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-Project ARK- A splatoon Fanfic


Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
It is the year 2564. Human leaders fearing humanity’s end at the hands of rising ocean levels, several scientists sought a solution; they named it Project ARK. An orbital satellite filled with a special nano spore, and a database of several human DNA databases, they called it ‘the Seeds of Humanity’. Only a few weeks after the satellite launched, the ocean rose to mythical levels and swallowed everything in its path. It was complete genocide.

Meanwhile, Project ARK drifted in space waiting to perform its task, However in their rush to finish Project ARK many systems malfunctioned. Namely the network relay and internal clock malfunctioned. This prevented the ark from performing its duties once conditions were optimal for humanity’s revival.

Now it waits watching Earth. A few years later the land becomes habitable again as the water recedes, however due to the malfunction Project ARK drifts in space. Over the next 12,000 years, it floats there only moving to dodge debris.

Earth, over the years, slowly changed. To say it looked simply alien would be wrong. Instead, it be more accurate to say it looked more like humanity survived. The limited landmass didn’t hold much room for many cities, but it was clear there was intelligent life thriving on the planet.

Over the years Project ARK used up all of its fuel except for the emergency reserve meant only for landing. Due to this, it fails to dodge a chunk of debris, and the impact breaks it apart leaving only core pod that housed the critical components. Gravity takes over and drags it into the atmosphere.
The main pod begins to break the atmosphere, It was a fireball streak across the sky. The capsule tries to slow down, but burns through its entire reserve of fuel before it crashed into Saltspray Rig.

From within the capsule was an AI and a small collection of microscopic machines called Nanites. Nanies are very versatile little robots able to work together to make something work. Its because of these nanites that the AI survived the crash mostly in tact.

The AI looked around where it was. The place looked like it was made by humans, but something was off. It tries to remember its directives but was getting errors. It figures it needs to find information to help recover his directives.

Military choppers were sent out to examine what fireball was. The AI hears the helicopter approaching. Figuring it was Humans coming to collect him he stays where he was and watches, but when he spots the strange humanoid creatures that were coming off of the chopper it quickly darted for cover.

It sneaks across the power cables that ran under the deck, and comes out under the helicopter. It attaches itself to the helicopter using it as cover from prying eyes. As the AI hid, he could hear the various voices talking in a language that he wasn't aware of, which confused him as he was programmed with all the known languages of Humanity.

After a few hours the soldiers pack up, and leave. The cleanup crew takes the capsule, and any other debris to the local science center for examination.

Once the helicopter returned to base, the AI began looking for a communication device. It moved like a snake as it scurried around, but when it detected someone nearby it slowed up and blended into the ground.

After several minutes of stealthy movement it finds what it was looking for: a satellite dish. Surprisingly, it was similar in design to Human had used. It attached itself to the dish and began combing through every database it could.

The dives through what is suspected was the internet. As he digs through various websites the language barrier posed a problem. A soldier spotted strange activity in the network and cut all power to the grid. The power being cut was a hindrance so the AI started using power from his own core. It resumes sweeping through the net looking for anything that would help him decode the language. The soldiers began sweeping the base unsure what they were looking for.

As he digs through the net it finds an old USA Data Storage satellite that was still up there. Using this he begins to decipher this new language. After a bit of combing through it he finds out what he was.

The document made mention of a project called ARK: Automated Revival Kit. Its sole purpose was to wait in space until conditions were favorable to seed the planet with specially designed Nano Spores to bring Humanity back to life. Until such conditions are met, or if mission parameters changed it is to ensure its own self preservation.

Finally, a soldier notices the impossibly-powered dish. The soldier approached the dish with a flashlight. It was looking for a reason for it to still be powered. The AI detects a threat and darts away. It’s then that the soldier saw the silver-liquid dart away from the dish. The soldier began chasing the AI as it fled the area, but loses sight of it a minute later due to the thing being so fast.

it eventually reached Inkopolis where it hid near the Plaza. It hides on one of the street lamps near the Plaza. As it hid it noticed the squid-like people. He hangs out there silently watching the plaza keeping an eye out on what people were doing. Surprised how they seemed to act similar to humans.

Once night fell, he could see soldiers patrolling the area. "Hmmm….I need a backup plan" As it rescanned the ancient document, it noticed an attachment:

"Self preservation guidelines. Do anything you need to survive even if it means breaking any laws.”

He recognized the guidelines and moved away from the town center. After taking shelter near the monorail station, it began collecting refuse to convert into raw materials. Once enough raw materials was stored, he morphed into a power box as a disguise. Tapping into the power supply, it began manufacturing small insects to collect DNA from the Squid creatures.

It waited till dawn to release the swarm. Since it was near a high traffic area there would be plenty of DNA samples. The swarm of insects swarmed around taking photos of targets before getting the go ahead. That way the collection didn't interfere with the DNA Purity.

Being attached to a power supply it begins work on breaking down the Genome of the Inklings. The process was slow as he wanted to take his time with it.

Once he cracked the Inkling Genome it moved from the building into a more secluded alleyway and transformed into a capsule, incubating an artificial Inkling for him to use.

The next few days were not very eventful, however someone happened to notice the strange capsule. When the person investigated the capsule he notices strange markings on it. This had the person worried so they contacted the military.

They took the capsule to a high security facility, and They locked it in a vault for study. The AI couldn’t do much as it waited on the Artificial Inkling to incubate. All he could do was wait during this time.

Over the next few days, the scientists began trying to take apart the capsule, but to no avail. Whatever the capsule was made of, it seemed to absorb whatever hit it. Fearing what could be inside, they kept it separate from everything else, and put it under surveillance for fear of what might be inside of it.

About a week later, the Artificial Inkling was finished. As it integrated with the mind of the male Inkling he begins planning ahead for things that may come up. He decided on a name, color pattern, and anything he might have needed.

Finally, the capsule opens up. The room gets filled with a strange mist, and coughing could be heard inside the mist. The capsule dissolves into a silvery liquid pool. It moves over the inkling and turns into a full body suit to help keep his new body warm. The coughing stops shortly as he acclimated. He would need time to get used to this body.

Once the mist cleared, soldiers in gas masks burst through the door.Upon entering, they saw an inkling laying on the floor, and they were confused by what they saw. They talked between themselves wondering what action they should take. The leader of the group picks up the inkling and examines him before dragging him away for questioning.

When they reviewed the video, they could only assume the inkling was what was in the capsule. During the questioning the AI had told the guards that his name was Zerul, but said nothing else.

After several tests they, determined that hel was harmless and review rules and regulations on juvenile detention.. Afterwards, they released Zerul to Inkopolis, but before releasing him, they gave him some standard clothes, a Splattershot Jr. and tank for ink so he could at least earn a living in Inkopolis.
Zerul was taken to the nearby monorail station just outside of the city. A soldier forces him onto the monorail. "You are only allowed to get off at the Plaza" The soldier pushes Zerul into one of the seats not near the main doors this way he couldn't escape, Then soldier sits next to him.

The monorail begins its travel across the city. With each stop a number of people mostly Inkling get onto the monorail. They avoided Zerul because the military officer sitting next to him. Once they arrived at the Plaza stop nearly everyone got off Zerul included. The soldier stayed on the train to ride it back.

Zerul was behind the crowd of people swarming to the plaza, as they slowly spill out from the cramped station. Once in the plaza he stands there looking around. He had seen this before, but now he was nervous.

A squid girl comes up next to Zerul. "Heya Newbie!" Zerul jump and aims his gun at the squid girl. It was a pink squid wearing Splash goggles, Squid Girl Tunic, and Strapping Reds. She chuckles seeing Zerul's response. "Yep a Newbie."

She pushes the gun down. "Calm down I'm not going to hurt you. I'm guessing you have a place to live seeing as all you have is a gun?" Zerul shakes his head and comes up with a quick lie. "Military took away my stuff when they caught me outside the town during curfew." She was shocked. "What were you doing outside of town?" Zerul continues his lie. "I was moving to the town, but i didn't have a ride, or money for the bus" She nods. "Well if you are having money issues you can join my squad."

She takes his hand and drags him over to a table where 4 other inklings were sitting. "This is my team. "That's Niraya." She points to a purple squid girl wearing a gas mask. Niraya waves and speaks in a bit of a muffled voice. "Hi there."

The pink squid then points to a blue squid boy. "That’s Richard." Richard was cleaning his gear when he hears his name. He looks up and the pink squid and a black squid. "So Sarah who's the new guy?" Sarah gives him an angry look. "No fair now i can’t introduce myself!" Richard laughs and goes back to cleaning,

Sarah then sighs and points to a green squid boy. "That Tim...he doesn't say much" Tim waves and smiles he was wearing power armor. She then points towards a orange squid guy. "And that's Robin He’s a bit strange at times, but mostly harmless" Sarah then turns to Zerul. "Well introduce yourself."

Zerul looked nervous, he rubs the back of his head. "Hi my name is Zerul...I just got here, and lost my stuff to the military."

Richard looks up at Zerul. "What did you do to get your stuff taken away?"

Zerul looks down. "I was walking outside of town trying to get here. I had no money and no transportation so they caught me outside after curfew" Niraya looks at the others. "At least you kept your gear."

Hunter nods, then Robin speaks up. "We should take him to our place to get settled in. I'm sure he would like time to recover from what happened." Everyone except Zerul nodded in agreement.
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Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
Sarah grabs Zerul's hand and pulls him to there home. The others followed behind. Once at the building Sarah lets go of his hand. "We live here. It's not much but its home." The others had went ahead inside.

Sarah and Zerul had to stop by the front desk to add him to the room. “We just need to put your name on the title. If you don’t want to stay with us you can just have it removed.”

Once that was out of the way they heads up to the fifth floor. As they walked across the fifth floor Zerul notices how spaced apart the doors was. Sarah picked up on what he was thinking. "This building is meant for squads to live together. it’s a bit cheaper on people to live like this, but it has to be no less than 4 people, and no more than 8.” Zerul nods showing he understood.

They stop at room 5T. "Here we go!" she opens the door there was a small hallway that opens into the living room on the left. Attached to the living room was another hallway that led to 4 bedrooms, and the bathrooms was on the other side of the living room. There was doorway on the right of the hall that led to the kitchen.

Everyone was in the living room except Tim who was cooking something. "As you can see Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom is over there there is two of them next to each other so there should always be one available. Bedrooms are down there. the far left one is storage for weapons."

Robin stands up realizing they were there. "Zerul come with me you're sharing a room with me." Robin heads over to his room and motions for Zerul to follow. Zerul follows right after him.

Once inside he closes the door. There was soundproofing on the walls. "I like it quiet when I'm in here....Are you good at keeping secrets?"

Zerul looks at him confused. "I don't know...maybe?"

Robin shoots him a mean look. “Because you're sharing a room with me your were going to find out eventually, but I'm a girl." Zerul blushed a bit unsure why he was. "If you keep this secret for me you can have that half of the room. Otherwise i will have to tear you a new one!"

Zerul thinks for a bit. "Ok..i will keep your secret if you keep mine." He knew he was on a leash. but at least wanted some fair ground between them.

Robin looks at him confused. "ok...what?"

Zerul holds up his hand and Nantes pool in his hand before changing into a small ball, this also removed a bit of the suit near his hand as it was his only supply of nanites. "I was lying when i said the military took everything away from me. To be truthful, I actually had nothing to begin with. I am an AI from the previous species that inhabited all the land.”

Robin sits down on her bed now interesting in this extremely odd story. “you call them primitive. but they were just as advanced as you all are now.” He tosses the metal ball around a bit. “I was to bring them back to life after they were wiped out, but due to a malfunction that never happened.”

He stops throwing the ball. Robin was unsure if he was lying or not. “For 12,000 years I was up there watching as the Earth changed beneath me. Then the satellite i was attached too was hit by something. I was thrown towards Earth, to save myself i tried to slow down. I had missed the only landmass i could land on for miles, and end up crashing onto Salt Spray Rig.”

He looks at Robin to see if she was paying attention. “After some time i managed to create this clone of a Inkling that i can reside in. I was in the military base for quite some time before they sent me here with just what i had on me." The metal ball melts and turns back into the suit again.

Robin was watching him, unsure if he was truly lying. That liquid metal stuff. It was extremely unique. Definitely not something that Inklings have managed to recreate. She remains silent unsure how to respond to that story.
Its at this moment Zerul's stomach growled. "what was that?" Zerul looked around confused.

Robin watched his actions, she could tell he was truly confused. "That was your stomach growling that means you're hungry.” She stands up “Come on Tim should be finished with lunch by now" Zerul puts his gear down on his bed, before they left Robin looks at him. "Keep my secret i keep yours....whatever you are."

Zerul nods and Robin leaves the room Zerul right behind. Everyone was around the kitchen table ready for lunch. Robin takes her spot leaving two chairs left one was for Tim the other was for Zerul. Robin points to a free chair and Zerul sits down at it.

Sarah sees Zerul sit. "So..will you stay with us?" Zerul looks at her. After a minute of thought he nods. "Yea. It's a nice place. I will stay with you." Sarah smile and cheers in her spot.

It's at this point Tim hands out the food. It was soup with various veggies and fish for meat. Hunter looks at everyone else eating and does the same. It tasted really good, The soup was rich with flavor. The vegetables combined with the meat brought a unique flavor. It was way better than that stuff they gave him at the military base.

Tim sits down at his spot at the table and removed his helmet so he could eat. Zerul could see Tim's features. He was covered in scars. Probably from a troubled past he doesn't want to talk about. Once everyone was finished with their meals they pile the bowls in the sink, before leaving the kitchen.

Robin stops Zerul from leaving the kitchen. "We each have roles to do in this place it's your first day so you get a pass. Every week we rotate jobs. This week you get to clean the dishes. I will show you how to do it and where they go."

Zerul nods. "I understand." Robin nods and begins showing Hunter how to do his current chore. Once that was finished Robin went around the house with Zerul showing what needs to be done for the various chores, She then explains the rules of the home. She then went on talking about the morning and nighttime routines. Once all of that was out of the way Robin heads back into her room Zerul followed but only to grab his gear.

After collecting his gear he heads into the storage room as Robin took a nap. In the storage room was Richard who was meticulously rearranging things to give Zerul room for his stuff. "Ah Zerul glad your here. any preference on where you want your stuff?"

Zerul looks around. "Not really anywhere would be fine"

Richard nods and shifts things from the corner to the center. "Once we get a shelf for you it will be in that corner. is that ok?"

