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[Fanfic] (warframe) Orokin Project Meta

Discussion in 'Original Content' started by Zerul, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Zerul

    Zerul Inkling Cadet

    Nov 9, 2015
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    This fanfiction is to help improve my writing. its set in the game Warframe. This is a fan's interpritation of certain events. If you haven't played up to second dream you could get confused on some of this.

    In a deep section of the void lies a vessel ‘The Anguish’. This vessel was drafted by the Orokin to do research into this burning hell that laid between nothing and oblivion. It had many failed experiments as it was trying to figure out a new type of weapon to deal with the Sentient and the possible Tenno uprising. They Succeeded. Project META is an experimental conglomeration of both the tenno and warframe. Permanently fusing them together and removing all traces of its humanity.

    The Cephalon in charge of this ship detects other ships approaching on an intercept course. It begins the self defence protocols. Large batteries of anti ship weapons were deployed flaking the area that these strange ships were in but to no avail. These ships were equipped with a void masking jammer making it impossibles to strike these small ships. The ships breach into a small maintenance hatch before vanishing into the void. Knowing what they were after Project META it awakens him.

    A hissing sound comes from deep within the ship as the cryo-pod that contained Project META opens. A metallic black figure slowly rises from the pod and steps out. This person was a mash of Warframe and Orokin Technology. It looked humanoid except for the various golden bits that looked fused to its skeleton, the various armor plates that give him an intimidating presence and a tail that had spikes on it. The mouth opens and lets out a Screech similar to that of the infested. A display pops up in the room and a strange purple cuboid thing shows up. “Project META! We are under attack by an unknown force. Find this threat and eliminate!”

    Project META dashes out of the room with the speed comparable to a wolf chasing a sheep. The white interior with the golden accents was quite a luxurious design. the strange glassy root like structures forming into strange shapes was a beauty all on its own. META had no issues moving through the ship with all of its moving parts and rotating doors assisting him getting through the ship. The Neural Sentry that guards this ship was also activated and has deployed several enslaved soldiers to help stop this threat.

    It didn’t take long for META to meet the first of the invaders. From the looks of him it was a Rhino Prime Warframe. He has a lovely combination of Grey and Wine Red. It gave him a very aggressive look. The Rhino was cleaving through the soldiers that was shooting at it with the large sword it was weilding. It was very ornate design near the handle that went out towards a fine point at the end.

    META strikes first before the Rhino realizes it’s there. He charges in on this Rhino only to be knocked back by the large sword it was wielding. Not wanting to be shown up META triggers its first ability razor sharp blades appear all over its body like a very deadly porcupine. The Rhino was taken aback by this sudden appearance change. After seeing META charging in for another attack Rhino does the same.

    The Rhino uses his Charge attack when he was close enough. They collide with great force but the Rhino was much sturdier on his feet and send META flying again. META lands on his feet interested in this fight. He lets out a roar and changes in again this time faking a head-on assault. The Rhino swings his large sword expecting to end this fight in one blow only to be caught off guard by the swift change in direction. META gets around to his side and begins pummeling at Rhino. Rhino stomps the ground stunning META before kicking him away.

    META lands and charges in again stopping short just as Rhino swings. META jumps over the sword and kicks Rhino in the head before ramming him with the force of a train. His bladed by dealing lots of damage on the unarmored Rhino. The Rhino was sent flying his sword getting knocked out of his hands. META picks up the sword and begins to move towards the Rhino. The Rhino had his pistol out as he layed there and begins shooting META. META closes the gap and was ready to end the Rhino with Rhino’s Sword. The second intruder makes an appearance at this time and knocked META away from the Rhino.

    META catches himself and looks at this new invader who was pouring green smoke on the Rhino. It looked like a Skeleton that has been decaying for years a Nekros Warframe. The pasty white bones glowed with a white hue revealing the brown flesh that was binding it. The Rhino leaps up and surrounds itself in glistening golden armor before pulling out a gun. both of them were poised for a fight.

    “Lotus, what is this thing?” META was curious as to who the Nekros was talking too. “This is the thing we're after? It looks like a Warframe?” META Screeches and the Nekros covers its ears. “What the hell!...Lotus!...Ordis!” The Rhino looks at Nekros. “Whatever that thing is it just cut off our communications. Let's hope the other two finish their other part of this mission without us.”

    Nekros charges in as Rhino begins shooting at META. META dodges the shots as best as he could, but Nekros delivers a punch that rips through META’s soul. META stands there coughing up blood from the attack but this only made it angrier. It lashes out at Nekros with the sword. When it failed to land any hits he throws the sword at Rhino and begins to inhale. A glow arises from the body and focuses on the head. The Rhino dodges his sword and jumps in front of Nekros just in time to take the hit from the black energy wave META launched out.

    The Rhino was shocked by how strong that attack was as it shattered his golden armor and broke his shields in one blow.. “We need an army to put this thing down!” Nekros laughs. “And an Army you shall have!” META watches as bodies appear out of nowhere and rise up. “He he forgot you could do that.” Rhino and Nekros were ready to end this fight.

    The Rhino puts its armor back on and begins shooting at META the spawned creatures following suit. Nekros on the other hand was going for another soul punch attack while it was distracted. META was ready for a fight and charges in. The Warframes dodges his attacks where the spawned zombie soldiers didn’t. META tears through the zombies slowly dwindling the army. Rhino stomps again and Nekros manages to get close enough for another soul punch. META was launched to the back wall where it coughs up more blood.

    This fight wasn’t going well. He needed to either split them up or go after weaker targets to make them surrender. Then it hit him they had mentioned two others perhaps this will give him the edge he needs. He leaps to the catwalks above and heading deeper into the ship. He was hunting for the other two the Rhino mentioned. The Rhino and Nekros began pursuit of him.

    META was using everything he could to get away from his pursuers as they were shooting at him. Suddenly the ship rocks violently as the sound of an explosion goes off. The gravity begins to fail emergency doors close just as emergency lights turn on. META was left helpless floating in weightless environment.

    He manages to land on a surface and clings to it looking around for a means to navigate the room. Its at this time the other two invaders show up. A Trinity and Volt Prime from the looks of them. They both had a strange objects on their backs allowing them to move in this weightless environment. The Trinity’s color was a simple white with fuschia to it matched by the device on her back. The volt prime had a very vibrant blue black combination going on but the device on his back was pure black.

    META takes advantage of the fact he wasn’t seen yet and charges up an attack. He fires the black beam attack. The trinity takes a direct hit and is smashed into the floor. The volt takes immediate action and begins shooting at META with his Gratler Cannon. META flings himself from wall to wall trying to avoid the attacks. It’s about this time the Rhino and Nekros appear with their strange devices and begin to revive the Trinity. Volt look over for a second. “What happened the Lotus said she lost connection with the two of you?” “That...Thing could jam our communications by just shouting.”

    The Gratler Cannon runs out of ammo but Volt was clever. He aims ahead of META and launches his Archwing’s Warhead missile. META lands on the wall and turns just in time to see the explosion. META lets out a shriek as he was defeated. He just floats there small bubbles of blood floating near him.

    Volt keeps an eye on META as it floats there. “I got ya covered.” The trinity moves in followed by the Rhino. The Nekros took stance next to Volt and trained his weapon. The Trinity touches META and gets a neural feedback that breaks the connection it had to its tenno. Rhino moves in and pulls Trinity away. When Trinity was no longer touching META she regained control. She holds her head like it was hurting her. “What did they do to him?” Rhino looks confused. “Who?” She points to META. “This Tenno.”

    Rhino was confused by what she meant. “That's not a Tenno it's a warframe!” Trinity looks at Rhino. “Yes...Yes it is...but at the same time it's a Tenno….mashed into...whatever IT is.” The lotus butts in at this moment. “I want to know more about this. I’m sending a team to transport it go collect any data fragments that might have survived the explosion. I just hope it’s not too late to save this tenno.” The four head off to collect the information leaving META to float there. “That voice...who...who are you?” The lotus was surprised she could communicate with this creature. “I am the Lotus The mother of all Tenno. You have been through alot. Rest now and we will try to help you.” META doesn’t respond and just stays floating there confused. That moment Trinity connected with him it was as if a missing fragment was returned.

    After a while the wall begins to glow as the extraction crew cut their way in. The other warframes have already left the area. A small drone moves in and grabs him gently and brings him to the ship waiting outside. It looked like a jellyfish that was trying to catch the current. He gets brought inside and put into a stasis pod for examination.

    A few hours later he was brought to a tenno relay over earth. He was transported to the medical ward due to his injuries. After he was treated they began to examine him it was hard to tell the difference between Warframe and Tenno. A couple of analysts were digging through the data that was recovered from The Anguish.

    The technicians stopped when the door opened and a female wearing a slightly skimpy outfit and a strange helmet walks in. META looks over at this woman. “Who...are you?” The woman smiles. “I am the Lotus. How are you?” META shakes his head. “I...dont know. I have so many questions.” The Lotus sits in the chair across from him. “I know this isn’t going to be easy for you. But you are not like the other Tenno i have rescued from the void. Most of them were were just kept in cryo sleep awaiting assignment.”

    One of the workers hands Lotus a piece of paper. She reviews it. “You seems to be from a project to create a beast like creature that could be controlled with ease through the neural sentry. But you have been freed from your enslavement.” She looks at him wondering how he was taking this information. “What name should we call you?” META shakes his head. “I...dont know.” Lotus pats his shoulder. “Its fine take your time no need to rush into this. Alot has happened since your creation.”

    META looks at Lotus. “Call me...Hunter.” Lotus smiles. “Ok Hunter anything else?” Hunter shakes his head. “I just have a lot of questions that i don’t know if i want to know the answers too.” Lotus sighs and stands up. “Get him caught up to what happened to the Orokin I need to get back to work.” The technicians nod simultaneously as Lotus takes her leave. “Stay strong Hunter we can use someone of your talents out there to restore order.” Lotus leaves the Relay to go back to her HUB.

    The Technicians resume their duties. One of them approaches Hunter with a datapad and hands. “Um...This tells of what happened to the Orokin while you were asleep.” Hunter grabs the datapad and looks through its database of Orokin history. The Sentient, Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and rouge Warframes was a lot to take in. He felt sick and lays back down. Technicians quickly swarming to ensure he was ok. “I’m fine...just...leave me alone for a bit.” They back off and let Hunter rest.

    He drifted off to sleep his dream reflecting his past. More specifically the day he was fused with his warframe. He was strapped to a table in an Orokin laboratory most likely the one from the ship he was on. He looks around and sees the pieces of his warframe on the other table as well as some Orokin scientists. His head was grabbed and he looks at who did it. It was another scientist who was checking his vitals. “He is ready. Begin the fusion process.”

    The restrains lift him up and over to the other table. He was floating above it. “Stay looking at the red dot above you and don't move to avoid injury.” He does as he was told as 4 crystal pylons move in and begins to infuse him with void energy. The Scientists begin attaching the various armor pieces. He was screaming out in pain but did his best to stay as still as possible. Each piece searing permanently to his body

    The final piece was the helmet once it was attached he was lowered onto the table as the pylons moved away. One of the scientist checks on him. “He is alive...activate the sentry.” Suddenly his head begins to hurt the pain was so great he manages to break his restraints and stands up holding his head. “Subject is resisting Get out of here and lock it down!” He looks over at one of the scientists trying to flee and chases him down catching him and rips him to pieces almost like he was a feral beast.

    He only manages to catch the one scientist as the others managed to leave the room before the doors locked down. He lashes out at everything as the neural sentry continues to oppress Hunter trying to break his mind. He is suddenly hit by something and when he opens his eyes he takes a defencive stance looking around for what attacked him. He was not in the Orokin lab he was on the relay he sees Warframe standing there with his twin ponytails glowing an orange color. His suit was a matching orange with yellow accents. Wukong was holding a bo staff with a similar color setup. He and Hunter stands there defensively as a Technician approaches from behind. “Stop Wukong...Hunter calm down it was just a bad dream you’re safe here.” Hunter looks around the room and sees the damage he did luckily no one was injured. He felt bad about what he did and just lays there curled up like a dog.

    Wukong give the Technician a strange look. “You sure you're safe? This thing acts more like beast than a tenno.” The Technician gives Wukong an angry look. “How would you be if you were trapped in the void and tested on?” Wukong doesn't respond and just leaves the room. Once Wukong was gone the Technician approaches Hunter. “It’s ok. You're not the first one to lash out like that. Others have done the same though they succeeded in harming some of us.” Hunter just turns away from the Technician. “Come on Hunter at least return to the bed. It's better than the floor.” Hunter doesn’t budge and the Technician sighs. She sits down next to Hunter. “You want to talk about it? Maybe help get some stuff off of your mind?”

    Hunter looks at her and sighs before looking away. “It was a memory of the day i became this. I was restrained and exposed to something that made fusing the warframe parts to my body easier. It hurt alot but i did as i was told and stayed still. But once the parts were welded to my body they activated called the centri. As soon as it came online i just began to lash out. I killed one of them by tearing them apart. I was woken up before i could see anything else.” The Technician pats Hunter’s back. “There there you have been through alot, and that sounds like the Orokin had discovered a very dangerous secret be glad that they never got a chance to fully realize it.”

    Hunter’s stomach begins to growl. “I guess you are more Tenno than we thought...stay in this room i will be back with some food.” Hunter watches at the Technician leaves. “Stop….What is your name?” She stops at the door. “My name is Sarah.” She smiles at him and leaves for some food. Other Technicians repair the damages. Hunter not wanting to be disturbed walks back into the bed and just lays there. He could hear the various conversations going on between the Technicians some of them even commenting that he was a monster.

    Sarah returns with some food glad to see Hunter wasn’t laying on the floor anymore. “Here you go. It's not much but should tide you over.” She hands him an apple and a bottle of water. “Thank you Sarah.” She could tell something was bothering him. “What's wrong?” Hunter doesn’t say anything and quietly eats his apple. Even though Hunter said nothing She knew what it was, and returns back to her duties but makes sure to keep an ear out for anyone calling him a monster.
  2. Zerul

    Zerul Inkling Cadet

    Nov 9, 2015
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    Once he was finished with his food and drink he puts them on the table as he was unsure where a trashcan was and stands up. He was instantly met with worried looks from everyone. He walks over to Sarah. “Sarah i want help.” Another technician approaches with a metal rod that began to spark every now and then with electricity. He puts it in front of hunter trying to get him to back off. “Back off pal” Hunter looks at the weapon wielding technician like they were a threat. Sarah shouts to get attention. “STOP! No need to have any violence here!” The Technician puts his Prova away but keeps an eye on Hunter.

