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-Project ARK- A splatoon Fanfic


Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
They arrive at the training facility where cuttlefish was looking over a map trying to figure out where the person could have gone. Zerul approaches Cuttlefish. “Cuttlefish we have an issue.”

Cuttlefish looks at Zerul then at robin confused. “You said there was nothing.”

Robin shakes her head. “The person who did such a horrid act had to be Hunter...and we fear he might be listening in.”

Cuttlefish sighs. “I just had a feeling...hold on a second.”

Cuttlefish walks over to the shed and heads inside. He comes back out with a small device and hands it to Robin. “This is a local radio jammer. It will keep him from listening in once used. But you have to be close. Also dont forget to set your headset to channel 6.”

Hunter was confused. “The headsets only go up to 5.”

Cuttlefish chuckles. “You turn off your headset then turn it back on while holding the scan button”

Robin nods understanding what to do. Zerul nods as well.

Cuttlefish then holds up another device he had in his other hand. “This program allows me to track my agents so long as there headsets are working.”

He walks over to the hard light projector console and turns it on. It showed a map of the island inopolis is on. Sure enough 2 blips were near Octo-valley which must have been Zerul and Robbin. There were were several other scattered across the city. “Lets see where Hunter is at.”

Cuttlefish began typing on the keyboard and the map slowly started to zoom in on one location. “The docks..Of course he went there. That Inkling mention something about the docks.”

He turns to Zerul and Robin. “Chase after him. I want him captured.”

Robin nods. “Come on Zerul we have someone to arrest!”

Zeul nods and follows Robin back to inkopolis. Once there they super jumped to the Docks. Robin turns on the jammer mid flight. She could tell it was working as her headset started to squeal very loudly.

They both set their headsets to channel 6. “This is Zerul we have arrived at the docks.”

Cuttlefish’s voice comes through. “Roger that He is somewhere near Pier 9”

Robin nods and dashes forward Zerul was right behind her.

They scour the docks near pier 9 but were unable to find him. “Cuttlefish come in. we see no sign of Hunter. Can you confirm his location?”

There was no response Zerul looked worried. “Cuttlefish do you read?”

Robin was fearing the worse but then suddenly a voice comes over the headset. “Can’t a guy use the bathroom without being presumed dead!”

Zerul chuckles a bit. “Sorry about that. Can you confirm that Hunter is still here?”

Cuttlefish takes a minute to answer. “No he looks to have moved on to…..the water treatment plant?”

Robin froze up and Zerul tries to calm her down. “Calm down Robin it's going to be ok”

Robin take a deep breath and tries to calm down. Zerul smiles seeing her starting to calm down. “Now let’s go we can’t let Hunter escape.”

Zerul turns into squid form and launches towards the water treatment plant. Robin does the same.

As they got closer they noticed something odd. There was an unusually high worker count for this time of night. Once they landed they found out why. Scarlet Elites began shooting at them. Taking quick action Zerul and Robin secure the zone they landed.

While in the midst of combat Zerul turns on his radio. “Cuttlefish this is Zerul. Scarlet Elites are at the Water Treatment plant. We need backup!”

Cuttlefish’s voice breaks through. “Roger that mobilizing all available Agents. Hold the fort till they get there.”

Robin was laughing. “Time for payback you jerks!!”

Zerul and Robin managed to move to a more defendable location and did their best to hold the fort. The scarlet Elites were just like there name says Elites. They were extremely skilled in combat and it made it quite difficult to hold out.

But just as things seem to be reaching the tipping point. The other Agent fly in with a hail of gunfire. Agent blue lands right next to the two. “Go chase Hunter we got them!”

Zerul and Robin nod and charge into the main building. There was a maze of passageways they had to navigate through but they finally reach the room where Hunter was.

It was a rather large room with 3 open pools of water that were being treated. Over the far right one was Callie and Maire. Over by the far left one Hunter was fighting a woman wearing a red dress.

Robin points to Callie and Marie. “Lets get them down first.”

Zerul nods and looks for a winch control of some kind. Robin does the same. All the while the fight between Scarlett and Hunter slowly approaches them.

Robin finds the controls and after a bit of button fiddling giving the squid sisters a nice scare when they were lowered a bit. Robin manages to get them safely to the side where Zerul untied them and ungaged them. Its at this point Hunter was smashing the woman’s face in.

