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Relics of Old (A Splatoon FanFic)


Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
Earth in the far future. Humanity was wiped out by Global Warming, and rising sea levels. for Nine Thousand years the land remained unclaimed. Even when the water levels receded there was no life on land. Except for plants that managed to survive the floods. all of what was before had been erased, or buried under the sands of time. It was during this time sea life started to evolve. at first it was just the ability to breath air, but slowly they evolved to walk on land. about a Thousand years later they started to evolve into humanoid forms.

These primitive creatures find a cat that had been frozen for nearly Ten thousand years. This cat was named Judd, and he was frozen a few weeks before the collapse Ten Thousand years ago. with Judd the cat these primitives came up with Turf Wars. Back then Turf Wars was to help settle things between teams. As the years went by everything began advancing. over the next two thousand years great cities start to grow as technology paved the path towards a brighter future, But this progress would be halted by the sea levels rising again.

Due to rising sea levels Inklings, and Octarians negotiated over land. When a deal couldn't be made war broke out. Thus began the Great Turf War. Both sides were equally match each side not backing down. The Octarians were the first to make a breakthrough. the Great Octo-Weapons turned the tide of war in the Octarian's favor. With these weapons behind them the Octarians started to push back the inklings. Not wanting to lose the war the Inklings quickly make there own weapon of war, but the Octarians were hiding something bigger.

The Inklings created a mask that when worn changes the user's personality, and combat abilities. It made them fearless, take more risks, and fight overwhelming odds without giving up any ground. only a handful of soldiers who was given this equipment, but it turned them into monsters. The helmet did exactly as expected, but at the same time it changed who there were. Suddenly a normal soldier wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice one of there own to keep them fighting. The helmets came at a cost. Those who took off the helmet would immediately have a mental breakdown. Both from a dependency on the device, and the realization of what they had done. All soldiers who used this helmet was forced to remove it, and sent to a medical facility. Without any weapon on there side the Octarians were on the verge of winning. Then the Octarians released the Great Octo-Super weapons. Monstrous machines of war designed for one thing and one things only. Complete Annihilation of anything Inkling.

Just as things seemed there bleakest. the Great Octo-super weapons had there power source disconnected. The Octo-Super weapons being separated from there power source made them harmless. the Inklings not wasting a moment quickly swarm the Octarian's powerless super weapons. The Octarians fled surprised by the defeat of there super weapons. Shortly there after Inklings win the war, and the Octarians forced to live in the great Octo-Valley. All devices of war was suppose to be destroyed. The only things that wasn't destroyed was a handful of the Inkling super helmets. this breakthrough in clothes altering a player's skill was a popular idea for standard Turf War games.

it has been nearly 100 years since the great turf wars. Inklings have populated all the known landmass, and they have advanced to modern times. Turf wars were now nothing more than a fun game between teams of four players. This peaceful life style wasn't going to last. The Octarians have been plotting for years. There plan is the steal all the zapfish. these fish are used to power the various things Inklings have made. the Great Zap Fish himself powers all of Inkopolis. The Octarians were left with nothing since the Great Turf war. they have began to run out of power, and need these zapfish to bring there Octo-Super Weapons back to life so they can reclaim what was stolen from them.

Life is Peaceful in Inkopolis everyone is wearing various colorful outfits. The main plaza is where things are sold that range from clothing to weapons. All of which is for the Turf Wars that are played daily. The Squid Sisters who are popular Idles give out announcements to various events for the day even what maps are currently available to play on. Everyone couldn't be more happy about life. Then disaster strikes. The Octarians stole all the zapfish. even the Great Zapfish mysteriously vanished. people were concerned about the disappearances of the Zapfish. The squid sisters worried about people's safety, and started to announce cancellations of the turf wars due to insufficient power to run the respawn pads.

A few days later all the Zap fish were returned by the mysterious Agents Orange, and Blue. Two new agents trained by captain Cuttlefish himself. Thanks to these Two agents the Zapfish were returned and the Octarians were defeated. Leaderless the Octarians strike a desperate deal so they can once again co-exist. early attempts to bring the two races together didn't go well, and the agents were kept busy trying to keep the peace between the two races. Eventually successful integration happened, and eventually Octarians were allowed into Turf Wars.
Now that the history lesson is over lets get to the story shall we? This story takes place a few months after the Octarians and the Inklings started to live together peacefully. This story involved a certain little inkling name Hunter Williston. He is a male inkling with Dark Blue tendrels that end in Cyan tips with a few black spots. Hunter didn't play Turf war that much. He liked to Tinker with stuff from the old war instead. He even got a deal through the weapon shop to repair a few weapons on the side as a job. He enjoyed helping others keeping there gear in tip top shape.

