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[ Krak-On Splat Roller ] An In-Depth Guide by Ackbar.

Weapons [ Krak-On Splat Roller ] An In-Depth Guide by Ackbar.


Nov 3, 2015
Ohio, USA!
Howdy!! I saw your review response (which I don't think I could reply to?? Sorry- I'm new to the site fdnsi) and I'd be happy to make up a chart of my map preferences for the roller!

Though I mostly use the Carbon Roller these days, I'll happily bust out the ol' Krak-On for some research! I agreed with what you had, but just to be sure I'll go back and revisit everything to make sure I still feel the same way heh heh

I'm pretty busy work wise, but as soon as I get the time to write up a competent review, I'll post it here in the discussion! (Again, great guide!! Thanks!!!)

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