!

  19. Heals

    Three Word Stories

    to have fun
  20. Heals

    Three Word Stories

    This is purgatory
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