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Fanfiction: When Video Games Come to Life


Senior Squid
Apr 24, 2015
West Virginia
Hello! Thank you for viewing this thread, and my story! I hope you enjoy! Note: The first chapters are going to be sloppier and shorter, as I was much younger when I wrote them, and wrote them with my iPod. I promise you, they get much better, as I'm older now and use a laptop. Thanks!


Chapter one: When Will You Awaken?

(A/N I'm just going to say really quickly that I was really young when I wrote the first chapters to this story. If you start reading the first chapter and don't like it, just know that it gets a whole lot better. Thank you!)
Hi! My name is Laura! Laura Collins that is. I am 16 years old. My friend's name is Wesley Jefferson! He's 18. My other friend's name is Claire Williams. She is 16 also. I love both of them very much, they are the best friends anyone could ever have! Oh yeah, a few little details I forgot to mention, I live with my two friends, We're home schooled, and we live in West Virginia, America. Little did we know... We were in for the adventure of a lifetime. (A/N Just so you know, this is my first story, I am not sure how long I will make it yet, but yeah.... Enjoy my lovelies!!!)
Laura's POV
"I'm bored. I KNOW! LET'S PLAY RAYMAN!!!" I said, making everyone jump and shush me.
They both said 'okay' and quickly put the game 'Rayman Origins' in our Wii and we began to play.
I was Globox, of course. Wesley was Rayman, and Claire was a Teensy. That's just how it is!
We love that game and just beat it. Well almost, we still have to get the rest of the teeth for the, uuuhhh, thing at the Snoring Tree that blocks the hole.
Anyway, we stopped after a while of completely NERVE TEARING experiences but still ended up beating it.
I was happy, honestly, I was laying on the couch drifting off to La La Land when all of the sudden... "LAURA!!! YOU CAN'T GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW OR YOU WONT BE ABLE TO GO TO SLEEP LATER!!!" Yeah, that was Claire. Sometimes she is the only person I can talk to, but sometimes she kills me, that kid does.
So I got up to get something to snack on when... "Don't eat yet, we are about to have dinner." Wesley said.
"Ugh, so I am not allowed to sleep or eat?! WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN!?!?" I screeched. Then I put on an innocent smile, and said, "Who's cookin'?" I had sorta a cutsie/innocent type face when they said...
"YOU!" At the same time.
Then my face went more bewildered and I said, "Lets go out to eat!" I got an 'okay' and a 'whatevs'. So a little later, we came back with McDonalds. I ate and screamed "MARIO!" And rushed over to the Wii and put in 'New Super Mario Brothers Wii' and we played it. I WAS LUIGI! I can't live without mah Luigi! Wesley was Mario and Claire was the yellow Toad. As we were playing, I screamed "CHOCOLATE NINJA!!!" And grabbed a little Milky Way while still not dying. Yep. I am THAT awesome.
Then I hear Claire say "Bowsah is goin dooOOOWWWwwnn. Dang it." (She said 'down' like that cause she died while saying it)
"HA HA!" I said and she just laughed. Aahh, I love my friends.
The next day
Still Laura's POV
"Jeez. Leave me alone, will ya guys?!" I asked clearly annoyed.
"Laura. It is 11:30. You need to get your lazy bum out of bed and do school!" Claire stated.
"Uugghh! Stop sounding like my mom!" I stated while laughing at the same time.
This was going to be a LONG day. I could just tell.
(OF COURSE, I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. Credit to Nintendo, Ubisoft, Sega etc. Sorry about the short-ness! I tried my best though! Not to mention I wrote this at 11:30 at night. but yeah... Please keep reading my lovlies!!! Love ya! :3 and also remember. First story. So yeah... Lots-o-love,


