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How To Use The Clan Wars Sub-Board

Discussion in 'Clan Wars' started by Kat, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. Kat

    Kat Wet, Warm & Sticky

    Apr 23, 2015
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    Clan Wars is solely for the purpose of setting up clan wars etc.

    We encourage quality posts with good organisation and plenty of information to make the process of looking for clan wars/scrims etc. easy for both parties.

    Things To Include
    • Contact details (Skype, NNID etc.)
    • Time zones (UTC +2 etc.)
    • Time frame (What hours you often play or what time you're looking to play a scrim/war)
    • Game details (4v4 Splat Zones etc.)
    • Region (For a lag free experience try to match with people from your continent)
    • Squad/Group details (Your Squad/Clan name and related details)
    • Skill bracket (C- to S+, an average rank of your members participating in the game)
    • Comms (TS3 channels if you'd like to talk to the squad after for feedback)
    Now none of these are mandatory of course, however including these details not only makes your post easier to read and therefore results in more, easy to organise games for your squad. It also makes your squad look professional and organised, perfect if you're on the lookout for more members.

    Head here if you're looking for Squids searching for a team and to advertise your squad as recruiting!


    Example Of An Ideal Post

    Hey, Kat here.
    Squid Squad are looking for other teams to scrim against regularly. We operate frequently over the weekends between 9PM UCT +-8 and 11PM UTC +-8. We're based mostly in the USA.

    Looking for other teams in the A+ to S+ range to play casual scrims again mostly on 4v4 Splat Zones.

    Please contact me on Skype at 'funkyflump' or ping me on Steam at 'funkyflump'
    My NNID is funkyflump. Please add me after organising a scrim. Our TS3 server is 0.000.000:2333

    Again that is simply a guideline so think about your squad and what you need other squads to know and feel free to add your own
    flair to it. Keep it short, relevant and to the point. Makes life easier for everyone!


    Handy Dandy Links

    Teamspeak 3
    If you're serious about teams, TS3 is the premier voice comms client for eSports.

    Time & Date
    Calculate your time in any time zone! UTC to IST and many more.


    Thanks for reading. As always let me know if I made a mistake, with these long and complicated posts I often do. xoxox

    #1 Kat, Aug 6, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2015
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