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Pretend You Work For Nintendo


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Oct 10, 2021
Hog Haven the BIcycle City
So, not sure if this is correct place for this type of thread because it borders on role playing.

In this scenario, pretend you work for Hisashi Nogami as part of Squid Research Labs. You are can be a programmer, designer, artist, etc. with your own office. Your position is high up and you earn a six figure plus salary. However, you're real passion is the game Splatoon. You already designed and built Splatoon 1 and 2 with your team and now you're looking into Splatoon 3 which is still a prototype. You have ideas about what is going to be in Splatoon 3 including courses, new arenas, new weapons, etc.

So here's the question: What ideas, if anything, would you present to Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development on the new upcoming release of Splatoon 3?

I'm curious about what ideas you all have as I might hack Splatoon in the future and create a fan game out of it.


May 1, 2018
Octo Valley
Just put tentacle Octarians in the same hub as Inklings, the fact that we have Octolings, but not the rest of the Octarians on the surface feels kind of wrong. It also seems like DJ Octavio will most likely be an ally this time around, thus lessening more excuses to keep such a division. Maybe a more puzzle-focused DLC where your "Little Buddy" is a small Octotrooper who can alter different machines and open certain doors for you to be able to make progress. The story could be the need to destroy the remnants of Commander Tartar's influence for good. The end of the DLC involves you freeing all of the remaining Octarians who weren't Sanitized and allowing them to live on the surface.
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Squido the Inkling

Senior Squid
Jun 17, 2021
BlaCk INk KatANa

canvas (64).png

*credit to chrome canvas*

Basically this is the same as a sword but I like katanas.

Also your inkling doesn't need black ink to use this it just sounded cool lol

So I don't know if this is the same in splatoon 2 but to fire a weapon in 1 you need to press the shoulder button. If you want to swing your sword you gotta tap that button once after a one second cooldown. You can also throw a stream of 10 ninja stars after a 5 second cooldown if you hold the shoulder button.
One stream of ninja stars will knock an opponent out (KO). One swing coats the ground and two can take out enemies.

Sub Weapon: Suction Bomb
Special: That one where you throw loads of suction bombs.
Price: 2000

If you have quick reflexes this one is for you


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