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In-Depth Tentatek Splattershot/Octoshot Analysis

Weapons In-Depth Tentatek Splattershot/Octoshot Analysis


May 6, 2015
Toledo, Ohio
SND_Ben submitted a new guide:

In-Depth Tentatek Splattershot Analysis - Everything you need to know about the Tentatek!

By SND | Ben

So a lot of people have been wondering about the Tentatek Splattershot. It is one of the most balanced weapons in the game, with almost even range, damage, and fire rate. It has amount of fire rate which helps it with up close combat against ranged weapons. It lacks range, so you must space properly to win match ups against longer range weapons like Splattershot Pro and Jet Squelcher . Despite it's mediocre range, its sub and...
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