Without hesitation Marie grabs Hunter’s Heroscope and shoots him. Hunter falls down lifeless. The woman makes a quick escape which was quite surprising considering she was just beaten senseless.

Robin checks on Hunter. “I...Think he’s dead.”

Marie just started to freak out. “I….Killed him!”

She had collapsed to her knees shaking violently. Callie was comforting her.

Robin tries one more thing and was shocked. “He still breathing!”

Marie tries to go over to Hunter but Callie stops her. Zerul calls into Cuttlefish. “Agent down...Hunter has been shot. Condition….extremely bad.”

Cuttlefish doesn’t bother replying he quickly goes to get medical help for him. Callie takes Marie out of the plant to try and calm her down. Hunter was evacuated by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

Zurul and Robin were extremely tired and headed home to sleep. Upon arriving home Tim stops them at the door. “What is it Tim?”

Tim points points to the kitchen then makes the eating gesture. Robin rubs the back of her head. “I completely forgot about supper...so much has happened in such little time.”

Robin and Zerul sit down at the table they were alone as everyone else had already had supper. Tim puts 2 bowls down on the table filled with cheesy chicken soup. “Thank you Tim...and have a good night.”

Tim smiles and waves to them before heading to bed. Robin and Zerul quietly ate as to not to disturb anyone. Once they finished they put there bowls in the sink and shut off the lights on the way to bed.

Robin was so exhausted she stripped down to her underwear and just flopped onto her bed before passing out. Zerul pulls the covers out from underneath her and puts them on top of her. She mumbles something. “Thank you”

Zerul smiles and kisses her forehead. “Goodnight Robin.”

Zerul gets into his bed and slowly drifts off to sleep.


Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
A couple days later once everything from the previous mission had settled. Robin had asked them all to sit down for an announcement. She takes a deep breath then looks at them. “I feel like it's time for us to go visit family for a few days. You do not have to go but i feel like it's time to do this.” Sarah looks down nervous about having to go see her family. Tim notices this and lifts her chin. “Tim...I don't want to visit my family alone….would you please come with me?” Tim smiles and nods. This made Sarah happy and she hugs him. “Thank you Tim.” Niraya and richard were talking between each other before speaking up. “We are going to stay.” “Yea what Niraya said.” Robin nods. “Ok I understand….Um...Zerul...I’m sorry. I would like to visit my parents alone. They are a bit...well Protective. If i bring you along then they will just question you and...i don't want you to suffer there interogation.”

Zerul sighs and nods. “I understand. So when will you all be heading out?” Robin looks at the clock. “I need to catch a flight and my plane leaves at 4:50. So i will need to be there before 4.” Zerul nods. “I will help you pack.” As they head to their room Sarah was heading to her to get ready as Tim did the same. “Those two were meant to be together. Sarah always trying to be so nice and fears being treated badly. And Tim….i'm not too sure about his past but he clearly has had a tough life.” Robin nods. “Yea Same for Richard and Niraya. They both left their parents behind.” Zerul was shocked by this. “Really?” Robin nods. “Yea Really Richard didn’t want to be given things in life he wanted to earn them. Like his grandparents did...Niraya...well she didn’t exactly tell me but she mentions a hospital.”

Zerul takes note of that as they continue packing up Robin’s stuff. “I will miss you while you're gone.” Robin smiles. “I will too. Promise me when I come back we go to see a movie.” Zerul nods. “Ok i will stop by the theater and see what’s playing there before you come back.” Robin nods and smiles. “Um..Zerul can you go see if Tim has a spare backpack? I would like to take some of my weapons to show my little sister.” Zerul nods and heads to Tim’s room to get a backpack.

Upon entering Tim’s room he finds Tim comforting Sarah who looked like she really didn’t want to go. “Um..sorry for interrupting...i need a backpack for Robin.” Tim looks at Zerul then points to the top of his closet. Then goes back to comforting Sarah. Zerul was quick about getting the backpack. He returns to Robin who was doing final checks. She had 1 suitcase and was waiting for the backpack. When she hears Zerul enter she looks at him and was worried. “Was it Sarah?” Zerul nods, and Robin smiles at him. “She will be fine. She had Tim...though i do wish she stopped blaming herself for the way her family treated her.” She sighs and resumes packing now that she had a backpack for the remainder.

