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Competitive Library Idea Pitch

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by Mr.HawK, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Mr.HawK

    Mr.HawK The Artist

    Apr 23, 2015
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    Competitive Library Idea Pitch v0.5

    Listings of projects for the competitive section of SquidBoards


    Once in a blue moon there will be a necessary need for information or data with the intention to educate people. As it is right now there are many different corners of the community hard at work trying to prepare websites, applications, spreadsheets, etc. Now, the unfortunate circumstances pertaining to such outside projects is that not all websites/applications are technically well known or heard of. Not everyone goes to the wiki, the many discord servers, the blogs, or youtube channels that provide this type of info.

    This worksheet project listing is essentially designed to make the competitive section of squidboards both a portal and place of competitive conversation and education. The Idea is to make sure all of you aren’t out of the loop, that you guys have the info you need to understand a few things pertaining to the competitive scene and other game based info.

    Things like:

    • Keeping track of the meta through several outlets

    • Being able to understand the meta as it’s listed, and other important game data

    • Keeping up to date with teams and their current performance in the tourney scene

    • Gear trading and other interactive things

    This type of stuff is just an example of the point i'm making, we don’t want you guys to be out of the loop. Information that allows people to understand the meta is genuinely helpful especially for those currently in teams right now. You need to know what you’re fighting against both in tournaments and in league. Even remotely being left behind isn't an option, and I know that forums are not the best place for real time updates and such but it’s not that big of an issue considering the point of all of this is to collaborate and create a competitive library of sorts. Knowing what you're up against is better than being clueless.

    Now please understand, this library for the competitive section is not meant to overshadow any current projects in the making that other members of the community might be creating at this time. It’s simply something we need so that members of the boards have a reason to actually check the competitive section more often than they do now, it’s just an incentive to have members communicate with various competitive community members and those with knowledge pertaining to various topics. We highly encourage those with the ability to create applications and websites with the intention to educate and build upon the community to continue doing so. Your work may be just a small part of something bigger but it can only grow if you so chose to pursue the idea and build it from the ground up.


    As for the actual projects, these are ideas that I want to pitch to you guys that will hopefully be fulfilled in and built upon in the future.


    • Visualization of the Metagame
      • Would come in the form of some kind of list or chart that shows the currently used weapons and strategies in the competitive meta

      • Generally something that isn’t entirely in the fighting game tier list format since that creates some placement issues and does not tell the full story/context, but is still an option

      • Secondary information as to what the meta focuses on and how players can both utilize and prepare in order to fight against it, if there is a theoretical strategy for example

      • Information pertaining to this chart/list would have to be from credible sources within the community, while it’s fine for people to make tier lists we do need something and someone with legitimate info to back up the listings.

    • Theoretical analysis
      • This is most of the discussions that already happen but would be more focused on specific forms of theory crafting with team comps, gear strategies with certain weapons, and other possible theoretical builds.

      • Things like “advanced tech threads” are fine but keep in mind that there are things that already exist that derive from other shooters as well that have made it’s way into this game too, so making silly names for already existing techniques might not be the best way to go about it. Research is important.

      • The application of gear abilities and how they interact with all of the weapons in the game, this is something that will reinforce how we operate weapons currently

      • The post above will allow us to create spreadsheets that differentiate the many uses of weapons, completely substituting what is “good and bad” with “what choice and options you have” or just "what works and what doesn't"

    • Competitive statistics
      • Essentially team placements and statistics that show team consistency throughout the tournament scene

      • SplatStats made by BestTeaMaker (BTM) is something that is already running and active as an example

      • Sources and links to applications involving player stats so that more users are aware of these existing applications for future use

      • an example of this would be a application that allows you to track your own stats from the games you play, or something like that

    • Gear Trading Mega Thread

      • Something to consider, having good gear is a good thing, people have good gear and there is a way to trade gear, not officially though

      • Gear trading works like this:

        • You and another player go into a private match with the gear you both want

        • You chose rainmaker and a map that allows you to end the game quickly

        • Then the player in that private match will be in the Inkopolis square and you just need to find them and order their gear