    Sarah sighs glad to see the situation cool down. “Ok if you want to help i can assist you with that. Please follow me.” Sarah stands up and walks out of the room Hunter right behind. They walk through the facility only stopping when they passed by a window to the main area where there was a ton of warframes. Sarah notices Hunter had stopped and return to him to see what he was looking at. “So many of those people down there.” Sarah chuckles. “Yea there are thousands of teno doing all sorts of things in this star system at the various relays and planets. You are going to join them is our war to restore order. Perhaps you will find a clan to join that will help you grow into a strong fighter for our cause.” She grabs his arm as if to encourage him to keep moving, and they head to the holodeck.

    Once inside the holodeck she grabs a start kit box and and slides it over to Hunter. “This gear is your starting weapons. You will be able to craft more weapons later once you get assigned your ship through its manufactory system. Hunter nods and opens the crate. When the lid was moved 2 trays lift up and swing away revealing all 3 weapons. “A standard issue Skana blade it's fast and can slice your opposition in twain. MK1-Kunai Is a useful tool for stealth and infiltration. Last and not least your primary weapon. MK1-Braton this weapon will be your best friend in a firefight. Now i need to attach an inhibitor on you to keep you from using your powers for the first tutorial. Wouldn’t be fair if you could use your powers.” She attaches a bracelet and hunter felt weakened all of a sudden.

    Sarah smiles and takes the empty box to the safe room. She sits down at the controls and begins the program. “Ok take out your MK1-Braton. That is your Primary weapon. Use it to kill these targets. Be mindful they act like they would in the field so you need to be ready for a counter attack. Though this is a simulation you will still feel pain if they shoot you.” Hunter looks around as Sarah’s voice was echoing from everywhere. “Um..ok.” He readies his MK1-Braton and heads into the room ahead to start his training.

    In the room ahead was 4 Grineer. He aims his weapon and pulls the trigger. The Grineer he was aiming at turns only to be slain by him. The others began shooting at him. He quickly takes cover as he could feel the shots hitting and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. The Grineer does the same peeking out to shoot a volley of shots at Hunter. “Well you asked for this Hunter.” He turns the corner looking for a target and once they popped their head up to shoot he unloads on that grineer until they died, but he hears a metal click he looks at his weapon wondering if he broke it. Sarah’s voice could be heard. “Your out of ammo reload”

    Hunter sighs and removes the mag and replaces it with a fresh one. He moves from his cover quickly moving to another He had a good angle on another grineer and unloads on him. One remained so Hunter quickly reloaded his weapon. Only to be met with the butt end of a Grineer rifle He stumble as he get shot by the grineer that has the audacity to attack him up close. He takes quick aim and fells the ambitious grineer.

    Sarah’s voice could be heard from everywhere again. “Good job slaying those Grineer foes. Next room use only your secondary weapon to eliminate the Corpus be weary they have shields that can absorb your hits.” Hunter nods and puts his MK1-Braton away and grabs his MK-1 Kunai and readies them as he walks through the door to the next room. Upon entering he spots 2 corpus soldiers and 3 different robotic constructs. One of them looked like a two legged walked with a large gun on its back and a blue paint job. The other two were flying drones one with a teal paint job and the other a much larger one with a red paintjob.

    He takes his time watching the corpus move around. He finds an easy target one of the soldiers was far from the others. He throws several kunais into them trying to kill the guy fast. They fall down dead and none of them were alerted. “That was easy.” He moves around the room but gets spotted. The walker robot lets out a screech before shooting at him. The others takes position and begins to shoot at him. “CRAP!”

    He throws Kunais around from behind his cover trying to take care of the blue flying drone. He managed to hit it between the chassis and the lift pack causing it to spiral to the floor exploding on impact. The red drone didn’t like that and charged at him. The drone flies at him and explodes over his head he was concussed by the explosion. Hunter growls and looks around his cover seeing the walking drone heading for him. He gets up and begins to pelt the drone but it stopped and fires a round knocking Hunter down. He was in quite a bit of pain but he wasn’t finished yet. He throws a few more kunai and the walking drone is destroyed.

    He gets himself up and chases down the last soldier finishing him off. Sarah’s voice could be heard once the last one fell. “That was a close one you almost failed that. Alright next zone is infested pull out your melee weapon and go to town.” Hunter nods and puts away his kunai and readies his sword. “Let's get this over with this crap hurt.” “You need to get use to this since you are one with your warframe you are at a greater risk of dying, so carelessness will be the end of ya.” Hunter freezes in place the thought of dying hasn’t crossed his mind. “Hunter?...you ok?”

    Hunter gets ahold of himself. “Yea….yea i'm fine.” He walks into the next room as soon as he did 3 creatures charge at him. They looked like a grineer that has melted into a four legged creature. Hunter readies his weapon and begins swinging it at the creatures as they approached jumping over them to avoid getting hit by their claws. These chargers were relentless it took everything he got to avoid getting hit.

    After a bit he managed to slay all three and he collapses to the ground exhausted. “Are these things really that tough?” Sarah walks out of the control room as the walls and stuff fade away. “Yea sadly we have lost many good warframes to the Infested.” She hands him a water bottle. “Don’t feel bad you did better than most. The Corpus usually defeat them and yet you made it all the way without dying.” Hunter takes the water bottle and drinks it before standing up. “Is that the whole thing?” Sarah nods. “Yea you already know how to use your powers.” She removes the inhibitor bracelet from his arm and he felt energised again. “Now follow me and we will see about getting you a ship.”

    Hunter nods and follows Sarah again they head out through the main area He was getting some odd looks as he walked by almost like everyone was afraid of him. “Don’t mind them. They heard about what happened in the medical ward. It was an accident and nothing could have been done about it. So pay it no mind.” They arrive at the hanger without any issue. Sarah walks up to one of the people at a console keeping track of all the ships that were docked at the relay. “Hello Sarah and….you...Um...How may i assist you today?” Sarah smiles. “Are there any unassigned craft ready for deployment?” The person types away on the console as Hunter looked around.

    The hanger was a large mostly empty room with ships docked in various places. He sees one dock not too far away from where he was. It was a simple looking ship with a white shell and golden accents in a lotus shape. The ship docks and the cylinder thing swivels allowing the warframe to disembark from the ship. It was a rather odd way of leaving the ship.

    The warframe that was docked at it walks up and notices Hunter. “You're finally up and about?” He looks at who was talking to him it was the trinity from earlier. “Oh...um...hi.” He felt nervous seeing someone that he nearly killed from earlier.” She picks up on his nervousness. “Hey no hard feelings you were lost and confused no wonder you lashed out at us we were a threat to you. I’m just glad we didn’t have to meet on worse circumstances.” she offers her hand for him to shake and he looks at her confused. “I guess you don't remember how to do a lot of social things huh?” She takes his hand and shakes it. “This is a handshake it's usually a good means of greeting people.” Hunter looks at there hands then back at the Trinity. “I will try to remember that.” The trinity nods and heads about her business.

    Sarah snaps her fingers to get Hunter’s attention. “Making friends already? That's good. Your ship is coming in. It’s a Xiphos class ship take good care of it and it will make sure you make it through anything.” Hunter nods. “Ok um. What do i do once i have my ship?” Sarah shrugs. “I don’t know i only know what goes on in this relay. I’m sure your cephalon will help you figure out something to do. Perhaps you will meet someone in the battlefield that can help you out further. Like that Trinity.” Hunter nods. “Alright.” The worker behind the console speaks up. “Your ship is docking at bay 3 soon.” He points to his right showing where his ship will be. “Thank you for stopping by the Strata Relay. Sarah smiles and heads back to work as Hunter waits for his ship.

    Sure enough at bay 3 a ship parks there and no one gets out so it must have been for him. He walks up and puts himself into the bay just like how people were getting out and sure enough his legs and back were locked into place by a strange force he puts his arms into place and they got locked in followed by his head. The compartment rotated as the ship leaves the relay and into space.

    He was put into a compartment that was quite spacious he looks around confused. “Operator glad to see your in one piece!” A display on the wall had the cephalon on it. “Um...hi?” He looks around some more and see several displays turn on. “I am Orion your personal Cephalon and I will uh...Operator i'm getting a strange reading from you.” The displays turn off. “What are you!” Suddenly Lotus’ voice appears. “Orion calm down he is a special case a Tenno and Warframe permanently fused together. I would like you to treat him you would any other Operator.”

    Hunter looks around confused. “Um..Lotus where are you...how are you speaking to me?” “I am speaking to you through a quantum link all warframes share this link and makes it easy to give information to all warframes in the field even if i can’t see them.” “Operator I would like to apologise for my earlier actions.” Hunter looks at the Cephalon display as the other displays turned back on. “Apology accepted...Um...what do i do now?” Lotus’ voice speaks up again and the navigation display begins to change. “Most of your ship’s systems are offline as they need time to come online. But in the meantime i have a mission for you. A tenno ship has crashed on earth and i need you to go find them. There are others that i have assigned this mission so they will support you if things get out of hand."
  3. Zerul

    Zerul Inkling Cadet

    Nov 9, 2015
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    The navigation system marks a spot on earth and begins to travel there. “Operator get ready we will be in range for a drop in 60 seconds. The tube opens up and He lays down in position ready for his drop. The ship slows down and the tube spins around and the magnets release in a way to cause him to flip. He lands on his feet and looks around his MK-1 braton at the ready.

    His drop location was in a sandy outcropping that the grineer made into a makeshift supply zone but it looked abandoned for some time as all the devices were offline or buried in the sand. As he looks around he walks towards the edge of the outcropping and sees more grineer structures.

    Its at that moment he hears another ship approach he looks up weapon at the ready only to see another tenno drop in It was a Rhino who waves at him upon landing. This Rhino used a brown and orange color scheme almost blending into the area around him. “Ready to save a fellow tenno?” Hunter waves back and nods. “Yes but where are they?” Rhino shrugs. “Not a clue the Grineer have got to have a base round here.” He points to the structures he saw earlier. “Is that one?” The Rhino walks over to him and sees what he was pointing at. “Best place to start!” He leaps off of the edge and slides down the cliff side.

    Hunter follows behind as best he could. They arrived at the edge and the Rhino catches him and gives the shush hand gesture. There was several grineer down there with one of them leading a small force through the encampment. He could barely hear what the leader of that group was shouting. “Vor wants that ship found I’m leading a search for that ship. Form up 2 more squads and search grids 4 through 9 NOW!” The grineer were rapidly moving around the Rhino pulls i'm away from the edge. “Ok. You seem to be new but that is a commander they are tough to take down so we are going to try and avoid him. The computers down there should give us a hint where to look. Come on pal lets see how your hacking skills are!”

    Before Hunter could say anything the Rhino’s color changed to a metallic silver instantly and leaps down. Hunter does the same surprisingly the area was empty. Figuring they needed stealth he puts away his MK1-Braton and pulls out his MK1-Kunai. “Ok go to that computer and get your Cephalon to decipher any information that could be useful i will get this computer over here.” Hunter nods and walks over to the computer and tries to access it. There was a firewall. “Beginning breach protocols. You need to connect all the information fragments to allow me to get inside of the system.” Hunter nods. “Ok Orion.” He works on it a bit and manages to get access to the computer without issue. “Processing.” Hunter hears a door open nearby. He moves back to the Rhino. “Someone’s coming.” The Rhino nods and hides behind the computer. Hunter leaps up and hides behind a pipe that was attached the walls.

    A Grineer heavy walks in and looks around. The Rhino waited till the Heavy was turned around before he walks up behind it and grabs its head and breaking its neck making quick work of that foe. “Clear! Your Cephalon find anything?” Hunter jumps down and looks at the dead Grineer. “Nothing yet.” The Rhino was not happy. “Same were blind on this mission the Grinner have no clue where to look and neither do we.” Hunter thinks for a bit. “What about space debris? Surely the grinner track falling space debris to salvage stuff from it.” Rhino nods. “That might work….Ah got a something from about the time the ship went down. Come on!” The Rhino charges ahead heading in the opposite direction that the grineer commander went. Hunter swiftly following behind.

    They rush through many tunnels as the Rhino chopped anyone that got in the way whatever weapons that Rhino was welding it was very powerful. They arrived at the crash site in no time. The Rhino looks at Hunter. “Think you can hold the perimeter while i extract the tenno and his warframe?” Hunter nods and pulls out his MK-1 Braton and keeps an eye out for any Grineer. The ship was a liset variant with red on everything. The ship had a huge hole in it side as if something shot it.

    He hears grineer shouting but couldn’t make out where it was coming from. He didn’t have to wait long as several lancers was running towards the ship. Hunter begins to unload on them. They quickly placed down cover to absorb the shots while they return fire. Hunter does his best to keep them away from the ship to buy time for the Rhino. Then He showed up. The commander. Suddenly he felt like he was sent through a straw and he was surrounded by Grineer. He looks around seeing he was outgunned and fearing for his life. The commander walks up to him and rips the gun out of his hands. “A lone tenno to save another tenno. I’m going to get a lovely promotion for bringing in two tennos!” The Grineers cheered at their victory.

    Suddenly a ship flies by at high speed and bombs the area. “Over my dead body!” It was the Rhino who was wielding his gun. A boltor from the looks of it. It matched his color scheme. “Operator Defensive turret is being deployed.” He looks up and sees a canister land next to him and a large gatling gun emerges from it and begins to mow down the Grineer. The commander was focused on the Rhino. Hunter just stands there shellshocked.

    He was standing there in a daze as a ballista takes a shot at him. It hits its mark and Hunter collapses. He sees he was bleeding his anger begins to rise. He lets out a screech that was blood curdling. He triggers his bladed form and begins to tear anything that moved to pieces. Several Grinner butchers try to subdue Hunter but they sliced to pieces. A scorpion manage to attached a cable to Hunter but couldn’t pull him in. Hunter turns to her and yanks on the cord pulling her in. He grabs her head and crushes it as she screams out in pain.

