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5.1.0 meta and expectations for end of April

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by Metasepia, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Metasepia

    Metasepia Inkling Cadet

    Jun 16, 2018
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    Hi there, hey there, hoe there. It's me, trying to re-inject some semblance of life back into this forum with some discussion revolving around the warped meta of 5.1.0.

    I know its been a couple of eons since anything was last said here and in that time, things (may) have changed significantly for many of us, and as a result we (may) have altered our ways of living and our priorities.

    But that's getting off topic of what the original intention of this thread was and is a completely different subject that will probably require a completely different thread being created and yada yada

    Without further ado here's the current patch notes and a quick summary on what I currently have heard is being used in comp play

    Firefin: Splat charger is a god damn ****roach of a main weapon, its been eating nothing but nerfs ever since the stingray buff and it took a massive stingray nerf to finally dethrone it as one of the most meta defining weapons in the game. Of course, charger mains took little time in making the jump from vcharger to ffin, where its now considered as (one) of the most meta defining zones weapons, and is still pretty strong outside of zones (assuming that the charger main is really proficient in hitting shots). I hope Nogami has the balls big enough to finally give the main a nerf that makes other backline weapons not completely eclipsed by it.

    Ballpoint nouveau: The main is absolutely amazing and the sub is amazing and the special has good synergy with the main so its little wonder this weapon sees so much use on all modes.

    Soda slosher: Has kind of eclipsed Deco because it has a better offensive sub that allows it to kill things easier and a special that isn't necessary for making big plays like baller so it can stack more qr to have better field presence

    Jr: Splat bomb+Splat bomb -> Armor -> Splat bomb+Splat bomb+Zone retake

    Foil Squeezer: After months of being called a better forge but never actually seeing use, it finally saw use. It turns out that bubbles were kind of broken all along. But then it kinda dropped because people who just picked it up when they saw the results it was getting realized that you need to invest a lot of time into it to be proficient and that being useful for only 7 seconds of a round wasn't enough to win games.

    Kensa Rapid: Been seeing more use since the fall of kpro because it can actually paint and has a couple of other benefits over pro that it trades for ease of use.

    Sorella brella: 180p splat bomb rush on a splat brella.

    There's a bunch of other major things that I'm leaving out cause I'm tired and lazy like the fall of L3 (kind of), fall of Kpro, the current falling of Remix, and Camo being good for a couple of weeks but then people realized vtent was better and other things.

    God I hope I'm not just talking to the void at this point [lol ((that means laugh out loud {{{lol}}}))]
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