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Official Splatoon Art Contest

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Warchamp7, Apr 28, 2015.

Warchamp7, Apr 28, 2015 at 1:31 PM
  1. Warchamp7

    Warchamp7 Blame Me If the Place Is Melting

    Oct 13, 2007
    Likes Received:
    The official Splatoon Tumblr announced today that they are holding an art contest!


    Starting today and running until the launch of the game on May 29th, anyone from the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) can post up their Splatoon fan art on Tumblr with the tags #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry.

    The grand prize winner will receive a Wii U and copy of Splatoon, while 5 more first place winners will receive a copy of Splatoon.

    Check out the contest details on the Tumblr post and read the official rules for the contest on Google+
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Squidboards Head Admin
Warchamp7 is the head technical admin of Smashboards and Squidboards, as well as a kid and a squid. As a Ganondorf main in Smash, he can be found playing super aggressive in Splatoon ranked matches, going for flanks and greedy plays.

Keep an eye for updates and improvements to the site from him, as well as direct all the blame towards him when anything goes wrong.

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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Warchamp7, Apr 28, 2015.

    1. The SG
      The SG
      Nintendo hates me :(
    2. Reserved
      Tepip, MoonMonkey and Flying_Tortoise like this.
    3. Lyn
      Really awesome! I've seen this on Tumblr before and I await the results excitedly. :)
    4. Flying_Tortoise
      How cool would that be if a member of squidboards won one of those prizes?
      Tepip likes this.
    5. SuperMii3D
      I dont think Nintendo is hosting this. This seems to be a tumblr thing.

      Dang, I wish I knew how to draw....
    6. Flying_Tortoise
      no, pretty sure its the official Splatoons tumbler. and don't worry he was just making a joke. Which was pretty funny tbh lol
    7. SuperMii3D
      Youre right, looking back at it, it is the Official Splatoon Tumblr :p
    8. jp4464
      Good luck to all the Inklings that enter!
    9. Warchamp7
      It's Quebec's laws that hate you :p
      Flying_Tortoise, itisRag and The SG like this.
    10. The SG
      The SG
      The one drawback of living in Poutine-land :D
      Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
    11. KniteLyfe
      Eh, the prizes aren't very good.o_O
    12. Pivi
      As someone who's way too poor to afford a Wii u, this is like my one shot to play with everyone else.

      The deadline is next month, so I guess this entry will be all I work on until then!
    13. PrinceOfKoopas
      Gotta have them math questions for Canadian winners for non-skill-based contests, too!
    14. kunoichi squid
      kunoichi squid
      [​IMG] Well, guess I'll have to find the time to get sketching! [​IMG]
    15. Bottlecapn
      Pssh, you guys won't even stand a chance! I'm a MASTER INK ARTIST! Too bad I'm limited to traditional art tools at the moment...

      I'll go ahead and make a thread for entries so the Inklings of SquidBoards can see 'em
    16. RocketClauncher
      Entering this for sure this is so awesome :O
      RoyLee likes this.
    17. iDaylon
      GL to all those entering the contest.
    18. KniteLyfe
      You've submitted some designs on Redbubble, right? Those are pretty well done. :)
      RocketClauncher likes this.
    19. StarForce
      If only I could draw. This would have been a good change to get a WiiU and Splatoon for my Squads thread to support my Squad. Guess another opportunity lost. But this sounds good for initializing in the Nintendo side for new players.

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