Zerul helped as best he could. They were quickly finished and she heads into the main room ready to go. Sarah and Tim were standing there Sarah wasn’t showing her usual smile. He walks up to her and gives her a hug. “We will miss you while you're gone.” Sarah hugged him back glad to have friends that cared for her. Tim smiles at Zerul glad to see Sarah’s mood lighten a bit.” Zerul had to push her off to break the hug but she clinged to Tim till she calmed down again. Robin walks out of the room at that time with all her gear. “Ugh. I hate having to take a plane to my hometown.” Zerul chuckles. “At least you didn’t have to experience re-entry.” Robin thinks on that for a bit and sighs. “I guess your trip is far scarier.” Zerul chuckles and takes Robin’s hand as they head to the Airport. Tim and Sarah was behind they didn’t have to leave the city but they were just going to use the same cab.

The trip to the airport was in silence he could tell she didn’t want to be away from him. Once at the airport Hunter and Sarah get out of the cab with her stuff and head inside. The cab leaves taking Tim and Sarah to her home. Zerul and Robin walk up to the security scanner. “Well...I guess i won't see you for a few days.” Robin looks down unsure how to answer that. Zerul tilts her head up and kisses her. “Just come back to me ok?” Robin smiles and nods. “Ok i will as soon as this family trip is over.” He smiles at her as she gets in line to make it past the security check. Zerul waves bye to her before leaving. He heads home by himself using the rooftops.
When Zerul arrived home Richard and Niraya were sitting on the couch. Zerul sits down in the little arm chair. They greet him when he sat down. He smiles at them as he sits down. Richard looks over and smiles at him. “Don't worry they won't be gone for long.” Zerul sighs and looks at Niraya who was distracted by the TV

“Um...Richard...why didn’t the both of you went to go see your parents?” Richard began to act nervous. “Its...its not important.” He was clearly hiding something. When Niraya heard the question she ignores it. Zerul looks at Richard. “I feel like it’s something you have been carrying for a while. I won't pry...but if you want to talk about it i will listen.” Richard nods. “Ok...I ran away from home when i was 12.”

Zerul looked at him confused. “Why would you run away from your family?” Richard sighs he knew Zerul would want to know more. “Ok...the reason i left was the family i grew up in was one of those Main land richy richy people you hear about on TV. My 4 older brothers would always pick on me. One day i found out my parents were going to give all the family businesses to me i freaked out. If my brothers found out i was as good as dead.” Richard calms down a bit. “I ran away using what little money i could find in my parents safe. Then took off to the airport where i got a ticked to inkopolis. I was using the guise of joining the Splat wars that take place here and no one batted an eye at me. Once i was on that plane the Richard that was apart of that family was dead.”

Niraya hugs Richard. “Im sure you made the right decision.” Richard smiles and hugs Niraya back. “Thank you Niraya...oh...and Zerul. Niraya hasn’t even told me the reason she doesn’t visit her family so please don't ask her.” Zerul nods and relaxes in the chair watching TV. Once night fell they hear a knock on the door. Richard goes to answer it as he had money to pay for the pizza dude or gal if it was them, but the people on the other side caused Richard to slam the door and run. Niraya chased after him as Zerul was left at the kitchen table dumbfounded. “Hey! Was it the pizza guy or not?” Zerul gets up and walks over to the door and opens it. A tall couple stood there wearing some rather expensive clothing. The husband of the couple pushes Zerul out of the way. “Out of the way, BOY! We want our son!” They storm into the house and begin looking for Richard.

Zerul didn’t like being shoved out of the way like he nothing to this person. He runs ahead of them and blocks them from going to the bedrooms. “I will not let you pass! You barge into someone’s home and i demand some answers!” The man looked at Zerul with complete disgust. Niraya walked into the hallway after talking with richard and sees Zerul confronting the two intruders. The man kicks Zerul in the knee causing it to hyperextend and he collapses in pain. The man moves over Zerul and walks over to Niraya who was blocking them from Richard. “Out of the way!” Niraya shakes her head. “NO!”