        • That’s how you trade
      • You’ll be able to request gear in a specific fashion, this will come in the form of a copy/paste text that will be written up in the OP's post that will allow you to list what you want and what you’re willing to trade

      • Then you can request a trade offer to those who have the gear you want

      • The LFG (Looking for Game) discord server, made by the people from the Inkademy server, has a chat that will allow you to interact with people that you request and want to trade with

      • In order to perform this trade you will need to give the other person your friend code or list it out so that people can add you without hassle

    • Community Links and resources
      • Pretty simple concept, all of the community links that we use in order to share and produce content and info a well as other social portals will be listed so that people who are entering the community know where everything is and what everything does.

      • This list may or may not include things such as links to various well known quality content creators youtube channels as well as twitch streamers.

      • Discord servers are a huge part of the competitive community and there are lots of them and all of them act differently, having a community portal with all of these links should help people get around easily

      • Important data/info like statistics, frame data, and other things will most likely be posted here but might also be made into a different library section.


    This is mostly just me pitching an idea, I know that people are very eager to find all of this info and want to help out as much as they can, and we really do encourage that but as it stands we need to make sure the info we provide is genuine and concrete. Meaning a lot of the info needs to be tested and confirmed by credible sources within the community or tested by people with concrete and reproducible data. This is also something I had said with the whole “advanced techs” threads, thing is that while it’s nice to see people theory crafting we also need to make sure that research is being done to make sure that something like that doesn’t already exist and doesn’t have some silly name, no offense on that last part really we just need legitimacy with the info we provide to newcomers.

    The community portal thing is simply for those that go on squidboards and don’t know about all the other community areas, even if some other place has a community portal for people to use, how is anyone from the boards going to know about it? They won’t, that's why we’re making one so that they do. Easy.

    Anyway, Thanks for reading. I really want to shape this place up so that we can bring more people to the boards as a whole and just to make sure that people aren’t missing out on things.

    Have a nice day,
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  2. Robochao

    Robochao Full Squid

    Jun 10, 2015
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    I respect this effort to put everything together. This isn't an easy task for such a disassembled community: many players are on here, Facebook, Discord, Amino ... the scene is very spread.

    Visualization of the metagame/comp scene I think should be recorded on its own website. TeamLiquid, for Starcraft II, used to serve as a go-to for the latest strats/player statistics when SCII was first starting. I'm not sure if that's evolved in any way, but I think a hub for everything competitive is paramount to making the game accessible as a spectator sport.

    As you can tell, I'd love this game to be a spectator sport. :)
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  3. Timothy Yonker

    Timothy Yonker Inkling

    Sep 20, 2018
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    DELETED. Sorry, I think autocomplete overwrote the username I chose. MOD PLEASE DELETE THIS and my ACCOUNT.
    #3 Timothy Yonker, Sep 20, 2018
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  4. treknoy

    treknoy Inkling

    Sep 20, 2018
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    Hey, some of you may have seen my meta summary posts on the splatoon reddit. I wrote a program to store the results of league and more recently X-Rank results from the Splat Net app in a database. I have been posting monthly threads there with the results in a spreadsheet. As you may have noticed, that subreddit is mostly composed of memes and artwork, and there's not a lot of meta discussions. So, I don't get much discussion in those threads. Your library idea is cool. So, here is my contribution. I finally created a website around the data I have been collecting. It will let you sort and filter and group in lots of different ways so you can see what the meta looks like (at least in solo X-Rank). I plan on adding the league data at some point in the future. Let's say it's still in beta. I've been making lots of updates, so if it goes down for a bit, I'm probably just working on it.

  5. Rydude

    Rydude Inkling

    Jan 19, 2018
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    Looks great! The issue with this is that it only takes in weapon ranks for solo. Maybe you could also use league to show stats for weapon comps similar to https://loadout.ink. Drag weapons into 4 slots and it will pull up the stats for the weapon comps for the month like win rate, how much it painted, average special use for a weapon while in the comp ect. This would be a lot of work but would be super helpful to the community.
  6. Coolpic783

    Coolpic783 Inkling

    Sep 10, 2019
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    #6 Coolpic783, Sep 16, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019

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