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InkStreak Squad/Clan Tryouts, Apply Now!


Aug 11, 2017
Switch Friend Code
Rule 1: Have A Nintendo Switch/ Splatoon 2.
Rule 2: Have Discord.
Rule 3: Be Punctual to Practice. Punctuality is key!
Rule 4: Don't be an a**hole.
Rule 5: Must have at-least intermediate.
We are a Splatoon 2 squad going through a complete reset in which we need a set of two new team mates eager and ready to play. We stress that you can practice at-least one day in our three sometimes four day schedule (listed down below). Our current sub members aren't very ready and determined like me and our leader Andres we don't want to sound like a broken record but we stress Punctual-ness. That's really all to tell we're just ready to get back into the game and hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday [45 to an hour and a half]
FC: 7519 6284 9885

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