Chapter two: When Friends Come to Life

Oh great. So have you ever had anyone wake you up by having peanut butter and bologna stuffed in your armpits and pants? No? I wish I could say the same. But noooooo they just had to do that for the FORTY-THIRD TIME!!! Yes. I do count stuff like that in my journal. Thats why I hate taking naps. It gives them the opportunity to do crazy stuff like that, to wake me up. Well time to get them back! They both fell asleep after a Sonic Colors marathon that lasted 13 hours. And I have them both in a closet that locks and un-locks from the outside, I have an air horn, I have a bucket full of water ready to fall off of a shelf for when they start banging at the door, and I have tape for the air horn. Score! Now don't try this at home folks! I get the air horn and the tape, and the show begins! I put my noise canceling headphones on and tape down the air horn, throw the air horn in the closet, and I shut and lock the door. And BAM!
"LAURA, WHAT THE HECK?! LET US OUT OF HERE!!!" Screams Claire. Then they untape the air horn and start banging at the door.
"WHAAAA!" I heard Wesley say. YEAH BUDDY! Mission accomplished!
5 hours later*+*+*+*+*+*
"I still can't believe you did that to us. And why, anyway?!" Asked Wesley, the parent of the group.
"Oh, yeah, I dunno. Maybe the fact you guys have woken me up by shoving PEANUT BUTTER AND BOLOGNA IN MY ARMPITS, oh I dunno, FORTY-THREE TIMES!!!! So haha, payback!" I said, when Claire FINALLY came out of the shower.
"Hey! Claire does still live on Earth! I shoulda put money on it!" I say.
"Hurdy-hur-hur!" Claire says.
"So Laura, and Santa Claire, whaddaya wanna do today? Wait! I know! How about a day at the arcade!"
"Meh, I kinda wanted to stay home. But UHKAY!!!" I said as Claire said her trademark 'Whatevah you wanna do'
15 minutes full of my reckless driving later:;:;:;:;:;:;
"Yawnedy-yawn-yawn, theres no Ubisoft on!" Me and Claire say, at the same time exactly, might I add!
"Yeah, or Nintendo!" Wesley says, clearly upset with how lame this arcade was. "Lets just get some McDonalds and go home. And this time I will drive."
At home,',',',',',',','
"He he! Hur hur! Ha ha! Hi hi hi! Ho ho! Hoo hoo hoo!!!" I laughed, trying to make it sound wierd, while dancing around like the baby of a T-Rex and a Lion, to the radio.
"Dude. Chill out." Wesley says.
"Lets go to sleep." Claire says.
"I second that." Wesley said.
"Uuuggghhh. Fine. G'night, please let the bed bugs bite."
And thats all I said till I got hit by a Goomba. (Fell asleep, but like I died on Mario)
I know, I know. Nothing happened, no drama, and all that jazz, but hey! I didn't have much time!


Chapter three: When Ray Comes to Life

"So. What do you want to do? I am SO bored." Wesley says, stating the truth.
"Yeah, me too. What do YOU want to do?" I say.
"What do you BOTH want to do?!" Claire asks, annoyed.
"Well, lets play Rayman again!" I say. As you can tell I LOVE Rayman.
"Kay." Wesley says.
"Kk." Claire agrees.
3:43 a.m. ":":":":":":":":":":":
"Come on! One more Lum!" I say, not wanting to go to bed.
"Night night." Claire says.
"G'night!" Wesley says, actually getting up and walking to his room. Ugh, goody-goody.
"Good night!" We hear.
"Claire, you already said good night!" I say.
"It wasn't me!" She says. I look up, and can't believe my eyes.
"R. R.... Ray m-m-m... Man???" I ask. Omg! This is not happening! Yes! Unless I am asleep.
"Ow!" I scream.
"What the heck Laura?" Claire asks.
"Just pinching myself to see if I'm asleep." I respond.
"Oh." Claire says.
"Wait a second... WESLEY?!?!?! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!!!!!!!" Me and Claire scream, at the same time.
"Look..." I say.
"W-w... Wha? R-r... Rayman?" Wesley says.
"What? Is there something on my face?" Rayman... THE Rayman asks. We were completely speechless. "Is Globox behind me?" He asks.
"Uhhhhhh. No?" I say more as a question.
"Well? What's wrong then?"
"Uuuuhhhhhhh. You're alive?" Wesley says, still more like a question.
"Well, duuhh. Why wouldn't I be?" Ray, yes I am gonna call him that, asked.
"You're a video game character!" I said, actually NOT like a question!
"Oh. Am I not in a video game?" Ray asked.
"No." Claire said.
"Aahh! What was that?!" Ray said, turning around.
"Sorry. I had to make sure you were real." I said blushing.
"Oh, that's okay!" Ray said. "Imma call Globox! Now you guys get to sleep!" He said, and we did. I was WAY to tired to deal with that.
Well goodnight! See you tomorrow!
A/N IF anyone reads this, I am SO sorry I make such short chapters!!!! Please forgive me!!! Stick around for the next chapter!!! ~Dustpaw.