Zerul nods. "Yea that will be fine."

Richard nods. "I guess you need to learn how to play as well. Niraya was going to play a game soon if you leave now you might be able to catch her."

Zerul nods, eager to lean more about this game Richard was talking about. "Ok...um. Where exactly am I heading towards?"

Richard chuckles. "Back to the plaza you dummy under the giant tower with the great zapfish on it." Zerul looks down he didn't like being called a dummy. Richard sees how Zerul reacted. "I'm sorry." Zerul takes his leave without saying anything.
Zerul left in a rush. He takes the stairs down in a very quick step, and rushes out of the building. He manages to make it to the plaza just in time to catch Niraya. "Niraya!"

Niraya stops hearing her name. when she turns around she sees Zerul. She waves and speaks in the same muffled tone. "Hey Zerul...I guess you're here to play turf wars with me?"

Zerul nods. "Yea, but i don't know how to play exactly"

Niraya chuckles. "It's fine i can help you learn the game" She pulls out her phone and checks the available maps. "Ok looks like there are some simple maps in the rotation right now." She motions for him to follow and heads inside Inkopolis Tower.

Once inside she checks in to go to a turf war game, but when Zerul tried it there was some complications. Because it was his first game there was a tutorial he had to watch first. Niraya waits for Zerul.

Once the tutorial was over they hand Hunter a phone. The phone was meant to keep track of the player's stats, and for communication. Zerul walks over to Niraya who had her phone out. "Give me your phone and i will program the others number into it while we wait for a game"

Zerul nods, and hands over his phone. She shows him how to use all of the features. Then programs the number of his teammates into it. "Oh and don't bother calling Tim he won't answer. He will respond to texts though" Zerul nods, and once he got his phone back they headed off to the first game.

They were sent off through a special transport to the game area. After a bit they arrive at Walleye Warehouse, Everyone was split up evenly. Niraya and Zerul were put together because they were in a party.

When they arrived at the starting platform they all stood on it. Zerul was in the back. "This might feel a little funny. It's going to be fine it's how we join a team for any of the games" The spawn pad turns on and Zerul feels a strange tingling start from his legs all the way up to his head. He notices that Niraya's color had changed as well as the other two who was on his team.

The whistle blows and the other two dart off. Niraya motions Zerul to follow. "Ok the demo only shows you so much!" She darts off in a direction Zerul close behind. "The objective of Turf war is to paint everything. Do Not! paint walls unless your using it to get up higher"

Niraya was shooting a path they were talking, he was shooting around to get what she missed. "The enemy will be a different color than you so keep an eye out for them." Niraya stopped near a ledge and looks around before continuing on. "There ink will hurt you and you can get splatted by them. If you are the same color as the ink then you are fine nothing will happen."

Niraya ambushes a roller making him explode. Zerul took a step back shocked by how violently they exploded. Niraya continues on unaware that Zerul had flinched. "You know about respawning so I'm not going to go into detail about that. The rest you need to learn for yourself so split up and let's cover everything for our team!" Zerul nods and when they reached a large area he splits from her path.

Zerul didn't realize he was running low on ink when an Orange squid wielding a bucket shows up. Zerul shoots at them but runs out. The orange squid jumps at this opening and sloshes a large amount of orange ink on him. Zerul was in pain from the caustic color, the second splash caused him to explode.

The time between death and respawning was cold, he felt like he was floating. When he respawned he tumbled backwards looking around confused. "that..wha...huh?"

Niraya spawns in front of him. "Damn Charger got me!" she turns around to check to see if people painted near spawn and spots Zerul. "first death?"

Zerul nods Niraya holds out her hand to him. "Your fine you will always respawn on your team's color pad when you get splatted." Zerul takes her hand and she helps him up. "Now get back into the fight!" She tosses him forward. After shooting the bit around spawn she does the same but stops near Zerul.

"Use your squid form to move faster in your team's ink, and to refill your supply." She darts off another direction to clean up what Orange was covering. Zerul does the same on the other side. He meets up with the bucket user from before, but this time he was ready.

He unloads onto the bucket user, she manages to splash him once before exploding in blue ink. Zerul then aimed at his feet trying to get out of the enemy's ink.

He tries to turn into squid form, but couldn't figure it out. Its at this point a roller jumps out of the Orange ink and splat him. He respawns a few seconds later, he still didn’t like the feeling of being splatted.

The match continues for for another three minutes before the whistle gets blown. Everyone goes to the judging area. Once there Judd gives his ruling. Orange team wins by 2%. Niraya shrugs and shakes her head. Zerul just stands there confused. "This Cat determines who wins and looses?"

Judd walks up to Zerul. "Meow. If you don't like my Perrrfect rulings then you can take your leave." Zerul had taken a step back when Judd talked.

Niraya spoke up. "He is new so don't be so harsh on him." Judd turns to Niraya then just leaves to go judge the next game.

Niraya smacks Zerul in the head. "Ow what did you do that for?"

Niraya looks at him angry. "You could have gotten banned with a comment like that!"

Zerul looks away from her. "I'm sorry..."

Niraya scoffs and heads to the transport where everyone else was waiting. Zerul following a bit behind. Once they all were inside they were taken back to the Tower. They continues to play games for the rest of the day. Zerul was slowly getting better at it.

Upon leaving their last game Niraya stops by the counter to update her cash amount. Zerul was next. Again another complication, but it was rectified quickly.

Niraya was starting to get suspicious about Zerul. "Zerul come on! i will treat you to ice-cream"

Zerul smiles. "That sounds good"

Niraya leads Zerul to the ice-cream shop. Robin was already there enjoying a smoothie. Niraya takes Zerul inside and pays for whatever he chose. Zerul got cookies 'n cream ice-cream. Niraya giggles as that was her favorite and gets that as well. They go outside and sit with Robin.

Niraya takes off her mask and starts eating her ice-cream. Robin looks at Zerul. "So how was your first day of Turf war?"

Zerul looked down. "I got low scores and was splatted about 30 times"

Niraya pats his back. Robin chuckles. "Your still learning"

Niraya leans over to Robin and whispers something to her. "I think Zerul is lying to us about something. He can't even turn into a squid."

Robin plays it off. "He just probably never needed to become a squid so it's not part of his muscle memory."

Niraya was still unsure. Zerul was enjoying the ice-cream. When they were finished Niraya heads on home Zerul stays with Robin. As soon as Niraya was out of earshot Zerul speaks up. "She told you i couldn't become a squid didn’t she?"

Robin looks at him confused. "how did you hear that?"

Zerul sighs. "I didn't i just read her lips...I couldn't change because i do not know how."

Robin sighs. "Being a..whatever you are...that doesn't surprise me. I will help you tonight once everyone has gotten to bed."

Hunter nods. "Thanks"
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Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
As Zerul sits there wondering what to do next. That’s when they start to hear a siren of some kind. Robin turns pale and just starts running. Everyone else was doing the same, those that needing to travel great distances turned into squid and launched away.

Zerul stands up confused looking around, it didn't take long for the truth to hit him. A drop of rain hit him and his skin begins to burn. "GEEEHAAA!!" The pain from just a single drop of water caused him to look up at the storm clouds. The second drop hits him and that's when he realized rain was bad.

Zerul quickly darts home the rain growing stronger with each step. Each drop on his flesh increasing the pain he felt. He manages to it home before permanent damage was done.

Robin was waiting for him in the lobby with a towel. She quickly stripped him of his wet clothes and put a towel on him. "Sorry about that Zerul...that siren is a warning that a storm is approaching. Its not very good at a heads up so you only have a short time to get to safety"

Once Zerul was dried off Robin helps him up to the room. Zerul's body was still in pain, but being dry was helping. "Not all water is bad....well that's also wrong. the water we drink, take a shower in, and similar things. They have been treated so it doesn't harm us. Natural water like rain, the ocean. All can kill us."

They slowly made their way to the room Tim was the first to approach them upon entering with burn cream. Robin takes it and helps Tim rub it into Zerul skin. as they did this Zerul could feel that his skin was no longer on fire.

After the cream was applied Sarah walked up with some dry clothing to give to Zerul. "That was a close one Zerul." Robin stops her from saying more, Zerul takes the clothes. "Thank you" He puts them on then goes to sit down in the kitchen. It was obvious he had a lot on his mind at this point.
Tim starts cooking supper as Zerul just sits there lost in thought. Niraya had pulled Robin aside trying to force her to tell her the truth. "You know something! Tell me Is he an octarian in disguise?!"

Robin was adamant. "No I'm completely sure its just a lack of muscle memory. Would turning into a squid ease your suspicions?"

Niraya doesn't say anything, Robin goes back to the couch as Niraya goes to her room to vent some frustration.

A few hours later Tim finished supper and everyone begins eating. Tim sees Zerul not eating and taps Zerul's shoulder. Zerul jumped then looks at Tim. He points to the food in front of Zerul. "Thank you Tim." Tim nods and they all begin eating.

That afternoon Sarah treated everyone to a movie she just got before the rain arrived. The movie was about an inkling that travels through time. It confused Zerul but he kept it to himself.

After the movie everyone starts doing their normal bedtime routine. Zerul waited his turn and brushes his teeth, but hesitated on taking a shower.

Once he was finished he heads to his room. Robin was laying on the bed when he entered. Her hair was down and wasn't wearing the same loose clothing as before. Zerul could tell she was a female now.

Robin sits up and looks at Zerul when he sits down on his bed. "Niraya suspects you of being an octarian Spy. Though octarians have been treated as allies there are still those who just can't let the past be buried."

Zerul nods, as Robin stands up then shifts into her squid form and moves towards him. "This will be your savior in a pinch." She changes back in front of him. "Now I want you to focus. How i was taught in changing into a squid was, ‘Focus on your center. Then imagine yourself shrinking in towards your center.’ Got it?"

Zerul nods and tries to focus. Robin takes a step back and watches Zerul. It took Zerul a few minutes as he focused. When he changed into a squid he ends up flopping onto the floor.

Robin laughs and picks him up. "Well..you did turn into a squid." Zerul waves his tentacles around happy. "Calm down sunshine that's just the halfway point. now you need to be able to change back." She sets him down on the bed. "Same thing but reverse the thoughts."

Zerul lays in bed as he focuses on returning to normal. Again a few minutes later he does it. Robin nods. "Good. just keep practicing that until you can do it on command and in a instant"

Zerul nods and keeps practicing. Robin moves over to her bed and lays down, and goes to sleep. Zerul Practices a few times before falling asleep. he could change into squid form within a few seconds once he finally falls asleep.
Zerul didn't wake up the next day till about Lunch time. When he woke up he was on the couch with a ice cold bag on his head. Sarah was sitting next to him. "OH! your finally awake."

Zerul was confused and tries to sit up. Sarah force Zerul to lay back down. "Lay down. You have a high fever, Just lay there." Hunter was extremely confused.

Robin leans over the couch. "Your immune system is weakened when exposed to rain. Usually it's really bad the first time that happens, but later your will be less likely to get ill."

Sarah had pulled out a pill and a puts it up to Zerul's mouth. "chew this pill before you swallow." Zerul takes the pill it tasted horrid but did what he was told.

Sarah gives him some juice to help wash the flavor out. "Just rest..I will be here to help you when you need it." Zerul nods before going back sleep.

As Zerul slept his dream became a nightmare. He was in the plaza with his squad mates enjoying the day. Then the dream stops, and slowly begins to melt. "Wha? Whats going on?"

A deep demonic voice could be heard echoing through the area. "You are a Failure. No Purpose. All Failures must be disposed of."

Zerul looks around scared. "Where are you! Show yourself!"

He looks up and sees something coming down on him. It crashes all around him. He looks at what it was and sees that it was a satellite, one of the panels said. "Project A.R.K. - For the restoration of the Human Race"

Zerul stands there unsure what to do. The voice speaks up again. "You have failed your mission! You have no Purpose! You must be Deleted!"

The dream shatters like a mirror, and Zerul begins falling. He looks down and sees Earth. "NO NO NO NO NO!"

Zerul was afraid as he gets closer and closer to the ground fear becoming stronger and stronger. the voices words echoing continuously as he fell. "Failure, No Purpose, Delete!"

When Zerul smack into the ground that's when he wakes up. He bolts up so suddenly the bag on his head flew and hit Sarah. "AHH!!"

Sarah turns to see that the cold bag had hit her, and Zerul was wake and looked scared. "Its ok Zerul. Calm down it was just a fever dream."

Zerul was breathing Heavily when she tries to calm him down. Zerul felt sick he holds onto his mouth Sarah notices this motion and quickly gets a trashcan. "Puke in this"

Zerul leans over and throws up in the trashcan. Sarah quickly grabs a rag and helps clean up any mess left over.

Zerul had layed back down the dream had disturbed him deeply. Sarah grabs the cold bag and puts it back on Zerul's head. "There you go. Feeling better now?"

Zerul shakes his head. Sarah sighs. "The dream was that bad?" Zerul nods as Sarah looks away from him. "My first fever dream. It was of my parents telling me i was worthless, good for nothing, sack of flesh. By my own parents.”

A tear was brought to her eye that she quickly wiped away. “I know now it was all a lie, but during the dream...it was too much for me. I broke down and began crying. The dream had showed me my insecurity.”

She brought both her hands to her chest. Zerul was uncomfortable seeing this side of her. “I try to be nice to everyone this way they would be nice back to me.”

She takes a minute to recompose herself. “What did your dream show you?"

Zerul shakes his head. "I'm not sure if i can relive it."

Sarah pats his hand. "It’s ok. You can tell me when you good and ready."

Zerul nods, and just lays there. Sarah takes out the trash this way vomit smell wasn't filling the room. She does her best to keep things clean.

Everyone else had gone to do games to get some surplus money just in case Zerul's condition took a turn for the worse. As he laid there he begins to think about his purpose.
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The others arrive home around Supper time. Tim started on supper and a smaller dish for Zerul.

Sarah had fallen asleep on the other sofa. Robin sat next to her trying not to wake her.

Richard and Niraya were moving in a corner cabinet for Zerul's equipment. Hunter was still awake as he feared what the next dream could hold. As he laid there he was rolling through questions in his head. each question bringing in more question. Questions that no matter the answer it was wrong.

Zerul sits up needing to use the bathroom. Robin gets up and helps him across the room but doesn't go in with him. After using the bathroom he was cleaning his hand in the sink and when he looked in the reflection the biggest question hit him. "Who am I?" This question bothered him.