    The Rhino sees what Hunter was doing and was a little unsettled by what he saw. He was then hit by a missile knocking him back into the ship. The commander charges in to finish off the Rhino. Hunter spots the commander and catches him just before he could reach the Rhino and turning him around the commander tries to break free of Hunter’s grasps. “Not so tough without your soldiers are you!” He slams the commander to the ground and begins to rip into his chest. The commander was screaming as Hunter ripped into his chest and crushing his heart. Hunter looks around the battlefield looking for another prey to defeat. The remaining Grineer flee and Hunter lets out a roar claiming victory. The Rhino fearing what he saw just lays there still as to not attract his attention.

    Hunter collapses begins coughing up blood as his injury was now sinking in. the blade form faded away as he collapses to the ground. The Rhino takes this time to move the tenno to safety. The warframe and Cephalon can wait for the next trip. The Rhino returns to see Hunter still sitting there bleeding. He puts down a healing pad. “Take it easy. You seemed to have taken a rather nasty hit.” The healing pad was helping to stop the bleeding but the damage was done he was feeling lightheaded and sick to his stomach as the shock settled in. The Rhino moves the warframe and the canister that contains the cephalon.

    The Rhino returns to mark the ship for retrieval. “Tenno down at marker I have the objective in my possession waiting for exfil at designated location.” The Rhino looks at Hunter. “Look this war we're in isn’t nice you need to be on your guard at all times. If you keep this up you will lose your warframe permanently. And they do not grow on trees.” The Rhino takes his leave knowing Hunter will be fine. Hunter crawls up the hill and sees his gun the commander threw out of his hands. He stands up and picks up the weapon just as he hears a ship approach it grappled onto the liset ship and pulls it out of the ground before securing it for flight. A smaller ship arrived just as it left it was a medical crew that picked him up and took him to a safer location.

    “Hunter for you first mission that could have gone better. But atleast you made it out in one piece. I'm sorry i wish you hadn’t have to experience what just happened. But that is war. If you want to give up helping our cause i will understand.” He looks over at who was talking and it was Sarah. He doesn’t say anything and passes out. They treat him as best they could to stabilize him before transferring him to the medical bay.
    Hunter bolts awake and stops himself before leaving the bed. He was alone in the room he looks at his arm and his bladed from had been activated. He sighs and relaxes as his form returns to normal. He gets up and heads to the computer and accesses it. He pulls up his file and finds a firewall was placed on it. He attempts to breach the file. The security was a lot tougher than when he was trying to do the grineer one. He had to break through multiple layers of security. He was in. what he digs through all the information and finds the video of the nightmare he had the first day he was here.

    He felt sick to his stomach seeing how brutal he was. He digs through the various files to find more information. The information just gets worse and worse the deeper his dug. He finds others have undergone the same treatment. The results were far more unstable. The lucky ones died on the table. The unlucky ones had their powers go out of control and destroy the tenno by overflowing there powers leaving nothing but chunks and scorch marks.

    He hears soldiers move in behind him and turns his head. The leader of Steel Meridian was aiming the gun at his head. “Ok spy Tell me who do you work for!” Hunter looks around the room trying his best to contain this anger building up inside of him. “What makes you say I’m a spy?” “Cut the Crap you have accessed restricted files and I want to know who you work for!” Hunter chuckles. “The files in question pertain to me.”

    She pulls him away and examines the files and sure enough he wasn’t lying. “So you work for Orokin! That more than enough Reason to put you down DOG!” Hunter grabs her neck and slams her into the computer. “I AM NO ONE’S PET! ESPECIALLY THE OROKIN!! They have made me into a monster and you would dare treat me like I’m the Enemy then you are no better than the Orokin! He pulls his fist back ready to hit her his spiked form coming out. Her soldiers afraid of shooting her. He was about to hit her when he hears a voice “STOP!”

    It was the Lotus “Stop Hunter! I knew that information wouldn’t have been a good idea to let you see. I’m sorry but you have proven i was right.” Hunter begins to cry as he releases the Steel Meridian leader. “Why...Why me!” The Steel Meridian leader arrests Hunter and they drag him away. “Hunter i will have a talk with Steel Meridian and have your sentence lifted. Do try not to make things any worse.” Steel Meridian takes Hunter to the jail cells where he just sits there.

    About an hour later. He was released but was grounded to the station. His ship was on lockdown to ensure he didn’t try to leave. He was sent to up the upper decks to have a private talk with the lotus about this breach in security. As he walks in the door he could feel her anger. “Hunter please sit.” Hunter sits down in the chair across from her. “Hunter i am very displeased with you breaching security. Though i intended for you to see those files eventually i just wanted to make sure you were ready for them.” Hunter looks down. “I'm sorry.” She snaps her fingers. “Hey eyes on me were not done yet.”

    He looks up at her. “You breached security and assaulted one of the best officers i know. Your lucky they didn’t execute you on the spot!” Hunter sinks into the chair unsure how to respond to that. “I know your intentions were pure but if we had a repeat event of when you first went to sleep then I wouldn’t know what to do about you.

    She sighs. “I also would like to speak with you about what happened on your first mission. Since you are a special case i wanted to make sure you were doing fine.” Hunter rubs his chest where he was shot. “It was going well...That warframe that joined me was doing most of the work….but when things got out of hand and i...i just...lost it. The monster inside of me came out.” he falls silent. Lotus was worried about him. “A monster is only a monster if you let it control you. If you can gain control of the monster inside of you then you will be able to take on anything.” Hunter looks at her confused.

    “I’m sorry if it doesn’t make any sense. You are the only one so far that is like this and I’m not sure what to do. I care for each and every tenno and to discard one tenno for being different make me no better than all of our foes combined.” She sighs. “I’m not going to lecture you as you need to find a path that works for you. You are stuck here for a while so take this time to mingle with the other Tennos and possibly find someone to help you along the way. Now go i need to talk with the leader of Steel Meridian, and Hunter. Do be safe out there it’s an endless war right now last thing i need is knowing i sent one of my children to their deaths.” Hunter nods and takes his leave upon opening the door he sees the leader of Steel Meridian. He doesn't say anything and avoids eye contact.

    He walks down to the main floor and walks around everyone was doing there best to avoid him. This made him feel out of place. Since people were avoiding him he did his best to avoid them. He walks into the observatory no one was in there except a lone warframe. He pays no attention to them. He watches the earth unsure what to do. That is when he overhears the other person.

    “Look i know you want some brought into the clan but you want them to be strong and intimidating. There is no one that meets that criteria. Wait...what do u mean there was a warframe you met that was quite scary….that does sound scary.” He looks over at the person wondering who he was talking about. “Look if you know what they look like then you come here and recruit them i need to go empty my harvesters.” The person turns and leaves not even taking note of Hunter. “Wonder who he was referring too...maybe that Nekros i met he was quite intimidating with how he looked.”

    He shrugs and just quietly observes the earth. People come a go for an hour as he stands there in thought. Someone approaches from behind and speaks up. “So the Meridian dogs have you on a leash? I like that.” Hunter turns around to see the Vold Prime from before. “Oh..uh hi.” He was unsure how to greet this person as the last time they met he was being shot at by him. The Volt laughs. “I heard through the grapevine what happened in the medical ward and on your first mission. Not to mention that you're currently grounded.”

    Hunter looks at the volt angry ready for a fight. “You come here to make fun of me!” the volt laughs some more. “To think a potential recruit was this guy...Look once you're able to fly give me a shout and we will see if you have potential.” he tosses Hunter a communications chip for a private com-line to him. “Impress me and you can join us at the Helljumpers of Oblyvian clan.”

    Hunter watches at the volt leaves kinda confused but interested at the same time. He looks at the communications chip and sighs. He walks to the hanger to put the communications chip away before he accidentally broke it. When he arrived at the hangar he was stopped by an officer. “Sorry Hunter you're not allowed to leave.” Hunter holds up the chip. “I was wanting to store this on my ship.” the officer that stopped him grabs the chip and tests it.

    It was a standard issue clan communications link chip he hands it to a Technician. “We will handle installing this you head back into the main area before i have to arrest you.” Hunter returns to the main hub not wanting to cause a scene. He walks past everyone and heads for medbay to take nap since he wasn’t allowed on his ship. He enters the medbay again it was empty. He lays down in a vacant bed and closes his eyes.
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    He wakes up when he hears a small commotion. He sits up just in time for the leader of Steel Meridian walking in. “I need all hands on deck. An infested fleet is heading our way and we need them destroyed. You will be given access to your ship but your navigation systems will be locked to the fleet. Understood!” Hunter nods and gets out of bed and heads to the hanger bay. The hanger was relatively empty except a few ships. He runs over to his ship and boards it. The ship takes off and heads to the fleet. He take this time to contact that volt prime. “This is Hunter contacting Volt Prime.” There was silence then the familiar voice come in over the comm line. “Not a good time we are infiltrating an infested fleet to try and destroy as many ships i we can before they land on earth.” “I know i have been allowed to help destroy the fleet.” “Roger that were currently finishing up with this ship we will meet at the next one sending you the cords of it.”

    The call gets cut off as the Volt was very busy. “Operator i have tweaked our entry point to the ship in question there are other tenno inside that are having a hard time but they are holding out. Also take this nutrient pack. It's not much but it should at least fill you for a while.” a small port opens on the wall with small packet of grey goo. He could smell the foul substance but he eats it anyways. “BLEH that is awful.” “Sorry you don't like it Operator but it's the only thing i can do on a short notice since you just woke up.” Hunter nods and readies himself.

    The ships come into view a few minutes later. One of the ship begins to explode from the inside as various trails of light flee the ship and land at a different ship. “Operator i count 50 Tenno trying to take out this fleet of about 30 ships. 24 of which are confirmed destroyed. Only the 6 Battleship class remain.” “Thank you Orion.” As they got closer he could see the large Corpus and Grinner Battleships that were now mixed with a lot of fleshy growth on them. Orion brings Hunter in at the hangar bay of a Grineer battleship releasing him and taking off to a safe distance.

    He lands and see a couple more ships and the tennos leap out. It was the Rhino prime, Nekros, Trinity, and Volt Prime from the research ship. “Glad you made it Hunter. Now lets figure out a way to get this battleship to become rubble. Hunter looks out the hanger shield and see another battleship. “We need to hurry the fleet may be moving slow but we have 1 hour tops before its too late to stop them.” The trinity nods in agreement.

    “Alright i have an idea. These battleships have several ammo dumps rig them up to explode via remote detonators. We get enough of those ammo dumps to explode as well as the engine then we will have this ship be destroyed. We need to hurry these ships are huge and we have 6 of them to destroy.” Volt Prime charges ahead after delivering that strategy plan. As they run Nekros and Trinity break off to go after the core. “Hunter go with them the core will be heavily guarded.” “Yes sir!”

    Hunter pulls out his MK-1 Braton and quickly catches up with Trinity and Nekros. The infested were everywhere Trinity with her Santi Tigris shotgun and nekros with his Boltor Prime was handling anything coming from in front of them. Hunter had their sides. He wasn’t very good at it as his weapon was kinda lackluster. Nekros notices Hunter struggling keeping the infested at bay. “Here!” Nekros hands Hunter his Lex Prime. Hunter takes it and notices an immediate change of pace.

    They hear a very loud screeching sound coming from up ahead. “OH CRAP!” The nekros looked worried. The trinity had them stop in there place. “Hold position until the Juggernaut arrives.” They take up a defencive position shooting at any of the infested that got close. Hunter was doing a lot better with the Lex Prime. After about a minute they attracted the Juggernaut it was Huge and clearly not pissed off at them. “Take it down!” The Nekros shouted as he summons up an army of infested he has slain. Trinity began to unload her shotgun on the Juggernaut and repeatedly does it not wanting to let up. Hunter aims at the Juggernaut trying his best fell the beast.

    The juggernaut knocks Trinity away before charging down at Hunter. He couldn’t escape in time and the Juggernaut was ontop of him. He was fighting to not get bitten by this large beast. He could feel his anger rising the beast inside wanting out. He manages to slide out from under the Juggernaut as it went up to smash him. Trinity leaps on top of the Juggernaut and unloads into the glowing spot on its back. It reels up knocking Trinity off of him before turning around seeing both Trinity and Nekros. It unleashes a flurry of spine needles. Nekros takes the full force of it the trinity giving him health to absorb the attacks.

    It charges them down it had caught the nekros in its mouth and was crushing it. Hunter’s anger began to boil. His bladed form appears and he charges into the juggernaut sliding under and repeatedly punching at the weaker belly. The juggernaut backs off and looks at Hunter as he stands up. “Why do you fight for them! Join us and you can unleash your true potential!” Hunter holds his head with both hands as the Juggernaut was trying to get control over Hunter. “Nekros it's trying to possess Hunter stop it!” Nekros charges in strikes Hunter with a soul punch. The sudden shock brought him back to reality. He coughs up blood and looks at the beast. “I...AM NOT A PUPPET!” He leaps onto the juggernaut and begins to rip apart the weakened flesh on the Juggernaut's back.

    The Juggernaut screeches out in pain then falls silent Hunter stands up covered in the crimson blood from the Juggernaught. “Hunter you still with us?” He turns to looks at the person who was talking and sees Trinity. He nods at her. “Ye….yea...just needed to get that out of my system. His form returns to normal and he pulls out the Lex prime he was borrowing. Trinity nods and gives their group a quick heal before they pushed on.

    They make it to the reactor room before There was 3 other tenno there trying to secure it. They leap over to a control room where Trinity began the overload sequence as Hunter and Nekros helped the other Tenno. They stand there fighting for about a minute then the reactor core opens up and Nekros makes short work of the control rods and coolant cells.

    Alarms begin to blare as the reactor was now going critical. “BOOK IT!” Trinity shouts from the control room. All of them including the 3 others were running as a group trying to get out of there as fast as possible. They meet up with the other groups that were in there before leaping out of the shield wall ships fly by and collect the various warframes. Hunter had stopped as he was hesitant. But he didn’t have much choice. The ammo supplies begin to explode and he stumbles falling out of the ship. He begins suffocate from the lack of air. And the freezing temperatures was unbearable.

    His ships arrives and quickly scoops him up before it's too late. He makes it inside and collapses onto the ground breaking heavily and shivering. “Hunter did you make it out?” “The Operator made it out but he need a moment before insertion into the next ship.” “Ok Cephalon tell him we found a maintenance hatch on the upper levels near the back making entry and exit a little quicker. “I hear ya.” “You ok? You sound out of breath?” “No...not really I'm not a pure Warframe i need Oxygen to survive. As well as Food and Water.” “Duly noted. When you're ready we're going to make a jump to the next ship.”

