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New Splatfest Update! Splatfest 100!

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by WispBae, Mar 18, 2016.

WispBae, Mar 18, 2016 at 4:48 PM
  1. WispBae

    WispBae Pro Squid

    Apr 24, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Nintendo has upped the ante of Splatfests just a bit more! In addition to the the new power system for each Splatfest, you will now be able to get some serious bragging rights with enough determination.


    The Splatfest 100 will show on Splatnet the top 100 players for each side of the fest. If you happen to be one of them, you'll get a fresh lil badge next to your name! Once the ink has settled and the partying dies down, Nintendo will then post the names of the top 100 players for each side on their official Tumblr page (Click here to go to the Squid Research Lab)! The top 100 will be determined by their Splatfest power, so be sure to get those Areosprays & Splattershot Jr's ready!


    To learn a bit more about this new feature, click here! What do you think of Top 100? Lemme know down in those comments!
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by WispBae, Mar 18, 2016.

    1. RNS
      time to get stressed out in the only turf that wasnt completely insufferable
      Sol64 and Flammie like this.
    2. Sparkly Ink
      Sparkly Ink
      It's about to get serious.
    3. Zero Revolution
      Zero Revolution
      I love this new addition! But also am going to spend way too much time playing Splatfest and won't even end up in the top 100. :p
    4. Cyan
      This is completely irrelevant in my eyes. This will be more of a "those who play for 24hrs straight will be top 100" situation. Your Splatfest Power increases by 10 for each match you win, and decreases by 10 for each loss. Therefore, it will be those who spend the entirety of the Splatfest playing that will be in the top 100, and everyone else won't get there. It won't be making Turf competitive, because it's a chill mode regardless and losing means nothing (except for Splatfest because of the win multiplier). It doesn't qualify as "bragging rights" either, because who wants to brag that they played Splatoon for 24hrs straight and got No. 1 on a leaderboard that does nothing? It's just going to highlight the people that would rather play a video game than go outside and get exercise or socialise. I never want to play Splatfest for 24hrs straight, because that is both boring and rather a waste of a day. I would much rather play until I hit [Team] Queen and stop, because I find Turf exceedingly boring and uneventful and then go do irl things. I'll never be in the top 100, but I don't care because it's not like it does anything. I do however like Splatfest Power since it speeds up how quickly you can max out your Splatfest title and the fact it should match you with similar skilled allies and opponents. I will be see whether Splatfest Power changes anything once my region's Splatfest starts later today (in a little under 4 hrs).
      Squid_or_kid, Pterk and toxictower like this.
    5. xXShadeXx
      If anything, the only thing this does is increase both aerospray, splattershot jr, and weapons with inkstrike usage. After playing for about 6 hours, I should know.
    6. Hix
      Hm... other than bragging rights, is it any useful? Maybe if they allowed the top 100 to keep that Splatfest's Tee forever it would be worth something. I really don't understand why Nintendo would create something like that without any real reward.
    7. RNS
      They want us to suffer.
    8. Flammie
      I really looked forward of enjoying another Splatfest, now i feel like they're dragging the stress and disappointment from Ranked into the Splatfest... gaddomn it!
      Meeposer and RNS like this.
    9. Xtura
      Yarly, who cares. And you guys to fix this site....it crashes my kindle fire.
    10. Splatoon❤️
      For the eu splatfest I got in the top 100!
      WispBae and Sparkly Ink like this.
    11. AC_Decoy
      How many hours did you commit to playing? Some people in this thread say you'd have to play 24 hours, so I'm curious what you clocked in as. Thanks :3
    12. Girumaru
      Yesterday i checked Splatnet again and i seemed to be in the top 100 too with 1758 as a score. I played from the start 19:00 till approx 01:00 so say 6 hours. Thats all i played but i was blessed with a great steady team making a huge winstreak.

      Attached Files:

    13. Leronne
      I got in the top 100 without fully leveling up my splatfest tee and playing for ~5 hours. This was due to my initial splatfest power and getting consistent wins (and carrying my team a lot of times). If you're in the A ranks and lower, than i can definitely imagine that it would take much longer, since the initial power is lower, but getting in the top 100 won't take long if you're on a win streak and have high power. It might be harder now since more people know about it and more people would want to get in the top 100, but i doubt they'd have to play for 24 hours straight. The top 100 list is on the splatoon tumblr page for anyone that's curious.
    14. Cyan
      I don't think our top 100 list got published, but I did not enjoy our Splatfest. The map rotation was god-awful and I lost most of my matches and didn't even bother going for the Royalty Splatfest title. I suppose it's good to see you don't have to play too long to get into the top 100, but still it is very redundant, there should be a reward for the top 100, where you get bonus sea snails for being in that list. Saltspray and Moray killed this Splatfest, as they're are the two biggest one-sided maps in the game, and since I was against other S/S+ teams, things were extremely difficult and were more frustrating than fun. Hopefully the Wasabi Splattershot is released by the time of the next Splatfest, since that will be very useful for Splatfest, a 3 shot kill with Inkstrikes and decent turf coverage, as well as Splat Bombs to help. I just hope the new style of Splatfest picks up in the next few, otherwise I won't be playing them too often since I'll be better off grinding ranked to get my money for rerolls and slots. It seems more redundant in Europe, since we'll only know if we're in the top 100 from SplatNet unless Nintendo did publish the stats elsewhere.
    15. Las7
      I enjoy the changes in the Splatfest, thankfully you can get to King a lot faster. Also now it appears there is a some internet points for those that continue playing. The power levels were a good edition in my mind and this top 100 is a decent way of expanding the community. I wish there were more things like this and a spectator mode obviously.
    16. Splatoon❤️
      13 hours I had a big head start though if you are an S ranker then you automatically have 1600 splatfest power you needed at least 1729 to be in top 100
      AC_Decoy likes this.
    17. Splatoon❤️
      I could explode to be fair
      The rotation was awful and I got in top 100
      Proof here

    18. Cyan
      I found it on a link through Squidboards, they posted it on the official Facebook (who uses Facebook nowadays? :p). Take a look at the list here:
    19. Splatoon❤️

      BY THE WAY
      how does it work
      I was in team hoverboard

      BUT I can't tell what place I am XD
      Thyrak be 6th, Alex 7th, Sasha 8th, Mamándil 9th

      Thyrak 6th, Sasha 7th, Clo 8th, IAMUSORRY! 9th
      Last edited: Mar 26, 2016

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