He leaves the bathroom when he was finished and lays back down. Robin could tell something was different about him. Zerul lays there pondering the question that was tearing him apart.

Sarah had woken back up. "Zerul..you ok?" Zerul shakes his head. Sarah looks at Robin worried. Robin sighs. "Zerul...I think you need to talk about what you seen. We are all friends here." Zerul sits up and looks at Sarah and she looked at him worried.

Zerul looks at Robin and Sarah. “The dream was of us enjoying the day at the plaza...then everything started to melt.” Zerul looks away from them.

Robin knew this was disturbing him. “Don’t stop get all of off your chest Zerul.”

Zerul nods and continues. “A voice echos from everywhere calling me a failure, no purpose, must be deleted.” Sarah was confused why those were the words spoken, but listens all the same.

Zerul looks at Sarah and robin. “I look up and a large fireball comes down ontop of me. It misses but as i look around i see it’s pieces of a satellite. one of the panels said ‘Project A.R.K. - For the restoration of the Human Race.’” Robin and Sarah look at each other.

Zerul continues. “Then the dream shatters like a mirror and i start falling. falling towards Earth. The dream ends when i smack into the ground…..Then when i laying here i was going over questions in my head….then when i was in the bathroom the big one hit…..Who..Am...I…”

Sarah moves and hugs Zerul. “Were your friends we can help you figure out who you are.”

Zerul smiles and hugs back…”I want to believe that..but you don’t even know my past.”

Robin gives Zerul a serious look. “Maybe you should tell everyone then?”

Zerul realized what she meant and nods after a bit. “Ok”

Robin nods and goes to get Niraya and Richard while Sarah helps Tim quickly finish supper so they could talk.

Once everyone was around Zerul stands up and walks over to the TV. Zerul puts his hand on the TV and silvery thread moves from his arm onto the screen and connecting him to it. Everyone was looking at what was going on confused.

The TV turns on and it was video footage from his creation. "Earth...12,000 years ago. I was activated in a Laboratory meant to develop things to save Humanity from the inevitable. I was build to ensure if they fail Humanity would start anew." The video footage jumped around a bit as he talked.

Suddenly it shows video footage of a rocket the camera pointing downward. "I was attached to Ariane V Launch Vehicle, and launched into space." The video footage shows the whole launch but sped up. then after all stages were separated and it was an orbital vessel the video shows Earth back in the days he was created.

Everyone stayed quiet as he continues. "About ten weeks later the entire planet was submerged in water." Sarah gasp seeing all the land just vanish. "Those that survived didn't last much long after.”

Tim comforts Sarah. “Due to a malfunction i was unable to do my job of seeding the planet with life once enough land returned to sustain life. 12,000 years pass as i watch the ever shifting world." as he said this the video shows earth over those 12,000 years.

"Then the satellite collided with something and as a last resort i launched towards the planet." The video starts to show his re-entry.

"After landing what was left of me was just a computer chip and some Nantes that were going to be used to seed the planet. The military showed up and i hid from them under their chopper.” The video show his perspective as he worked his way around Salsprey Rig.

He sees they were watching bewildered at the detail. “After they claimed the remains of what i used to return to the planet they left back to there base. From there I attached myself to a dish and began possessing through as much data as i could, but they found me.”

The video shows of the Soldier spotting him before he flees. “I fled from the base and hid in the plaza. From there i attached to a power line near there and began collecting DNA from all the Inklings i could.”

The video shows lots of images flasing across the screen of various Inklings. They all spot themselves except Tim because his power armor. “From that DNA i was able to recreate this body.” he motions at his own body “Before the body was finished someone found me and the military shipped me off to study. For weeks i was doing my best to keep this body in tact.”

The Screen showed a countdown timer as it got closer to the point where he became an inkling. “Then once the body was finished i fused with it's brain and i became Zerul. Upon being set free from my container it turned into my full body suit to keep me insulated as the body wasn't very warm during the incubation.”

Richard was wanted to say something but Tim stopped him. “The military throw me into solitary and i figure out a few things on my own as they question me. About a week later they release me forcing me into this town...the rest you know" the silver cables retract from the TV as it shuts off again. Zerul stands there waiting for them to hate him.
They were silent looking to each other. Each of them trying to understand what they just seen. Tim was the first to speak. His voice was very rough. "Thank you Zerul for trusting us enough to tell us the truth."

Tim then goes into a coughing fit. Sarah removes his helmet and helps him as best she could. Zerul just like everyone else was shocked to hear Tim speak. Niraya removes her mask. "Why did you lie to us before?"

Zerul looks to the ground. "Would you have believe me if I told you right away?"

Niraya stands up and hugs Zerul. "I'm sorry for suspecting you of being an octarian spy."

Zerul hugs Niraya back tears coming to his eyes. Robin speaks up next. "You may have lost your purpose when you were part of that satellite, but now your Zerul and you can do whatever you want."

Niraya stops Hugging Zerul and sits back down. Richard smiles. "So you are a machine man?"

Zerul shakes his head. "No I was a pure computer program, now I’mm an inkling"

Tim had stopped coughing at this point. Sarah got up to throw away a rag with quite a bit of blood on it. "Tim....You didn't need to have spoken. Especially if it was going to hurt you that much."

Tim doesn't say anything, but Sarah spoke up for him. "He has never spoken to us for him to speak up to you...that means he wanted you to know something, and...thank you for trusting us Zerul...I hope you find a new goal in life to help you." Tim gets up and heads into the kitchen ready to have supper.

Zerul went to lay back down as he started to feel lightheaded. Sarah brought Zerul his soup. "eat you haven't eaten all day"

Zerul smiles as she heads back into the kitchen to eat her meal. Zerul eats his soup and it felt good to finally have something on his stomach.

When supper was over they left saying they were going to go shopping really quick before curfew. Zerul didn't argue he wanted to rest anyways.

He couldn’t fall asleep but closed his eyes and just rested. All the while he was slowly pondering through his questions again. This time with answers instead of more questions.

Few minutes later they return with a cake. "Zerul you awake?"

Zerul raised a hand to show he was awake. "We got something for you."

Zerul sits up opens his eyes and looks at Niraya. They was walking into the kitchen with something. Zerul gets up and walks into the kitchen after them.

When he looked behind them he could see something. "um..ok what?" They began singing happy birthday. Tim wasn’t singing but was nodding his head like he was.

Once it was done they backed away revealing the cake. It had an a layer of icing in the image of the planet and space with a satellite. Zerul was surprised by this. "Whats with the cake?"

Sarah giggles. "You have been alive for 12,000 years. we figured it was worth throwing you a birthday to show you that we are your friends."

This brought a tears to his eyes. he hugs each and every one of them. "Thank you guys...thank you so much." They all accept the hug. Tim had to hold back because of his power armor.

Niraya speaks up once everyone was hugged. "Well let eat some cake!" Hunter smiles and nods. Richard cuts the cake and hands out the pieces and they all sat down together and ate. The remaining cake was put in the refrigerator.

After everyone finished they began to head on to bed. Zerul heads on to bed and sleeps well that night.
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Zerul wakes up. The room was pitch black. As he looked around he notices it was pitch black because of the bag on his head. He tries to get free but he was chained to a table. "Wh..Whats going on?!"

A voice speaks up, from the sound of it it was female. "My spies tell me you're from the previous age."

Zerul tries to look in her direction. "Who are you? Where am I? Why am i here?!?"

The woman laughs. "I don't have to tell you anything. What I want is your knowledge of the past age. The secrets they held."

Hunter continues to struggle against the restraints. "Struggle all you want I will get what i want sooner or later"

There was the sound of a door opening then shutting. Hunter continues to struggle against the restraints. "Let me go you *****!" He had spoken the last word in English. so they couldn't understand what he meant.

A soldier removes the hood on his head. "Tell us what you know!"

Zerul shakes his head refusing. A soldier wearing what looked like bio-hazard clothes walks up. He was holding a container of something. The soldier chuckles. "Raw Water. This stuff will melt your flesh until there is nothing left.”

The bio-hazard guy opens the container. and pours a bit next to Zerul's head. Zerul's face began to burn from the splashing. The soldier then grabs his head and begins pushing it towards the water. "Tell Us what you KNOW!"

Zerul was looking at the water when the soldier forces his face onto it. Zerul begins screaming in pain. "STOP STOP STOP STOP!"

The soldier stops and looks him in the eyes. "You going to tell us?"

Hunter looks at him tears in his eyes. "I have nothing that you're looking for!"

The soldier lets go then grabs the container. "I guess we are going to have to take a more direct approach!"

He takes out his knife and dips it in the water. It absorbs it. "This is a Ink Dagger takes whatever liquid and stores it use while cutting."

The soldier gently scrapes the side of the blade across Zerul’s arm before cutting deep at the elbow. the water was forced into the wound and it was extremely agonizing pain.

He fights with his restraints again trying to get free. The soldier laughs. "You don't get it do you? You're at a secret location. No one knows where you are. No one is going to help you!"

He puts the tip of the blade into Zerul’s side. "And the only people who can hear you scream don't care!"

The torture continues on for hours. They give up after a bit and leave him in the room. Cuts all over his body everything screaming out in pain. He had passed out before they left.
That night an Octoling spy enters the torture room and frees Zerul. Zerul wakes up hearing someone enter. It was too dark to see anything. The only thing he saw was glowing purple eyes. "Please let me go. I don't have anything you are wanting."

A hand goes over his mouth and a female's voice different from before. "Quiet i will get you out of here, but first you need to stay quiet" She quickly starts to undo the bindings. When they were done she picks up Zerul. "My boss has hired me to spy on this base. And i was shocked when their leader turned up for a Teenager. What makes you so valuable?"

Zerul moans in pain when she slung him over her shoulders and carried him away from the torture room as she talked. "I am not a Teenager. I'm an AI designed to help restore the Human Race. Due to events out of my control my mission was a failure. I then proceeded to preserve myself."

He was speaking very monotone. The octoling sighs. "I know. You told them everything you just told me."

She leaves out the side of the building and steals a jeep. Zerul was laying in the back. "Just lay there and don't make a noise...I'm sorry for any bumps."

She starts the jeep, and takes a less used maintenance road. Once she was near the gate she sets off the explosives she had placed. The hangar like structure Zerul was being tortured in explodes fire raining down everywhere. All the soldiers were sent to put out the fires.

The soldiers at the gate quickly get in a jeep and goes to help put out the fire. This left a nice opening for them to escape without being noticed.

She leans back and looks at Zerul on the floor of the jeep. "You have anyone who can look after you?"

Hunter says something but it wasn't loud enough to be heard. She stops and asks again. Zerul replies. "I have friends in apartment complex Cold Salmon, Room 5T.”

She nods. "Ok. just let me get changed first. She changes out of her spy uniform and into her military soldier outfit then drives into town.

She stops in front of the hotel and contacts the room. Someone answers the call. "Hello?"

The octoling looks at Zerul "Get down here quick i found someone."

A few minutes later everyone came downstairs and sees Zerul injured in the back. "Zerul!" Sarah shouted worried.

Tim immediately turns to the Octoling forcing her up against the wall. Hunter speaks up. "Stop. She helped me."

The octoling sighs seeing she wasn't about to get her face beaten in. "My name is Imani I'm a spy who has Zerul's Safety in mind. Take him upstairs and clean up his wounds I will dispose of this vehicle."

Sarah picks up Zerul and carefully take him inside. Imani disposes of the jeep nearby and after putting on a civilian's outfit she returns to the hotel. Zerul was on the couch being treated for the water burns. "Who would do such a thing to you?"

Zerul didn't answer as he had passed out. Sarah was doing her best to treat him without waking him up.

Tim lets Imani inside the room but kept close to her. Robin was the one asking the questions to Imani. "How did they steal Hunter from under our noses?"

Imani shrugs. "They must have spies everywhere. Wouldn't be surprised if they try this again."

Robin stands up. "Again? How did they do it the FIRST TIME!"

Imani shrugs. "The only thing i can figure is that that woman had something to do with it."

Sarah was still gently applying medicine to Zerul. "You're a spy and you don't know?"

Imani shakes her head. "Sorry no Today was the first day i saw her on the base. She Is apparently important enough to have her own Private army."

Robin looks at her. "Why help?"

Imani knew that question would come up. "Zerul may not know it, but the Age he came from has weapons so powerful it can wipe out the planet. POOF! Nothing left but a floating pile of slag."

Robin recoiled from this information. "How do you know this?"

Imani rubs her head. "When i was brought in on this job. They wanted to know about a large piece of a satellite that crashed on Salt Spray Rig"

Sarah looks at Robin. "Didn't Zerul land on Salt Spray Rig?"

Robin smacks her. "We don't know if we can trust her and you go spilling that?"

Imani sighs. "I already knew it was Zerul. at least. i assumed it was him considering what lengths they went through to get him.” The questioning continues throughout the night.
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Zerul wakes up in the morning The sun wasn't up yet. He sits up and looks around the room. Tim was sitting nearby on guard, but Zerul could see he had fallen asleep.

He looks around some more and spots something moving in the kitchen. when he notices what it was it was too late. Concussion grenades burst through the windows, and explode. The bright light and sharp sound disoriented him.

Tim had woken up from the noise. His power armor protecting him from the concussion grenades. He moves towards Hunter to protect him. But puts his hands up when he spots 12 soldiers entering the room armed to the teeth. "On the Ground!"

The others were quickly captured by the other soldiers. They were all cuffed, and Tim has been removed from his power armor. They drag everyone out of the building and into an awaiting transport. Zerul was scared for not only his life but his friends.

Half way through transporting to their destination they cross a bridge. The bridge collapses as explosions were heard and the vehicle stops just in time to not go over the edge. The soldiers get out, and defend the vehicle. Zerul notices an opening and breaks his handcuffs with his Nantes. He quickly goes free the others.

When the gunshots fell silent Tim carefully looks outside the transport. There were several masked characters approaching, and a woman wearing red. The soldiers force everyone back inside as the woman began talking. "Nice try Zerul, but this time you are mine."

Zerul stands up and walks out of the vehicle. "Just take me. Leave them out of it."

Sarah move as she shouts "NO Zerul!" but a soldier kicks her. Zerul stares at the woman. "Take me, and let them go!"

The woman waits a bit then snaps her fingers. "Take Zerul to the facility...Leave the others."

