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Predictions for Fresh Season


Oct 16, 2020
Game Modes:

-Online Tableturf

-League Battles

-New SR Mode: (one of the three modes leaked by dataminers shortly after launch)

-Big-Run Event next month

Salmon Run:

-New Gear

-New SR Stage: Lost Outpost (Nintendo's been releasing the harder SR stages first, so I think Outpost is likely to be next in line)

-New Cohozuna Boss


-New Multiplayer Stages: Ancho V Games & Egyptian Themed Stage from Direct

-New catalogue rewards & gear

New Weapon Kits:

Undercover Sorella Brella: Splat bomb & Inkstorm (seen in Splatoon 3 Direct w/Inkstorm)

Custom Range Blaster: Burst bomb & Ultra Stamp (seen in Splatoon 3 Direct w/Ultra Stamp)

Fresh Squiffer: Suction bomb & Tri-Zooka (Sheldon's shop Splatoon 1 Expansion Plaza)

Neo Splash: Torpedo/Autobomb & Inkjet (In files, datamined, although unknown of its actual kit)

Golden Dynamo: Splat bomb & Triple Inkstrike/Booyah Bomb (In-files, datamined, although unknown of its actual kit)

New Weapons: Brush, Splatana, Stringer

What we likely won't see:

-Datamined Jukebox
-New Special
-New Sub
-New Gear Brands
-New Abilities
-No more than one of the three SR datamined modes codenamed shortly after release ("Contest" "Underground" "Pair" )
-Anymore than 8 weapons like in the last season.
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