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Red Bull talks about the future and potential of competitive Splatoon!


Splatoon doesn't often get a heavy spotlight in the world of eSports but with the announcement of Nintendo Switch, minds have been buzzing with the possibility of pro Splatoon.

Red Bull eSports dove into the community at large to talk about what competitive play has been like since the game's release, and what it might look like in the future.

Within their three-and-a-half minute trailer detailing the new console, the final seconds caught the attention of eSports fans. Two teams head into a massive stadium to face off in a match of Splatoon, bringing their systems to the fight. It’s exciting enough to have Nintendo officially, if in a small way, recognize the importance of eSports in the gaming landscape. However, despite Splatoon’s strong reception and addictive competitive experience, the game never saw mainstream success in eSports. We chatted Allen Williams of EndGameTV, a prolific tournament organization company in Splatoon, to talk about how the game’s competitive history — and what the future may hold.
Check out the full article over on Red Bull!


As a follower and a fan of eSports in a bunch of PC games I play, I'm pretty hyped by this. Having Red Bull take interest is a great thing.
I'm excited for pretty much everything Splatoon

What's exciting for me is the accessibility for mobile play in Splatoon. This means you can take it to your nearest arcade and/or gaming center, connect to the wifi there, and hop into battle with friends. It also leaves open opportunity for large events (such as official tournaments, should that be a thing) where players can bring their portable screens and controllers, hook them up to big TV's at the arena, and play that way.

That last bit only works if you can hook your portable screen up to any given port, I'm not sure if that will be the case - but if a port is present and you can plug your screen into it to move the display to any TV, that would be a nice feature to have added.

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