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▒Breaks News In Inkopolis! ▒ ⇲Fanfiction

Discussion in 'Original Content' started by Vivian, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Vivian

    Vivian Inkling

    Aug 2, 2016
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    Strange things have been happening in Inkopolis, oddly dressed inklings, attacks on the shopkeepers, not to mention Callie and Marie are taking a break from the spotlight, and two of the best squids in ranked-battles have gone missing since the era of Agent 3!
    Purple and Blue ink flew from both sides of the battlefield. Flounder Height's covered in ink from the trees to walls, Inklings getting splatted and splatting left and right. It was a close battle with the purple team just barely taking the lead against the blue. Although the team was full of amateur Inklings, who've only participated in a handful of battles, although, there were two players that showed more advanced skills than the rest of their team, and to their misfortune were on the opposing teams.

    "C'mon, guys!" Vivian cheered her team on from the ledge she was perched upon, her eyes trained on the spot where she last saw the roller and ready to pull the trigger the second she saw any movement. "We're down to the last minute if we can pull through this it's our win!" her words were enough to motive her teammates, one getting a little too confident and swam towards enemy territory in hopes of applying even more pressure to the blue team. Before Vivian could warn her rookie member of the roller that lied in wait, it hit him.


    "That charger isn't too shabby." Vincent thought, flicking his roller and inking enemy turf. "I'm surprised I've never seen her in ranked." he felt his tentacles surge and a new Inkling came into his sights. Looking back at his teammates who waited patiently for his instructions, he flashed them a confident grin before yelling his winning command. "Charge!" as soon as the warning was shouted they rushed out, inking enough turf to return the pressure the purple team had placed on them. An Inkling flinched as they heard the charger fire three shots and inking turf they had just covered, but their fear was quickly wiped away as they saw the confidence in their unofficial leader.

    "Finally!" Vivian breathed a sigh of relief to feel her tentacles rise and immediately began work with her special, throwing bomb after bomb not noticing the roller who was quickly approaching her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him, a terrified smile adorning her features as she saw his tentacles and the brand of his roller. Frantically, Vivian began tossing splat bombs in his direction hoping to splat him before he could get over the metal grate.

    "They don't explode fast enough, Vi!" Vincent yelled, flicking his roller at the trapped girl forcing her even farther back. Once over the steel grate, he activated his special and from Inkling to Kraken he went, a splat bomb going off and pushed him near the edge, to Vivian's bad luck he didn't fall and went straight to her, eyes locked on his target. Vivian shrieked, panicked, out of ink, and nowhere to hide. Impulsively she held her Splatterscope up to shield her from the inevitable.



    Vivian found herself at the spawn point along with the rest of her team that was splatted. They all had a look of disappointment, unable even to look at their leader in the eye. Before Vivian could reassure them, the buzzer rang throughout Flounder Heights, signifying the battle was over. As soon as that happened, the tuxedo cat appeared in the center of the 'stage' with two flags in hand.

    Both teams leaned in as Judd held them in suspense, a hopeful smile spreading on the purple teams face as the cat began to lean slowly towards them. Suddenly, he dropped their flag and pointed at the blue team with a corny, fake dramatic expression that was meant to be shock, but that didn't matter to the blue that could be heard celebrating from the other side of the map, while the purple team sat there in silence. One of the younger inklings had tears that threatened to spill after having this be her first match and first loss. One way to destroy a newbies confidence.

    "It was just bad luck," Vivian reassured gentle, patting her rookie on the back "We'll try next match again! Kraken is leaving the lobby so it'll be more fair, I mean, he's pretty famous for rank and turfed battles, so it was kind of set to begin with." all Vivian got was a weak nod from the kid who clutched her N-ZAP 89' as they all left Flounder Heights.

    As Vivian predicted, Kraken was leaving the lobby, a crowd of fans waiting eagerly outside and prepared to bombard the poor soul with questions, requests for autographs and what The Greatzapfish knows what. Vincent (Kraken) threw the charger a curious glance that went ignored, but he didn't have the luxury of asking her for a name. A new match was starting and young inklings crowded him.

    "Can you sign my cap?" A small boy begged holding up a cap that Vincent immediacy recognized as one of the Kraken brand. Before he could answer the kid's question he was hit with another question.

    "How was your match? Did you win?"

    "Have you ever spoken to Callie andMarie?"

    Some of the questions didn't even make sense, and after hearing so much gunfire from Splattershot's and N-ZAPs he couldn't handle the mess of voices that interrogated him. Taking the boy's cap and giving it a quick signature and a little Kraken doodle he mustered the calmest voice he could talk to the audience. "Thank you all for following me, I mean it, I mean I wouldn't be here if you didn't, but I'm kind of tired today and would like to enjoy a meal in silence, I mean, ya know, gunfire and all." For a moment the crowd fell silent, all of which exchanging a few confused glances before breaking out into a murmur, some commenting on the charger they saw in the lobby and declared her to be the source of his headache. Like that, the crowd dispersed, waving their idol good-bye. The young inkling rushed over to hug Vincent before running off, his chest feeling a little fuzzy knowing just how much he meant to the kids.

    It wasn't long before he found a fast food place to eat at, it was Inkopolis after all, stores at every corner. Fashion? Got it, Weapons? Got that too? A fantastic burger? Bingo. That was just what he ordered. Settling down into his chair and taking a couple of fries Vincent was eager to get to eating only stopping mid-bite as his eyes caught sight of an oddly dressed inkling whose face was entirely covered by the hood of their coat. He couldn't identify the brand but quickly brushed it off as a new fashion trend and dug into his meal.

    Back at the Lobby, specifically Flounder Heights, Vivian's team was dominating the map. She couldn't help but feel proud to see her rookie teammates learning so quickly from their mistakes in the last match, and even managing to work together well enough to corner the enemy squids. The buzzer rang throughout Flounder Heights, and Judd jumped to the center of the field to declare the winners.

    Just as he was about to pull the same feint from the last game, there was an explosion so loud it startled the poor feline to falling off. As soon as that happened, all eight squids rushed to the center of the field to catch him. An older squid from the other team managing to catch the startled cat just in time.

    "What the hell was that?" He asked what everyone was thinking, some threw him confused stares, others gripped their weapons as they looked around paranoid that another explosion would set off. Just as they feared, it did, although it was smaller than the last one, but just big enough to be heard.

    "We need to get back to the spawn points," Vivian declared, placing a firm hand on one of her more startled teammates in an attempt to reassure them.

    "But what about Judd? Only ink based life can use the spawn points."

    "Well," Vivian began, racking her mind for answers before realizing something "How does Judd even get to the maps in the first place?" The yellow squid opened his mouth to respond her question but quickly discovered he had no clue. Everyone gave the now relaxed cat a curious stare as he placed him down, realizing he could find his way home just fine. Both teams retreated to their spawn points and returned to the lobby. As soon as they had materialized, they heard security guards barking orders.

    "Final team has returned with no apparent injuries, sir!"

    "Injuries? Why the heck would we be injured?" His question was quickly answered by the sight of uniquely colored magenta smoke that was rising to the sky. Luckily it looked to be quite a distance away. "Whoa, what's going on?" He yelled as the younger inklings began panicking.

    "Sir, please remain calm we are prepared, but you must wait inside this building until the area has been declared safe."

    "Safe?!" As security tried to calm the unsettled squids Vivian was examining the smoke, her stomach knotting as soon as she noticed the location.

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