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Patch Mock-Up


Inkster Jr.
Oct 16, 2020
Plus Sign = Buff
Minus Sign = Nerf
Plus & Minus Sign = Buff & Nerf


+-Inkvac: +Can Switch to Final Shot at any point by pressing R, but Doubles time it takes to fire, -Vacuum Absorption Hitbox is now at the end and does not cover your sides, +-Shot size varies by absorption amount. (means that final shot instant activation will be less powerful than manual activation absorbing)

+-Tacti-Cooler: +Bomb Defense Up 57 AP; +Ink Resistance Up 57 AP, -29 AP Intensify, -400HP Destroyable, -No Special Saver Or Quick Super Jump; +Players who stick together within an invisible AOE radius of one another receive 29 AP of Sub Power Up (7 AP per Proximity Ally; Caps at 29 AP) This is a complete rework of Tacticooler

+-Triple Inkstrike: +Increased Strafing Speed by 50-100%, +Is Not Limited by Height, +Can Fire Main Weapon During Active Duration (Cannot Submerge in Ink However) -Patch 2.1 Negated (remove the buffs it got, replace instead with these)

+Reef Slider: +Can now run over Bombs/Splash Wall, +Option to ride off earlier, (but with less explosion effect of silder) +User Retains 50% of Special Gauge on a Canceled Reef Slider

+-Trizooka: +6.5-10 Secs, -60-45 Damage, +Strafe 50-100%

+Zipcaster: +Activation Time Decreased 30%, +Recall Speed Increased 100%, +Thermal Ink

+-Inkjet: +120-180 Jet Damage, +Octotrooper Dash Mobility Option w/Endlag, +Activation Time Decreased 30%, +Recall Speed Increased 100%, -Patch 3.1 Negated (remove the buffs it got, replace instead with these)

+-Ultra Stamp: +10-15% protection from the front, -15-20% AOE Stamp Shockwaves

-Crab Tank: -4 Lines Rapid Fire, -4.5 Lines AOE Fire

-Tenta Missiles: -Less Missile Damage, -No tracking icons during/after firing Missiles, -Scoped E-Liter Lock-On Range, -7 Sec Active Duration to Lock-Onto Opponents

+Super Chump: +Bombs Detonate 1 Second Faster, +Can see Super Chump Landing Icons on Map (enemies may be tricked by this)

+-Kraken: +Has a Squid Roll, +1.7-1.85 Base Speed, +8-10 Seconds, but now loses duration w/damage, (-1 Sec per 500HP) -Ink Armor Knockback, -No Superjumping to Kraken, -Increased Surge Charge-Up

-Booyah Bomb: -7 Seconds Active Duration w/Cap of Having to Throw in 4 Secs after Fully Charged, -3.3-3.0 Damage per Frame.

-Big Bubbler: -Lasts for 5 Seconds when placed on Moving Objects, (like Tower)

-Wave Breaker: -Radius 20-18 (SPU Max Unchanged) -Throw Distance 1 Line.

-Killer Whale 5.1: -If Whale user dies, then the beams vanish, special ends


+Curling Bomb: +Can Climb Up Walls like a Seeker, +45-50% Ink Consumption, (can throw two at a time) +3% Faster Travel Speed, +3% Wider Trail

+-Toxic Mist: +Direct Hit Sticks to Enemy for 1.5-2 Seconds OR +Slightly Drains Ink when Hit in Center Blast/Initial Impact

+-Point Sensor: +Splatoon 1’s Recon Ability to Marked Opponents, -50% Ink Consumption

+Angle Shooter: +3 Second Trip-Wire AOE Effect, +20 Damage Contact AOE Line

+Inkmine: +Throwable, +Sticks to walls, +Can place up to 3 down

+Torpedo: +Min Indirect Damage 35, Rolled Direct Damage 65

-Splat Bomb: -Detonation Time Slightly Increased

-Fizzy Bomb: -35-30 Indirect Damage, -3% Paint on all Explosions, -50-45 Central Hitbox Damage


-LDE: -Max AP from 8 to 6, scales slower at 50 points and lower at the result of this

-Respawn Punisher: -Effect against quick respawn reduced from 85% to 70%.

