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Tournament [Dec 1, 2018] Squidboards Splat Series - December 2018 (Battlefy / Squidboards Discord)

Discussion in 'Event & Tournament Listings' started by TheRapture, Nov 16, 2018.

Squidboards Splat Series - December 2018
Posted By TheRapture

Battlefy / Squidboards Discord
Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 12:00 PM
(ends Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 06:00 PM)
Timezone: America/New_York


Upcoming Occurrences

All times have been adjusted for the timezone: America/New_York

This event does not have any/other upcoming occurrences...
  1. TheRapture

    TheRapture Dystopian Future Paint Desperado

    Sep 20, 2009
    Likes Received:

    Welcome to the Squidboards Splat Series!

    Hope you're staying warm out there! Our online Splatoon 2 tournament series returns with our next event slated for Saturday, December 1st!

    This month, we’re running a one day, Swiss Groups into Single Elimination Bracket event.

    How this works – teams will be split into different groups for the Group Stage. They will then play each other in Swiss Format for a total of 5 rounds (this means, for each round, teams will play opponents with identical win/loss records). Each group will have a maximum of 32 teams. All Group Stage matches are Best of 3.

    After 5 rounds, teams will move on to a Single-Elimination Bracket Stage. The Top 32 teams from the Group Stage will be put in the Top Cut bracket. If we have less than 64 teams, the remaining teams will be put into the Bottom Cut bracket. If we have more than 64 teams, we’ll have 32 teams in the Top Cut, 32 teams in the Middle Cut, and everybody else in the Bottom Cut. All Bracket matches are Best of 5, with Finals as Best of 7. All teams will advance from Group Stage to Bracket Stage

    The winner of the Top Cut bracket will receive $100!

    The Squidboards Splat Series is a monthly Splatoon 2 online tournament series for players of all skill levels and regions. Tournaments are free to enter, and first place receives a prize.

    Game & Region
    Splatoon 2
    Prize: $100 USD (for Top Cut First Place)

    Date & Time

    Saturday, December 1st, 2018
    Check-In Start: 11:00 AM ET
    Check-In End: 12:00 PM ET

    4v4 – Swiss Group Stage -> Single-Elimination Bracket Stage
    Pre-Made Teams Only

    Check-In Start: 11:00 AM ET
    Check-In End: 12:00 PM ET
    Group Stage Start – Swiss Round 1: 12:10 PM ET
    Swiss Round 2: 12:40 PM ET
    Swiss Round 3: 1:10 PM ET
    Swiss Round 4: 1:40 PM ET
    Swiss Round 5: 2:10 PM ET
    Then Bracket


    To Enter (Click Below):
    Register on Battlefy
    Join the SQ Discord (MANDATORY)

    Previous Events:
    Squidboards Splat Series - September 2017
    Squidboards Splat Series - October 2017

    Squidboards Splat Series - November 2017
    Squidboards Splat Series - January 2018
    Squidboards Splat Series - February 2018
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    SQSS: Inkling Open Warmup (April 2018)
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    Squidboards Splat Series - August 2018



    4v4 Best of 3 Swiss Group Stage (5 rounds in groups of up to 32 teams)

    Teams will play other teams based on their win-loss record.
    All teams will advance to Bracket Stage

    4v4 Best of 5 (Best of 7 Finals) Bracket Stage

    Top Cut: Top 32 teams from Group Stage
    Middle Cut: Next 32 teams from Group Stage (if more than 64 teams) or remainder of teams from Group Stage (if less than 64 teams)
    Bottom Cut: Remainder of teams from Group Stage (if more than 64 teams)


      • Teams must consist of a minimum of 4 players.
      • Teams are allowed up to 4 substitutes for a total of 8 players maximum.
      • All players, main or substitute, must be on your Battlefy roster to be eligible to play and their in-game names MUST match their names on the Battlefy roster.
      • Players' in-game names must match their tag as it appears on their Battlefy roster.
      • Teams are allowed to substitute players at any time between games.
      • Teams are allowed to play with less than four players if they cannot field four players.
      • Players are not allowed to be listed for more than one team or use another player's account. Doing so will result in disqualification of both teams involved.
      • Team Registration will close 12 hours before the event's start time.
      • Teams/players are allowed to stream their own matches if they are not on the main tournament stream, but do so at their own risk of potential stream sniping.
      • Spectators are not allowed except for stream matches.
      • Teams must check-in before bracket begins.
      • A team is allowed to play with 3 members if a player becomes unavailable.

      • After check-in is complete, the bracket will be finalized and published. Teams can view this on the bracket itself and on their Match Dashboard.
      • For all your current matches, you can check the Match Dashboard and/or the bracket itself.
      • Please use the Battlefy match chat to communicate with the other team. Go to your active match (on the tournament page, your Match Dashboard, or the bracket itself) and use the chat on the match reporting page. If the other team doesn't respond, let us know on Discord.
      • Team Captains will be pinged in Discord to play their matches. All teams must be in the SQ Discord. Once you're in Discord, have your Team Captain get the captain role by going to the #bot text channel and typing !rank Team Captains
      • If you are a Free Agent You can head over to #bot and type !rank Free Agent to give yourself the Free Agent role. Use this to find other Free Agents to team with, or Captains to find players to fill your teams with.
      • Matches must start within ten minutes of becoming active on the bracket.
      • Teams that fail to start their match, show their activity, ping staff, or otherwise within the first ten minutes will receive a game loss. Another five minute failure to show will result in a disqualification.
      • Captains must report their scores on Battlefy immediately following a victory. Staff will ping any team failing to do so. Please work with us in #CaptainsChat if you have trouble reporting your scores.
      • Teams that do not communicate via Battlefy match chat or Discord will be considered inactive/unavailable/no-showed and risk disqualification.
      • Teams risk having their results voided and risk disqualification if they do not report their scores following a victory.
      • Teams may not have spectators during their matches unless the match is being streamed by the tournament broadcast.

      • Teams have a maximum of three minutes to complete a voluntary substitution.
      • Teams have a maximum of five minutes to complete a non-voluntary substitution or any substitution resulted from a player changed due to connection issues.
      • All subsequent substitutions in the same set are allowed a maximum of two minutes.

      • All weapon and gear combinations are legal.
      • Maps and modes for each round will be pre-determined by the tournament organizers. A map/mode list will be made available one week prior to the event start date. This list will be posted on the event page and in #Maps-and-Modes in the Squidboards Discord server.
        • Teams are allowed to request admin assistance if a player(s) is lagging to the point of detrimentally affecting tournament play, and that player will be forced to substitute out if the game cannot continue due to lag.
        • Players are not allowed to use cheats, intentional exploits, or third-party programs in tournament play. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.
        • Teams are encouraged to screenshot their victories in case their is a match dispute.
          • In the event of a disconnect, teams should play through the end of the match.
          • No game replays are tournament allowed.
          • If time permits and a gentleman's agreement is made between the two teams, they may replay the match and accept the replay result.

      • If time permits and a gentleman's agreement is made between the two teams, they may replay the match and accept the replay result.
      • If a set goes over time, the team that called for a game replay will lose.
    Maps and Gamemodes are available on the SQ Discord in #maps-and-modes, and will be posted here when available.

    All decisions are up to TO discretion.

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