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Gear/Brand Abilities Reference thread


The Artist
Apr 23, 2015
For those getting involved in competitive Splatoon 2, you'll find that gear plays a huge role in how you and your team operate during battle. This list here will show you what brands allow for certain favorable and non favorable sub abilities while trying to level up your gear. Simply put, some brands allow for specific gear to be obtained easier than others, and some have a rare chance of unlocking specific abilities as well.

Down below is the name of the Brand, and the ability that is shown as common or un-common among all brands. The purpose of the list is for a few things. In Splatoon 2 you have the option to get drinks with different abilities labeled on them, these drinks increase the chance of gaining those abilities and since each brand has a common ability associated with it, using those drink will increase the chance of getting them even more. It's also helpful for those who are interested in building their gear compositions for competitive or solo-que use.

Please note that Grizzco, Cuttlegear, and Amiibo brands don't do anything special for abilities. They are all completely random.
Here is the list:



Feb 21, 2020
Inland Empire, CA, USA
This list is outdated. All gear that previously had Cold Blooded or Bomb Defense Up now has Bomb Defense Up DX, which is an ability that combines the bomb defense and tracker reduction of both abilities, and any gear with Bomb Defense Up or Cold Blooded as a primary ability can now be purchased with Bomb Defense Up DX or Main Power Up respectively. Here is an update to the gear brands that were changed.

Common: Bomb Defense Up DX
Rare: Main Power Up

Common: Swim Speed Up
Rare: Bomb Defense Up DX

Common: Main Power Up
Rare: Special Saver

Toni Kensa:
Common: Main Power Up
Rare: Sub Power Up

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