+Opening Gambit: +Lasts from 30 to 60 seconds

+Drop Roller: +Drop roll distance increased by 20%

+Squid Surge: +Charge speed increased by 10-20% (max speed with intensify unchanged)


+Splattershot Pro: +Fire Rate 7>8 Frames, +42-45 Damage; +0.55-0.6 Strafe

+Splattershot Nova: +Improved Accuracy, +24.5 Damage, +Slightly Outranges Pro (rather than Pro slightly outranging it like it is now)

+L3 Nozzlenose: +29-30 Damage, (90 damage directs) +Middleweight-Lightweight; +Feet Paint Droplets

+H3 Nozzlenose: +Damage 42-45, +18>20 frames for endlag; +Feet Paint Droplets

+.96 Gal: +Paints Feet in Ink Droplets by 3rd Shot

+-Aerospray: +Damage 24-24.5 Ground, -Spread 15-20% Jumps, +25/28 Damage Aerial

+Jet Squelcher: +MPU Applied: (+5% Bullet Velocity, +3% Range Increase)

+Sploosh: +2.5-5% Painting Range

+Dapple Dualies: +Damage 36-38, +2.5-5% Painting Range

+Gloogas: +Damage 36-40, +KA Restores Dodge Roll

+Dualie Squelcher: +Spread Decreased 5-10%, +Velocity Increased 5-10%, +Damage 28-29

+Splat Brella: +Damage 81-90, (5 Pellet 16.2-18) +17 Shot Capacity, +Becomes a Lightweight when Canopy is Detached

+Undercover: +40-45 Directs, +250HP Canopy, +3% Shield Size (this is so that weapons cannot hit underneath the shield at the feet)

+Tenta: +Damage 119-129, (Now 8 Pellet, but 8th maxes at 10 damage) +9 Shot Capacity, +750 HP Canopy

+Gootuber: +Has a second charging ring which will give more stats +Can now hold a charge and use sub weapons at the same time

+Bamboo: +Damage 85-90, +30-35 Tap Shots, +Object Damage 5-10%

+Squiffer: +Middleweight to a Lightweight, +MPU Applied (+3-5% Paint Width of Shots)

+-Snipewriter: -68-65 Damage, +10% Object Damage, +5% Strafe, +Splat Charger Fill-Ring Time

+Clash: +Direct Damage 60-65, +Indirect Damage 30-32, +Turfing 10-15%, +10% Strafe

+-Luna/Blaster/Range: +Direct 125-140, +Minimal Jump RNG; Intensify Minimizes to Nearly Zero, -5% Blast Radius on Jumps; +Luna dips in/out ink 1 frame faster

+Rapid/Pro/Clash: +Intensify Curve 1 Main Optimum Accuracy, +Lightweight Rapid

Directs Pierce like Charger shots for All Blasters

+Octobrush: +Same Ink Resistance as Inkbrush, +Damage 40-42, +MPU Applied (+5% Trail Width of Ink, +3% roll-speed)

+Inkbrush: +MPU Applied (+5% Trail Width of Ink; +3% roll-speed)

+Painbrush: +Initial wind-up before first swing is 1/60 frame faster

RSU Effects Roll Speed Of All Brushes A Little More Now

+-Dynamo: +Vertical Min Damage 40-45, +Horizontal Kill Range +0.25 Lines, +Horizontal Paint 30-35, -Ink Efficiency 18-20%

+Splat/Carbon/Flingza: +MPU Damage (+5-15%) +125-220 Roll

+Splatana Stamper/Wiper: +Run Speed now works, +Charge Slash Melee Distance Increased by 2.5%

+Tri Stringer: +Charge-Hold, +Mid-air charge speed is same as grounded

+-REEF-LUX 450: +AOE Explosive Arrows (< damage than tri stringer) +Mid-air charge speed is same as grounded -Paint 3%

+-Bloblobber: +Damage 30-32, +Travel Speed before 1rst Bounce +5-10%, -5-10% Range when Idling

+Machine: +Directs now pierce like charger shots

+Explosher: +Bullet Velocity Increased by 10-20%

+Mini Splatling: +Middleweight to a Lightweight

+Heavy Splatling: +Damage 30-31, +K/A Restores a Small Portion of Firing Duration

+-Hydra Splatling: +Range 3.9-4.6 lines (same as Splatoon 2 Hydra)

-.52 Gal: -3% turfing output
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