    “Operator i might have a solution to your severe oxygen problem. There is an Archwing onboard it's in no condition to fly. But the Oxygen support module is in tact. So you can use that and last a little longer in space.” “Ok..where is it?” Hunter sits up to see a walkway heading down open up. He heads down and the machine in the back shifts and lifts up revealing the incomplete Archwing. He walks up to it and pulls out the only thing that was there. “There you go Operator the life support module. Hopefully it will help you...Now are you ready for insertion?” Hunter puts the module on his back and it sticks to his back. “Ready!”

    The ship heads in as another battleship begins to blow up from the inside. “This Is Hunter I’m heading into the final vessel to begin the final assault by securing the hanger. “Roger that.” “Just don't lose my Lex Prime that is not an easy weapon to get your hands on.” “Understood.” He gets into the tube ready to enter the final ship. Orion moves in close and releases Hunter who lands on his feet and the Infested creature were just stand there. He quickly found out why.

    “Creature of Flesh and Metal! Why do you resist our will!” Hunter holds onto his head again he could feel the beast inside wanting to get free. “I resist as you are not the solution i seek!” It begins to laugh at him your allies can’t help you! So just give in!” he collapses onto all fours his blood racing through his body as if he as if he was in a fight. He gets back up his bladed form coming out as Hunter fights the beast within him. His body begins to glow focusing on his mouth and he unleashes a wave of energy from his mouth destroying anything it hit. “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” He stops and stands there his mind blank the urge to kill was all he knew. The beast had claimed him again.

    Hunter starts to go wild on anything moving the infested realizing they were under attack being to attacking Hunter to no avail he either sliced them up or blew them away with a laser shot. “So this is what you TRULY are. It’s a pity you had so much potential!” “Hunter come in we're on our way for the final ship is the hanger secured….Hunter?” Hunter turns to look into space his senses picking up the tiny ships flying around. He charges up another laser and fires it off. He manages to strike one of the ships sending it off course and crashing into the wreckage of one of the battleships.

    “Was that what i think it was?” “Yes...I think a Juggernaut got to him. It looked like it was trying to get control over him on the previous ship.” “DAMN IT! Alright new mission take down Hunter and get him away from the infested!” “Um...Roy...The ship is already falling apart.” “it's not falling apart something is breaking out of it!” The final Battleship was a Corpus Exumus variant the back half of the ship breaks free as well as all the fleshy bits. Suddenly they see the Hive Mind behind the fleet. “New plan guys Grab your Archwings and take that thing down!”

    Hunter takes aim with another laser shot but was knocked off balance by the ship suddenly being pulled apart. The shield wall fails and he was sucked into space where he stayed floating. Orion detects that Hunter was in space and goes to collect him only to be met with a laser shot from him. Orion backs off unsure what to do. Hunter floats there unable to go anywhere he could see a ship every now and then and fire off his laser.

    The Helljumper clan were busy fighting the large infested ship core. “We need to find a weakness...GAH Hunter is still firing at anything that moves.” I will take care of it. Maybe i can get him to focus!” “Niraya WAIT!” Niraya was not hearing any of it she heads towards Hunter. She carefully approaches Hunter. “Hunter do you remember me?” Hunter looks at the trinity floating towards him and lets out a roar. “Hunter you have to wake up and fight this beast inside of you. The Infested are trying to take over your mind.” When Trinity was close he lashes out for abit but only succeeds in spinning more. Trinity grabs his head when he rotates around and the neural feedback begins again. She tries to fight through it having issuing remaining connected to her trinity. “Hunter Wake up! Don't let anything try and control what makes you you!” The connection fails and the trinity just floats there empty. Hunter’s mind begins to clear He grabs Trinity’s arms and pulls them away from him. Niraya regains control of her trinity frame and looks at Hunter.

    Hunter looks around confused. “Whats going on?” Niraya points to the large creature. “That...and i think we can use your power to help slay it.The engines are directly linked to the reactor so if we can damage them to the point of failure the power cores could cycle and start to overload.” Hunter nods. “Ok...but i can’t freely fly around. “I can handle that. Now if you hear the infested talking to you just ignore them push them out of your mind. You can't let them take over your mind. You know how to use your laser right?” She grabs him around his chest just under the arms and begins to fly towards the large creature avoiding the large debris field.

    “Niraya i hope you got through to him we could use some help here!” “On my way Roy calm down!” “Head up!” The large creature sweeps all of its tendrils in every direction trying to hit them. Niraya and Hunter carefully looping behind it. “Ok fire when ready i will keep you stable. She pulls him up and holds him steady. Hunter focuses and begins to glow. The glow begins to focus around his mouth and he unleashes the black beam. It strikes the engines and the large creature lets out a loud screech. Hunter holds onto his head trying to block out the creature. Niraya quickly moves them away from the creature. Roy the Volt Prime spots the damaged engine. “Nice plan Niraya!” He heads in launching a warhead at the engines just as creature unleashed a swarm of missiles that were targeting random targets. “Rick, Niraya, John careful he has a full arsenal of weapons beyond the tendrils!”

    Niraya was trying her hardest to dodge the missiles as the creature was bearing down on them. Hunter tries to focus and starts to build up energy again. “Just hang in there Hunter we can do this!” They were by the creature's head when Hunter unleashed another beam attack striking half of its face cutting deep into it. Hunter could feel the monster within trying to break free again and pushes away from the trinity. “Leave me. I don't need to harm you!” “This is Cephalon Rocker I have organized the other Cephalons to help with a bombardment of missile. Where is it we need to hit!” “This is Niraya Try to hit the creature in the engines if we can overload them we can create a feedback to the reactor and kill this thing from within.” She watches Hunter fight with himself internally his body violently jerking around. The liset ships move in an well organized maneuver and launches a barrage of missiles at the engines on the creature.

    The Creature lets out an earsplitting screech as the engines begin to explode. It fires a massive barrage of missiles with no aim in general. Niraya was hit causing her to change her focus on the dying creature and dodging its missiles. Hunter got hit by a missile and was launched into the debris field which protects him. Niraya loses sight of him as the last missile fires off.

    The creature begins to explode internally parts of it glowing as the explosion go off. Finally the reactor goes and the creature was reduced to goo. “Good job Tenno if that creature had manage to land on earth it wouldn’t be long till we lost the planet as a whole. We are not going to be sending a cleanup crew as it's too risky. You have 5 minutes to reach the minimal safe distance before the area is purged of anything.” several ships pick up their operators and head off.

    Niraya was searching for Hunter. “Niraya what are you doing you don't have time to be scavenging the debris.” “Hunter is still in here somewhere. His ship can't get to him in all of this!” “Niraya...just come back in one piece ok?” Orion was already sweeping the debris field for his operator. “Niraya I can’t pinpoint his location but i have triangulated it to be in this cluster of debris.” Niraya flies over and tries to find Hunter. “3 minutes Tenno” Niraya now in a panic began swiftly moving through the debris. “100 second” She spots Hunter and quickly pulls him to the ship and quickly boards her. “20 seconds” Both ships quickly warp away to reach minimal safe distance. The area where the fleet were was struck by several nukes done in such a way that nothing survives just to be sure the infestation has been cleansed.

    Hunter regains consciousness on the floor of his ship’s interior. He groans from the pain all over. Mostly in his leg. He gets up to see he was docked somewhere but it didn’t look like a relay. He exits the ship and finds himself in a strange structure. There was other ships parked there but no warframes in sight. He limps deeper into the facility looking for someone to help him. He sees someone walk through a door and tries to follow. Once he reached the door he lost the person as it was cross walkway and three possible direction for the person to leave. He looks back at the room he was just in and notices a red streak leading to where he was standing. There was a piece of rebar in his leg. His dazed state doesn’t even register that as he walks back to the ships only to collapse and land in one of the rock gardens. About a minute later someone finds him and alerts the medical staff that worked in the dojo. Hunter had passed out before they arrived.
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    unter wakes up a few minute later in the medical ward of the dojo. He tries to sit up but someone pushes him back down. “Lay down you lost a lot of blood...I’m sorry i didn’t realized how injured you were back when i found you. I was kinda pressed for time.” Hunter looks at the person talking. It was a white haired female with fuchsia streaks she seemed quite young. She was wearing a protective outfit that a surgeon would use. “It was difficult getting to your wounds as the warframe parts seem to repair itself shortly after cutting into it. I have no clue why the Orokin wanted to make someone like this. But i doubt it was for a good reason.”

    Someone walks in and hunter turns to see someone behind a wall of glass. “Ah good he lives.” the woman turns to the blue suit wearing person with black hair. “Roy give him a break he has been through alot the past week he has been awake.” Roy crosses his arms. “Niraya i do not care about his past. I wanted someone who could not only hold there own but be able to scare any wanna be freaks from joining our ranks.” Niraya walks over and pushes a button on the glass wall and it became hard to see through it. “Ignore him Hunter just rest for now and let the transfusion bring you back to full strength.” She leaves the room to have a very stern talk with Roy.

    He looks to the other side of the room and sees the trinity warframe on the other side it was sitting there almost like it was asleep. He looks around a bit more and sees that the room was similar to the medbay on the relay. The door opens and he looks over at who came in. it was a new face he was in a grey and red suit and he had grey hair with red tips. “How you holding up?” Hunter shakes his head. “Why me.” Rick sighs. “I have no clue you are the most unique case any of us have seen throughout all our missions into the void.”Rick sighs. “Don't let Roy get to you he is rough with everyone. And for good reason. He was a slave to a Grineer boss for quite some time until he was finally freed. Also...don't ask about that he gets quite upset. He and Niraya are always butting heads.” Hunter chuckles. “That i could tell.”

    The door opens and Nirya returns. “Keeping an eye on him Rick?” Rick turns to Niraya. “Yes he seems to be doing well for losing so much blood.” “Speaking of blood has John gotten the cleaning crew on that?” Rick nods. “Yea the entrance and the fountain has been cleaned his ship on the other hand. Orion is refusing anyone from entering without his permission.”Rick points to Hunter. Niraya sighs. “Feel up to walking Hunter? I will help you along the way.” Hunter nods and tries to sit up. Rick helps him up as Niraya walked over to her trinity and puts her hand on it. She collapses and is caught by her trinity who gently lays her down. “OK transference resynched. Come on Hunter.” She helps pick up Hunter while bringing along the blood bag.

    Rick goes to put Niraya in a bed as she helped Hunter. Hunter was very weak he nearly passed out just from standing up. “Woah there take it easy. Let me take your weight.” she shifts him taking most of his weight. Once he was good she slowly walked him to the hanger. Roy kept his distance as to not anger Niraya any more today. Hunter wasn’t paying any attention to the environment around him only upon reaching the hanger did he hear a familiar voice. “OPERATOR! Did these rogues harm you! Please tell me you are ok Operator.” Hunter looks up at his ship and the cleaning crew waiting outside of it. “Orion...Let them in to do there job. These people are only here to help.” “But Operator!” “No! Ughh..” He collapses from the sudden rush of blood to his head. “OPERATOR!” Trinity gently sits him down before laying him down. “Woah there Hunter.” “Orion let them in.” orion reluctantly opens the door for the cleaning crew.

    Trinity checks the blood bag and it was nearly empty. “Oh crap.” Trinity collapses the floor as Niraya woke up to quickly get a blood bag for Hunter. A medical officer followed her to the hanger. They arrive at Hunter’s side. He had already passed out again but the treatment was working. The medical officer examines Hunter’s injury it was still sealed so he wasn’t bleeding again. “I think he just passed out from over exertion. He should be fine.” Niraya sighs glad to hear he was ok. “Oh that god. I thought i had killed him.” John approaches Niraya. “You worry wart.” She turns to John. “Can you blame me i'm a Trinity at heart!” John laughs. “Yes you are. Now come on let's get him back to the medical ward.” With Niraya and john's help they get Hunter back into the medical ward.

    Two days later Hunter wakes up looking at the ceiling. The lights were off except for the lights on the floor this way it wouldn’t disturb those who were sleeping in the room. He sits up and looks around. He was alone in the room. “Hello?....someone?” He gets out of bed and stumbles to the door due to his leg hurting when he put preasure on it. He opens the door and was blinded by the hallway. Once his eyes adjusted he looks down both directions of the hallway hallway and sees no one. “Hello?” He heads to the left using the wall the support himself. He makes it to a large room that has several small rock gardens, And a few water features giving it a very peaceful nature..

    He spots John in his warframe meditating in the corner. “Hello?” John looks up and sees Hunter. “Hunter you’re up.” He stands up and heads over to Hunter. “Need something?” Hunter nods. “A bathroom and maybe something to eat.” John nods and leads Hunter to the nearest bathroom. “Your lucky I’m here. The night crew is very minimal and the others are off collecting information of possible ships in the void worth raiding.” Hunter nods to show he understood. John leads him to one of the restrooms nearby. “You going to be ok?” Hunter nods.

    He heads inside and ends up throwing up in the garbage can. John hears this and walks in seeing Hunter throwing up in the garbage can and gently pats his back. “Feel better?” “Yea...thanks.” John gets him a towel and wets it before handing it to Hunter. “Clean yourself up and i will see about getting you some food.” Hunter cleans his mouth taking care of washing the extra parts of warfare that was attached to him that was around the mouth.

    Once his stomach settled he leaves the bathroom seeing John talking to someone. They look over at Hunter and run off. “Come on let's get you some food.” He leads Hunter through the Dojo to various rooms stopping in one with a Volt Prime statue in the middle of John laughs a bit after looking at the statue.. “Every time i see this i just imagine it as Roy’s ego and it makes it funny.” Hunter wasn’t feeling well enough to laugh but at least he didn’t feel sick anymore. John leads him one of the side rooms attached to the great hall they were in.

    He sees the cafeteria where someone was busy making something. “Sally is Hunter’s meal ready?” “Almost thanks for giving me a heads up.” John nods and helps Hunter sit down. “Take your time no need to rush. Now if you excuse me i need to tell the others you're awake.” Hunter nods. “Thanks John.” John nods. “Your welcome.” He takes his leave. Hunter lays his head down on the table as he waited. Sally walks out and places a plate of scrambled eggs and toast in front of him as well as a glass of Orange Juice. “Here you go Hunter now if you need me i will be in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the day crew.” Hunter sits up. “Thanks Sally.” Sally nods and heads into the kitchen as Hunter slowly eats his breakfast. It felt good to have actual food on his stomach.

