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New Splatoon Manga Series

Discussion in 'Original Content' started by Karp_Guy, Sep 22, 2018.


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  1. Karp_Guy

    Karp_Guy Inkling

    Sep 20, 2018
    Likes Received:
    So I’ve had this idea on my mind for awile after reading the splatoon manga. It’s an alternate version that focuses more on life outside of Turf War. It’s something that I wish adventure mangas would do more, focus on characters outside of the main plot. Like what’s Bobble hat doing when she’s not with the Blue Team. What’s Tsuyus life like outside of UA? What’s Sanjibdoijg when he isn’t cooking or staring at Nami? So I kinda wanted to make my own version of the. Splatoon manga... focusing on our 2 main characters Shades (An inkling boy) and Eight (An octoling Girl, who’s secretly Agent 8) Imma post a draft of the first issue later on, and explain shades and eight some more! I’d love to write this but I suuuuuuck at drawing, so if any artists are interested, feel free to take my stories, draw me up, and post em (make sure you credit me too!). I’d love to see how you guys draw my stories!

    Panel 1: Eight, still wearing cream basics, basic Octo Tee, and Fake Contacts coming out of the Ally by inkopolis square
    Panel 2: Eight looking up around inkopolis square
    Eight: Marina was right. This place is overwhelming.
    Panel 3: eight walking into the lobby to join a game of turf war.
    Eight: guess I’ll go join a game of turf war
    Panel 4: Eight and her team at their spawn ready for battle at Goby Arena. Eights wielding an octo shot, while one of them has a carbon roller, another has a tri-slosher. The last person on Eights team, Blocker, wearing the dust blocker 2000, Squiddor Polo, and Non-slip Senseis, wielding a Undercover brella

    Panel 5: Shades, wielding the Sploosh-O-Matic, wearing tinted shades, school uniform, and Navy Enperrials, and three other teammates, wielding the Luna Blaster, classic squiffer, and H-3 Nozzlenose.

    Panel 6: that start logo appears

    Panel 7: Eight jumps of spawn, with her team behind her.

    Panel 8: Eight goes through the gates into the main area

    Panel 9: Eight is painting the center, but Shades sees her.

    Panel 10: Shades splats Eight

    Panel 11: Shades splats the carbon roller and tri slosher.

    Panel 12: shades swims behind blocker.

    Panel 13: Shades splats blocker.

    Shades: another team wipe. I almost feel bad, heh!

    Panel 14: Shades and his team take pant all of the center.

    Panel 15: Eight emerges from ink behind Shades

    Panel 16: Eight splats Shades

    Eight: come on guys! I get the strong guy

    Panel 17: two minutes later in bar on top of panel. Map shown that Shades team dominated.

    Panel 18: Eight walking out of lobby behind her team. Shades is behind her, looking at her

    Panel 19 Shades walks up behind Eight

    Shades: Hey, Octo!

    Panel 20: Eight turns around.

    Shades: you splatted me a few times that game. Most can’t do that, ya know? What’s your name?

    Panel 21: Shades and Eight are facing each other, blocker looking at them as he walks away in the background

    Eight: Eight. Who’re you.

    Shades: I’m Shades. Lemme Buy you something from Crust Bucket.


    Race: Inkling

    Gender: Boy

    Favorite Weapon: Sploosh-O-Matic

    Likes: Off The Hook, Beef Teriyaki, Art, Anime

    Description: Huge Off The Hook Fanboy. He bought a years worth of rent for a two person apartment by mistake, so he kept it. Splits it with Eight. Works at Grizzco. Likes Marina more than Pearl. Knows all the words to all the Off The Hook Songs. Is good at Turf War and Tower Control. Loves Splatfests.

    Race: Octoling

    Gender: Girl

    Favorite Weapon: Splash-O-Matic

    Description: She’s actually Agent 8. She’s been through a lot, and at first is always on edge. She’s Shades best friend, and is also good friends with Pearl and Marina, but doesn’t tell anyone. She’s good at Rainmaker and Combat.

    Race: Inkling

    Gender: Boy

    Favorite weapon: Grizzco Brella

    Description: very loyal Grizzco employee. Spends most of his time working at Grizzco. Claims to know who Mr. Grizz is.
    #1 Karp_Guy, Sep 22, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018

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