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Tournament [Feb 10, 2018] Squidboards Splat Series - February 2018 (Battlefy / Squidboards Discord)


Dystopian Future Paint Desperado
Sep 20, 2009
Have you played on a team that finished third in your group and barely missed making the top cut bracket?

What about a team that finished towards the bottom of your group and you're looking for a chance to redeem yourself?

Introducing the tiered bracket system!!!!

Here's how this will work:
-We'll start off the tourney with the group stage, as per usual. That part will not change at all.
-After group stage, teams will be separated into one of three (dependent on sign-ups, it could be two or it could be more) brackets based on group placement:
  • Top 32 --> Move on to Alpha bracket (a new name for the top 32 cut we've seen before, it is not any different otherwise)
  • Middle 32 --> Move on to Beta bracket (the middle ground for teams that finish third or fourth in their group)
  • Bottom 32 --> Move on to Gamma bracket (for teams that finish 5th or 6th in their group)

Depending on sign-ups, the above scenario will be adjusted, and there is no guarantee there will be a clean cut for the Beta or Gamma brackets. But we are testing this out in hopes that teams can get additional matches in and a chance at redemption if you don't perform as well as you'd like during the group stage!


Full-time TO
Event Organizer
Jun 6, 2015
The Squidhole
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Hey there, everybody! Your friendly neighborhood SQ Organizer with some clarification on how we seed our events. We just felt the need to clarify how teams are going to be seeded in our event so we make sure everyone is on the same page.

To begin for the Group Stage, we start by pulling rankings directly from the most up-to-date SplatStats Ranking. This allows us to get a starting point for a few teams, and then we go from there down the list. Teams that don't have SplatStats rankings in the most recent week are normally placed below the teams that do have rankings and are assigned random numbers.

Teams are then hand-ranked by the TOs using discretion where necessary. In some cases in blocks, SplatStats is used as it is written, but most of the time there are considerable changes between the SplatStats Rankings and the top 20 seeds of the tournament. We spend adequate time in this process and run over the entire list 2-3 times before we feel satisfied. The teams who don't have ranks are placed at random at the bottom of the list.

After the initial seeding list is complete, we place teams into pools accordingly for 1-32 (note that 1-32 would also apply to 33-64 and 65-96, we just aren't showing all the way down the list.)

From here, we input the group letters corresponding to the teams as they appear on Battlefy. NOTE: Battlefy does not let us seed teams within a group, instead, they appear within the group to be "seeded alphabetically."


After the Group Stage is complete, the placements of each team with respect to their group are used to determine their seeding in the bracket. Teams are seeded accordingly:
(Note that in the following image, A1 represents the 1st place team in Group A. For Beta and Gamma brackets, Seed 1 would be A3 and A5, respectively, for example)

This seeding system makes sense because of the style which we seeded the groups. Ideally, the first place team in Group A would have been 1st Seed in the tournament, and the second place team in Group A would have been the 32nd Seed in the tournament. However, Team A2 is actually the 31st Seed in this bracket so that the two Group A representatives do not play each other in the first round of the bracket. The First Round Matches appear as follows:
This Setup prevents inter-group matchups from happening until Finals, while maintaining bracket seeding only based off of definite criteria. Unfortunately, we cannot pre-program Battlefy to put these teams in the bracket automatically, and this takes time, which is what we do while we tell you to go on break for a little while.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us below or in our Discord Server's sqss_helpdesk, or by DMing Jordan or myself on Discord. Good luck, and we hope you can join us next Saturday!

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