Chapter four: When Pancakes Fly?!

*Laura's POV*
"Grrugh..!" "Rarwerwar!" "Yulgugh." Yup. That's me. Well, that's what I sound like when I'm trying to get up in the morning. Well, not that I get up in the morning, more of, like, at 10:00/11:00 A.M.
"Laura..." "Laura?" Laur freaking a!!!"
"WHAT THE HECK, CLAIRE?!?!" I scream, while Claire jumps behind Wesley.
"Just seeing if you were up.!" She squeaks.
"Well, here I am, your day just got better, blah blah blah." I say, stretching, when I see a blue blur out of the corner of my eye. "What's that?" I ask.
"That, ma'am, is Globox, and I like him and all, but he's eating EVERYTHING!" Wesley says, finally speaking up.
"Oh, cool." I say. All of a sudden, I'm hit with, none other than... A pancake? A BLUEBERRY pancake?! Everyone knows that I am the only one that bothers to cook in this place.
"Sorry!" I hear a sorta high pitch voice and a low pitch voice scream. Huh. Must of been Ray and Glo. Yup. Nicknames baby. Yeah.
"That's okay!" I scream. "Wait. You don't have to cook! *takes bite of pancake* Holy CRAP, that's good!" I scream.
"Haha, that's okay. And thanks!" Ray says.
"You're welcome." I say.
"Hey, Ray! Don't take credit! Don't listen to him! I'm the one cooking! And that's okay, I like to cook." Glo says.
"LOL!" I say, out loud.
"You know, you're only supposed to TYPE LOL."
"Shut up, Wes! I don't tell you what and what not to say!"
"Yeah. YUP. You're right. You DEFINITELY don't!"
"Shut up!!! Oh, yeah... Okay, point made. Well, what're ya makin'?" I ask Ray and Glo, walking in the kitchen.
"Bacon, and some blueberry, regular, and chocolate chip pancakes, and sausage." Glo says.
"Cool!" I say. When me, Wesley, and Claire grab a choco chip pancake at the same time. "Om!" I say taking a bite of pancake.
"Nom!" Wesley says, taking a bite of pancake right after me.
"Nom! Claire says, taking a bite of pancake right after Wes. Then in a second our pancakes are gone. Yummy!
"Thanks guys!" I say.
"You're welcome!" They say.
Hours later
"And this, is a toilet!" I say, showing Ray and Glo around.
"Yeah, we have toilets..." Ray says.
"Oh... Coolio then!" 'Okay... Great, now things are awko choco taco. Oh well' I think while going downstairs to watch T.V. When we hear a 'ZOOM!' Sound, and see a blue/grey-ish/yellow-ish blur, that leaves us surprised and breathless because of how strong the wind was. WHAT WAS THAT?!?!
(A/N, not that I have any readers... Oh well... Well, if anyone reads this, keep reading to see what that 'ZOOM!' Was. Yeah... I suck at writing... ~Dustpaw