Hunter's Grandfather was one of the soldiers that wore the Inkling helmet back during the Great Turf War. He had recently passed away, and all his possessions were being divided between his 3 children. Hunter's Father got a few things, and the helmet was one of them. Knowing his son would loves to tinker around with old stuff. He give it to Hunter as something to remember his grandfather by. Hunter accepts the helmet and tries it on. Once the helmet was on he tries turning it on, but nothing happens. He takes off the helmet and starts to take it apart. He finds a lot of damaged parts. He leans back int he chair and sighs. "Its going to take a bit to get this working again." he tries to think of a way to repair the mask. Then it hit him. The Octarians had a combat mask of there own. maybe it has a few parts that he could use.

He gets up, grabs his gear, and heads outside. His mother stopping him at the door to give him a kiss before letting him leave. "Have a fun time son" Hunter smiles, and waves back to his mother as he runs into town. Just as he gets into town the jumbo-tron had the squid sisters on it, but it was just them giving there "Stay Fresh" closing line. He didn't care much about missing the news. As he didn't play Turf War enough to care. He arrives at Sheldon's Weapon shop, and heads inside. Once inside Sheldon waves at him "Good to see you Hunter. i need a few weapons repaired i will pay double if you can get them fixed quickly." Hunter nods. "how about instead of paying me this time you help me get something. An Octarian Combat Mask" Sheldon looks at hunter confused. "Ok..guess this is one of your side projects?" Hunter nods. "Ok then well get the weapons fixed and i will look into it" Hunter smiles. "Thank you" he quickly heads into the back and begins working.

Hunter heads into the back and sees about four weapons needing fixing. There was a roller that had broke the handle off. There was a Splattershot JR and its tank that was leaking. There was also 2 Splat Chargers. one with a broken tank the other with a bent barrel. "it still amazes me how people can be so rough with there gear" He gets to work fixing each gun before testing them in the back. one he was finished he hands them to Sheldon. "Thanks for doing this so quickly...i managed to get one of those masks. Go see Annie and Moe they have one for ya" Hunter nods and quickly heads out. Just as he leaves the store some Pro-Inkling gang members were beating up some Octarians. They were laughing as beating them up. Suddenly two agents showed up. Agents 1 and 2 land behind two of them before subduing them. Hunter being unable to go through the crowd just watched as this unfolds. As he was watches the fight he could feel something strange inside of him as he watched Agent 2 fight. once the police showed up the other gang members dispersed.

Agent 1, and 2 help the police arrest the criminals. Then helps the Octarians who were the victims. Hunter spots his father and runs over to him. "Hey Dad. if you need an eye witness i did see what happened." His dad smiled and nodded. "you tell the Agents what happened i need to head back down to the station and book these guys." Hunter nods. "I will" Hunter's father smiles and rubs Hunter's head. "I raised you well" He goes back to the squad car and heads back to the station. Agents 1 overheard the conversation and let Agent 2 finish up. "so what was it you saw?" Hunter turns to the Agent. "well as i just leaving Sheldon's store i notice a couple of Inklings standing over some Octarians when i got closer i notices they were members of the Pro-Inkling gang by there jacket. The way they were beating them up and laughing...do people really act like that?" Agent 1 sighs. "Sadly yes...thank you for the information we need to get going." Agent 1 motion to Agent 2 and they headed off in a hurry. Hunter waves bye then goes to Annie and Moe's store.

Upon entering Annie sees Hunter and quickly runs into the back to grab the item. She quickly returns with it. "Here you go i hope you like it." "You must be blind to be getting an item like that!" Annie sighs. "Quite Moe!" Hunter nods. "Thank you Annie." he waves bye, and heads home. on his way home he begins to think about what he felt back there. What was that strong emotion, and why was it towards Agent 2. As he pondered this he didn't realize how close he was to home and bumps into the door. "Ow" His mother opens the door, and chuckles. "guess you had a busy day...your father just called me, and told me about it. I'm so proud of you" Hunter smiles, and rubs the back of his head a bit embarrassed. "I'm going to head up to my room to see if i cant salvage a few parts from this mask. to try and repair Grandpa's mask." his mother nods. "have fun" He nods and heads upstairs to his room. Once there he sits down at this desk and begins tinkering.

