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Feb 26, 2019
Switch Friend Code
I'm not sure if this forum is dead but I will give it a go. I've known about this forum for years and I've dreaded getting an account on here. But now I am finally here, I guess. I've been playing Splatoon essentially since it came out on the WiiU, couple months after the game launched (Christmastime) and I didn't think I would get hooked on this game but here we are. I'm more addicted to Splatoon related things more than ever like the manga and I would like to get to know more people. I got to level 30 on Splatoon 1 until I got my data wiped and 28 on Splatoon 2. I don't play Splatoon very often but I do try to at least get involved with it. Anyways I could go on forever but I am going to stop here. I have my friend code in my profile and if you would like my discord I could try to link it through a DM.

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