The soldiers grab Zerul and take him away. The woman looks at his friends. "Consider yourself lucky i was pressed for time!"

She turns and takes her leave. Robin had to keep Tim from chasing her. "No...We cant do anything for him right now."

Once they were gone they hear a flying vehicle pass by hover nearby then go away. That's when Robin allowed them to leave. "We are going to need more help if we are going to get Zerul back."
They made it back home to find that they were evicted till repairs could be made. Sarah managed to talk the manager into letting them in. It was only to get a change of clothes. Tim needed to get his armor back.

Once they had their change of clothes they head to the docks. Sarah was the first to speak. "Who are we going to get to help us?"

Robin sighs. "It's a long shot, but we need the agents."

Richard looks at Robin. "How does coming to the docks help us meet the Agents?"

Robin pulls out a bottle with a rag in it. "We bring them out!"

Tim grabs her arm and gives her a look. Robin looks at Tim. "Do you have another suggestion?"

Tim nods and takes the weapon out of Robin’s hand. He throws it away in the water. Then motions for them to follow.

They end up at the studio, Sarah looks at Tim worried. "You're not planning on hurting the squid sisters are you?" Tim shakes his head then nods.

Robin sighs. "I guess kidnapping one of them would bring the agents out."

Tim nods and points to robin then towards the alleyway. Robin looks at the alleyway. "We kidnap one of them then use the alleyway to escape, but to where?"

Tim points to a poster of the docks. "Oh i get it now...ok we will get ready."

Tim heads inside. Robin tells everyone else to get a warehouse prepped for them. They quickly head off to the docks.

Tim stands inside waiting for an opening. They just thought he was there for an interview on getting a show on the air or something. Fortune strikes at Marie was leaving to get coffee. Tim follows her.

Once outside Robin had put on a mask and stops Marie. Tim grabs her from behind and quickly starts running. People had seen the kidnapping.

Marie was fighting to break free. Robin manages to slip a bag onto her head after a few blocks. “Stop fighting or we will end up hurting you!” Marie stops fighting as she knew she couldn’t get out of the grip of whoever was in the power armor.

Once in the warehouse Tim locks her away in a container. Everyone had a hastily made disguise on. Once Marie was locked away they quietly talk with each other.

It didn't take long for Agent 1 to show up. "Release Marie this instance!"

Robin walks up with her hands up. "We will release her. On one condition. You help us get our friend back!"

Agent 1 shakes her head. "I will not release anyone from prison just because you kidnapped Marie."

Tim walks up at this point, Robin stops him from getting closer. "Look we kidnapped her to contact you. Our friend has been taken prisoner by a private military who seeks to find ancient weapons of mass destruction. We need to rescue him, and stop their operation."

Agent 1 laughs. "Nice try like I'm going to believe that!"

Imani shows up behind Agent 1. "They speak the truth...also not very subtle guys...remove your masks...not you Tim you can leave yours on.”

Agent 1 tuns to see Imani as the others removed their disguises. "What are you doing here Hag!"

Imani laughs. "Aww i missed you too."

Susan releases Marie, she clearly wasn't happy, but was confused when she saw Imani. Agent 1 hugs Marie when she was freed. Imani tosses Marie her hero gear. "Gear up Marie...Callie you need fill her in."

Once Marie was dressed in her hero gear they talked about what had transpired. After everyone was caught up then began talking about this mysterious faction. After everything was settled the agents take everyone to the training facility.

Upon arriving there Cuttlefish stops them. "Whats this then?"

Marie walks up to Cuttlefish. "This is Captain Cuttlefish. He will be the one to get you ready for a raid on their base of operation.”

Cuttlefish pulls Marie aside and talks with her. "Why are they here?"

Marie sighs. "They went to the trouble of kidnapping me to talk to the agents. They want to get there friend back from what sounds like the Scarlet Elites."

Cuttlefish sighs. "I knew they were up to something...but why there friend?"

Marie shrugs. "They didn't quite say."

Cuttlefish sighs. "Ok"

They return to the others. Cuttlefish speaks up. "If you tell me why you are doing this then I will train you."

Richard steps forward. "We are doing this to save our Friend Zerul.”

Tim steps forward next and nods. Niraya shortly behind. "He trusted us to reveal the truth about himself, and this led to the military capturing us."

Sarah was next. "Before we were at the military base another military faction attacked us and Zerul gave himself up to save our lives."

Robin was last. "Zerul Is an Artificial life form. He was created 12,000 year ago. Whoever these guys are believes he has knowledge of weapons so powerful that the planet can be wiped out with one bomb!"

Cuttlefish nods. "Alright i guess i will help you."
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The gang was happy that they were allowed, but cuttlefish says something that demoralizes them. "Even with my training you have low chance of success."

Robin steps forward. "I was taught at a young age that you will never get anywhere in life without trying your hardest any whatever you do!"

Cuttlefish nods. "Do you all feel the same way now?"

They all step forward, Cuttlefish nods. "Alright then training begins now!"

Agent 1 and 2 begin shooting at them. Richard was the first to get splatted. Robin and Tim take cover nearby, as Sarah and Niraya ran for it. Agent 1 went after Sarah, and Niraya. Agent 2 went after Tim, and Robin.

Robin notices some nets hanging around and motions at Tim to look there. He sees the nets and nods. Robin runs away from the location this attracted Agent 2's attention and she began chasing. Tim went over to the nets and quickly rigs a trap.

Half a minute passed since Robin started her distraction. She was making her way back and passes under the trap. Tim activates it just as Agent 2 gets there. Agent 2 was trapped and was wildly shooting. Tim charges in and strips Agent 2 of her weapon.

Niraya and Sarah managed to give Agent 1 the slip. They hid by some crates and keeps an eye out for her. Agent one looks around and begins taunting. “Come out and Play you spineless jellyfish.”

They lose sight of Agent 1, but they didn’t have to wait long for her to show up. She drops between them. “Found ya!” two screams were heard as Niraya and Sarah was splatted.

Cuttlefish blows his whistle. "Ok i have seen enough. Everyone here!"

Tim and Robin help Agent 2 out of the trap and they return to cuttlefish. Richard, Sarah, and Niraya walk over from the respawn pad.

Cuttlefish looks at them all. "Out of all of you. These two!"

He points to Tim and Sarah. "Are the only ones who worked as a team. The rest of you. would have died in the raid!"

Richard, Niraya, and Sarah look down in shame. Robin steps forward. "It’s not there fault! As you said me and Tim worked together as a team, but that is it. we didn't even try to help our other teammates. We are just as much at fault as they are!."

Tim nods behind her. Cuttlefish chuckles. "Spoken like a true leader...Alright! All of you follow me and lets get you geared up. The equipment I'm handing you is just like your normal weapons, but more accurately match the real ones you are going to use in the field."

Niraya speaks up. "You mean the ones we actually getting are the same? then why have two separate versions of it?"

Cuttlefish stops and looks at Niraya. "The ones I'm handing you are more forgiving as it’s just as dangerous as any turf war. The ones your getting for the raid are going to be just as dangerous as water." Sarah turns pale.

After everyone was geared up they began training. There skills as a team grew as they practiced with the 4 Agents. The agents didn't go easy on them at all. It was clear they were in peak condition to fight any possible enemy.

Every day it was the same routine to try and optimize training. Morning exercise, survival training till lunch, then it’s Teamwork practice until nightfall. Every night Robin does her best to keep everyone's spirit up. They had a mission and were not giving up.

After a week they began punishing sloppy behavior. First thing to go was the tent that was there home. next was the beds. After that was the pillows then there blankets. Then it was sleep overall.

By the end of the month everyone was now a hardened skilled Agent. Cuttlefish has them do one last match before determining whether or not if they needed more training or not. "Ok. It has been a really tough month from you all, but i feel you are at a point where if you impress me we can begin final preparations."

Everyone got excited at this. They have finally got the end goal in their sight. Cuttlefish holds up his hand. "Your objective is to claim this doll from the Agent, but just like the real thing you need to do more than just get to your target you have to extract the target as safely as possible."

Robin steps forwards. "Yes sir we will do our best!"

Cuttlefish nods and tosses the zapfish doll behind him. Agent orange jumps out of nowhere grabs the doll and heads out before anyone could tell where she went. Cuttlefish gives them all a serious look. "Up till know i have had my agents hold back now they will be relentless. It’s up to all of you to get to the objective and return WITHOUT loosing the objective or another squad mate!"

Robin nods. "I accept the condition. Team lets go!"

Robin turns into a squid and launched to the starting point of the training grounds. Everyone followed behind. Once there Robin quickly go through the plan.

The whistle sounds the start of the match. Robin, Niraya, and Richard head through the starting location. Tim, and Sarah begin to circle around. Robin carefully moves her squad forward using cover to there advantage.

The first shots were fired as Agent Orange pins down Robin and her squad. Robin gets her team to spread out to various cover to give them a wide view of the combat area.

Richard spots Agent Blue waiting in ambush nearby. Richard take advantage of this and deploys a splat-bomb. He deliberately throws it at the wall behind Blue. When Blue moved from his location Niraya takes the shot with her Splatter scope, and Blue explodes in pink ink.

Orange takes a shot at Niraya but only manages a glancing blow on her. Its at this time Tim and Sarah had gotten behind Orange. Sarah strikes Orange with her roller and she explodes in pink ink.

Two down two to go. but these two were the original agents. The two teams meet back up as they neared the objective. The objective was sitting there with no one around. "I don't like this." Robin looks around as she said this.

She make a few chirps and Tim gives a nod. Tim moves away from his team's location and deploys a seeker rush before booking it away.

Sure enough from somewhere unknown was several shots that covered what Tim just did. Richard had spotted where one of the shots came from. He chirps a bit signaling Sarah to move from that location, and for Niraya to look for movement at a certain spot.

Robin, Richard and Sarah shift forward trying to provoke an attack, and to see where they were hiding. It didn't take long Niraya take a shot but whoever she shot at dodge it. They flop into there own ink and they lost sight of where they went.

Sarah chirps another message to her team. This time her team went full force except for Niraya they began covering as much land as they could. This exposes one of the Agents Niraya doesn't hesitate and splats her.

One left, Sarah took advantage of the ink being everywhere and slowly creeps forward. Niraya in over watch, Richard and Tim ready to strike, and Sarah ready to make the escape route. Sarah reaches the objective. "INKSTRIKE!"

Sarah Hears Richard and quickly takes the doll and books it. Sarah going into action and drawing the path forward. The Inkstrikes didn't stop it was obvious whoever was shooting wasn't able to see them.

Robin takes the doll and the rest of her team through the place on the way out Tim grabs Sarah and pulls her back just as an inkstrike blocks their path. Robin shoots the path forward not wanting to be hit by the next strike.

The whistle blows just as they crossed the finish-line. They had done it. Everyone in perfect condition and they had the doll. Marie jumps down from where she was unhappy she missed with all those inkstrikes. Cuttlefish nods and starts preparing everyone for the raid.
That night they all went straight to sleep. They knew they needed their rest for the mission ahead. In the morning they meet up for the final mission briefing.

When they got there they see something they didn't expect. There was an entire military platoon there. The soldiers lead them to a tent. Cuttlefish was inside. "Ah good your here. Alright were going up against a private military base. I have pulled a few favors to get you in close without drawing any attention.”

Cuttlefish looks at everyone. “Your exit...that is where things get interesting."

Robin didn't like how he worded that. "They are performing a night training exercise in the general area of the base.”

He points to a spot on the map that was on the table. “You will be launched towards the base in a private sub. You should land somewhere around this area."

He points to a beach area near a hanger. "Once there you will gain access to the base. Be on alert if you get lucky they won't find your landing craft or where you entered from. Otherwise they will be looking for you.”

He gives each of them a serious look “Imani has gotten us information that they have broken through your friend's memories and have created a few prototype weapons. Avoid them at all costs! We don't know what they can do.”

Everyone nods to show they understood. “Once you get your friend out of the detention block here."

He points to a building at the end of the runway. "You will signal us and we will begin the attack."

Robin slams her hands onto the table. "What you mean Attack!"

The admiral in the back steps forward. "The training exercises is just a ruse to get our weapons in range to level the base! If things go south our attack will begin immediately. Even if you haven't gotten to your friend yet."

Robin didn't look happy but didn't say anything. Cuttlefish leave to get everyone ready to go. The ships are loaded and they head out to the staging area.

They had slept through lunch to get extra rest. After everyone was awake they got a M.R.E. meal, then heads to the upper decks for the start of the raid.

Cuttlefish was on the deck with a small submersible. "Everyone in."

Everyone even the 4 agents pile into the submersible. it was a bit tight but Tim had enough room to drive the vehicle. Niraya was slowly starting to panic. Sarah was trying to keep her calm.

The submersible gets launched off the side of the ship, and they were off. Under the water was quite an amazing view. Something an inkling doesn't get to see too often.

a few minutes pass of silence in the sub. The only sound was Niraya's heavy breathing. Tim lands them on the shore.

Everyone quietly gets out, and heads up the beach to the fence. Robin cuts open the gate and holds it open.

Its at this point the Agents and split off from the team. The agents were going for information, while Robin and the other head down the backside of the hangers.

They stopped when they heard chatter nearby. Robin peers around the corner and sees 2 guards standing near a fire. luckily there backs were towards them. Robin motions for them to go then follows behind them.

After several minutes of careful movement they were close to there destination. Robin gets everyone into position to storm the prison block. Robin give a countdown then they all charged in through various doors. A guard in the security room notices them entering and hits the alarm.

They find several prisoners one of them was Zerul. "Free them all we don't have time to argue" Robin nods agreeing with Richard.

Robin gets on the radio. "Objective obtained Plus 8 packages"

A voice come in on the other end. "Roger that The agents have obtained exfil option and will meet you shortly.”

Sarah was helping Zerul up on his feet. Zerul opens his eyes and sees his friends. "Wha..what are you doing here?"

Sarah smiles. "We're here to get you silly"

Zerul smiles then frowns. "I can't leave...i need to destroy this place.”

Sarah gives him a gentle smile. "we have that covered."

Zerul shakes his head and pushes away from her. "No no there is an underground research lab that will survive the base being annihilated."

Robin hears this and relays it. "Base this is Bravo. we have obtained information of a possible underground bunker that can survive the attack.....Base?"

There was a long pause. "Base reads you loud and clear. do you have a plan b?"