The man was furious at this point. “Get out of the way RUNT or I will make you!!” Niraya didn’t like being called a runt and pounces on the man biting him furiously. Zerul gets up and tries to pull Niraya off of the man. The man kept shouting insults all the while the woman that came with him was standing back at the doorway unsure if she should intrude or not. She could hear the commotion and was worried.

Zerul manages to pull Niraya off of the man and the man storms into Richard’s room where he was waiting with a baseball bat. The man stayed back. “Richard you are to return home this instant! I will not have my son grow up in this condition with these...FREAKS!” Zerul could feel Niraya fighting to break free even harder now. “No Niraya you can't do this!” Niray bites Zerul’s hand extremly hard and he lets her go. She charges into the room and quickly snatches one of Tim’s repair tools and bashes the man over the head with it. She was going for another hit when Richard tackles her. “STOP! NIRAYA!” Richard was scared. Niraya got a grip on herself and realized what she had done. She breaks free from Richard and runs off. Richard tries to follow but was caught by the leg by the man. “Son, see what I mean! These people are nothing more than Rats.” Richard kicks the man in the face. “I don't want to go back because you were a Horrible father! You didn’t even see what my brothers were doing to me!” Richard flees the room.

The man laid there bleeding from a gash on the back of his head. Zerul pulls out his phone and calls for an ambulance. The bite from Niraya went through his hand pretty badly as it was pouring out blood. The woman sees Niraya run off she was worried and went into the house. Richard ran right by her without saying a word. She went to go check on her husband. She sees the wound and goes into the hallway. “Where is your first aid kit?” She sees him bleeding as he just got off the phone. “In the bathroom over there.” he points to the bathroom and tries to move over to the couch. His knee wasn’t in bad shape but it hurt to move it. The woman quickly runs for the medkit and quickly dressed both her husbands and Zerul’s wounds.

The ambulance arrived about a minute later and the EMTs got to work checking on those who were hurt. One of them helps Zerul to the ambulance so they can check on his knee and get his hand fixed. And they got the stretcher for Richard’s father. They head off to the Hospital where Richard’s father got a mild concussion, and Zerul is given a knee brace and stitches for his hand. They prescribe some pain meds before sending him home. Unfortunately Zerul had to walk back home since Richard was busy with Niraya and no one else was home. He stops at the local drugstore to get his prescription before heading back home to clean up the blood.
Once at home and the blood cleaned up Zerul takes the pain meds and just lays down on the couch. His hand hurt and was wrapped in bandages to keep the stitches clean. His knee hurt but wasn’t broken. He just wanted that day to end already. He grabs his phone and calls Richard. Richard picks up. “Did you find Niraya?” Richard sighs. “No...she is still missing. How are you? Sorry for my father being rough on you.” Zerul shakes his head. “Niraya did far more harm to me than your father did. You do need to speak with him...Niraya gave him a concussion.” Richard whinces. “Ok...I will go see him...If you hear from Niraya please let me know.” “I will.” Zerul hangs up the phone and closes his eyes. “Robin, Tim, and Sarah left not 3 hours ago to visit family and already this happened.” He sighs and tries to get some rest.

Zerul slept through the night. Richard had visited his family in the hospital after sunrise. He talks with his parents clarifying everything. His parents told him everything about their wealth. Richard returns home disturbed by the family secret, and worried that Niraya was in trouble. When he arrived home Zerul was still asleep so he doesn’t bother waking him up. He walks into the kitchen and gets himself a bowl of cereal

About 3 minutes later Zerul groggily sits up those pain meds were really strong he was out for a while. He looks around and sees richard. “Hey Richard...Um..Did you find Niraya?” Richard shakes his head. “Oh...ok.” Zerul gets up and goes to do his morning routine. Taking extra care to keep his stitches clean and dry. He walks back into the kitchen where Richard had already set a bowl of cereal for Zerul. “Thanks. Once i have my breakfast we can go looking for Niraya together.” Richard nods but there was clearly something on his mind. Zerul shoots him a worried look. “Penny for your thoughts?” Richard looks at Zerul confused. Zerul blushes. “Sorry...sorry. It’s a human saying….What’s on your mind?”

