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Weapons Inkstrike advices


Sep 30, 2015
wildface1010 submitted a new guide:

Inkstrike advices - Note: All according to my experience

Here's a little guide on where and when you should land an Inkstrike. Note that it's all according to my experience so it might not bring you 100% victory if you follow what I'll tell you later.

Try to land an Inkstriike somewhere near your teammate, or at the edge between the turf you inked and the opponent's turf. This allows your teammate to advance and hopefully splat some enemies.

Inkstrike is also a nice weapon to use in Ranked. It can instanty neutralise an enemy zone in Splat...
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Inkling Fleet Admiral
Jun 10, 2015
I'd like to add a couple more tips:
  • You can use the Inkstrikes to ink hard-to-reach areas, like the side pathways near the spawns.
  • When used offensively (to splat enemies or harass them), try targeting them behind the inkling so they don't immediately see the marker and know where it's going to land.
  • Launching Inkstrikes deep within enemy territory can be used as a distraction (works better by the end of a Turf War match where they often cannot afford to lose that turf)

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