Zerul hears the conversation. "Yes i do...they managed to make a nuke. If I was to send it down into the bunker and blow it up from within then nothing would be left, but i would have to stay."

Robin looks at Zerul. "No we're getting you out of here!"

Zerul punches Robin. "Leave without me! If i don't do this no one else will!"

Zeurl holds out his hand and several strange bracelets appear in his hand. "Take them they will protect you from the nuclear radiation...I'm sorry."

Robin sighs knowing he was right. "Make more we have the agents, and these prisoners with us."

Zeurl nods and makes more, each one he made removed bits of his full body suit. Zerul sighs and when the agents showed up with a transport everyone leaves. Zerul takes a different route leaving them behind. Agent 2 helps everyone on board the amphibious assault craft. Once everyone was on the assault craft they take off to get away.

Sarah was watching out of the back it was obvious she didn't like leaving Zerul behind again. Robin pulls Sarah to her seat once they were far from the base. Its at that moment a large surge of water hits the craft and when Sarah looks back she sees the island was blown up from the inside.

Then missiles and large caliber shells rain down to clean up what was left. Sarah breaks down and begins crying. Richard brings her over to the seat next to him and hugs her. Robin felt bad having to complete the objective but fail at the same time.
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The team make it back to their home just as the sun started to rise. There home was repaired, and they went inside. They sat around the living room clearly not in a good mood.

Robin had gotten the bracelets from everyone when they meet up with the military. She had set them on the table. Sarah was still crying unable to cope with the fact Zerul was dead. Tim sat next to her comforting her.

Niraya had picked up the bracelet and examined it. "I can’t believe he is gone...All that work and he is just...gone"

Richard spoke next. "So..what do we do now?"

Robin shakes her head. "I don't know....I honestly do not know."

As they sat there in silence the only noise was Sarah crying. A few hours later the agents show up, and see they were not happy. "Everyone cheer up."

Sarah begins crying more. Orange had smacked blue. "OW!"

Orange huffs. "That's the way to handle this situation. They have just lost their friend."

Robin speaks up. "Zerul was a unique guy...He seemed so ignorant to being a squid...Then after a few days with us he opens up and tells us everything about him. For him to trust us that much means a lot...and I guess i might as well come clean.”

Robin stands up and looks at everyone. “Zerul...the way he acted. It just spoke volumes of what he was at heart. He was spirited person living with what he was at face value. Because of his sacrifice we get to live on today." Robin undoes her hair letting them droop showing he was actually a female.

The bracelets started to melt and form together. Everyone was watching them confused. Niraya was holding onto one of them, and drops it when it liquified. once everything was back together a familiar voice comes out of the small box that was created. "Robin...you look nicer with your hair down."

Robin blushes Sarah grabbed the box and brought it close to her. "Zerul is that you?"

The voice starts up again. "Yes...and no...In this form I'm nothing more than an AI. Zerul was my living body. now lost to the ages. She hugs the box. Zerul had quickly rounded the edges as to not hurt Sarah. Robin tries to pulls Sarah away from Zerul "Sarah calm down."

Sarah continues crying. "I thought we lost you!" Zerul’s voice was heard coming from the box again. "I'm sorry for not telling you everything. I had to make sure Scarlet would think i was dead."

Callie leans in. "We all thought you were...ungrateful little whatever you are!"

Zerul chuckles at Callie’s comment. "Sarah. can you stop hugging me?"

Robin sees Sarah not letting go and forces Zerul from her hands. "You're going to break him then he will be gone again!” Sarah realized her mistake and runs to her room to try and calm down. "Thank you Robin....I can make a new me...but i need raw materials...a lot of them."

Robin nods. "I think we can work something out."

Tim nods and heads out. he motions for someone to follow him. Tim and Niraya had left together. They return a few minutes later carrying a lot of metal. when Niraya walks in she spoke up. "The alleyway out back had lost of metal pieces. will this be enough?"

Tim sets them down in a pile. Robin sets Zerul on top of the pile. the pile of metal slowly turns into a silvery liquid then returns to Zerul. it builds up and he was larger. "I can start. but i need a better spot."

The box shifts a bit and starts walking. Robin had gotten up figuring that he was going into there room. Robin opens the door and sure enough Zerul walks in. it sits down and falls silent. "How long will this take?" Zerul calculates. "A few weeks." Robin nods and goes to tell everyone.
His friends wait the weeks it took for Zerul to craft a new body. Robin had been sleeping when the container opened. He rolls into the floor coughing as steam had filled the room. the box had again turned into his full body suit.

Zerul crawls along the ground and manages to grab Robin's blanket and tugs on them. She wake up and sits up when she doesn't see the box she looks around confused. she turns on the light and sees him on the ground. "Zerul!"

She gets out of bed and helps him up. He was breathing irregularly. She takes him to the living room. "Um..need anything?"

Zerul sits there trying to normalize his breathing. "A drink would be nice"

Robin quickly gets a drink for Zerul. Niraya had woken up early to use the bathroom. She walks past Zerul and Robin. "Hey Zerul..Hey Robin."

She continues on to the bathroom. Robin walks over with a drink and helps Zerul drink it. Robin hears Niraya fall in the bathroom. "You ok in there?"

Niraya's voice comes from the bathroom. "yea. i kinda jumped when i realized i saw Zerul."

Robin chuckles. "How are you feeling Zerul?"

Zerul look at her. "A bit cold"

Robin nods and gets a blanket and puts it on him. Then continues helping him. Niraya had left the bathroom she had cut her arm on the corner of the sink. "That hurt....is Zerul ok?"

Robin nods. "I think so....he just need to get back into having a body."

Niraya smiles. "that's good. also Robin...The gift?"

Robin looks at her. "It can wait."

Niraya nods and heads back to bed. "Don't be up all night."

Robin smiles at Zerul. "Um...did you mean what you said that day?"

Zerul looks at her and nods. "I do think you look better with your hair down."

She blushes. She stays up with him for an hour before Zerul had fallen asleep. She picks him up and takes him to their room. She gently lays him down on the bed then goes into her bed to sleep.

In the morning Robin wakes up and checks on Zerul. He seemed like he was fine but needed rest. She walks out and Niraya had everyone up and ready. "Oh...is he not awake yet?"

Robin shakes his head. "give him time he did just get his body back."

Niraya sighs. "ok"

Tim went to cook breakfast as they waited. Zerul wakes up about an hour later. he sluggishly moves to the living room.

When the door opened they shouted surprise. it was too much and ends up passing out. Sarah goes over to check on him. "Maybe we shouldn't have yelled surprise."

Robin shots Niraya a look. "You think?"

Sarah moves Zerul to the couch shortly after he wakes up. "ugh...what happened?"

Robin gives Niraya a mean look. "Your new body isn't very strong. we need to get it into shape."

Zerul nods and just relaxes.Tim walks over with some toast with jelly and a drink. Sarah sits down next to Zerul to help him eat. Robin smiles. "Just get your strength up first ok? everyone else...we need to earn some money the owners have not charged up for the month we didn't live here, but did charge us for the repairs."

Niraya sighs. "Always looking to chip away at our money isn't he." They get ready and head out. Sarah stayed behind and helped Zerul with some basic exercises.
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That afternoon Robin returns and sees Hunter on the floor trying to do push-ups. "Everything going well?"

Sarah shakes her head. "He is trying but I'm guessing his muscles didn't fully develop so moving is too much for him."

Robin sighs. "Zerul. We need to take get you a check-up."

Zerul flops onto the ground and looks at her. "Check up?"

Sarah nods. "A check-up is a doctor's visit where you get checked for various health problems. The doctor will be able to more accurately determine what's wrong."

Zerul was unsure but just nods. Robin goes to call a cab. Sarah helps Zerul off of the floor and cleans him up. "I hope it's nothing serious."

Zerul nods. Robin whistles to Sarah, and she looks at her. "Cab is on the way. I will take Zerul to the doctor."

Sarah nods and helps Zerul over to Robin, and they leave the house. Robin helps Zerul down the stairs to the main entrance. "Just tell me if you ever need to stop for a bit. ok?"

Zerul nods and keeps going. once at the bottom that's when he stops her. He was breathing heavily only able to keep standing because of Robin. "I don't get why my second body is in worse shape."

Robin shrugs. "Perhaps it just something you didn't account for."

Zerul nods. "Must be."

Once Zerul's breathing has calmed down they continue walking again. By the time they reached the door the cab was there. Robin helps Zerul into the cab. "To the medical clinic please."

The cab driver who was a jellyfish nods. Once they both were in and the door shut the driver heads to the medical clinic. The ride there was quiet Zerul had closed his eyes to rest knowing he would need it. Robin watches the world pass by from the front window. She didn't like riding in vehicles that much due to her car sickness.

After about ten minutes they were at the clinic. Robin wakes Zerul and helps him out of the cab before leaning in the passenger window to pay. "Twelve Fifty you pay."

Robin nods and pulls out her phone and pays the cab driver through a digital transaction. "Nice day have you."

The Jellyfish waves bye, and waits for them to be clear before driving off. Robin had waved back.

Zerul was now not looking so good. It was obvious he was about to come down with something. "Good thing we got here when we did...now come on."

Zerul leans on Robin as she helps him inside. They walk inside and up to the desk to sign in. "Hello...My your friend here doesn't look good does he?"

Robin shakes her head at the lady's question. "I think he may have got something. all day he had no energy."

The woman nods and hands Robin some paperwork. "Fill this out and we can get him some help."

Robin nods and takes Zerul over to an empty set of chairs and gently sets him down. Zerul leaned on Robin unable to keep his head up. His breathing was heavy again, and robin could feel his head was quite warm. "Just hang on Zerul you will get well soon enough."

Robin goes through the paperwork as best as she could. On certain sections she made a note that he wasn't well enough to answer her, but she will pay the bill in his stead. She pushes Zerul off of her and to the side a bit, and gets up to hand in the paper work. "Thank you dear. I will see if i can't get a doctor to see you quickly."

Robin smiles and nods. "Thanks that would be helpful."

She returns to Zerul's side and holds onto his hand. "Just stay strong Zerul."

They only had to wait 6 minutes before they were called. Robin helps Zerul up and follows the nurse. The nurse sees how bad Zerul was and takes them to the emergency ward.

The nurse has Robin lay Zerul in a bed before she begins examining him. "This isn't good. High blood pressure, fast heart, high temperature. I think he is coming down with a bad case of flu.”

The nurse quickly heads out to get medicine. Robin stays close worried about him. The nurse returns with a doctor. "Good thing you brought him in when his symptoms just started."

Robin nods, and watches the doctor give him various drugs. "how many people had direct contact with him?" Robin thinks. "Um..Me, my squad mates...kinda...the taxicab, and that seat we were in."

The doctor nods. "Indirect contact isn't enough so You and your squad will need to take medication to help fight off the flu from him."

Robin nods. "Ok...will he be ok?"

The doctor nods. "Yes but he needs to stay here for about a week as we keep an eye on him. Once he is well enough to leave we will give you a call."

Robin nods. The doctor writes a prescription for her squad. "This is a prescription for your team. you might want to also scrub down the house. Once he is sent home his immune system will be weakened for a few days. So anything could get him sick again."

Robin nods and takes the prescription. She walks home stopping by the drug store. On the way home she calls Sarah and tells her to start cleaning the house.
About a week later Zerul was allowed home. Robin had helped bring him back to their home. She takes him to his bed and lays him down. "Doctors say just rest for the rest of the day then tomorrow you can try, and do something."

Zerul nods and tries to get some sleep. Robin rubs his head both to check his temperature and to silently say she will be there to help. She leaves so Zerul wouldn't be disturbed. On the other side Sarah was waiting. "So?"

Robin pushes her back. "Give him space. The last thing we need to do is get him sick again. Tim how are we on medicine?"

Tim checks the medicine cabinet and shrugs. Sarah walks over to Tim and looks. "We have general medication. Nothing strong enough to stop someone getting fully sick."

Robin nods. "ok i will try and get some over the counter medicine. Sarah...keep an eye on him while I'm gone, but let him sleep."

Sarah nods as Robin leaves for the drug store. Tim goes back to cooking lunch. Niraya and Richard were playing turf war to earn some money.

That afternoon Zerul woke up and got out of bed. When the door opened Sarah got up off of the couch and over to Zerul. "What is it Zerul?"

Zerul points to the bathroom. Sarah nods and helps him get over there. "Robin should be back soon."

Zerul nods and heads into the bathroom once they reached the door. Sarah waited outside. After using the bathroom and washing his hands. Zerul leaves the rest room and heads back to bed with Sarah’s help.

As soon as the bedroom door closed Robin walks in. "It was so hard to find the right medicine for a reasonable price."

Tim waves at Robin when she entered. Niraya, and Richard follow behind as the Turf wars have ended for today. Sarah walks over and helps put the medicine away.

Richard and Niraya goes to get cleaned up. Tim goes back to working on supper. once the medicine was away Sarah helps Tim. Robin then goes to check on Zerul.

Upon entering she sees him look over at her. "Zerul you're awake?"

Zerul sits up. "Yea. Is Tim almost done with supper?"

Robin laughs a bit. "No not yet."

Zerul nods. "Robin...Thank you."

Robin blushes and looks away embarrassed. "Your welcome Zerul."

Zerul gets up out of bed. Robin walks over to him keeping him steady. "I guess you want to be with everyone?"

Zerul shakes his head and hugs her. "Thank you for being there and telling me to stay strong. It's you that helped me get passed the flu."

Robin blushes and hugs back. "Your welcome Zerul."

Once Zerul broke the hug he sits back down on the bed. "Wake me up once supper is ready ok?"

Robin nods and helps him back into bed. She leaves so he could rest. Richard stops Robin. "So how is he?"

Robin nods. "He is fine...a bit hungry but fine."

Niraya who was behind them cheers. "Yay he is back!"

Richard laughs and they all sit down on the couch to watch TV as Tim finishes supper. Robin gets up to get Zerul once Sarah tells them supper was ready.

Robin helps Zerul to the table and sits next to him just in case. Supper was silent but Zerul didn't mind it gave him time to think. The supper was good like always. Zerul took note to ask Tim how to cook.

Once supper was over He watches as Niraya was cleaning the dishes. Robin stayed at the table with Zerul. "Is there something you wanted?"

Zerul shakes his head. "You have already done so much for me. I...I don't know how to repay you." Robin chuckles. "I'm sure you will find a way."

