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Oceanink Offensive April - Results and Feedback


Full Squid
Aug 26, 2014
First Place: Tentacle Difficulties
Second Place: Got Kraken
Third Place: Hayley's Comets & Monado Boiz

Full brackets: http://oceanink.challonge.com/2016_04_23
Feedback Survey: http://goo.gl/forms/Zxes3Syu8i

I'm happy to chat about the tournament with anyone here or in Discord.

Hindsight is great, and I'll be first to admit that we let some delays run out of control. With better rules for how to handle the specific disputes that came up, and some additional experience I hope we can resolve those for the future.

We sympathised too greatly with players experiencing high ping (we remember our days of playing Left 4 Dead at 300 ping perhaps a little too fondly) and not being in-game we failed to grasp the impact of the lag reports we were getting, and how it would affect the rest of the bracket. Once we were permissive once, we felt helpless to actually rule more harshly. Lessons learned. We'll be more strict next time.

We lost a few teams due to time zone confusion - frankly it was less teams than I'd expected. I'd put Australian/New Zealand FUTURE LAND dates in deliberately, with an intention to catch only teams who could appreciate the time zone/day difference. 27 out of 31 teams turned up - y'all are mostly pretty good at time zones!

Finally, we were really concerned about ties in the group stage, so insisted on teams playing all 5 maps. That ended up being irrelevant for most groups. One thing that had us a bit flat-footed was that we went to bed with 24 teams and a plan for handling them. We woke up at 8am to field last-minute queries, and realised we'd need to adjust the tournament format. Next time we'll aim to allow more time between getting out of bed and closing registrations.

We'll start planning our next tournament soon. Maybe on a Sunday next month? We'll see!
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