    Once he finished breakfast he felt better. He stands up and takes his plate and cup over to the window. “Sally?” Sally peers from behind a refrigerator that was in the middle of the room. “Done? The drop off for that stuff is on your left.” Hunter looks left and see a conveyor belt leading into a machine. He walks over and puts the plate and cup on the conveyor belt and the machine starts up washing his used plate and cup. He walks back over to the window. “Sally...is there a map? I don't want to get lost.” She could only see her hand. “There is a navigation console in every room near the entrance the map will be in there.” Hunter turns and sees the console next to the door. “Thank you sally.” “Your welcome” Hunter walks over to the console and finds the map. He digs through it and finds the hangar area and plots a path to it.

    As he walked the halls he examine the rooms finally taking note of them. The standard hallways had blue walls with orange accents and white flooring giving it an autumn feel. The various larger rooms were either a hall of some kind or a peaceful garden. Which was nice touch as the various peaceful gardens didn’t look the same. Eventually he reaches the hangar where he sees his ship it was very shiny the cleaning crew is a very good job of cleaning. He walks up to his ship and heads inside. “Welcome back Operator.” “Thanks Orion.” “Operator you have received a few gifts from John and he left a message for you. John’s voice begins to play out. “You need a better arsenal of weapons so i have given you some weapons i was considering throwing away. You can get some use out of them until you get some even better gear. Also Thanks for not losing my Lex Prime you are good friend.”

    Hunter couldn’t help but smile at that last part. He was considered a friend. “Operator your new weapons are available in the arsenal in the back. “Thank you Orion.” He heads down to the Arsenal He access it and sure enough he had 3 new weapons. A Orthos dual bladed melee weapon. A Boltor prime with a note on it. “I had two of these somehow.” and a standard Lex. “Well this is definitely and upgrade.”

    He puts his old weapons away and takes out the new ones. “Operator you can color your gear and warframe if you want.” Hunter thinks for a bit and begins customizing his gear. His lex got a base white with red accent. His Orthos had a black staff and the blades were golden colored. His boltor prime he kept the gold but changed the other parts to a wine red with black accents. Then it was time for his appearance. His jet back look changed to a dark blue metallic with black highlights and red trim. It looked like corpus drone on steroids. “Yea this will work”

    He leaves his ship just at John arrives. “I take it you found my gift?” Hunter nods and pulls out his boltor prime to show it then puts it away for the lex, and finally his orthos. “Very good that stuff should last you awhile once you get some mods you can improve your weapons.” Hunter nods. “Oh and might i say you look even scarier with that color setup.” Hunter rubs the back of his head. “Thank you.” John chuckles. “The others will be here soon they just finished their mission. They had a surprise setup for you, and they have asked me to to keep you here.” “Ok...um...what was that thing you were doing when i met you after waking up?” John goes into meditation. “This?” Hunter nods. “This is medication stance. Its helps you clear your mind. If i have nothing better to do i just find a quiet spot and meditate. It's not easy being a warframe that all about the dead without it getting to you at times.”

    Hunter does the same but wasn’t able to float yet. “Yea i know how you feel.” “Take a deep breath and just focus on an empty room. Clear out the noise that fills your mind.” Hunter closes his eyes and does at John says. He could see it an empty room with only him and the beast was in. “You see your problem now find a solution even the most temporary of solutions is enough to clear your mind for a better solution in time.” The beast snarls at Hunter but stops as the room began to slip apart isolating the beat from Hunter. He could feel the anger from this action. But at the same time was a sense of safety.”

    John and Hunter meditate there for about 10 minutes when the ships begin to arrive. Hunter opens his eyes and stands up. “John there here.” John stands up hearing Hunter and waves at the others as they walk out. Niraya, Roy, and Rick leave their ships in there warframes. “Hunter you're up and about good to see.” Rick gives him a big hug. “Ow ow ow ow ow!” Rick releases him. “Sorry. Forgot how strong i am with Rhino Prime.” Hunter rubs his chest after Rick let him go. “It’s fine.” Niraya walks over to check on Hunter. “Are your injuries doing ok?” Hunter nods. “Yea except for some pain when i walk im good.” Niraya nods. Roy wasn’t interested in talking. John speaks up. “I think it's time for the surprise.” Rick laughs. “Yes come on Hunter.” Rick leads the way as they head out of the hanger. Roy didn’t join them.

    They head deep inside the Dojo to where the people who were here sleep. They lead him to one of the larger rooms most likely for the Tenno who join the clan. They stop in front of one of them. And Niraya was the first to speak “This room is your. You're officially part of our clan!” Hunter looks at Niraya, Rick, and John. “Really?” They all nod. Hunter walks into the room. It was empty but it was his room. The others joined in right after him. “It's not much but over your adventures i'm sure you can find some trinkets or something to put in here. Hunter turns to Rick. “I will be sure to do that.” They others take their leave so they could go do there own things. Hunter walks over to his bed and sits on it. Looking around the room there was a dresser for storing clothes. He wasn’t going to get use out of that. There was an end table with a lamp on it for reading at night. And a bookshelf that spanned the whole wall with a TV in the middle of it.
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    A few minutes later he hears a knock on his door. He walks over and opens it to see John on the other side. “Ah sorry if i woke you.” Hunter shakes his head. “It's fine. Surprised you're not in your Warframe.” John laughs. “Yea a bit strange ain’t it. Well Roy said we need to get some resources. Normally it's a two man job and Niraya wanted you to join her.” Hunter nods. “Ok.” John steps out of the way so Hunter could head to the hanger. “Just be careful out there.”

    Hunter heads to the hangar where he spots Niraya with her Trinity. He walks up to her and she holds something out. It was an odd computer chip. “This is a mod. This one is Vigor i spend some endo to get to nearly max rank….take it you can have that one.” Hunter picks it up and looks at it. “Ok.” She holds out some glowing orbs. “This is Endo we use it to empower mods this will be enough for you to max out that mod. Go ahead and upgrade it before equipping it to your warframe. It should at least boost your survivability.” Hunter nods and takes the endo. Niraya gets onto her ship and it starts to head out. Hunter gets in his ship and Orion follows Niraya’s ship.

    Hunter heads to the lower section of the ship with the mod. “Operation the machine to your left is the mod augmentation station. It allows you to augment your mods even convert them into endo. The one on your right is your foundry it allows you to convert materials into various things so long as you have a blueprint.” “Thank you Orion.” He goes into the Mod Augmenter and adds the endo to the mod. Before going into the armory and trying putting into his warframe. When he adds it he feels cold all of a sudden and a message appears in his vision. “Shield functions restored.” the message faded and wasn’t visible again.”what the heck what that?”

    He puts it to the back of his mind and walks to the navigation console. “Alright Niraya i'm all set.” Niraya’s voice comes through the console. “Good we should be there soon. Load up on ammo and prepare for insertion. Were infiltration a Corpus Transport Cruiser there is a couple of shuttles inside of it that is carring alot of materials and we are going to hijack them both. And return to the dojo with them. Now the Corpus absolutely hate theft so they will do everything in there power to stop us. Wouldn’t surprise me if the ships are rigged.” “That's encouraging.” “sorry i just wanted to give you a heads up. We are going to be attacking them as they pass saturn’s rings.”

    They leave warp and the ****pit view reveals the ship near the rings. “Target aquired moving in follow right behind me.” Sarah’s ship dives a bit and approaches the ship from below. Niraya and Hunter infiltrate the ship from below. Hunter ends up in a maintenance tunnel Niraya was ahead of him looking for a way into the main part of the ship. “Come on Hunter we have a job to do.” Hunter follows her his boltor prime at the ready. Trinity stops him at a hatch and looks through it. “Were clear come on.” Trinity moves through the hatch covers Hunter leaving the hatch. Hunter quietly closes the hatch.

    Trinity moves on ahead with Hunter right behind her. They were trying to be as silent as possible. If a Corpus soldier got into the way Trinity lops off there head with the reaper prime and hides the body. They reached an elevator and she calls it down as Hunter watches the entrance to the room. Once it arrived they got on and headed up. The elevator stops and it was at the hanger. It seemed clear. Hunter and Trinity move out of the elevator. Once they were halfway across the room the alarm sounds the room seals shut and an army of robots activate. A corpus commander spoke in there tongue. “Pkouhkp you youpp yteak it atp ypeap sy teyotyes! Ktekaite po pie Jatttasey!”

    Hunter looks around the room at the growing threat.. “What did he say?” Niraya was watching the threat as well. “He said Thought you could come in and steal my resources. Prepare to die warframes.” “I guess this classifies as a trap.” Hunter and trinity was back to back with a hundred of drones bearing down on them. “Only one way out of this mess.” “Yep.” Hunter begins charging up his laser. He fires it off sweeping it a bit and clears a path to the far side of the room. Trinity takes advantage of the opening and charges through. Hunter follows right behind shooting his boltor prime at anything that moves. This situation was pretty bad. “Orion need support in here!” “Roger that Operator. Turret inbound.”

    Hunter and Niraya hide behind some boxes in the corner shooting at anything that moved. A capsule breaches through a window above and lands in the middle of the robots. It opens up and begins unloading on everything. “It's now or never let's get to the ships!” As soon as they tried to move to the ship the entire ship was rocked by an explosion. Hunter stumbled and nearly falls out off the hanger bay Niraya managed to grab him before he fell off and pulls him back into the ship. “Niraya….We have company!” Niraya looks out the hanger door wondering what he meant. “OH!” A grineer Frigate had arrived and was shooting pods and shells at the ship. “WE need to get out of here!” Niraya stops Hunter from running. “We need to get these resources for the dojo and i will not have another failed mission because of a surprise raid party of Grineer!”

    Niraya leaps onto one of the ships and boards it. Hunter not seeing any other choice jumps onto the second one and boards it. He goes through the tight hallway that led to the ****pit and launched out of there. As soon as he exited the ship takes a lot of flack from the Grineer ship. He could see Niraya just up ahead and tries to catch up with her. The flack fires stops but several grineer fighters appear and begin pelting the transports. “Niraya were not going to get far with these fighters on us.” “I know….go through the ring field maybe we can shake them.” Niraya dives straight for the rings of saturn the fighters hot on her tail. Hunter followed and tried to find a weapon system or something to help thin out the threat.

    Niraya’s ship was taking a massive pelting. The fighters were interested in stopping her over him. They dive through lots of rocks Hunter carefully following behind seeing a fighter fail to navigate and strike a rock every now and then. “Niraya this isn’t working...whats plan B?” “I don't know let me think!” She makes a mad dash to the edge of the rings hoping to get far enough away to hide on Titan. Hunter follows as best as he could. The fighters seemed to have backed off. “They are going away.” “Thats a relief”

    Suddenly the fighters re-appear and shoot out both left engines on both craft. Unable to maneuver properly both Hunte and Niraya crash on Titan. Hunter manages to pull the craft up and slide across the surface for a while. Niraya’s ship on the other hand skips off of the ground turns in the air and lands hard tumbling. The ship Hunter was in stayed mostly intact but Niraya’s ship was in several pieces. He tries to get out of the ship only to be trapped in the ****pit by the supplies. “Orion...tell the others that Niraya and me have crashed landed i'm trapped and Niraya’s transport is in pieces.” He doesn’t hear a reply this wasn’t good the rock he is on must be interfering with communications.

    He sits down in the captain's chair. A lot of thoughts running through his mind he tries to calm down and focus think of a way out of this situation. He closes his eyes and meditates. The noise of information slowly fading away revealing his problem. He is trapped in a ship. His meditation was broken by the sound of something grappling the ship. He opens his eyes to see a collection ship attached to his ship. “If its not one thing is another...No time to wait...I GOT IT!” Hunter begins to focus gathering energy he goes to release it and...nothing. “Wh...what! Oh no!” He had no energy to use the attack. His transport was dragged away the the frigate. He just sits there he was in huge trouble and was unsure if he could make it out.

    He was scared. A ship full of grineer his limited supply of ammunition and no backup. He starts to breath heavily fear getting a grasp on him. The ship was dropped and he ends up tumbling to the floor he lifts up to peek out of the window only to be met by Grineer soldiers. “Tenno Scum! Get out here!” it was decision time….Fight...or dont. They smash the window. “GET OUT!” Hunter grips his boltor prime and guns down the two Grineer lancers that were in-front of him. He leaps out of the transport window and runs deeper into the ship. Alarms blair as Hunter finds a place to hide.
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    He finds a place to hide in the underbelly of the ship. The Grineer were still on high alert but at least he was safe for now. He crawls through the maintenance area doing his best not to get noticed. He suddenly stops when he hears walking near him. “How as a Tenno breached my ship! Find him before I find your replacement!” the voice fades near the end as they moved on. Hunter sighs in relief. He manages to find his way to the hanger again. Both ships were there. Mostly. The second ship was in very bad shape and the ****pit was ripped clean off. “Hopefully they haven’t found Niraya.” “What was that?” A grineer walks closer to the ven Hunter as in and looks around. The Grineer was about to open the vents when a nearby door opens. “Get up soldier i need you stay focused the Tenno arrived on those ships with precious cargo i do not want him to leave with it!” The Grineer stands up in front of the vent and keeps an eye on the hanger.

    “That was close” He thought he continues on trying to find some way of contacting someone as something was jamming his signal. He manages to worm his way to large vertical ventilation shaft. He looks up and sees various fans not moving that fast. Below him was just another platform. “Up...or down...hmmm.” He finds a ladder built into the wall and starts to climb. “Just been one thing after another. Next thing i know the Orokin make a comeback and wipe out everyone!” He slowly climbs up the ladder doing his best to not to fall. He stops at the blade that was above his head he looks around and find a tunnel on the other side. He positions himself and leaps to the tunnel. He lands hard against its edge and begins to slip. “Crap crap crap crap!” he fails to keeps his grip and slips he lands hard on the railing below before falling onto the catwalk.

    He picks himself up and coughs up some blood his vision a little blurred. He gets up and hears some noise coming from the tunnel he came from. “Crap!” He quickly goes to the lower level and leaves if he was going to get anywhere he would have to use an elevator which was risky but he needed to do it. He leaves the maintenance tunnels and tries to find an elevator. He looks around and sees he is in the Cargo hold. “That's a lot of stuff. Hmmm…” He looks around. “Bet Roy would be jelly if i bring all of this in.” He walks around the cargo hold and finds the freight elevator. He pulls out his boltor prime and calls it down.