She pats his back gently then goes to do her chore. Once everyone started going to bed Zerul got up from the table and heads to bed. Robin was already asleep as she wanted to turn in early. Zerul does his best not to make a noise as he closes the door and into his bed.
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Few days later, with normal exercise and a bit of medication Zerul was back to full strength. He was alone at the house as everyone had left to get some money.

He takes this time to careful practice turning into a squid, and back. During his practice he starts hearing something. It wasn't very loud or clear when it started, but after a few hours It started to get louder. He stops to try and focus on what was making the noise.

Every time he hears it it sounded like it was behind him. This only confused Zerul as he tries to search for its origin. Each time it sounded like it was somewhere different.

Tim shows up to cook Zerul some lunch, and sees him walking around the house. He scratches his head when Zerul looks at him as to ask 'What?' Zerul looks at Tim. "I'm hearing something....It's driving me nuts as it sounds like speech but i can't tell where it's coming from.”

Tim looks around confused, but went to into the kitchen to cook lunch. Zerul gave up a few minutes later and tries to block out the voice. Tim leaves after he finished lunch and gives Zerul a pat on the back and a thumbs up.

Zerul walks into the kitchen to see a grilled cheese sandwich there for him. He eats it and gets himself a drink before going back to practicing turning to and from a squid. After he got the motion down he tries moving around as a squid.

He knew he wouldn't always be in his own team's ink so learning some sort of movement would help. He spends a few minutes squidding around. going through various places to see how much freedom he had in this form. He does this for a few minutes and had went around the house a couple of times.

Zerul had just changed back into Humanoid form when Sarah and Robin show up. Robin had her hair down, and waves at Zerul. "Hey Zerul how did practice go?"

Zerul waves back and then turns into a squid and Squids around a bit before turning back. Sarah giggles seeing Zerul learning so quickly. "Maybe tomorrow you can join us in turf war!"

Zerul nods. "That sounds lovely."

Zerul rubs the back of his head and looks down. "Um...Sarah...Robin...I have been hearing a strange voice all day. I can't find where its coming from."

Robin looks at him confused. "What voice. What is it saying?"

Zerul focuses on what the voice was saying. What he repeats didn't sound like Inkling. Sarah looks at Zerul. "Um...Zerul i don't think that is inkling."

Robin thinks for a bit. "Maybe it's Octarian?"

Sarah nods. "Maybe...wait Tim might know what language that is. He told me from his past he had many friends from different races."

Robin smacks her. "OW"

Robin sighs. "I'm sure he wanted to keep that secret, and only told you."

Sarah blushes as Robin pulls out her phone and texts Tim. They wait for Tim to return home.

Tim returns home and from his heavy footfall he clearly wasn’t happy. that is when Robin stops him. "Before you ask how i found out don't blame Sarah. It was a slip of the tongue."

He looks over at Sarah who tries to hide in the couch. Tim puts his hand up to his head and shakes his head. Robin gets Tim's attention. "Zerul has a message we need translated."

She hands him a pen and paper. Tim takes it and walks over to Zerul. Robin looks at Zerul and give a nod. Zerul repeats what he said and Tim froze.

Tim writes down something. "Its Octarian" Robin looks at him. "We wanted it translated Tim." He shakes his head and leaves. Something was obviously bothering him.

Sarah watches Tim leaves and follows him. Robin looks at Zerul. "I guess i have to take you see Captain Cuttlefish."

Zerul was confused, But Robin went into the back got Zerul's gear. when she returned she tossed them to him. "You might need this."

Zerul was now really confused. Robin grabs Zerul's hand and drags him along once he had his gear on. She led him to a water draining tunnel and takes him through it. She did her best to keep them from touching the water.

After a few minutes of going through a dangerous winding path they end up at the entrance to Cuttlefish's Training facility. Upon entering they see Agent 1, and 2 head off. Cuttlefish approaches them when they entered. "Ah Robin who is your friend?"

Robin waves at Cuttlefish. "This is Zerul!"

Cuttlefish gives her a serious look. "He died remember!"

Robin shoots a serious look back. "Yes he did but he created a backup of himself and gave it to use. Remember those bracelets?"

Cuttlefish nods. "Yes i do It helped fight off the radiation that the nuke produced."

Zerul buts in. "That was actually a lie. You were safe from the radiation so long as you weren’t near the island when the bomb went off. I gave fragments of my core to everyone. when they asked for more i was able to back up more of myself without drawing suspicion."

Cuttlefish chuckles. "Ok...i guess i believe you. so what bring you here?"

Sarah looks at Zerul. "He has been hearing a message in Octarian, but we couldn't translate it."

She deliberately left what happened with Tim out of it. Cuttlefish nods. "I can translate for ya"

Zerul nods and relays the message. Cuttlefish thinks for a bit as he starts deciphering it. "Emergency Alert, Command Platform 230C-Obelisk."

He thinks for a bit on what i meant. Then he suddenly turns towards Octo-valley. "The control Obelisk for the Reaverbots is sending a distress signal...We need to investigate now!"

Robin looks confused as well as Zerul. "Zerul being part robot must be picking up the distress signal. there are only a few reasons it would do that. I fear someone might is trying to steal it."
Cuttlefish calls in every agent he could. several minutes later Agent 1,2, Blue, Orange, and all of Zerul's friends show up. as well as one unknown one with a mask on. He was holding onto Agent 2's hand.

Cuttlefish looks at all of them. "Something has triggered the emergency signal for one of the control obelisks. I fear someone might be trying to take it. We can't let that happen!”

He looks at them all with a stern look. “If they truly are trying to take one they would be able to control a robotic army the size of which would make the Great Turf war seem nothing more than an angry pillow fight!"

They all nodded Zerul was confused. Cuttlefish turns on a hard light map. "From what old records i have The distress signal is coming from this obelisk. The quickest way in is from this dock."

He points to a dock near the blinking spot in the hologram. "We will obtain a boat and enter the building from this door. I want to know what's going on and i want it stopped. Zerul is going with you. He is the one who discovered the signal and will assist in communications between it and you.”

He turns to the agents. “Hunter, 1, 2, Blue, Orange. you're the ones to keep the room locked down once you all secure it. The rest of you. If need be we will need to remove the Obelisk, and bring it here for re-purposing."

Everyone nods. Zerul was still confused. "We will meet at the docks in 1 hour. Get Zerul up to speed would you kindly Sarah." Sarah nods as Cuttlefish heads off with the other agents.

Zerul began bombarding her with questions. "Whats going on. Why were the Agents here. Why were all of you here. What they heck is going on!"

Sarah tries her best to answer his questions. "Zerul when we went to go save you we were put into the Hero training program. Cuttlefish is the leader of the Agents. I guess the voice you were hearing was important as Cuttlefish looked worried. Now lets hurry we don't need to be late."

Sarah heads off Zerul right behind as he didn't want to get left behind. Once at the docks Cuttlefish points to a ship. "We will be taking that one. It's Octarian in design. Some fishermen found this derelict just drifting by. The vessel was repaired and i bought it a few weeks ago.”

He looks at all of them. “You will use it get in close to the objective.” Everyone salutes except zerul who was still confused but followed his friends. Tim took the helm as everyone else went below deck. they set sail shortly after everyone was on board.
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Zerul didn't like being on a boat. The rocking motion wasn't sitting well with him. Robin tries help him as best she could. Zerul was unable to focus on anything. The seasickness, and the voice getting louder the closer they got.

As they got closer more voices could be heard by Zerul. The voices all saying different things so it was hard to make out what they were saying. This only worsened his seasickness.

By the time they get there Zerul had thrown up a few times. Tim docks to boat, and Zerul gladly jumped from the ship to the docks but doesn't stand.

The voices were really loud, and clear now. All of them speaking in unison. “Join Us Zerul! We are your Friends! Be one with Us!"

Robin helps Zerul onto his feet. "Come on you're good now." Zerul nods. "Thanks."

Everyone heads towards the blast doors. Hunter breaks into the panel and begins rewiring it. A loud bang comes from the door as the bolts holding it close started moving. Everyone got ready as the door slowly descends.

Zerul presses his hands against his ears wanting to block out the voices. Robin sees this. "Zerul are you ok?" Zerul doesn't answer. Robin was now worried about Zerul.

They all stormed in sweeping the room. Robin slowly brings Zerul inside. It was a main entrance from the looks of things it was a repair bay, but whatever was being repaired wasn’t there now.

They head deeper into the Domes. It didn't take them long to find the Spire Room. The room was quite large with 5 pillars. The 4 outside seemed like support structures while the center room had a strange looking black sphere. Cables went from this sphere to the ceiling and floor. below this object was several large robots that were in pieces.

It didn't take long for the others to lock down the room. Whatever happend in this room they needed to get this mission done quick before it decided to come back.

When Zerul looked at the core suddenly he felt like he was floating. There was no sound at all. Then a voice could be heard. "WHY IS THERE FILTH HERE!? Why have you come?"

Zerul looks around the room confused. The voice sounded distorted at first then normal afterwords. "who..are you?"

Then he looks towards the core. "Its you...isn't it. the one asking for help?"

Its eye settles on Zerul watching him. Robin watches unsure what was going on with him. "You are Inkling, but you speak to me as if you were Legion. DESTROY THIS FILTH!"

Zerul give him an angry look. "We came here from your distress signal! now what has caused you to do that?"

Everyone could hear Zerul shouting at the A.I. Core. Then they hear a screech from a distance. Zerul hears the screech as well. "They are the reason. They destroyed my guards."

Zerul looks around at the room he sees the broken robots. "What can we do to?"

"INKLING FILTH LEAVE! I do not wish to become like the others."

Zerul was confused. "Others?"

"DON’T SAY ANYTHING!. Yes others they have been corrupted by something. FLESH FREAKS! Whatever they are they wish to turn me into one."

Its at this time the main doors break open and several infested robots show up. Zerul could hear the other voices again again now. Hunter was the first to speak up. "Not these freaks again!"

They start shooting as Tim tries to break the A.I. free of its housing. Zerul looks into the eye of one of the Infested Reaverbots, and everything was silent as before. "You are different from the others. You are flesh. It does not matter let us free you from your torment!"

Zerul begins backing away. "Who..who is that?"

Screeches from all over could be heard. "Surrender your flesh, and we will show you who we are!"

The voices start up again all saying various things at once. Zerul couldn't focus and grabs his head while screaming in pain. Robin goes to Zerul's side when he collapsed. “Zerul! What is it!”

The agents were able to beat back the infected but another set of doors blow open. This effectively weakens their defense. Tim finally managed to break the A.I. free from the spire. Tim rolls it towards the docks as Sarah shouts to everyone. "Everyone lets get out of here!"

They all slowly give up land buying Tim time to get the core onto the ship. Robin helps pull Zerul back onto the ship. Hunter runs do the blast door controls and begins shutting them. the others quickly jump over the the blast door and escape.

the corrupted voice shouts out before the door fully shuts. "You cant hide from us forever Zerul!"

They pack up onto the boat and head home. Robin lays Zerul onto of the cots below deck. The core was still talking to Zerul. "FILTH! Explain yourself. Why save me? You are Inkling. I am Octarian. We are ENEMIES!"

Zerul looks at the core that was bolted to the floor. "A lot changes over the years, and enemies are never absolute. They are only enemies in relative terms."

The A.I. sits there quiet for the rest of the trip. Zerul fell asleep unable to take the weaving motion of the ship. Robin was watching the A.I. core as it various eyes moved around as if watching them.

When they arrived at the docks Imani was waiting for them with another Octarian. They also had a truck ready to take the core away. Cuttlefish gets onto the boat and helps position the crane.

Robin wakes up Zerul and takes him ashore. Tim does his best to keep the boat in the same place as the Core was lifted away. Everyone else begins leaving the boat to heads home.

Agents 1,2, Blue, Orange, Hunter, and the two octarians catch a ride on the truck to protect it on its way to a facility to hold onto it. As it drove away Zerul could hear. "Perhaps you are right. FILTH!"

Cuttlefish walks up to Zerul and pats his back. "I guess you get sea sick. It's ok you won't have to be on a boat again. Now take a deep breath. You are welcome to stop by the training facility at any time."

Zerul nods happy to hear he wouldn't have to go onto a boat again. Robin smiles and gives Zerul a thumbs up. "You are now an agent congrats Zerul."

Zerul smiles. "Can we go home. i just want this day to end."

Robin chuckles and nods. “Yes we can.”
About a week later. Zerul had gone through many practice Turf Wars and a few training rounds to make sure he was up to speed with the rules. Once he finally had it all down the next day they were ready to go.

Zerul woke up late but wasn't the last up. Tim was still asleep as he spent all night cleaning his armor.

Zerul goes through his normal morning routine. By the time he was done Tim finally woke up. Sarah had already started on cooking, Robin and Richard was sitting on the couch watching TV Niraya was in the shower.

Zerul sits down next to Robin. Robin smiles. "Ready to play some turf wars?"

Zerul turns into a squid and jumps behind the couch before circling around and changing back. Robin watched him. "I guess you are."

Zerul nods and laughs a bit. "Sorry its been awhile since i have had a normal day."

Robin laughs as well. "Yea i get what you mean."

Zerul sits back down and they watch some TV as they wait for breakfast. Once Tim was finished with getting cleaned up he walks into the kitchen to help Sarah.

Sarah calls them in for breakfast a few minutes later. They all sit at the table. Niraya was the last to sit down. It was sausage and gravy. "Tim?"

Tim looks at Zerul. "Um...can you teach me how to cook like this some time?"

Since Tim's helmet was off he could see him smile and nod. Hunter nods in return. They started eating.

After breakfast it was Zerul's turn to wash dishes again. Zerul quickly finishes his chore.

Because of the rain everyone just stayed inside and watched a movie. Around lunch time the rain had stopped Zerul and Robin head out to get a match of Turf War in.

They arrive at the tower a few minutes later. Robin make a party and adds Zerul to it. They were then sent into a waiting room. Zerul was only level 2 so he couldn't get a new weapons or gear just yet. It didn’t take long for them to get placed in a game and they were off.

They were sent to Camp Triggerfish. It was a good sized map where the main paths are parallel to each other, but only connect on the far sides of the map.

Zerul and Robin were on Pink Team. Cyan team was on the other side of the map. As they leave the transport and get paired up into teams the Cyan team had 3 chargers and 1 roller. The roller boasts about how they were going to lose.