Richard sighs. “Went to talk with my parents yesterday...I talked my father out of pressing charges...but my mother told me the family secret...I wish i was dead.” Zerul looked shocked. “WOAH! Slow down...what did she tell you that you want to give up on life?” Richard looks at Zerul. “The family riches come from several crime organizations, and i was to inherit it all.” Zerul sighs. “But you ran away from the family. You are not part of that family.” Richard looks away. “I know but still.” Zerul quietly finishes his bowl of cereal unsure what else to say.
Once Zerul was finished they head out. Zerul follows Richard out. Richard takes the stairs but Zerul takes the elevator since his knee still didn’t feel good. Richard was already out of the building by the time Zerul made it to the first floor. They only lived on the third and he seemed in a rush so that wasn’t surprising. Zerul walks out of the hotel but was stopped by to the hotel manager. “Hold it...you are going to wreck your leg worse if you walk around like that.” He went into the back and came out with a crutch. “Here use this to keep weight off of your leg so it can heal.” Zerul takes the crutch and puts it under his arm and supports himself with it. “Umm...thanks.” The manager nods. “Just be sure to return it once you’re done with it.” Zerul nods. “OK” He heads out to look for Niraya.

Zerul limped with the help of the crutch to keep weight off of his leg. He manages to make it to a nearby park and began looking around. He spots a familiar figure sitting alone on the swings. He walks over and sits in one of the swings next to this person. She doesn’t look up. “Niraya.” She freaks out and tries to run but was caught by the swing and trips. “Niraya calm down. I just want to talk.” Niraya looks at him worried and very sad. Zerul smiles at her to show it was alright. “Come on sit with me let’s have a talk.” Niraya gets up and sits back down in the swing.

She looks away from him. “I’m...sorry.” Zerul gently pats her back. “Apology accepted...now mind telling me what happened?” Niraya blushed hearing that Zeurl forgave her so easily. “You...mean when i attacked that man...and you.” Zeurl nods. “Yes that.” Niraya shakes her head. “Please don’t let me remember that.” Zerul sighs and stands up. “I’m sorry but i guess to make it easier on you...can we go back home and talk about it with Richard?” Niraya froze up but looked at Zerul. Zerul had his hand out wanting her to come with. “Please Niraya...Richard has been worried sick about you...To make matters worse his parents revealed a terrible secret to him that made want to give up on everything.” Niraya takes Zerul’s hand and stands up before pulling her hand away. “Ok.” Zerul smiles and leads her back home and shoots Richard a text as they walked.

Zerul and Niraya arrived home after Richard did. Zerul had returned the crutch since he was home. He walked with Niraya into there home and sit down at the couch. Richard hugs Niraya with tears in his eyes. Niraya hugs him back. “I don’t want to break up this reunion but Niraya you have something to explain.” Niraya sighs.”Yes...The reason i freaked out is.” She pauses tears coming to her eyes. Richard holds her hand. “Come on Niraya You will feel better once you let this demon out.” Niraya looks at Richard and smiles faintly. “When i was with my family years ago. We lived with my father...He was an armageddon crazy guy. But he was still my father. My two sisters who were 2 years older than me and were twins. They always looked out for me. We did everything together i felt like nothing could go wrong. But when i was 10 my sisters went missing. My father said they ran away leaving me behind. I was heart broken i loved my sisters and they just leave me behind without saying a word.”

Niraya looked to the floor tears streaming down her face. “Two years later i found what really happened...I was thrown into a gas chamber by my father. This gas mask is the only thing that saved me from death by whatever chemical my father put into the chamber...I spent three months in that chamber with very little food supplies. My father telling me it was to build skills to survive in a situation where food is scarce and a deadly virus that could kill you. Near the end of those three months he told me that my sisters only survived three days before giving up and taking their own lives. I was afraid for my life the entire time i was in there...I even thought about killing myself during those months in the chamber...I held out for a long as i could...then my father released me from the gas chamber...and my body just moved on its own. I charged at my father with a blade in hand. The look on his face when i took his life...It haunts me to this day. The fear in his eyes...I...I ran away from home after that. Eventually i ended up in inkopolis. I wandered the streets for days living off of whatever i could find. That was how i made my living...until Richard found me.” She looks at Richard and hugs him crying. “I’m sorry Richard i didn’t mean to attack your father like that.”