    There was a grineer riding it once he was visible Hunter gunned him down. He quickly gets on and sends the elevator to the top floor it could go. The lift slows to a stop at the last stop. He was about mid ship at this point. The door opens and he quickly moves out. Needing to find another elevator to take him up higher. He comes across a room that had a walkway leading up about 4 floors. As he sneaks his way into the room he sees out the large window that he was still near Saturn. There was Grineer everywhere and he knew he couldn’t sneak past them all so he just opens fire. He catches a butcher off guard and nails him to the glass window. This alerts everyone and they take up combat positions. “TENNO!”

    Hunter heads up the walkway only to get pinned down by four lancers. Wanting to take a risk he charges forward pulling out his lex and leaping over the blunts they had deployed as cover and takes several quick shots killing them, but they weren’t alone above on the next part was a mounted turret and begins to unload a flurry of bullets his way. Hunter manages to take cover just as his shields fail. He peers over the wall only to get shot in the face. He puts his hand to his face. It was just a graze but it hurt. He lets out a screech and suddenly the gun falls silent. Hunter peers over and the Grineer was trying to get it to work. He takes aim and shoots the Grineer’s foot making him stumble and fall where he then shot his head.

    Hunter heads up and the grineer were making a final stand at the top. There was two turrets and several blunt walls protecting them. “You are not getting past us Tenno!” he tries to think of a plan of action. He looks around the room. Thats when he spots the crack in the window from his earlier kill. He takes aim and shots at the leading edge of the crack trying to make it expand to the point the window fails. “STOP HIM!” several Grineer leap over the barriers knock Hunter to the side. He takes quick action and jumps down the gap that was there. He lands on the floor below just as the windows fail. He could feel himself getting sucked out. He catches himself on a wire. He looks to the window and sees the blast doors were closing on it. Once they were sealed Hunter lets go of the wire and climbs the stairs. He had cleared the way but the doors were now locked.

    He walks up to the door and begins trying to unlock them. He could hear a large force of Grineers approaching him. He manages to open the door just as they turn the final corner. He enters the room and shoots at the terminal he just used. He holds up there and accesses the other panel while randomly firing to keep the grineer pinned down. He manages to close the door preventing them from following. He turns around and sees 2 direction to go. He heads to the left and keeps his gun at the ready. The door in front of him opens revealing the command deck. He pulls out his lex and shoots the panel on the door and walks in.

    The Grineer pilots turn to look at Hunter. The door closes behind him and locks as someone didn’t want the tenno to leave. “You have two choices either kill yourself or let me kill you!” They all laugh thinking he was joking. He takes aim and shoots the closes one in the face. They stopped laughing and grabbed their weapons. Hunter takes cover behind a small pillar at the edge of the room. Using his lex to clean up the grineer that was in the room. There was just too many of them and he ends up taking a lot of shots before he manages to feel them. He could feel his side throbbing from the bullet that managed to punch through him. He was bleeding but the armor repairs itself to apply pressure to the wound.

    He turns to the door and locks it with a new protocol to prevent someone remotely opening it. Coughing up some blood as he did it. After that he heads down to the consoles and tries to figure out how to fly the ship and open the com lines. He was at the communications console which allowed him access the com systems. He could hear various chatter over all the various frequencies. He starts messing with the controls trying to find a channel he could use. He ends up a strange frequency he could hear something and tries to refine it. He manages to clean it up just enough to understand what was being said. “Niray*bzzzzt*or the *Bzzzzzzzzzzt* crashed here?” *bzzzzt* i dont see the ships. *bzzzzt* Grinner get him?”

    Hunter keeps listening while trying to send a message. He accidentally opens the channel to the console as he was trying to find a way to communicate. “Come on where is it?” “Hunt*bzzzzt* you?” He looks at the console keeping hand off of it. “Um...hello?” “*Bzzzzzzzt* where are you!” “I'm on the grinner ship. Um...would you believe me if i said the bridge?” “stay *bzzt* we will come to *bzzzzt” there was only static after that. He tries to reopen the channel but to no avail. Hunter sighs. “Rick and Niraya are here so i guess i can hold out.”

    He starts to hear a strange sound coming from the door. He turns to see a small glowing spot. “****!” he takes position behind the console and takes aim at the door. Minutes go by very slowly as Hunter watches the glowing spot move across the door creating a small doorway. The glowing spot fades Hunter tenses up and nothing happens. The tension was getting to Hunter he walks over to the door and hears talking on the other side. He looks through the small gap that was melted away for the doorway. He could see two people on the other side. Suddenly the cut chunk moves from the wall landing on Hunter as someone knocked it down. He could feel two people walk in. “I still don't see Hunter!” “He has to be here somewhere Rick!”

    Hunter tries to lift the metal door off of him but he had no leverage. “Hey...little help!” He sees someone approach and lift the chunk of door. “OH CRAP!” Rick lifts the chunk higher allowing Hunter to crawl out. “Next time you mind knocking?” Rick puts the chunk down once Hunter was clear Niraya walks over to him and examines him. “Are you ok Hunter? We thought you were captured.” Hunter chuckles. “I was...but what do you think. I stole a ship.” Rick kicks Hunter’s leg. “No time for jokes man we need to get you out of here.” “NO the Grineer have tons of resources inside the hold we could take the ship to an ambush spot and raid the hold for everything and get out before reinforcements arrive.” Niraya looks at Rick. “That's not a bad plan...and we do need the resources.” Niraya helps Hunter up as she didn’t see any major injuries other than the sealed wound to the chest. “I will take Hunter back to his ship so he can get medical treatment. We will bring the ship to an ambush location.” Right puts his hand to his face. “Fine...we do need the resources but this plan goes sideways you and Hunter’s head on the chopping block for this.” “Understood.” Niraya leads hunter to a maintenance hatch where he could escape.

    They arrive there just as his ship parks in place to pick up Hunter. Hunter reluctantly gets into his ship. “Hunter. I’m sorry for everything that happened.” Hunter couldn’t reply as his ships pulls him in and heads off. Once inside he watches as his ship leaves the area and enters warp space. “Operator don't feel bad you have done well this mission. You should be proud that you managed to capture a Grineer raiding frigate.” Hunter sighs. “Yea...yea.” He sits down next to the codex console and just watches the universe fly by. “I don't want to be the weak link...what can i do to get stronger?” “Operator...are you wanting a moment to yourself?” Hunter shakes his head. “No...no it's fine. I just...it's been a long day.” Hunter closes his eyes and tries to relax as they made their trip to the dojo.
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    A couple days later Hunter was laying in his room digging through the information about Project Meta. He was trying to find a silver lining to it all. But he just couldn’t shake the feeling that he was a monster. He hears a knock at the door. “You have been in there all day. Please come out and at least have supper.” It was Niraya he could tell she was worried about him. He gets out of bed and puts the info tablet aside after locking it.He opens the door and sees Niraya heading to the cafeteria. He follows at a slow pace.

    John leaves his room and Hunter looks over. What little he could see in the room it was decorated with various trophies he had collected. John could tell something was bothering Hunter and walks next to him. “Penny for your thoughts? Hunter looks at John. “I am the weakest member in this clan. Even though we got the resources and the expansion Roy wanted has started I can't but feel like i let the team down. One injury and i was told to sit on the sidelines.” John could tell he just stepped into a minefield. “Well...Strength can come from experience. You have done well on your missions thus far but that could have been luck that allowed you to get that far with minimal injury. Perhaps some solo missions in low risk zones could help you.” Hunter sighs. “I guess it's worth a shot.” John nods. “Ok see you at supper. I hear there is sloppy joes today.”

    John runs on ahead as Hunter continues to walk at his own pace. Hunter arrives at the Cafeteria the line had thinned down so he didn’t have to wait long for supper. He walks through and was giving a sloppy joe and a side of mashed potatoes. He got a bottle of water and goes to sit down in his usual place. It was in the corner of the cafeteria by himself. It was a quiet supper until Roy showed up. “I am seriously questioning inviting you to this clan. Both times you have returned injured. You clearly can't take care of yourself.

    Hunter stops eating and looks at Roy but doesn’t say anything. “I bed i could take you without my warframe since you are such a!” Hunter had moved very quickly grabbing Roy by the neck and slamming him into the wall. “BACK OFF ROY!” Roy was trying to break free of Hunter’s grasp. John and Rick ran over and tries to pull the two apart. Niraya moves between them. “STOP! Hunter he isn’t worth it. Let him go.” Hunter looks at Roy then at Niray and lets Roy go. He leaves the Cafeteria with his supper still mostly there. Niraya watches Hunter leave before hearing Roy. “If only he fights like that more often.” Niraya turns around and slaps Roy knocking him down. John and Rick just move away. “You *******! Hunter has been lost on who he is a monster or a Tenno. And you go and say that. You're no better than the Orokin that made him that way!” She leaves to go find Hunter.

    She ran around the station trying to find hunter only to arrive at the hangar the moment his ship takes off. “Hunter WAIT!” Hunter was sitting in front of the navigation screen. “Um...Operator where is it you want to go?” “Take me to earth the exterminate mission.” “O...K...Corse plotted we will arrive soon.” “If Roy wants a capable fighter then i will make an example of these Grineer.” His anger growing as he thinks about what roy said. His bladed form appearing as he was ready for a fight. The ship arrives at earth and heads for the mission in question. It was a small Grineer destroyer class ship. Hunter was inserted and he began his work. He went through the entire ship killing every grineer with his bare hands. Leaving large bladed claw marks on everything. He goes up to the command deck and sends the ship towards the dojo for an example.

    About 30 minutes later he was in range of the Dojo. The ship got instant interest and he could see 4 ships launch from the dojo and approach. Niraya, Rick, John, and Roy land on the ship and begin to sweep through it. Niraya spots the first body. “What happened here?...Oh no…” John comes over to examine the body. “What is it Niraya?” She shakes her head. “Please don't let it be him.” Roy’s voice comes over the comms. “I will go through to the command deck and send this ship away. The rest of you rig the ammo dumps to explode. Hunter smiles hearing that Roy was coming to him.

    A few minutes later Roy makes it to the command deck and sees Hunter. “Well...Roy. This to your liking? I did all of this myself!” Roy shrugs. “Not impressed to be honest.” This just angered Hunter. “If you were trying to impress me then you have failed. I guess it was a mistake inviting you to the clan. Hunter leaps at Roy who began shooting. Hunter ignores the pain of the bullets ripping through him as he lands on Roy growling like a beast ready for the kill. Roy suddenly was afraid even though it was a warframe he was looking through it didn’t make it any less real. Hunter’s jaw opens up and digs into Roy’s neck. Niraya had been following Roy to make sure her suspicions were not true.

    She was horrified by what she saw. Roy may be an ******* but he doesn’t deserve that. She charges in her Santi-Tigris at the ready when she was close she unloads two shells into Hunter. Hunter reels from the sudden shots and backs away Niray quickly loaded two more shells and shoots Hunter again. Hunter collapses to the ground moaning in pain. Roy’s sync with his warframe was severed but the warframe was still intact, barley. “Medical bay. Prepare for a warframe...and prep the high security chamber for Hunter.” She didn’t want to but thanks to Roy she was unsure who Hunter was. The tenno, or the monster the orokin wanted. Rick and John arrive after completing the mission and takes Roy’s Warframe and Hunter back to the dojo. Hunter was in critical condition due to the shotgun shells that was unloaded into him at close range. Before he wa taken away Niraya hears him say. “Why me.”

    Once Hunter was treated he was locked away in the high security room he was just laying there like he was broken unable to decide who he was anymore. Niraya looks at him wondering if she could have done something to prevent this. John walks up beside her. “Niraya how are you holding up?” She just stands there. “Look. there really isn’t anything we could do. Roy played with Hunter’s emotions and payed the price. He is afraid of Hunter now....Guess he got the beast he wanted after all.”

    Niraya turns and begins punching John. “HUNTER IS NOT A MONSTER!!!!” John catches her arms. “Niraya stop...STOP! You know i didn’t mean that.” She stops trying to punch him and goes to sit down. “I was right there when i saw him attack Roy....He was like an animal staring down its food. What the orokin did to him is unforgivable. But i don't know how to break the beasts hold on him. He has been questioning who he was since the day we rescued him. And Roy goes and does that. I fear we might have lost him for good.” John sits down next to her. “I taught hunter how to meditate. To find a solution to his problem. But sometimes even that isn’t enough. Someone must guide him...I think you should be the one to do it. You have been inside his head seen that they have done to him...You are the only person i know who could pull the Tenno out the beast's maw.” She looks at him confused. John stands up and walks away. “You know the answer to that.”

    Niraya sighs and stands up. She walks to the door and goes inside. Hunter turns to look at her. “Hey there Hunter...um...look about the things Roy said...He didn’t mean any of it. He is an ******* trying to push people’s buttons. What happened on that ship...I need you to just forget about it. You were...just angry trying to get back at Roy for what he said.” Hunter turns away from her and Niraya sighs realizing she wasn’t getting through to him. “No one else knows about what happened on that ship other than you, me, and The Lotus. When i grabbed your head back on The Anguish, and during that time you were floating in space. I saw everything you saw back then...I felt the pain you went through. I even felt your anger towards the Orokin who did this to you...Look i know there is strong spirit within you. Dont let that flame die out.” Hunter turns to her as she leaves leaving him there to think.
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    Hunter spends a week in that room. Niraya visits him every day to see if Hunter would like to talk about something. Anything to get his mind off of what happened. Niraya felt confident that Hunter was ready to rejoin everyone. She pulls him out of the room He was hesitant still unsure. “Come on Hunter. You can’t stay in there forever.” He follows Niraya through the dojo stopping when they spot John in his warframe meditating. Niraya quietly walked through the room as to not disturb him. Hunter stopped to look at him but followed Niraya. Once they were out of the room Hunter speaks up. “Where are you taking me?” Niraya stops and looks at Hunter. “I don't know yet. Im sure we can find something.” She takes off again but Hunter doesn’t move.

