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Registration is Live for Squidboards Splat Series - March 2019

Our online Splatoon 2 tournament series returns with our next event slated for Sunday, March 17th!

This month, we’re running a one day, Swiss Groups into Single Elimination Bracket event.

How this works – teams will be split into different groups for the Group Stage. They will then play each other in Swiss Format for a total of 5 rounds (this means, for each round, teams will play opponents with identical win/loss records). Each group will have a maximum of 32 teams. All Group Stage matches are Best of 3.

After 5 rounds, teams will move on to a Single-Elimination Bracket Stage. The Top 32 teams from the Group Stage will be put in the Top Cut bracket. If we have less than 64 teams, the remaining teams will be put into the Bottom Cut bracket. If we have more than 64 teams, we’ll have 32 teams in the Top Cut, 32 teams in the Middle Cut, and everybody else in the Bottom Cut. All Bracket matches are Best of 5, with Finals as Best of 7. All teams will advance from Group Stage to Bracket Stage.

This event is open to all teams and players of all skill levels and region, and is free to enter! All teams are guaranteed a good number of matches and will play teams of similar skill level. All teams are guaranteed to move on from Swiss groups, as well!

Our Battlefy and Squidboards event pages are now up. Click the links for more details and to register for free!


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