She kept crying as Richard picks her and takes her to bed. “Just rest Niraya...we all have had a hard time these past few days. I’m sorry things ended up this way but I’m happy your home.” She catches richard before he leaves and kisses him she lays down and takes a nap. He walks back into the kitchen to starts heating up the soup Tim left for them to have for supper. “Zerul...Thank you. You have done much for us...and yet there is nothing we can do for you.” Zerul chuckles. “Don’t worry about it i have lived longer than all of my friends combined...it’s just feels good to do something nice after i failed Humanity.” He sighs and lays down on the couch and turns on the TV.


Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
After about an hour Zerul gets up and heads into the kitchen. The smell of soup was making him hungry. Richard had went out and got some bread to have bread bowls with the soup. Richard smiles at Zerul. “I hope you enjoy… I wanted to atleast make the soup a little more interesting for when Tim and Sarah return.” Zerul chuckles. “Well, it looks like it’s going to be a yummy idea.”

He chuckles a bit but stops before the soup pot. “What about Robin?” Richard looks at Zerul. “She usually arrives late, like 4 in the morning late.” Zerul sighs. “Guess I won't see her till the morning.” He grabbed a bread bowl and filled it with soup, sitting down just when he hears a door close. He looks into the living room wondering if it was Tim and Sarah. It wasn’t, it was just Niraya who woke up from the nap feeling better.

Richard gets up and goes over to her and has a private talk with her. Zerul kept to himself and quietly enjoyed the soup with the bread bowl. After a bit he hears a door and looks into the living room again. Richard and Niraya was talking but were looking at the door and waving at someone. He figured Tim and Sarah arrived home.

Sure enough Tim walks into view with Sarah clinging onto his back. Tim waves at Zerul and he waves back. “Glad to see the both of you safely at home….Sarah?” Sarah peeks out from behind Tim. “Do you need a hug, Sarah?” Sarah nods but stayed behind Tim. Tim gently nudges her so she can hug Zerul, and she slowly walks forward. Sarah looked like she hasn’t had a good night's sleep in a while. Her tendrils were a paler shade of her normal pink and how fast she was moving showed she was still shaken up by what happened and was worried Zerul was going to hurt her or something.

Once she was close enough Zerul slowly brings her into a hug. Sarah begins to calm down. At the same time Tim was making 2 bread bowls for him and Sarah. When Tim sits down Sarah breaks the hug and sits next to Tim. “Sorry… I didn’t mean to hug you for so long.” Zerul chuckles. “It’s fine after what just happened I'm just glad things are slowly returning back to normal.”

Zerul sees Sarah sit down next to Tim. He looks at Tim. “Was it really as bad as it looks?” Tim just nods. Zerul rubs the back of his neck. “Sarah...if you want to talk about it...I will listen.” Sarah sinks in her seat unsure how to respond. Tim had to encourage her to at least eat. Zerul sighs and finishes his bread bowl.

He leaves the table and heads into the living room as Niraya walks into the kitchen to get her bread bowl. Richard was sitting in the living room when Zerul sits down on the couch. Richard was slowly flipping through the stations. “Not really much on...any preference?” Zerul thinks for a bit. “Whats playing on Jax?” Richard flips over to Jax and it was some crappy black and white film. “It’s the classics hour.” Zerul sighs and trys to think. “Just leave it off. It is late we all could use some sleep.”

Richard nods and turns off the TV. Sarah walks into the room with Tim right behind her. She sits next to Zerul as Tim takes one of the recliners. Zerul looks over at her and gently pats her back. “It’s ok. Your home now.” She gives her usual smile and hugs Zerul. “Thank you….do you still want to know about it?” Zerul pulls her off so he could hear her. “What?” Sarah sighs. “I will tell you about what happened.”

Sarah takes a deep breath. “As far back as i can remember my parents were not the nicest people...to me. My two sisters and three brothers got treated with love...I got to harshest treatment they could ever give. When i was finally able to move around on my own without much issue they began slamming chore after chore on me...only me. My brothers and sisters didn’t have to lift a finger at all.”

Tears were coming to Sarah’s eyes. Tim grabbed his handkerchief and hands it to Zerul to hand it to sarah. “Thank you Tim.” She takes a deep breath and starts again. “I was treated like the runt of the family. If my siblings could find a way to step all over me they would do it. They all wanted to make my life miserable.” she fall silent for abit. Her expressions darkened. Showing a deep hatred for family.