    Niraya doesn’t notice hunter wasn’t following till a bit later and goes to find him. She returns only to find him talking with john. “I personally thing you should just go talk to Roy you are afraid you are the beast the Orokin wanted you to be but that really is your choice if you become it or not.” Hunter was unsure what to do. He didn’t want to meet Roy after what happened. Niraya walks up and quietly pulls Hunter away. “Huh? Hey!” “Leave John alone he like to meditate alone.” Hunter pulls away from Niraya. “Look i know you want to help and all...but i have so many thing happen that i just don't know what is the right path...or the wrong one.” Nirarya sighs. “I will go find Roy. you do whatever. Just don't leave ok?” Hunter nods and Niraya leaves.

    Hunter wanders around aimlessly. He eventually finds himself in the training hall. He could see someone in the distance performing in the obstacle course. After about 20 second he sees Rick in his Rhino Prime land in front of him. He gets up and checks his time. “Crap...2 seconds slower than the last run.” Hunter walks up to him. “What are you doing?” Rick looks over and sees Hunter. “I’m doing time trials. This obstacle course is used to test speed and i'm trying to beat my time. I'm not doing too well.” Hunter looks at the times. Roy had 19.25s, Niraya had 20.36s, John had 25.56s, and Rick had 30.21s. “If you want to give it a shot feel free. Your first time won't be a great time as you won't know what to do. But at least your name will be up there.”

    Rick walks up to the console waits for Hunter. Hunter nervously approached it. “Take your time and learn the course you can take 30 minutes it won't matter the next time you do it you can try and improve that time.” Hunter nods and Rick starts the timer. Hunter runs through the course or at least try to. Rick watches him from the edge of the platform. He hears someone approach from behind and turns around. “Hey..Rick...Have you seen Hunter i can't find him.” Rick nods. “He is running the course Niraya.” he points to Hunter who was struggling. Niraya sighs glad to see he wasn’t in any danger. “When Hunter comes back here can you send him to the war room. I convinced Roy to have a talk with him about...what happened. I’d recommend you to come along. I want to keep Roy on a short leash. After what he did.” Niraya looks away unsure if this was the right thing to do. Rick pats her back. “Sure we will meet you in the war room soon.” Niraya nods and heads out.

    Hunter lands on the ending platform and collapses. His time was 13m 23s. Rick pulls him up onto his feet. “Not bad. Come on Niraya wants to meet us in the war room. Probably to discuss a raid on another Orokin vessel.” Hunter nods buying the lie and follows Rick as they went to the war room. Upon entering the war room Hunter spots Roy and Rick had to keep between Hunter and Roy to discourage him from doing something. Niraya nudges Roy and points to Hunter. Roy looks at Hunter then at the ground. “Um...Hunter...I...I’m sorry for what i did.” Hunter makes a move at Roy and Rick catches him. Roy recoils. “I told you this wouldn’t work Niraya!” Roy takes his leave before Hunter manages to get free. Hunter pushes away from Rick and looks at Niraya, and Rick. “You lied to me just to have a chat with ROY!” He looks away and leaves inadvertently leaving a claw mark on the doorframe. Niraya collapses and begins crying. “I messed up!” Rick walks over to calm her down.

    Hunter walked around for a bit till he just gave up. He sits down in a corner of the room he was in and sighs. He hated Roy for picking on him like he did But the way he acted hurt Niraya. She was trying to help, and he turned on her. He just curls up into the fetal position and just rests his head on his knees tears welling up in his eyes. After about 5 minutes of crying to himself he quietly begins to think of what he should do next. Hit thoughts drifted to some rather dark thoughts. He pulls out his lex and examines it. He was still thinking of what to do. Niraya just happens to spot Hunter with his lex out She quickly rushes over and snatches the gun away. Hunter sees her snatch the weapon away but doesn’t say anything. “Hunter...Please understand Roy just wanted to make amends! And you go and pull that little stunt!”

    Hunter doesn’t look at her and curls up again. “Hunter! Look at me when i'm talking to you! You ungrateful little…” She stops herself realizing she let her anger get the best of her and making Hunter feel worse. She sits next to him. “Hey...look...I’m sorry I wanted to have you and Roy make up for what happened in the past...You clearly wasn’t ready to forgive him. It's my fault. This isn’t the first time i try to fix something and it all goes wrong.” Hunter looks at her hearing her story. “What happened?” Niraya looks at Hunter. “The previous clan i was apart of. Was slowly tearing itself apart. I tried to pull everyone together with a special surprise...things went south and everyone started to fight with each other. I just couldn’t take it and broke down. When the dust settled i was the only person left as everyone else was either killed or left...I fled to the relay and cut my ties with my old clan. It wasn’t long afterwards i met Roy and joined his clan. And i have been trying my best to keep everyone happy and everyone together as a team. Seeing you holding your gun i was afraid you were either going to go and kill roy...your shoot yourself.”

    Hunter doesn’t say anything and just curls up again unsure about what to say. Niraya hands him his gun back. “Just don't do anything stupid. It was a mistake to bring you two together. Let alone lie to you about it.” She stands up. “If you never trust me again that is fine. just...Just don't do anything that you will regret.” She walks away feeling a little upset over what happened but knew if she pried any more she would just do more harm. Hunter takes his Lex and puts it away. Thoughts running through his head so many questions. It at that point he remembers what john said about filtering out the noise. He shifts to a meditating stance and tries to clear his mind surely the answers lie in the questions somewhere.

    As he meditates he could see the noise clear. He thinks about everything that just happened and what would be the proper way to resolve it. The answers float by him as he tries to figure out the right one. He thinks about what niraya said and several of the answers fade to dust. He needed to make it up to her. She had already been through alot and it would mean a lot if he could show that they could be a team. The answer was suddenly clear to him. He stands up and goes to the living quarters. He walks through it until he finds the door that leads to Roy’s room. He knocks on it. “Who is it?” Hunter hesitates. “Its...Hunter. I want to apologise.” There was silence for about a minute then the door opened. Roy was standing there. “Lets just leave the past buried...ok? We both have said and done things we're not proud of.” Hunter nods. “Agreed.” Roy nods and shuts the door. “Its bedtime by the way you might want to get some sleep.” Hunter was shocked by this. “OH! Uh..sorry for disturbing you.” “Apology accepted...now go get some sleep.”

    Hunter leaves Roy alone and heads back to his room. He enters his room and the door shuts behind him. It was the same old empty room but he didn’t care it was a place to call his own. He lays down on the bed looking at the roof. He pushes a button on his bed and the lights dim. “Next...is to do something for Niraya….but what.” He sighs and closes his eyes unsure what would be best way to make it up to Niraya. He slowly drifts off to sleep when he couldn’t think of anything.
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    The next day Hunter went to go talk to Niraya but she was doing everything in her power to avoid him. At lunch he was sitting by himself again he was slowly eating when Rick sits down near him. Which was an odd thing as this was the first time someone sat near him. “Penny for your thoughts?” Hunter looks at Rick and sighs. “Niraya has been avoiding me. I don't know what to do...I want to apologise for everything that happened and tell her it wasn’t her fault...but she avoids me.” Rick nods. “Not the first time she was like that. Me and Roy was at each other’s throats for the first few weeks i was with this clan. I made it up to her with a gift. She just loves apple butter. But it's hard to get your hands on any of that stuff since Apple trees no longer grow on earth. Maru’s Bazaar is where i found a jar of apple butter and i gave it to her.”

    Hunter thinks for a bit. “So i could get her a jar of that stuff and she will at least listen to my apology?” Rick shakes his head. “When she is like this she will avoid you. Just leave it in her room and put a note on it saying it's from you. If she isn’t avoiding you for a very serious reason it should be enough to get her to talk to you again.” Hunter sighs. “I guess it’s worth a shot.” Hunter finishes eating in silence and Rick did the same as he knew Hunter was thinking more on making amends then small talk.

    After lunch Hunter makes a trip to Maru’s Bazaar. It was similar to a relay but a bit more empty on the inside, but that doesn’t mean it was any less busy. The various small stalls around the edges had various people selling wairs in the middle was a large collection of stalls but these stalls are operated by various warframes or Tenno depending. He stops at one of them. It was a Mag warframe. She was a bright red with blue accents and a golden trim. She was taking inventory. “Um...Excuse me?” she turns around and looks at Hunter. “My your a scary one. You interested in some music?” Hunter shakes his head. “I'm trying to hunt down some apple butter.” She nods and thinks for a bit. “I think i saw some at booth 230. It's just over there.” She points to the booth on the far end of the bazaar. “Thank you.” She nods and goes back to taking inventory.

    Hunter approached booth 230 and an old woman wearing grineer armor was dozing at the booth. Hunter knocks on the table to get her attention. She wakes up and looks at Hunter. “Ah! I take it you're looking for some rather rare stuff.” Hunter nods. “I was told it was rare.” She chuckles. “What is it you are looking for?” “Apple butter.” The old lady laughs. “My you are after that! Well it's your lucky day. I know the recipe for that. But i am not going to relinquish it that easy. I need something just as rare in return.” Hunter looks at the lady ready for whatever he needed to do. “Name it.” She smiles. “There is a rare resource not in this system that is used to create something i want. The item looks like this.” She pulls out a book and places it down in front of them and turns to a page she marked. It looked like seeds of some kind but completely transparent. “These are Aether Shards. Very rare as they only exist in comets that pass by our system once every 5 eons. There is one passing by outside of our system soon all you need to do is collect the Aether shards from its tail. Be warned the shards do not live long after leaving the comet.” She hands him a strange device. “Feed the Aether shards in here and power it with an argon crystal and it will keep the shards viable until you return to me.”

    Hunter takes the strange device. “Um ok. Where is this comet?” She writes down a location. “It should be passing by there in an hour. Here are some argon crystals as well just incase you don't have any.” She hands him the piece of paper and 4 argon crystals. Hunter takes them and she shows him how to operate the machine using all 4 argon crystals to power it. “Now you don't have much time go collect those shards and the apple butter is yours.”

    Hunter quickly goes to the hangar and sets off. Orion analyzes the coordinates. “Um..Operator that takes us out of known space.” “I am aware of this Orion” Hunter heads down to the armory and equips the oxygen module from his incomplete archwing. “Really need to get around to finishing this. It would be very useful.” Hunter heads back up to see mars fly by. “How long till we're there?” Orion does some calculations. “It's quite far from the edge of known space. We should be there in 40 minutes.” Hunter nods and lays down to take a nap to help speed up the trip. Orion was concerned about this mission and informs the lotus about it. He also scans the device finding something odd about it.

    They arrive at the destination and Orion wakes Hunter up. “Operator Wake Up! We have a situation!” Hunter sits up. “Where’s the comet!” He looks out the window and sees a large ship named The Comet. “You have been set up Operator. This ship has both Corpus and Grineer signatures.” “Get us out of here!” “Can't we have been locked in a tractor beam. The device you brought onboard was a tracker.” Hunter could do nothing but watch as they were dragged into the hanger. There were other similar ships all being dismantled. The ship was brought to one of the landing bays then locked in the bay by magnetic grippers. “Operator i don't want to be scrapped.” Hunter was just frozen unsure what to do. They hear something trying to breach the doors. “Operator!”

    Hunter snaps out of it when the door was ripped off. He looks down to see several armed Grineer and Corpus. “Tenno. OUT!” Hunter jumps out of the ship the soldiers kept their guns trained on him as one of them stripped him of his weapons before he pushed him towards the back of the hanger. Once at the back they push him into a cage and it seals up. They then leap into the ship to raid it for supplies. The crate he was in begins to lift up as he was being taken somewhere. The lift stop as the roof opens up where a claw pulls him up and into the ship. Hunter sits down wondering if this was his end. The crate spots as another door opens up from below. The crate begins to lower and the sound of a cheering crowd could be heard.

    He looks around, it seemed like an arena. The arena looked like several fights have happened there and they didn’t bother to clean it up. Several robotic parts layed on the ground proving a little bit of cover while the rest of it was very bloodstained or full of holes from some high powered weapons. “Ladies and Germs! We have a new challenger. A tenno! Let's see if this Tenno has what it takes to win the Aether Shard prize! Or will one of our gladiators be taking not only the prize home but the tenno’s corpse as well!” The cage’s bottom opens up and he lands on the ground. The cage goes back up and out of sight. “Let the gladiator combat begin!” Hunter stands up looking around the arena was sealed but there were cameras everywhere. He hears something on the other side of the arena and heads towards it.

    He quickly spots three heavily armed soldiers. A pair of Corpus accompanied by a Grineer brandishing some intimidating weapons. The two Corpus soldiers each had a hammer that looked like it was made hissed and crackled, jets of flame spewing from the claw of the hammer.. The Grineer was wielding a weapon that looked like a plasma cannon ripped off of a fighter craft and made to be better suited to carrying around.

    The Corpus charge ahead as the Grineer kept his distance wanting to claim the prize. The Corpus duo got to him rather quickly and bear down on Hunter with their hammers, making him hardpressed as he quickly dodged their blows. They were working in unison which made it difficult to fight them. Hunter kept backing up until he spots an opening and tries for it only to get grazed by the Grineer who made a cut throat gesture. This wasn’t going to be easy but he needed to fight. His bladed form appears as he caught both hammers and, with effort threw them to the side. He leapt over their heads and bounded after the Grineer. The Grineer panicked and began to fire wildly trying to hit Hunter. He gets in close and rips the cannon from the Grineer’s hands and shoots him several times. The two Corpus, after recovering their hammers, leap at him from behind and in unison land a very strong blow knocking him off his feet. They go to swing again and Hunter rolls out of the way before shooting the two Corpus with the rifle.

    The crowd cheers seeing the Tenno come out on top. “Bravo! We wouldn’t have expected anything less from such a dangerous foe! Now release the Mech!” A sidewall opens up and he could hear something stomping its way through. The thing that was stomping was a rather large Grineer-Corpus hybrid robot suit. It was at least 12 feet tall and its arms were mounted machineguns. Hunter heard the weapons load and quickly takes cover just as a shower of bullets rain down on his location. He waits for the shooting to stop before trying to poke around the corner and taking a shot with the gun. The mech pilot was expecting this because as soon as Hunter revealed himself he began shooting again at Hunter.

