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Join Our Team!!

mr. quack

Mar 16, 2021
Hello everyone!! I'm new here so I don't really know what I'm doing XD. I wish I was here earlier though...

- You have to be at least all of A rank but one or some S or X rank is good too!!
- You have to be active almost every weekend (unless you have something important or your on a vacation on that date of course), so we can train and see how you do well playing with us.
- We can honestly take anyone, just know we will train you to get better!!
- Someone who mains Anchor or Support weapons.

If you have all of these requirements, or even less (we'll seriously take anyone T^T). Send me a reply as soon as you can!! You can also dm me in Discord if you have it. mr. quack#4052. I'm usually always available so don;t be afraid to reach me out!! If you can't seem to friend me, heres one of the members account!! Kei#7185

Another thing, we will be creating our team name, and all the things the team consists!! So that will be fun : )

Till then Stay Fresh!! And hopefully one of you guys will join our team, (i'll also introduce you to the other members if you decide to join : D)
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Inkster Jr.
Apr 12, 2021
Hey, I wanted to just TRAIN with your team, just for a week or so, do you mind, My ranks: S+0,S+0,S+3,X
I also play Slayer and DON"T have Discord (sadly), I can't talk when we play but, I Definitely know how to play. Dm if interested, (conversation)

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