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My findings about Inkopolis Plaza in Splatoon 3


May 1, 2018
Octo Valley
I noticed some things that aren't actually brought up, so here we go. Aside from the obvious changes like Grizzco and Table Turf Battles, there is a slight change to the introduction dialogue, but it's only slight. The first part of the introduction dialogue is actually the same as the first game, only that it added "and Octolings" after "Inklings" to emphasize that Octolings are now seen in Inkopolis Plaza. There are other changes to later parts of the dialogue of course to show the player some of the things that were added to the hub.

Secondly, there seems to be a mix of animations from both the Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy in Splatoon 1, now some of the cephalopods in the plaza can mimic the idle animation that female Inklings had, while some of the walk cycles can mimic that of male Inklings' walk cycle.

When the game is opened with Inkopolis Plaza as the chosen hub, the entry loading screen (don't know the name of it), the orange ink replaces the yellow ink. This is also true for the textures of the shape of the other ink in the other type of loading screen.

You can actually hear Callie and Marie talking to each other upon getting closer to their studio.

(Also as a side note, Octo Valley is blocked off, so the Splatoon 1 single-player mode is inaccessible in Splatoon 3, at least for now.)
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