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[Mar 2, 2019] Fresh Start Cup #4: March Edition (Online)


Apr 16, 2017
Coming to you March 2nd/3rd at 12pm EST is Fresh Start Cup #4!!! This big, two-day tournament designed for newer/inexperienced and upcoming teams is DEFINITELY one you won't want to miss. Why should you participate? Let me tell you!

Fresh Start Cup is known for their tournaments ran for newer/upcoming teams (in a positive way!) We help grow those in the lower-level scene so they can become the best Splatoon 2 players and teams you have ever seen.

- We're offering a chance for teams to play at their similar skill level, and have fair matches.
- We implement a GREAT format for these teams to really get a lot of matches in, while learning and improving throughout the tournament. FSC #4 features Swiss Pools as a format for Day 1 and a Top 32 Group Stage to a Top 16 Single elimination bracket for Day 2.
- This tournament will be casted by a professional casting organization called GenGame and will feature professional commentators of the Splatoon 2 scene.
- There will be lots of resources to help those who aren't familiar with how a tournament works, and staff are wonderful when it comes to making sure teams feel comfortable competing.
- The tournament runs through two-days so you won't have to play burned out and exhausted! This way, you can play your ultimate best!
- FSC has always offered a fun, hype, and exciting tournament for the viewers and players alike. It will be a blast!

Of course, those aren't ALL the reasons you should participate. Fresh Start Cup is partnered with the Splatoon Amateur Circuit (a circuit for newer/inexperience and upcoming teams) which is backed by one of the BIGGEST organizations in Splatoon, EndGameTV. In this circuit, teams participate in events to earn points toward a leaderboard. At the end of a season, the SAC will host championships featuring the Top 8 teams of the leaderboard, and FSC is one of those events where you can earn points! FSC is also the last event of Splatoon Amateur Circuit's Season 0, so there will be LOTS of points available for you to grab (6,000 to be exact)! The higher you place, the more points you will receive. So hyyypppeee!!!

FSC is the place to be on March 2nd/3rd at 12pm EST. Come join for an afternoon of Splatoon 2 fun in this HUGE online event for newer/inexperienced and upcoming teams. Even if you aren't a competitive player, we definitely recommend you to join, you never know, you might have a great experience!

For more info about the Splatoon Amatuer Circuit please visit the server below:

To register for Fresh Start Cup #4 visit:

To join the FSC discord visit:

Visit and follow @FreshCup_NA on Twitter to get more information, and view live updates!
Visit and follow @SplatoonAC for updates in the Splatoon Amateur Circuit and more!

Thank you, and we can't wait to see you March 2nd/3rd!

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