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Inkling Cadet
Jan 2, 2022
Eagle City, Komerika, Ninjala
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  • Zia Ramirez (character based on me)
  • 19
  • Inktoling (inkling/Octoling hybrid). Looks like my pfp but with round octoling ears and octoling eyes, but still with the inkling line between her eyes.
  • A secret agent-esque badassh chick who loves combat and martial arts. struggles with depression but hides it well, she won’t back down from a fight But only if it is necessary. She has green hair that almost looks like its made of jewels. She is a big fan of the Trail Hogs and studies their techniques almost religiously. Her quirk is that she glows in the dark. She speaks primarily in Morse code. Is very into technology (ahem, the Morse code). Introverted until you get to know her, then she comes out of her shell a bit. likes making people happy but struggles to find happiness herself. Always one up for an adventure or challenge!
  • Weapon: Hero Shot/Roller
  • Relationships: single, straight. No friends yet except for her loyal sea butterfly named Cory. Cory has empath powers and can telepathically transmit translations of what Zia says into people’s minds.
  • Family: Unkown
  • Not known to be scared of anything.

  • 318D0628-F5B3-418A-86D8-BF165187039D.jpeg


Flingza Enjoyer
Dec 29, 2021
40.1584° N, 76.8039° W
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Name: Trek
Age: 15
Species: Sea urchin
Appearance: Trek is skinny, very tan, and wears anything he can find at thrift shops.
Weapon: A Flingza roller modified to have his ideal load out, ink mines and a booyah bomb
Personality: despite his appearance, he is very kind and loving, but can be very straightforward when he needs to be.


Inkling Cadet
Oct 10, 2021
Hog Haven the BIcycle City
Name: Skidmarks
Age: 20 - 30 (Could be older in some cases as some were once business men and women working in the offices of Inkopolis. Apparently, the stress and repetitiveness of their jobs made them turn into clowns in search of fun times!
Species: Inklings, Octolings
Appearance: They dress as clowns complete with clown hair, overalls, clown shoes, and wacky shirts. They all wear ties. Their mode of transportation is a Skidmarks Bike which is basically a Trail Hog that has been modified as a weapon.
Weapons: Their bikes are their weapons. They carry no hand weapons at all. The bikes can be modded to have frontal attachments like giant pie launchers or rocket nose in which the entire bike would essentially be a rocket complete with rear ink nozzle for thrust.
Personality: They're clowns, what else can be said. They don't attempt to follow any rules in Turf War and will try to cheat as often as possible.
- As mentioned before some of the Skidmarks were once professional business men and women. Too much stress and repetitiveness of their jobs made them into clowns who are now in search of fun and laughter.
- They paint their bikes with some type of multicolored green paint that can glow like a neon sign. No one knows if there is a power source or if the paint needs power at all.
- The bikes are weapons. The Skidmarks seem to be as creative as the Trail Hogs and have found a way to get rid of hand held weapons completely. They also seem to imitate whatever they see. An example being the Salmonids and more specifically the Maws where the one of the Skidmarks mounted a fish head-like attachment to the front of their bike. Like the Maws the Skid marks dive into ink and open up the fish jaws and try to bite the player.
- The origin of the Skidmarks is somewhat of a mystery. It is a mystery how they obtained the technology of the Trail Hogs to build a bike like theirs. It could be by simple observation or perhaps by blueprints that may have been dropped by Frankus according the Squid Research Labs. They may have also began in order to challenge the Trail Hogs for supremacy of the Inkopolis.
- Unlike many opponents, if not all these cyclists have the ability to fight directly on walls. In fact they ride their bikes up and down walls. It is believed that the winch of their bikes may allow them to climb up and down walls effectively. Even Judd of impressed how a rider can fight from the walls and keep their bikes balanced.
- They are known to pass through main streets in the city throw pies at random people. They are not using pie launchers but actual food pies. They favorite being blueberry pies.
- It is not known who their leader is but apparently he is very powerful boasting the most powerful weapon ever seen which has the ability to fire projectiles in many different directions at once. During the attack know as the Fury of the Clowns he will attack from high atop a building or ship and throw eggs, pies, osage oranges, and rockets in rapid fire which cover every corner of the city apparently having no limit to their distance. The sky also turns pink-orange for some reason resembling dusk. "Whoever is attacking would even make the Salmonids and Octarians run! I'm getting the heck back into my shop!", cries Bisk as a pie just misses him as he closes the door.


Inkling Cadet
Oct 10, 2021
Hog Haven the BIcycle City
Name: Skidmark Rex (King of Skidmark Bikers)
Age: 50
Universe: The Trail Hogs Universe (Kingdom of Skidmark)
Cannon/OC: Cannon
View attachment 7401
He rides a bike similar to a Trail Hog (bike with bumpers and flywheel). The difference is that the bike is painted with a neon glowing paint which glows bright even in the daytime. There is a giant Pie Launcher attached to the front. This guy loves throwing pumpkin and sweet potato pies for some reason.

Species: Human but with some weird abilities.
Personality: He was once very serious back when he had his job as an engineer but then he decided that riding like a Trail Hog was a lot more fun. This guy is quite a prankster and does not act his age anymore. He loves biking down streets, leading the Skidmarks Bicycle Gang, and throwing giant pies while leaving skid marks on roads, sidewalks, and bike trails.
Bio: He was once an engineer working for a mechanical engineering firm. His job became boring and repetitive leaving him very little time to do anything he loved. One day the "clown" came out of him and he grew his hair out, changed clothing style, and rode his bike around the office. His 25 year old son thought he was insane but then decided to join him to create the bicycle gang known as the Skidmarks after seeing the Trail Hogs' success with their bikes. It is widely believed that he built his own bike as well as the other rider's bikes. There is little evidence that he stole any of the bikes.

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