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Agent 8 Might be the New Leader of the Octarians


May 1, 2018
Octo Valley
Another theory that I just have to get out there.

After seeing how Agent 3 (the original) is now Captain 3, I was thinking about how leadership changed. This eventually led to how DJ Octavio is more out and about (as seen in the single-player mode trailer), who is watching over the Octarians?

Splatoon 3 clearly draws parallels more than the previous two games. On the surface, we see a chaotic world while underneath, we see a more orderly environment. Old specials return, but they are also accompanied by new specials. Those were a few examples of how Splatoon 3 draws more from the parallel idea.

So, with Cap'n Cuttlefish being retired from his position and Agent 3 taking his place, a similar thing could happen with DJ Octavio, but who would take his spot? Well, it has to be an Octoling first of all. Marina could be the one, but she was already shown that she's in a band, so that's not it. It can't be the newest playable Octoling character either because he/she is new. The only choice I see is Agent 8, he/she is an Octoling who by the time of Splatoon 3 has already learned a lot about the Inklings and possibly other species of the surface as well.

What could this mean for the Octarians? Well, it means that they won't have to clash with Inklings anymore, as Agent 8 would definitely prefer that the two species co-exist rather than fight. Captain 3 would probably welcome the Octarians as well (of course while he/she isn't busy with the weird fuzzy variant). This new cooperation could allow the two species to co-exist in the same place at the same time.

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