This side of her was quite scary. “One day when my entire family was out to the movies i just had enough and i broke everything in the house it didn’t matter whose it was i just broke it. There faces when they returned was priceless. But then my father threw me into the basement and locked me in there for three months. Only letting me out to have supper.”

Her expression returns to the sad sarah that came into the house. “During that time i only had my own thoughts to keep me company. I thought about running away...but i was afraid. Scared of what was out there since...i never really went anywhere. A few years pass and it was my 14th birthday...Again i got nothing for it but more chores. That night i just fled the house. I ran through the city for hours. I ran until i could not run anymore. I collapsed in Blackbelly skate park and passed out right there.

She looks over at Tim and smiles. “That's the first time i met Tim. I woke up to a commotion and nearby me was a turf war match going on. I walked over to see what was going on and there he was. He was in his power armor protecting his team. I just...fell in love at first sight. I followed him as best as i could but when the match was over he walked over to me. He was using sign language but i didn’t know it back then.”

She blushes a bit. “I acted like a fool trying to understand him. Thinking back to it now he was trying to come with him to learn how to play. But since i didn’t know he grabbed my arm and dragged me with him through the transport network that brings people to and from the tower to the various maps they play on. He drags me to the training field where i got my first weapon and learned how to play. The rest kinda just went from there.”

She sighs now having to explain why she doesn’t like going back to her family. “Even though i do not like my family...the mistakes of my past haunt me. I return home every year to do chores and my parents take advantage of that...my siblings have moved out. But that doesn’t stop them from treating me like i'm dirt.” She looks down to the ground.

Zerul rubs her back. “Then don't go back. Richard and Niraya have their reasons for not going back as they broke their family ties long ago...i think you need to do the same. The only way you're going to get past your….past. Is to literally cut the ties with your family. They don't treat you with any respect so why give it back? You live by that rule because of your insecurities because of them. So if you want to get past your insecurity. Leaving your family behind for good should be your first step.”

Tim didn’t like what Zerul said it was like he was demanding her to leave her family he gets up and pushes Zerul into the couch and stares at him. “Tim!?” Sarah pushes Tim away and he was confused. Sarah stands up to Tim. “Zerul is right. No matter what i do they treat me like i'm nothing to them. So im going to never return home...And Tim i can stand up for myself.” Zerul raises his hand. “Um..sarah. That might be too much too quickly. Just start with leaving your family behind. And slowly work from there.” Sarah blushes realizing her rush.

Sarah sighs and hugs Tim. “I wish we shared the same room so we didn’t have to be apart.” Tim hugs her back. Richard is the one to interject here. “I wouldn’t mind switching room with Sarah.” Tim looks at him and smiles. Sarah looks at him with a questioning look. “Um...you sure?” Richard nods. “Come on if we start moving the stuff now we can have it done tonight. We dont have to set everything up. Just get it all in the room.”

Sarah happy to hear this breaks the hug and rushes to her room to get things ready to move. Richard did the same. Soon they were moving stuff between the rooms. Richard, Sarah, Tim, and Niraya was swiftly moving things around. It was quite an interesting spectacle as no one was running into each other.

Zerul felt tired and didn’t want to be in the way so he just goes into his room and lays in bed. “Good night everyone.” They shout good night back. Except for Tim for obvious reasons. He lays down in bed and tries to go to sleep. Hours pass by the small bangs and such from the others moving things slowly stop and the house was quiet. He just lays there unable to fall asleep.

He hears someone come in. From the sound of the sigh it was robin. He didn’t bother moving to show he was awake. He hears her put her stuff down and strip down into her underwear to sleep like she usually does. But she did something Zerul wasn’t expecting. She crawled into his bed.

Zerul moves away from robin and looks at her. “What are you doing?” Robin looks at him surprised. “Oh..sorry i didn’t mean to wake you.” Zerul sighs. “You didn’t wake me i couldn't fall asleep.” Robin pats the bed wanting Zerul to lay down next to her. “I missed you on this trip.” Zerul moves back towards Robin and she wraps her arms around him. He does the same. “I missed you too.” She kisses him and cuddles up to him before closing her eyes. Zerul does the same and eventually they drift off to sleep.

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