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[Jun 15, 2019] BooBs CUP(BBC) (Online)

Discussion in 'Event & Tournament Listings' started by PhysPeach, May 28, 2019.

Posted By PhysPeach

Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 08:00 PM
(ends Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 11:45 PM)
Timezone: Asia/Tokyo


Upcoming Occurrences

All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Asia/Tokyo

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  1. PhysPeach

    PhysPeach Inkling

    Jan 18, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Switch Friend Code:
    I think the universal language of the world is not English but boobs.

    Application Deadline: - 12/Jun. 23:45(GMT +9)
    Date: 15/Jun. 20:00 - 23:45(GMT +9)

    - Name your team with being reminded of boobs, breast, ****, or oppai.
    - Name your Switch account with being reminded of boobs...
    - As a lady or gentleman, don't forget to have respect for boobs and boobs-mates, and keep in mind to play in a sportsmanlike way. (If I thought your team name didn't associated with boobs, I might contact your team for getting origin of team name.)
    -Join in Discord https://discord.gg/4bFTkyF

    -Single elimination tournament.
    -Turf War.
    -Sub gear abilities are disabled.
    [1st - 3rd Stage]
    -5 set match.
    -Stage select is random from Reef, Humpback, Inkblot, Manta, Mako, Walleye, Piranha and Wahoo. (Remove last played stage from random pool)
    [4th Stage - ]
    -5 set match.
    -Stage select is random from Reef, Musselforge, Starfish, Humpback, Sturgeon, Manta, Kelp, Snapper, Mako, Wahoo. (Remove last played stage from random pool)

    -BBC info is going to be announced at Discord.
    -After the application deadline, I will make the tournament chart, and you will get team number.

    --Time table-- (GMT +9)
    19:30 Roll Call 19:50 Friend code exchange with 1st stage's opponent
    20:00 1st Stage
    20:30 2nd Stage
    21:00 3rd Stage
    21:20 4th Stage
    21:45 Areola Stage
    22:10 Inverted Nipple Stage
    22:35 Nipple Stage
    23:00 Fly to Heaven

    (Nipple is the highest point of boobs, so I named Final Stage as Nipple Stage, Semi Final Stage as Areola Stage and Bronze medal match as Inverted Nipple Stage.)

    -Exchange Friend Code before 10 minutes from game start.
    -Make a room before 5 minutes from game start.
    -Begin matches at game start call.
    -Captain who has smaller team number than his/her opponent must create a room 5 minutes before the game and wait until the game start time.
    -Winner must report which team get victory to organiser.
    -Bronze medal match will be held.(Inverted Nipple Stage)
    -I’m going to webcast this on Youtube.
    -You can stream BBC.

    //Winner's Prizes
    - A Twitter hedder picture drawed by VAZ.
    - Select charactors(squid or octo), gears, weapons, and team colour.
    - Just wait for VAZ's picture to be ready.(Please understand that I won't set a deadline to VAZ.)

    //Treatment in irregular accidents
    -Contact me if your opponent does not come in 10 minutes from game start time. You will get a match by default.
    -Contact me and your opponent if you decline while the tournament by accident.
    -Behaviour which is ignoreing the programme loses its validity.
    -Replay the set only once if someone except a host player drops line in 10sec from game start.
    -Host team will lose a set if a host player drops line.
    -Contact me with evidences if your opponents infringe upon the rules of sportsmanlike conduct.
    -If your opponents' name don't associate with boobs, advise "Get brest enlargement surgery!!!" to your opponents. And people who get such advice must rename his or her accounts with being reminded of boobs.
    -Ignore any lag. I will not help you from any cases.

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