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Ideas for the 3rd Season of Splatoon 3!


Dec 30, 2022
Kowloon Lvl. 4
a.k.a E-Liter1Mil has terrible ideas but throughs them out there anyways

With Chill Season ending in a little less than two months (March 1st), I was wondering what it could include, along with its name/s. So, here are some of my ideas for the March - June season!

Spring Season
Summer Season
Scorching Season
Mild Season

Normal Text = Returning
Italic Text = New Variant
Bold Text = Brand New

New/Reworked Weapons:
Soda Slosher
Dual Splatana
Kensa Dynamo Roller
Kensa Splattershot Pro
Kensa Undercover Brella

New/Returning Special(s)?:
Ink Armour
Splatsense (Lets you and your team see your opponents behind objects. However, they in turn can locate you through a marker as well.)

New/Returning Stages:
Kensa Towers
Albacore Hotel

Salmon Run Stage (Normal):
Ruins of Ark Polaris

Salmon Run Stage (Big Run):
Hammerhead Bridge

DLC announcement, maybe?

And that's all of my ideas! I'd appreciate if ya'll could share your own ideas as well, since it'd be cool to see what everyne else thinks could be added.


May 1, 2018
Octo Valley
Maybe a new Salmon Run mode that isn't reliant on a timed event. Ever since Splatoon 2, we've been stuck with the same cyclical mode of "Deposit # Golden Eggs for 3 waves", sure a Cohozuna does appear to shake things up in some session, but I feel like that's not enough to really spice up Salmon Run other than introducing stages.

I would really love a "Get to this area to escape!" sort of mode where ways to go can only be spent with the Power Eggs collected, and to make it a truly cooperative mode where you have to 100% rely on your teammates to actually progress through specific parts. To account for things like disconnections, the way through would just open automatically.

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