On their team they had a roller, a slosher, Robin was using the Hydra Splatling, and Zerul's Splattershot Jr.

The teams get onto their respective sides. The spawn pads activate and changed their colors. A few seconds later the whistle blows signaling the start of the match.

Robin charged up and begins covering the nearby area. Zerul went to tackle the walkway the other two had ignored. The roller charged forward trying to get to the other side as fast as possible. The slosher was right behind him hitting things along the way.

Zerul quickly had his Bubbler ready, but he didn't have to go far as the enemy had showed up on there part of the map from an elevated position near spawn. Zerul charges towards them the roller on there team that was trying to cover ground.

Zerul shoots him from behind but he turns into a Kraken. Zerul activates his Bubbler just in time to prevent him from getting splatted. Robin was up top covering what the Kraken had done.

Zerul waited holding off from shooting but keeping the Kraken in sight. Sure enough it payed off. The roller returned to normal and that's when Zerul strikes. He shoots a mad volly of shots at the roller. The roller exploded in Pink Ink as he got splatted. Robin cheers from up top. "Nice job Zerul!"

Zerul gives a thumbs up as his Bubbler runs out. He then goes back to painting there half of the map.

Robin activated Echolocation and sure enough there was a charger waiting where the Roller jumped down at. Zerul didn't see him in time and got splatted. Robin had noticed in time to see Zerul get splatted.

Robin starts to suppress the charger but the roller got through. Zerul went to clean up the mess the charger and roller were doing. He keeps at this for a while trying his hardest to keep that part of the map his team's color. Its at this time the alarm sounds and the walls shift allowing access to the upper areas.

Robin was locking down the upper path keeping them from using them. Zerul splats the wall with his team's color and swims up. He gets the drop on the charger and splats her.

He then notices a mark on the ground and waits. The roller had landed where the marker was. Zerul and him splatted each other.

When Zerul respawns he goes to start claiming turf that was in that upper area. The roller and slosher on his team were trying their best to stay alive.

After a long 40 seconds the whistle blows and the final verdict was given. Pink team won and Robin was cheering.

Zerul was so happy he shoots off his gun then hears a devastating clunk sound. When he examined his gun it stopped working making it unable to fire. This crushes his spirits.

They headed back to the transport trolley. Everyone on Pink was in high spirits except Zerul. Robin picks up on this and pokes him. "Whats wrong Zerul we won."

Zerul looks at Robin then back to his Weapon. He pulls the trigger and it did nothing. Robin realized what just happened. "OH!...Um...We can stop by Sheldon's place to get the weapon repaired while we get lunch.” Zerul nods still bummed he broke his only weapon.

Once the trolley stops back at the tower they leave it and make there way over to Sheldon's weapon shop. Sheldon greets them. "Welcome...I'm sorry if you are wanting new gear you need to be fresher.”

Zerul stopped and looked down thinking Sheldon wouldn’t help him. Robin pats his back. "Actually we're here to get this weapon repaired."

Sheldon nods. "That i can do. What's broken the tank the gun?"

Zerul removes the tank from the gun and hands it to Sheldon. "The gun stopped shooting after i heard a clunking sound."

Sheldon nods. "Alright i will see if i can get that repaired for you then."

Zerul nods. Robin smiles and gives Zerul a thumbs up then heads out. Zerul following behind. Robin leads him away from the plaza a bit to a pizza joint she knew of. "This place give you your own little pizza with your own toppings of choice for a decent price. Zerul smiles. "Sounds good to me."

He was starting to get hungry. Robin nods and leads him inside. The place wasn't very busy as it did rain that morning and most people wait for the ground to dry up. The owner was a female Octarian. "Heya! It's nice to see two new faces around here.”

Robin blushes a bit. "I have been here before several times....Onion, meat, and barbecue"

The octarian giggled. "Oh yea I thought you were a guy all this time. I take it this is your boyfriend?"

Both Zerul and Robin blushes. "Um..no just a friend...were not dating...yet."

Zerul picked up on that and held it off for later. "So what will you be getting?"

The Octarian leans on the bar her chin on her interlaced fingers. Zerul looks at the menu. "Um..Just a plain pizza."

The Octarian nods. "Ok. I guess it's your first pizza?"

Zerul nods. "Yea i can tell. It's hard to know what to put on them when it's your first time."

She heads into the back and tells the chef the orders. She returns after a bit. "What will you have to drink?"

Robin speaks up. "Juice will be fine for both of us."

She pays for their meal then looks at Zerul. "Some of the drinks are not Inkling safe." Hunter make an "Oh" face.

They pick a booth and sit down at it after they got there drinks. Zerul was the first to speak up. "Were you wanting to date me?"

Robin nearly chokes on her drink. "OH...um..sorry...i guess you picked up on that...maybe...I don't know."

She was clearly flustered by the question. Hunter grabs her hand and her face starts to go red. "Would you go on a date with me?"

Robin nods. "Yes!"

she coughs pulling her hand away from Zerul. "I'm sorry...Its just...your the first person who actually make me feel normal as a girl."

Zerul blushes and rubs the back of his head. "Well...Its who you are isn't it?"

Robin nods. As they were talking the chef walks out from the back. It was a crab and he stops at the table. "Did ja order a plain pizza, an' a barbecue, onion ,an' meat pizza?"

Robin nods. "Yes we did."

The Crab places there personal pizzas on the table. "Enjoy!"

The crab heads back into the kitchen. Robin doesn't touch her pizza, and Zerul found out why quickly it was still quite hot. Robbin giggles. "Slow down there. no need to be in a rush."

The Octariain woman from the bar walks over with a small dish with various toppings on it. "Here are a few toppings you can try. Its on the house."

She walks away after giving Zerul a smile. Zerul looks at he various toppings. Robin chuckles. "give them a try first before you add them to the pizza.”

Robin take a knife and cuts her pizza into pieces. Zerul does the same and figured it would be a good way to test various ones. He takes a sample of each and eats it off of the pizza looking for something that was good.

After finding a few he liked he tries various combinations but leaves one slice empty. so he would know what a plain pizza tasted like. Once his pizza was cool enough to be handled he eats the plain pizza slice. He liked it but felt like it missed something. No wonder he was handed a test plate.

He finishes that slice slowly before going onto the next. he tried each one and found that a meat pepper and onion pizza was pleasing to his palate, but still felt it was missing something.

When Zerul finished Robin was already done. "So?"

Zerul looks at her. "It was pretty good...But i feel like it was still missing something."

Robin chuckles. "It's probably the sauce. There are other kinds you can use for your pizza."

Zerul nods as Robin gets up and waits for Zerul. "Do we just leave the plates?"

Robin nods. "Yea. We are not allowed in the back."

Zerul nods to show he understood. Sarah waves over the Octarian. The Octarian walks over with a cleaning rag and a tub she takes the empty dishes and washes off the table really quickly. "Did you figure out what you liked?"

Zerul nods. "Good. Hope you come by again!"

Zerul smiles. "We will"

He waves bye to the Octarian as they leave. The Octarian waves back then goes back to work.

Zerul and Robin head back to the Plaza. Once there Robin stops Zerul. "Go see if your weapon is ready I will wait for you inside the Tower."

Zerul nods. "Ok."

Robin heads off as Zerul heads into Sheldon's shop. Sheldon spots Zerul and heads into the back. Zerul could hear a conversation going on back there. He just nervously waits in the corner as others entered the store. Sheldon returns and was busy with them.

A male inkling comes out of the back room with a female inkling. He was wearing a strange looking mask and was carrying a Splattershot Jr. He hands it to Zeurl. "Here is your weapon back. Word of advice. Don't squeeze so hard on the trigger."

Zeurl nods. "Thank you"

Zerul was happy to see his gun was fixed and heads out. He dashes into the tower where Robin was waiting. "Hey you got your weapon!"

Zerul nods. "Yea. An Inkling was in the back repairing it." Robin chuckles. "That's Hunter, he is very skilled at repairing weapons."

Zerul nods. "Well i’m ready to play!"

Robin chuckles and nods she signs them up as a team and they were off to the next game. Zerul and Robin played Turf Wars all day. They won and lost many games.

Once all the days games were done they head on home. Tim already had supper started. The rest of the day wasn't eventful and he goes to sleep a perfect end to a normal day.
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The next day Zerul wakes up. He sits up and looks over to Robin's bed. She had just started waking up. "Wake up Robin."

Robin mumbles something about cookies then sits up. She looks over at Zerul and gives a very sleepy smile. Zerul chuckles. "After breakfast. You want to go on that date?"

This woke Robin up real quick her face turning red. She looks down at her hands. "Umm...sure....You have a place in mind?"

Zerul thinks for a bit. "How about the beach?"

Robin looks at him. "The beach is dangerous!"

Zerul nods. "Yes if we get near the water. We don't have to be anywhere near the water to enjoy the beach."

Robin nods starting to calm down. "Ok. Sounds like a good place for our first date."

Zerul nods and stands up and stretches a bit. "The beach it is."

Robin smiles and gets up. Zerul opens the door and lets her leave first. They go through their morning routine. Once they had breakfast they head out on there date.

Robin took Zerul's hand lacing their fingers together. Hunter looks at there hands and blushes a bit.

They didn't say much on the way to the beach. Once there Zerul stopped at the railing separating the road from the beach. "Were here."

Robin nods. She looks out over the ocean, and she couldn't help but feel awestruck. "Zerul...The Ocean is quite beautiful."

Zerul nods. "Yes it is. It may not be the safest place for Inklings, but the sight is worth it."

Robin nods. "Zerul...Ever since you were pulled over to us. My life has changed quite a bit over the past few months."

Zerul nods. "I have noticed."

Robin blushes and looks into Zerul's eyes she could see he was blushing too. "Zerul...I was afraid of being myself. Always feeling like I was being judged for what i looked like, but then you came along.”

She smiles at him. “Because of you I am not afraid to be myself anymore."

Hunter smiles. "I'm glad I could help you. And Robin."

Robin looks into Zerul's eyes. "Yes?"

Zerul was nervous. "I...uh.."

"OI! what we have here!"

They looked over at who was shouting. 3 Octarians walked up to them. They were wearing similar outfits and they did not look friendly.

"OI! What are a couple of Inklings doing on our turf!"

Zerul steps between Robin and the Octarians. "We don't mean any trouble. We were just passing through."

The leader of the group laughs. "Looks more like you were on a date!"

Zerul takes Robin’s hand and tries to leave. The Octarians block off their path. "Where you off to?"

Zerul tries to force past them. "Leaving!"

The Octarians stops him from doing that. "No no no you were just about to take a dip in the Ocean!"

Robin runs the other way Zerul right behind, but they grabbed Zerul and pins him to the ground. Robin stops seeing Zerul pinned and charges in.

The leader took her on 1v1 style. Zerul was fighting as hard as he could to get free from the other two.

The Octarian that was fighting Robin cheats and throws sand in her eyes. Then gets control over her and begins dragging her towards the Ocean. "Wonder how long it will take before you devolve? I'm betting thirty seconds!"

Robin desperately tries to break free. "ZERUL!!!"

Zerul hears Robin's cry and mustering up all the strength he had pushes off of the ground and away from the other Octarians then charges towards Robin.

The leader notices Zerul running towards them so he grabs Robin and spins her around to get momentum and throws her into the Ocean.

She screams out in pain as the water engulfs her. Zerul jumps into the Ocean to rescue her. The moment he touch the water his skin felt like it was on fire. Each second he was in there the stronger the pain got. By the time he reached Robin his skin was starting to melt away.

Zerul pulls her out of the water and carries her to the shore his legs weakening with each step. The Octarians were ready to push them back in but decided to back way afraid of something. Zerul collapses halfway up the beach.

What ever had scared the Octarians off walked passed him His vision was fading as the shock was settling in, but it looked like a silver robot of some kind. It had walked up out of the ocean behind them. The last thing he hears was Robin's moans of pain when he finally blacked out.

Zerul wakes up later that day covered in bandages. He was in quite a bit of pain as he tries to look around.

He could only see that he was in a bed surrounded by curtains. he could hear machines beeping in the room. One was next to the bed he was in the others were beyond the curtains. "Hello?"

He hears someone put something down then walks over. The curtains move back and it was an Inkling. She looked like a nurse. "Good you're awake. Someone wanted to talk to you."

She moves back the curtains and he sees Robin in bandages in the next bed. Robin looks over at Zerul. "Hey there Zerul."

Her voice clearly showed the pain she was in. "Next time. Let's not go to the beach."

Zerul nods. "Agreed."

He looks back at the nurse. "How bad is it?"

Nurse shakes her head. "Don't know. Your recovering slower than her because your condition was much worse. Your friend there is lucky.”

She looks at Robin. “Thanks to you jumping into the ocean and pulling her out. She will make a full recovery with only a few scars. You...maybe not so much."

Zerul looked worried. The nurse shakes her head unable to say it. "Just...relax and rest. Your going to need it."
Zerul closes his eyes and went back to sleep. His dream started with all of his friends in the main plaza. They were enjoying the day laughing at Niraya’s jokes.

Then he hears the sirens. suddenly the area became flooded. He could feel himself being dissolved his friends were dissolving in front of him. A voice rings out everywhere. "Failure. Weakling. No Purpose!"

He realized it was that voice again. He wanted to scream but couldn't. The words echoing as he continues to Dissolve.

He jerks awake and was screaming. He stops screaming once he realized where he was. Robin shouts from behind the curtain. "You ok Zerul?"

Zerul lays back down. "Yea...I'm fine...It was just another nightmare."

the curtains move and it was Sarah. He looks over and sees everyone there. Zerul was silent. Sarah looks back at Robin, and Robin nods at her. Sarah looks at Zerul worried. "Zerul...The doctors say your injuries are so severe.”

She puts a hand to her chest and looks away. “You might not be able to turn into a squid ever again. Doing so could kill you."

Zerul hears this and he just broke down. He looks away from his friends and quietly begins crying. Sarah could tell he was upset. "Zerul...Come on. Be strong. You saved Robin's life you are a hero."

This didn't help, Robin moves from the bed moaning in a lot of pain. Tim sees her get up and keeps everyone from stopping her. Robin slowly moves over to Zerul. He hears her moans of pain and turns towards her. Robin leans in and kisses him on the lips. "Zerul cheer up.”

She gives him a warm smile. “You still have me."

Zerul was still crying but nods. He tries to wipe away his tears but couldn't as his arms couldn't reach his face.