It took him all of the remaining day, and a bit into the night to finish repairing the mask. With the battery dead he had to leave the mask to charge overnight. In the morning he wakes up, and puts on the mask. one he turned it on a visual display pops up of everything around him, and he got a sudden urge to play Turf War. he grabs his Splatterscope, and heads out the door. he makes it to town square just in time for the jumbo-tron to turn on. the Squid Sisters Callie, and Marie appear and give today's announcements. They just go on about the maps available, but also mention a special event going on today. a raffle of sorts to meet the Squid sisters. all you had to do was participate in a game today and you were eligible to meet them. Sure enough this got everyone talking. Hunter not wanting to waste time runs on into the game room. To await for him to be placed in a game.
It only took about a minute before they were on there way to Saltspray Rig. it was an old oil rig that was converted into a game map. this map is most interesting as a large chunk of the map is off to the side.

Hunter heads to his teams spawn pad with his 3 other teams mates on Blue team. His teammates carried a krak-on roller and 2 of them carried a .96 GAL. On the other team there was An Octobrush , a golden roller, a Krack-on roller, and a slosher.

As soon as the whistle was blown they were off. Hunter dashes to take prime position overlooking a good chunk of the map. As his teammates spread out to cover the most ground. the Krak-on roller was following him for a quicker way to the larger part of the map.

It didn't take long for the first person on the enemy team to show up. He takes aim and he could feel himself able to predict the enemy's movement a bit better than before. "The helmet must have some tracking stat attached to it." he pulls the trigger the weapons charges then fires. The shot hits the target and they exploded in a splash of blue ink.

His teammates were doing a good job at covering the map. The other team were having a hard time covering turf.

The octo-brush user manages to get behind blue team and sneaks up on Hunter. Hunter barely noticed the brush user approaching to pull a splat bomb. The Brush user smacks Hunter with his weapon, and Hunter explodes in orange ink as he was defeated. Shortly after his splat bomb goes off, and splats the brush user.

After respawning he quickly heads back to that spot to repaint what the brush user covered. since he was using a splatterscope he couldn't cover it very well.

He stops when the helmet displayed something. it was pinpointing an enemy location from a teammate's radar. He looks in that direction, and sure enough there was a roller charging towards the radar.

He quickly takes aim, and shoots at him. His shot makes contact, and the roller explodes in blue ink. "Wow! This mask is amazing!"

He turns around just in time to see the brush user again. He smack Hunter with the brush, and he explodes again. This continued on for the whole match he get a splat, or two then the brush user would get him from behind.

He lost that game by 12%, but that's the nature of the game goes. Turf Wars wasn't his thing, but he just felt an urge to keep playing

so he did. Each game he was getting better at it. His last match of the day he didn't even get splatted once. He felt great about winning that last game. He wanted more, but there was no more matches.

By the time he got back to Inkopolis the Jumbo-Tron kicks on, and the squid sisters were on. "Hello everyone we are proud to announce today's winner!" Callie announced this as a list of names starts to scroll on the screen. it spins for about ten seconds then stops revealing the winner. Marie smile seeing the name "Hunter Williston! please make your way to the studio you are today's lucky winner!" Hunter was surprised by this, and quickly heads over to the studio.

Upon reaching it he was stopped at the door as a guard asked for his imformation. After showing his information to the guard lets him in. "Wow...i get to meet the squid sisters!" he was nervous, but heads inside eager to meet them.
A security guard lead him to the back room where the Squid sisters were waiting. He stops at the door and lets Hunter walk in. Upon entering the squid sisters wave. Callie was the first to speak. "So your Hunter?"

Marie leans in towards Callie giggling a bit. “Bit of a cutie isn’t he?”

Callie whispers something to Marie as she was thinking. "the helmet is familiar”

She waves it off and stands up Marie following behind. “Congratulations winner! You get to meet us in person, and have your very own signed one of a kind poster from us."

Hunter was silent. Marie chuckles. "he seems nervous."

Callie giggles. "indeed."

Hunter finally speaks. "Its an honor to meet the both of you."

He bows to them out of respect. Marie smiles, and looks at her phone and looks up his player profile. "From your game profile. It says you don't play that much...What do you do in between games?"

Hunter looks over at Marie. "I repair weapons on the side, but I mainly just tinker with stuff."

Callie looks at him surprised. "What a unique feature about you...So do you help poor little Sheldon out?"

Hunter nods. "Yes i do, and he even pays me for my time"

Marie looks over at Callie. "Wonder if Gramps would be interested in speaking with him."

Callie looks at Marie. "Maybe, but it’s late, and we do have a busy day tomorrow"

Marie nods, and pulls out the one of a kind poster from behind her chair. It was of their first world wide show. They sign it, and hand it Hunter. "Have a good night's rest, and remember."