Chapter five: When Rayman has Friends

Laura's P.O.V
"Light em' up up up, light em' up up up, light em' up up up, I'm on FIYA!!!!!" I sang, getting ready for the day,
"Oh oh, oooh oh, oooh oh, owoo oh!" I heard Claire sing,
"In the dark dark!" I heard Wesley join in.
"Clappa your hands!" I sang, again,
"Stompa your feet!" That was Claire.
"I'M TAKING A SHOWEEERRR!!!" I screamed.
"Dude, you don't need to yell!" Says Wesley.
"SHUDDUP! IT'S MY PARTY, AND I'LL YELL IF I WANT TOOOOOO!!!" I said, before getting in the shower.
Emm... About eight minutes later, I'd say..?
"All God's people singing Glory Glory, Hallelujah, He reigns, He reigns!" I sang, hopping out of the shower. I walk to my walk in closet to change, I drop my towel, and look for clothes. When I turn around... "AAAAAAAAAHHH UH MUH GUSH!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!??!" I scream, seeing a bunch of Teensies, and Rayman standing there, staring at me. *Thump!* That was me, diving for a pile of clothes.
"Oh Gosh, we're so so SO sorry!" Ray said.
"That's okay, just get out, please!"
"Oh, yeah! Okay, bye!"
"See ya!". That was awkward. Glad it's over. Okay, where was I? Oh yeah! Looking for clothes. "Dum dee dum dee dum!" I sang a random tune. Perfect!!! The outfit was... A tee shirt and some shorts. Cool, eh? Yup. Okay. Time to leave, and face the VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS, THAT CAME TO LIFE, THEN SAW ME NAKED!!! Wow... That's a LOT to take in... Whew... Anywhooo.
"Laura get your butt down here!" Okay... Wonder what Claire needs... Okay. So I walk down there to see, that that blur we saw was... SONIC?!?!?! OMG THAT'S SO FLIPPIN' COOL!!! I thought.
"I KNOW, RIGHT?!" Wesley says. Okay, so I THOUGHT I thought.
"Uhh okay..? Hi? We're still at Chris' house... Right?" Miles (Tails) spoke up.
"No, or we would've listed Chris in the list of names we just said earlier." Wesley said.
"Yeah, we know. OOH! Where's Amy?!" I asked.
"Err... Right here... Why?" She said.
"Because I'm a big fan, uh-duh!" I said.
"Cool! Lets go talk about how cute Sonic is!" Amy said. "Err. How about... video games? Or books? Or just plain crushes?"
"Join us, Claire?"
"Yuppadoodle!" She said. We got to my bedroom, and BAM! Ray, Glo, and Teensies were back in my room!
"Gasp. Get out and stay out! Please.?" I said.
"Okay" Ray and Glo said at the same time. Heh. They harmonize well. Okay.
"Anywhooooo... So, Amy, what's it like living with so much more boys than girls?" Claire asked.
"Well, it's okay, as long as I have Sonic." She got one answer to one question when... BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!!
"Smoke alarm!" Me and Claire, more or less, screamed at the top of our lungs, looking at each other, then running out of my bedroom. Of course, Amy beat us down there. When we got down there, the boys were trying to cook, while Cream and Cheese were hiding in the corner. Ohmagosh! The whole OVEN was on fire! "Amy! Get Cream and Cheese out of here, Knuckles, get the fire extinguisher, then throw it to Big, then everyone else stand back!" I screamed, running to the kitchen door. Everyone did as told. After Big used the extinguisher, we all just stood there, shocked, while Amy came back in with Cream and Cheese. "That's why you don't let boys cook." Me, Claire, and actually Amy all said at the same time. All of a sudden, I lose my appetite, yawn, and stretch right there. "Sonicccc!!!" I whined.
"Uhh... Yes?" He said.
"Carry me to my bed! I wanna go to sleeeeppp..." I say. "Amy, when you get tired, just come to my room, you can sleep in there." I say. "The living room is reserved for Ray, Glo, and I guess Ray's Teensy friends he invites over."
"Okay" she responded.
"Goonight!" I say/scream.
"Goonight!" Everyone else says.
"WEE!" I scream, the three seconds it takes to get to my bedroom. "Thank you, Sonic." I say.
"You're welcome" he says. Then, I was in a dream...
A/N you really don't know just how sorry I am for making such darn short chapters. I just feel like I'm typing for so long, then I realize how short it is. I'm SO sorry, but thank you SO much for reading anyway. Oh! And Rayman invited the Teensies, not Sonic. But anyway, bye! Love ya!
~Dustpaw (Anna) ((me)) lol.


If I get three comments saying they enjoyed these chapters, I will upload more threads with more chapters. Also, bear with me, because as I said, the chapters get much better. Thanks, haha! :D


May 13, 2015
i really, really, REALLY enjoyed this. thank you very, very, very much for those stories. i enjoyed every single (moist, juicy) second.


Inkling Cadet
May 16, 2015
Woodstock, GA
I would like to read more. Let me know if you are open to suggestion at all. I'm really enjoying the story but I think there are some things you could do to help immerse us readers even more!


Senior Squid
Apr 24, 2015
West Virginia
I would like to read more. Let me know if you are open to suggestion at all. I'm really enjoying the story but I think there are some things you could do to help immerse us readers even more!
Yes, I am open to suggestions, but I would like to let you know there are sixteen more chapters after this, so it will be awhile before the suggestions are put in, haha. :p

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