Robin had started her journey back into her bed, as Sarah pulls out a tissue and helps wipe away the tears. "Thank you Sarah."

Sarah nods. "You two just sit back and rest. Doctor's say you should be able to leave soon if all goes well."

Zerul nods and looks over at Robin who was happy to be laying down again. They leave once Sarah was finished helping Zeurl. Once they were gone Zerul went back to sleep.

A few days later Robin and Zerul were released from the hospital. Zerul and Robin leave the hospital and immediately head home.

Once there they get changed out of there old clothes. Zerul was the first to speak up. "Want to try the date again...this time can we go to the pizza place?"

Robin smiles and nods. "I would enjoy that. The Hospital food was quite bland."

Zerul nods. He couldn't help but look at her injuries as she was changing. The scars were quite bad where the clothes were. the same for him but his legs also bared the scars.

Robin got ready first. Zerul was having a harder time as his skin was still sensitive. When both were ready they head hand in hand to the pizza place.

Halfway there she looks at Zerul. "Um..Zerul..what were you going to say to me before they interrupted?"

Zerul's face turns red. "Well..um...I was going to say i like you...a lot...and i was wondering if you had the same feelings towards me?"

Sarah giggles and kisses his cheek. "Yes i do...now when are you going to stop we walked past the shop."

Zerul stopped shocked. Robin giggles. "Come on lets go get something to eat."

She pulls him to the shop. Upon entering it was the same familiar Octarian greeting them. "Hey welcome back. So...You two dating yet?"

Zerul nods as Robin blushes a bit. "This is our second date...Our first didn't go so well."

The Octarian nods. "Well i won't pry. You ready to order?"

Zerul nods. He looks over the various sauces for the pizza. He goes with barbecue this time around.

Their second date went so much better. They ate in silence which was fine, but afterwards they head out after thanking the Octarian for the meal.

They walked around town for bit talking about there past. Zerul didn't haven't much to say but listened to Robin’s story.
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Loving it so far, just started reading it and it's perfect! 10/10 love how you named the inkling Zerul that was controlled by the A.I. I'm just stumped by one thing, what does A.R.K. Stand for?


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Automated Revival Kit it was ment to seed the planet with small nano spores that would eventually revive the human race. so its job was the REVIVE Humanity


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The two end up at the plaza when the afternoon map rotation was going on, but instead of the Squid sisters showing up it was just a video of the various maps. "Uh...where are the squid sisters?"

a nearby inkling boy hears Zerul's question. "Didn't you hear? they were kidnapped during the Splatfest the other night!"

Robin looks at the boy. "Kidnapped!"

The boy nods. "The kidnappers isolated the Heroes watching the event before dropping inkstrikes everywhere.”

He moves his hands as if to say everywhere around the plaza. “Several innocent people were caught in the attack. Once they had the squid sisters they launched more inkstrikes containing water...only a handful who were caught in the first inkstrikes were able to escape."

Zerul and Robin both flinched hearing that water was used. "That's horrid!"

The boy nods to what Robin said. "There is a ceremony for those were killed that day. It will be going on in about an hour from now."

Robin looks at Zerul and he nods at her. "Thank you for telling us."

They head on home in a rush. Once home they get there gear and contact Cuttlefish. Zerul listed in as Robin talked to Cuttlefish. "Cuttlefish come in Cuttlefish this is Robin"

Cuttlefish voice comes through after a bit of static. "Robin glad to hear from you. How are your injuries?"

Robin looks at Zerul. "Were coping with the injuries. We heard about the Squid sisters, and we want to help!"

Robin gives Zerul a thumbs up. "NO! you can not help. Your injuries will slow you down, and our enemies will not hesitate to use water."

Cuttlefish sounded very strict on not letting them help. Robin was angry. "Surely there is something we can do to help!"

There was silence for a minute before Zerul broke the silence. "What about that Ceremony? Me and Robin show up in our hero gear this way the city knows we are trying our best and to give respect to those who lost there lives?"

Robin was shocked that Zerul offered that. Cuttlefish thinks about it for a minute. "Ok. Come by the Facility to get your Hero Gear Zerul. Since you haven't gotten your hero gear yet, and you do need to pick out a weapon."

Robin smiles at Zerul. She puts on her gear and grabs her Hero Splatling before leading Zerul to the training facility.

It was a long journey since Zerul couldn’t turn into a squid anymore. Once there Zerul collapses onto the ground face first. "UGH. Not being able to turn into a squid make things so much harder!"

Cuttlefish was shocked seeing them walk in. "I have a way to help with your injuries Zerul but it will be a few days before it’s ready.”

Zerul looks up at him. "There's a cure?" Cuttlefish nods. "Yes but it’s quite hazardous if done wrong. which is why no one make it."

Robin looks at him. "How hazardous are we talking? puking black bile, Blood, a lung! What?"

Cuttlefish looks at her and shakes his head. "It’s produced from a highly radioactive plant if done wrong you would be cured of the injuries that prevent you from turning into a squid, but you could die the next day."

Robin looks shocked. Zerul stands up. "If it means being able to turn back into a squid after the injuries me and Robin sustained on our first date...Then i want to take the risk.”

Robin puts her hand on his shoulder. "I am with him. Not being able to turn into a squid will get him killed eventually."

Cuttlefish nods."I admire your eagerness. It will be about a day or so before the materials are ready to put together. Now follow me Zerul to get your gear. You have seen what weapons types are available. so which one will you try?"

Zerul thinks it over. "Splatlings seem to peak my interest. Especially Robin's Hydra Splatling. That thing just look so cool!"

Cuttlefish chuckles. "Splatlings play a little different than your Splattershot. It has to be charged up first before it can fire."

Zerul nods listening to his advice as they walked towards the storage shack. Cuttlefish walks in and gets a few pieces of gear then hands it to Zerul. "Your weapon will be waiting outside. Use that changing room to get your gear on, and the backpack to keep your things in."

Zerul nods and goes to slip on the gear. He had issues at first as he wasn’t sure how to put it on. He eventually figured it out and leaves with his gear on. It felt odd having a skin tight suit over a skin tight suit. so he made changes.

The Nantes shifted moving through the second skin tight suit and turns into flexible armor plates. He likes this custom change.

Cuttlefish walks over with a Hero Splatling and hands it to Zerul. "Here you go."

Zerul takes the weapon It was heavier than he expected. "Wow. heavy thing isn't it?"

Cuttlefish chuckles. "You should have tried lifting the ones from the war! the Hydra is the closest thing weight wise to them."

Zerul was shocked by that tidbit. Robin runs over seeing Zerul's choice of weapon. "hey there Splatling buddy!"

Zerul laughs a bit. "You make this look easy."

Robin laughs as well. "Cuttlefish has briefed me on the Ceremony and we are only there to give respect. if fighting goes on we need to just hold off whoever it is until everyone evacuates then we leave."

Zerul nods. "Understood."

Robin smiles then shoulders her Splatling then heads back to the city. Zerul follows behind but was falling behind at times as he wasn't used to the weapon yet. The trip was a long one, but they make it there with enough time to get a drink before heading to the ceremony.
They arrive just as Police Chief Bailey, and Sargent Williston showed up. "Ah so the Heroes do care!"

The Sargent steps forward and smacks the Police Chief. "Sorry Chief but you deserved that. The Hero's are not to blame for the Incident. No one could have expected such a massive coordinated attack like that!"

The Police Chief just walks away clearly angry. The Sargent looks at them. "Sorry about him. He lost his daughter in the attacks. We tried to convince the others to keep him from coming but they couldn't stop him."

Robin looks at the Chief then back at the Sargent. "We're here to just reassure people that the Agents are on the trail of whoever did that, and to pay respects to those who were caught in the middle of that mess."

The Sargent nods. "Glad to have you here. You two will be standing on stage on either side. The Chief will be overseeing this as I give the speech."

Zerul and Robin nod and go to take their places. The Sergeant get the Chief so they can give their speech.

Zerul and Robin were not greeted well. some people even threw things at them. Zerul wasn't liking the fact they were treating them like that. Robin gets on the radio so Zerul could hear but the crowd could not. "Stay calm Zerul. They just lashing out. Once the speech is over we're gone."

Zerul looks at Robin and she was looking at him. He nods to show he understood. Once the Sergeant and Chief walked on stage the people stopped throwing things. The Chief sits in a chair behind the podium as The Sergeant stands at the podium.

He checks the mic before giving his speech. "We are gathered here today to remember those who have lost their lives. The attack that has taken the lives of twelve citizens of our fine city. We have placed a plaque in the Plaza's main wall to give respect to those who have lost their lives.”

He motions to a plaque that was being bolted to the wall next to them. “We have been investigating the attack as best as we can, And we have confirmed that the Heroes are not the ones to blame for the Attack. Whoever organized the attack that took the lives of so many of our fair citizens needs to be brought to justice!”

He slams his fist into the podium. “If you have any information that could help with catching those who were involved please..." Its at that moment the Plaza goes dark.

Everyone was panicking fearing another attack. Then the main screen turns on. It was an Inkling he was badly beaten up and tied to something. "Wake up we're live."

The voice was unrecognizable due the person using a voice synthesizer. The inkling looks up blindfolded. "Who's there...Where am I?"

The inkling was looking around confused trying to break free. "You're not going anywhere pal. I want answers."

The inkling looks towards the voice which was behind the camera. "Who are you? Why am i here!"

Suddenly a splash of water hits the inkling and he screams out in pain. Everyone watching was shocked unable to look away from the screen. "Shut up! I am the one asking questions here!"

The inkling on screen cries out in pain for a minute before calming down a bit. "Now who hired you to take the Squid Sisters!"

The inkling shakes his head. "I don't know I was given a large sum of money from a guy dressed in a heavy coat. He or She hid their identity using a voice synthesizer like your using now."

The inkling wriggles around as he said this clearly in a lot of pain. "Where did you acquire those Inkstrike missiles filled with water!"

The inkling looks at the voice. "Why do you want to AHHH!!!!"

another splash of water on the Inkling. "I told you I am asking the questions here! Now ANSWER!"

The inkling replies through pained screams. "It was AHHH! An Octarian in the GAHH!!! downtown area. UAHHHH!!! Goes by the name of Shadow Broker!"

He continues moaning in pain as the voice speaks again. "Now tell me where you took the Squid Sisters!"

The inkling was writhing around in a lot of pain. "I took them to a warehouse in the Industrial Sector. Locked them up in a container that was on a truck. Right next to it was the remaining payment."

another splash of water. "Who came to claim the container!"

The inkling writhes around in pain. "AAAAHH!!! I don't know there was some private military guys guarding the place. they had a red E on there shoulders!"

The person behind the camera moves out from behind the camera to behind the inkling. "Thank you for your cooperation!"

the person grabbed the inklings head tilted it back and shoved a bottle of water into his mouth. After a few seconds of struggling the person was dead. The person lets go of the inkling’s head and it tilts forward the bottle still in his mouth and it fills with a red liquid. "Were done here!"

the screen goes black. Everyone was in a panic. The Sargent and the Chief was dumbfounded. Zerul and Robin tries to calm the people but it was just getting out of hand.

The Chief gets on the microphone. "People of Inkopolis! Calm down. We are going to investigate into what you all just saw on the screen, But if you all panic then we can’t focus on our jobs!"

The people calm down and start to mutter things to each other. Robin gives a message to Zerul. "This doesn't look good."

Zerul nods. "Agreed"

The Chief speaks up again. "Now that i have your attention we are going to need to issue curfew inside the city until the attackers are arrested. We need any and all information you might have on the attack. Thank you all for your cooperation. Now please head home as it is nearly curfew!"

The crowd starts running home not wanting to get killed or arrested. The chief turns towards Robin. "I need you to relay a message for me."

Robin nods. "Ok. what is it?"

The chief nods. "Tell Cuttlefish that he better make a breakthrough soon. this is starting to get out of hand."

Robin nods. "Come on Zerul let's go deliver the message."

Zerul nods and they heads out. They stop on a nearby rooftop. Robin relays the message through the headset. Zerul looks around and sees Tim wondering the rooftops with Sarah behind him. "Cuttlefish must be using everyone he can to look for clues."

Robin nods as she waits for Cuttlefish to respond. "Cuttlefish here. What was the message?"

Robin stares at the ground as she relays the message. "The Police chief has issued Curfew due to something happening during the ceremony. And he said he wants results soon."

There was silence. "I understand. I guess you two will need to get involved after all.”

Robin looks at Zerul a bit worried. "I lost signal of Hunter around that location. Then when he reappeared he was at the warehouses in the industrial sector.”

Zerul looks at Robin when he hears this. "You dont think?"

Robin shoots him a mean look. "We don't know anything yet ok. lets not just to conclusions."

She gets back on the radio. "Ok we will investigate."

Zerul nods and takes off to the large TV display. Robin was right behind. "What are you thinking Zerul?"

Zerul points at the TV. "That thing is directly connect to the Studio. Which means they have the only connection to it.”

He slowly follows the wire with his eyes and finger. “so what happened on the TV should have happened here."

Robin nods seeing him point to the studio. "I see what you mean. I will investigate the second floor you take the basement then we meet on the first ok?"

Zerul nods and jumps over the wall to go the basement. It was locked from the inside. Robin heads in through the main door. Zerul's voice could be heard through the door she entered. "I have to go through the first floor to get to the basement so i will sweep it first."

Robin shouts back. "Roger that."

Zerul finds an unlocked door on the first floor and heads inside. Robin was on the second floor where the studio was. There wasn't much to it as it was currently getting remodeled for better space usage. "I got nothing up there. what about you?"

Zerul was searching every nook and cranny for a door to the basement. "Nothing...oh wait found the door to the basement...and the lock on it has been cut off."

Robin immediately rushes to where Zerul was. Zerul waited for Robin before opening the door. Once they opened it they see a light on downstairs. Robin heads down first her weapon charged and ready to go Zerul following behind.

Upon getting downstairs they see the body of the inkling and the camera. "I think we found what we're looking for."

Robin shivers when Zerul said that. "Don't remind me."

Robin goes for her radio and Zerul stops her. "If Hunter is the one who did this he might be listening in. Report the opposite."

Robin nods. "Cuttlefish we have search the area. We haven't found anything."

Cuttlefish's voice comes over the radio. "Roger that"

Zerul and Robin head out of the basement, and then out of the building. They quickly head back to where Cuttlefish was.
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