    Hunter had dropped the gun which was obliterated by the hellstorm of bullets. Hunter’s urge to flee was very strong but he couldn’t go anywhere. He hears the mech starting to walk towards him He tries to think of something to do as the mech’s stomps getting closer and closer. Hunter couldn’t hide there anymore and charges at the mech trying to shoot him. He takes a few shots which shattered his shield and nicked his elbow. Once he was under the mech he leaps up onto its back and tries to find anything to rip off of the mech to ether disable it or severely damage it. Hunter wasn’t on the back for very long when several prongs appeared from below and begin to zap Hunter with electricity, jolting him as he fell back onto the ground as the Crowd cheers some more. “It's going to take more than that to finish off this mech.” Hunter saw the mech turn around and he tried one last thing. He begins to focus, his body begins to glow as it slowly focused on his head. He opens his mouth and shoots off the black beam of his. It melts some of the exterior metal but due him sweeping the beam it manages to hit one the arm joints. It stays in one piece but he heard the hissing of a hydraulic line, he realized he must’ve severed something.

    Hunter moves out of the way just as the mech unloads firing a line of bullets that manage to hit his leg. The mech was starting to slow down as the hydraulic pressure begins to drop. Hunter leans against the wall unable to move much further the gun aims right at Hunter’s head but then the leg gives out and the mech collapses causing it to shoot wildly above him and sweeping the ceiling with bullets.Hunter collapses to his knees and examines his leg and shoulder. His shoulder wasn’t bleeding but his leg on the other hand even with the warframe body applying pressure to where he was shot it was still bleeding. He won't be able to keep this up for much longer. The crowd cheers again. “What an amazing turn of events most tenno don't even get a chance to face Murder MAW!” The crowd began to chant “Murder Maw!”

    Hunter looks at the other entrance and it was a warframe. It was an Excalibur Prime. It pulls out a pair of claws similar to the ones Valkyrie has attached to there body. Hunter was in no condition to fight, luckily he didn’t have to. The lights fade making it total darkness inside just as a loud explosion could be heard that rocked the ship. He could hear through the walls a siren going off. He was wondering what was going on. He sees a light at the other end of the arena and the Excalibur prime was leaving. The door shuts behind him leaving Hunter alone in the dark.

    He sits there in the darkness for 10 minutes explosions going off everywhere in the ship. He could feel his strength starting to go even though he was holding his leg. There was another explosion and the room was filled with blinding light. The large door that the mech came through in was just blown open. He spots a few people storm in. Afraid it was Grineer and Corpus soldiers looking for a piece of him he stays silent. But he couldn’t stay hidden. These figures had something floating next to them that was being used as a flashlight. When the light hit him he puts up his hand to try and shield his eyes. “We have one!” They approach and examine Hunter. “How are you holding up?” Hunter doesn’t say anything feeling quite weak. “Oh my...Sasha see if you can find a first aid kit!” the other person leaves to hunt down the med kit. The person leans forward and he could see it was an Oberon. “Just relax you're safe now...stay with me ok? We will get you out of here.”

    Hunter’s vision was starting to fail and Oberon was trying his best to keep Hunter focused. Hunter passes out waking up every now and then being carried by the oberon and a valkyrie. He could hear them talking but he couldn’t understand the words. He fades in and out each time the Oberon and Valkyrie was carrying him. The last time he was around he could see a large ship outside the hanger shieldwall and a crew quickly grabbing the tenno ships. The oberon looks at him just as he passes out for the final time.

    Hunter wakes up grabbing the neck of a nurse looking after him while the doctor went to treat other tenno. Hunter calms down and lets go the nurse who begins coughing but recovers quickly almost like it is a normal occurrence. She heads off to get the doctor as Hunter lays back down. His head was spinning and was starting to feel quite sick. He tries to focus so he wouldn’t throw up. The doctor walks in with a sick pan and hands it to Hunter who instantly threw up. “I’m sure you have a lot of question so let's just get this out of the way.”

    The doctor sits down and looks at Hunter. “We found you from information given to the lotus. The ship we found you on has been known to wreak havoc anywhere it goes. We have lost many tenno to them. Not to mention many of other to people hyped up on the drug Aether Shards.” The doctor sighs. “You are aboard the ship Interpreter in its medical bay. If it wasn’t for the lotus giving us information about you then you probably would have died...What were you doing there anyways?” Hunter sits up and looks at the doctor. “I was told to go there by an old lady at Maru’s bazaar. She wanted some Aether Shards.” the doctor sighs. “Thank you for that information. We have your ship and we are fixing it up. But it won't be operational until we get back to earth. Why were you going to get her some Aether shards?” Hunter looks away. “I was doing it for an apple butter recipe.” The doctor chuckles. “Well i can give you the recipe. My wife has various recipes she has been working on. I will get you a copy. Now lay back down and let the transfusion help you get your strength back.” The doctor leaves as Hunter lays back down.
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    Hunter had dozed off in the quiet stillness that was the medbay. In his dream he was back on The Anguish. He was in a large room. There wasn’t much in the room other than 2 tables a few chairs, but there were other tenno in the room with him. He gets up and walks over to one of them tenno and they disappeared. “Wait! Come back!” He then hears a growling sound behind him. He turns around to see a shadow standing there. After focusing on the shadow he sees that its the beast that is within him standing in front of him eyeing him down.

    He bolts awake and he notices the room was empty. He sits up feeling very stiff from the fight. Wanting to get up and use the bathroom he stands up slowly. He notices the blood bag was empty so he unhooks himself. He walks over to the bathroom door that was in the medbay and stops by the sink. The urge to throw up was strong but he manages to hold out till the sensation passed. He does what he needed to in the bathroom and leaves just as the doctor entered the room.

    The Doctor looks at him. “Ah you're up. That’s good.” He smile and motions for Hunter to sit down. Hunter does as he was told. “I will admit when you were brought here i thought they were just using my medbay to store a damaged warframe. Then the lotus contacted me about your special condition.” Hunter looks away from the doctor as he did a normal checkup. “You have healed nicely. Your ship should be finished by the time you get to the hanger...OH! Here you go.” The doctor pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket. “It's the recipe for apple butter.” Hunter nods and takes the recipe. “Thank you.” The doctor nods and helps Hunter up. “Just take it easy and you should be fine.” Hunter nods at the doctor and heads for the hanger.

    As he was walking through the halls he could see various Corpus workers quickly getting things together for the offload at Earth. He just walks past them as he wanted to get some answers to that strange dream of his. Who were those people with him on the Anguish. He reaches the hanger and his ship was set aside to prioritize the cargo ships that were quickly loading up. He walks up to his ship and Orion lets him in. “Orion I want to go to the Anguish. Hidden in the void.” Orion was befuddled by that request. “Are you certain, Operator?” Hunter nods. “Yes...ALSO scan this list so i have a copy of this recipe.” He pulls out the piece of paper and puts it on the table to be scanned.

    Hunter heads down into the armory to check on his archwing. It was finished and he equips it. “Um Operator what are you doing with the archwing?” Hunter looks at the display that had Orion’s image on it. “The last i remember the Anguish had no gravity so im going to need this to move around.” Orion sighs and after getting a clearing heads out of the Corpus ship and towards the void. Several Minutes pass as the search for the Anguish started. Sure enough Orion find it.

    The Lotus notices what he was up to. “Orion Stop!” Orion stops a good distance from ship. “Lotus why are you stopping me! Its a dead ship!” The lotus shows up on a display. “I get that but why are you so eager to go back to where we found you?” Hunter sighs. “I had a vision of when i was on the ship. I wasn’t the only Tenno there. The documents didn’t say anything about others.” The Lotus was silent. “Ok. Look for signs there was more tenno there. If you find nothing leave the ship and never return. OK?!” Hunter could tell she was serious. “Yes Lotus.” Orion proceeds to the Anguish.

    Once aboard Hunter begins to fly around slowly looking for anything to trigger a memory. He passes through many ornate hallways then suddenly he sees something. A figure walking into a room. He heads down and the door was closes. The ship had no power so this confused him even more. He pulls out his sword and begins to pry the door open. Once open he spotted the room at the end of the hallway. He floats towards it suddenly seeing phantoms of the various tenno that were part of the ship’s vile experiments. He blinks and they were gone. “Operator what have you found? That part of the ship isn’t on any schematics listed.” He floats goes down the hallway suddenly he his looses grip with reality.

    He sees the ship as it was years ago. Pristine elegant there were various Orokin scientists walking around the area not paying him any attention. As he moves around he could see into the room again. There he was alone in the corner of the room holding a stuffed timber wolf pup plush. The others kids were talking to each other. Then one of them walks over to Hunter. “Hey crybaby! How about you quit crying long enough to help us escape.” the vision fades and a new one replaces it. Alarms were going off. One of the orokin was barking orders. “Get the tenno into their rooms and secured immediately!” He watches as he was taken away deeper into this unlisted section of the ship. As he tries to follow he runs into a door and snaps back to reality.

    “Ow!” He rubs his face before forcing this door open. It was a compartmentalized room. As he floated through the glass walled rooms felt like a jail. Then he spots something. An open door and something on the bed. As he approaches the object his memories started to return. He grabs the object and looks at it. It was the timber wolf plush pup. He just breaks down and starts to cry hugging the wolf plush close. A few minutes later he hears something behind him and on instinct turns and launches himself at what it was. He grabs the person and they smash into the glass wall behind.

    “GAH! Hunter! Its me! Niraya!” He looks at the figure and sure enough it was the Trinity that Niraya uses. “Oh!...sorry...I…” He didn’t know what to say. Niraya looks at him confused. “Why were you in here crying?” He looks into his hand holding the wolf pup plush. “I remember...everything that happened here…...The Orokin did such horrible things to everyone here.” He motions to the other rooms that were in the hall. Niraya turns and looks around. “Oh...Look..It’s the past. Let’s head back to the dojo and meditate and clear your head...I’m sure remembering all that happened here is too much.” Hunter shakes his head. “I’m glad you came...but i want answers.” Niraya sighs. “Ok we can have a look around. And you don’t have to keep things bottled up. I am here to help.” Hunter nods and returns to his room and looks around. There wasn’t really much else in there.

    Hunter sighs and leaves still holding the plush. Niraya notices this. “Is that plush important?” Hunter nods. “Before the first memory loss this was a gift from my mother.” Niraya pats Hunter on the back. “It’s fine. I was just curious.” Hunter nods. “It's fine. I'm happy i have it back now.” Niraya looked at the various rooms. “Did you know the others?” Hunter shakes his head. “I was a crybaby i just sat in the corner and held this plush. The others left me alone...all except Jackson. Jackson was a troublemaker. Every time he tries to escape we all get punished for it. I never helped him and i got punished for his actions.”

    As They went along Hunter spots a figure going through a wall. He goes over to that section of wall and examines it. “What is it Hunter?” He looks at her. “This is the second time i have seen a figure show up and move into a place. It went through this wall.” He find a spot that wasn’t flush with the wall and begins to pull at it. Sure enough it was a door. A rather heavy door. Niraya helps open it up and heads inside. “WOAH! A separate computer bank with its own power supply!” Hunter heads inside and instantly gets met with the purple tinted cephalon. “Project META you are not allowed in this part of the ship. Return to your cryochamber at once!” Hunter looks at the cephalon. “NO! I am not your puppet!” Niraya had to keep Hunter back as to make sure the computer stayed in one piece. “How dare you. Activating Neural Sentry….Activation failed. Assessing problem….Ship power supply down to 0% emergency backup at 45% Power failure emanate….WHAT DID YOU DO!?”

    Hunter stops fighting with Niraya and stays outside of the room. Niraya accesses the computer and copies everything. The Cephalon didn’t like that but was powerless to stop it. “HEEEYYYY stop THHHHHAT!” “Shut up already!”Niraya interjected. Once everything was copied to an external drive she takes that and leaves. “Come on Hunter the files were encrypted but i think you deserve to look at them first.” The lotus could be heard at that point. “As much i don’t like that idea i agree with you. Hunter lived through this hell he will be the first to see it. I will help decrypt it. Return to your ships and i will send a salvage crew to take the ship and tear it apart for any more hidden secrets.” Hunter nods and with Niraya head out of the ship. Once they were picked up they quickly headed back to the dojo. Niraya pops up on the screens. “Hunter. If you ever need to talk about what happened on the ship. I will gladly hear what you have to say.” Hunter nods. “Thank you.” He sits down and looks at the plush and quietly thinks to himself on the way home.

    The ship lands and hunter leaves as Niraya goes to hook up the data to the main computer so the Lotus could decypher it. Hunter walks to his room and puts his plush on his bed. Roy’s voice could be heard from the door. “Your first trinket is a plush for kids.” He turns to Roy and sees Roy was in his warframe. “You wouldn’t be talking so boldly if you weren’t in your warframe. Care for a second round? I promise this time to end your Precious warframe!” Roy realized he hit a really soft spot and backs off. “I would like to keep my warframe thank you.” He takes his leave before Hunter could do something. Hunter sighs and sits next to the bed leaning on it and looking at his wolf plush. “Mother...Why am i cursed to live this life.”

    A few minutes later he feels someone touch his shoulder and he looks at them. It was Niraya. “Hunter it’s ready.” Hunter nods and stands up. “Please join me. It would help if i know you are there as well.” Niraya nods and leads Hunter to the main computer room. Once they were inside she closes the door and sits down next to him. “Here are the files.” She opens up the files and Hunter quickly browses through them. He sees the list of the 11 other tenno that were with him. He pulls up his file and it was more detailed than the one on the other server. And it explains why they did this. “they..They wanted to make an army of mindless warframe with the mindset of a beast that has no regrets.” He sinks into the chair as he read that.” Niraya sees how he reacted and hugs him. “You’re no monster. You are free to live how you please!” Hunter was unsure.

    He scrolls through the others and instantly regrets it. The 11 other teno were used for similar means but the results were far from acceptable. Hunter had to run to the corner of the room away from the screen and collect himself. Niraya was absolutely horrified by what she saw. “T...that not even Human anymore!”

    She hear Hunter throwing up and closes out the file and sends it to the lotus before going to Hunter. “Hunter?” Hunter stayed quiet and moved over to the intercom system. “Can we get a cleaning crew in the server room.” Trinity walks over and cleans Hunter up. “It’s over...we don’t need to look into the pictures again...Did you find what you wanted?” Hunter nods. “Though now i wish i didn’t.” Niraya sighs. “It’s ok now that you have the answers you can now make good on a solution. Even if you're stuck being a warframe hybrid you have proven to be more capable than any of us outside of our warframes.” Hunter nods just as the cleaning crew showed up. “It’s over there.” She points to the puke and takes Hunter away from the server room.

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