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Inkopolis Evacuation(IC)


Apr 14, 2021
It was all a dream to her. She thought it was, though. As Cosmo and Zane were running from Inkopolis, they heard terrified shouts and cries coming from behind them. "Someone, help us!" cried what Cosmo thought was an elderly Inkling. They ran as fast as they could. "My son! He's trapped!'' a famale Inkling cried. Cosmo and Zane heard stones and houses, crashing to the ground like someone kicking them down like they were building blocks. Focus on the evacuation, Cosmo's mind told her. Zane and Cosmo heard a building to their right fall, and then..

"Cosmo, wake up! You're pale and sweating!" That was Zane's voice. "So it was a dream, then, right?'' asked Cosmo. ''Yes, it was a dream,'' said Zane. ''The evacuation hasn't happened for more than 500 years, but if we do experience it, it won't be how you dreamed it.'' Just to make sure, Cosmo asked, ''Are you 100% sure it won't happen how I dreamed it?'' ''Yes, now go back to sleep, okay?'' ''Okay."

Anyone want to continue the RP with me(remember, you have to be IC)?

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