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New Team Olive Enters the Competition; Interview with Sendou

Former members of NSTC, Chimera, and Koopa Clan have formed Team Olive, a new squad with a small but impressive tournament history thus far, taking first place in NNCL Cosmic II. Today we'll be talking with Sendou to see why and how this team started, and what the futures are for Chimera.

Team Olive's roster currently consists of:
@Sendouc @ThatSrb2DUDE @PKfuzzy @Nikkeli7 @Sorin_MH

What is Team Olive?

Sendou: Team Olive is a multinational team consisting of myself (Sendou), Nikey, fuzzy, Sorin & DUDE. We felt like BYE had a good synergy in ESL Grand Final so after the event was done we sat down in hotel room and figured how to make it a real team. Since 4 players wouldn't quite cut it availability wise we decided to invite fuzzy who had been teamless for some time but who me and Nikey know from back in the NSTC days. He was the perfect fit since he's practically European with the schedule and being very committed to improving he can take on multiple roles.

When was Team Olive officially started?

Sendou: We played with same people ever since ESL and Inkstorm 5 but first time we used the name "Team Olive" in Torrent Bi-Weekly #2 back at the start of April.

How would you describe your playstyle as a team?

Sendou: We don't like compromising ourself by using weapons or gear that is not optimal. We try to always find the best way to guarantee a win on each map and every player in the team is highly flexible. I would say we're smartly aggressive in that we can put a lot of pressure on the enemy team at any time but also know when to hold off.

Is Team Chimera still alive?

Sendou: Chimera is what we would call Synergy and Team Olive players joining forces for some scrims or tournaments. So it's not exactly dead but it's not a team of its own the same way it used to be. We're still all good buddies between the two teams though!

Will you still play in tournaments under the team name Chimera?

It's not out of question. Only depends on a right chance presenting itself. By default we're going to always prefer separate teams so that everyone gets to play

What was Team BYE?

Sendou: BYE was a pick-up for ESL Go4Splatoon. Since only European based players were allowed to play we looked for additional players outside of Chimera to join me and DUDE. In the end we played with Nikey (coming back from a break for this event), Nkitten from SRL and Sorin (who joined Chimera mid-season following Koopa Clan disbanding).

What would you consider your strongest map and mode combination, currently?

Sendou: I would say we're still the best at Splat Zones. Me, fuzzy and DUDE spent majority of our hours in the game practicing that mode in preparation for SyCup. Other modes are catching up fast though. Can't really say about maps more specifically. We have quite a few stronger and weaker maps.

What is your future goal with Team Olive?

Sendou: Improve our game towards Splatoon 2 and beyond. We want to be challenging teams of top level in all regions early on in Splatoon 2's competitive scene. In a bit longer time frame we are also working towards getting a sponsor involved with the team.

Do you have a Twitter account?

Sendou: Sure! You can follow @olivesplatoon for updates on the teams and tournaments we plan on playing.

Do you have a YouTube account?

Sendou: This is something DUDE is currently working on but just follow the Twitter account linked above and you won't miss it when it goes live :)

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed the interview. You can follow @SendouC here, and follow @olivesplatoon here. Team Olive's Challonge tournament history can be viewed here.
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Hey i saw you in a tournament and thought you where really good i am S+ in rainmaker and A for rainmaker and B+ for TC i was S+ in all ranks but my twin sister took my switch AND DE-RANKED ME. i know you probally wont believe me but all I ask for is a tryout. I live in central time zone in Illinios. I main the tentiteck splattershot and jet squelcher for splat zones. Thank you for your time.
I find this interesting I like team Olive a lot I am Impreesed how the history goes back to Synergy. And also it's kind of cool when you guys make such great comebacks. I hope one day I could challenge you or the Team. One question at the end whats your mayor tip for Splatzones?

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