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Inkstorm 2: Doctors Without Borders Funraiser Tournament

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by SmashCapps, Nov 16, 2015.

SmashCapps, Nov 16, 2015 at 4:10 PM
  1. SmashCapps

    SmashCapps Senior Squid

    Apr 24, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Hey there squids and kids! Sometimes terrible things happen in the world. While they are unavoidable (and certainly not fresh) we can use our love of gaming to do something positive in the midst of tragedy. In light of recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and beyond one Splatoon tournament is looking to do something and help out.

    Endgame TV, hosts of Inkstorm 1 and now Inkstorm 2, have decided instead of using them to power a prize pool, they would donate them to Doctors Without Borders. Originally teams were required to pay $20 to enter but they have replaced this with a "donate what you can fee" to help the charitable cause.

    With only five days left to enter and donate we hope Splatoon teams will compete while helping such a noble cause! Full details from the Endgame TV announcement can be found here. To learn more about the event and for details on entering be sure to check out its Squidboards thread. We hope to see lots of teams competing and much money raised for the cause!
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by SmashCapps, Nov 16, 2015.

    1. Flying_Tortoise
      Inkstorm 1 was such an awesome experience as a player, viewer. I've been waiting for #2 and it's for a great cause. Hope everyone participates and is able to help out those in need.
      Pitero, WydrA, Mendax and 2 others like this.
    2. Kbot
      Thanks for the shoutout Capps!

      If you have any questions regarding the tournament, feel free to join the EGtv Discord Server, open to the public. Then you can tag me or any of the staff or DM me or any of the staff. We hope to see you there!

      Donations will also be open during the stream. Let's make this huge everyone!
      Nintendome likes this.
    3. BonFire
      Thank you so much Erik ❤️❤️ Please help us guys to get as much money as possible! It is definitely for a good cause.
      Mendax and Flying_Tortoise like this.
    4. Mendax
      An awesome tournament for an awesome cause.
      It's times like this that make me love the community.
    5. Nihabz
      Forgoing potential profit to invest in a worthless cause? Seems legit.....
      Charlight and fat like this.
    6. Static

      You need to leave.
      Last edited by a moderator: Nov 16, 2015
    7. Cloudy
    8. Zwei
      If you're going to have a charity tournament, there may be some viewers willing to donate for some stuff that won't be competing, for during the stream. Just an idea.
      onyeezy, Flying_Tortoise and Static like this.
    9. Static
      Mendax likes this.
    10. Kbot
      And will have that set up. We know :)
      Flying_Tortoise and Static like this.
    11. toadster101
      Do yourself a favor and stop trying to turn Splatoon into an eSport.
    12. applepie
      Why are you so interested in complaining about a community trying to grow in such a "dead game"? , Feel free to PM me.
      Mendax and Morgan S. Court like this.
    13. Smarty1two
      what and where does the money go?
    14. Heroine of Squids
      Heroine of Squids
      'Worthless cause'? Looks like someone didn't read through on what this is for.
      Noire likes this.
    15. The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      The Not So Dank Kid-Squid
      someone's being passive aggressive

      there is literally no need.
    16. Overlord X
      Overlord X
      Glad that another Inkstorm is coming up...wish I could pay to enter, but i'll unfortunately only have to be a viewer...wish I could donate...
    17. Splatoon❤️
      Seriously want to join to help the French but how do I donate and enter I'm a n00b when it comes to Internet stuff

      Listen the guy who write that is just an idiot he obviously doesn't understand the importance just leave him to sob in the corner

      I mean the guy who you replied to is an idiot and who cares if it's an e sport

      Probably everyone cause I have no idea what it means
      Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2015
    18. Ramble_On_Rose
      You don't have to be here if you don't want to be. Smash had "no potential" as an esport at one point in time. If there are enough people who want to compete, we don't have to be an esport to do so.
      skyphoi and Flying_Tortoise like this.
    19. EclipseMT
      Since you guys digressed into this, what is the matter with top-professional Splatoon?

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