They both speak at the same time. "Stay Fresh!"

Hunter nods. "Thank you it was great meeting the two of you"

He waves bye, and heads out of the studio. The guards had already called Hunter’s father to pick him up since it was late, and to ensure Hunter had a safe trip home. Hunter opens up the side door of the squad car and gets in. “Hi dad!”

On the way home they talked about meeting the Squid Sisters, and about the poster. Once they were home they head inside, and have supper.

After supper Hunter heads upstairs, and hangs up the poster carefully. It was a lovely poster, but as he looked at it he begins to feel the same feeling back when Agent 2 was around. This time it was Marie he was looking at. This began to confused him.

He tossed it aside, and heads to bed. He sleeps with the mask on as he was wanting to test the battery life.

Also that night the Squid Sisters were talking to their grandpa about the winner. When they described the mask he turned pale. Callie gives a curious look. "What's wrong grandpa?"

Their grandpa shakes his head. "The mask you just described to me...it is extremely dangerous. More so that you tell me he is a tinkerer!”

He gets up and walks over to a photo he had and shows it to them. The photo was from the war and there was an inkling wearing the same looking mask. “it was one of the masks back from the Great Turf war. I already told you about what it does to the wearer."

Maire grabs the photo and looks at it. "What if that mask doesn't work....I mean it’s been nearly a hundred years since that war."

Their grandpa sighs. "I only hope you are right, but only time will tell. Tomorrow your patrol will take you across the town. I want you to capture Hunter, and bring him to me."

Callie looks at her grandpa shocked. "You're asking us to kidnap a police officer's kid!"

Marie interjects. "It’s not kidnapping if we ask for him to come with us, but if he refuses we have no other option. Besides I'm sure the father would understand."

Callie sighs clearly not happy with the kidnaping idea, and heads off to bed. Marie hugs her grandpa before heading to bed.
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Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
Hunter bolts awake early in the morning because of a nightmare. He puts a hand on his chest trying to calm down his heart racing. Once his heart stopped racing he tries to recount what the nightmare was about.

He remembers that pro-inklings were coming after him for being an Octarian Sympathizer, and they were using water guns.

Fearing that his nightmare would come true he modifies his splattershot with a higher pressure tank. This modification fired ink at lethal speeds. It only took him a few hours to make this illegal modification.

Once he was done he leaves the house to go hunt down the Pro-Inklings. To strike first before they could strike at him. Since his father was a police officer he knew the general area where the Pro-Inklings hanged out. He heads towards Downtown where there suspected Headquarters was.

It was about this time that the Squid Sisters were finished with their morning routine, and begins their patrol. They met up with Agent Orange, and Agent Blue asking them to help them find Hunter. They split up, and began searching the city for various crimes, and Hunter.

Hunter arrived in the neighborhood of the Pro-Inklings. Since he was an inkling they didn't react...At least not right away. When Hunter started shooting them the others began returning fire. Hunter's modified weapon was actually acting more like a bullet instead of ink. Every shot from this weapon punches though the body.

He quickly killed the first four he met, and he was just beginning as reinforcements were coming. Hunter's attack had attracted the attention of Agent 2.

When she got near she was expecting a gang war, but was surprised to see Hunter was killing them. She jumps down in front of Hunter. "STOP!!!!"

Hunter stopped and lowers his weapon seeing Agent 2 standing there. "Why are you doing this! they don't deserve this!"

Agent 1 shows up just before he could answer. Hunter turns to aim at Agent 1, and she returns the favor. "DROP IT!"

Hunter respected the agents, but he sees them as a threat. Agent 2 was trying to calm the situation. "Cal...Agent 1 STOP! put down your weapon he is clearly not thinking correctly!"

Agent 1 shakes her head. "NO i will not! He is killing these people!"

Agent 1 shoots first. Hunter shifted enough to dodge the shot and returns fire hitting Agent 1 on the shoulder. she drops her weapon and holds her injury. "AH!!!"

Agent 2 looks on in horror seeing her cousin was injured. Hunter turns around and walks towards Agent 2. she tries to back away but there was a wall in the way. "why try and protect me! who are you behind that mask?!"

Agent one runs at Hunter "GET AWAY FROM HER!!!"

Hunter turns, and he shoots her once in the leg. she stumbles over and lays on the ground wounded.

Hunter gets close to Agent 2 as she cowers in fear and rips off the mask. he steps back shocked that it was Marie. "Ma...Marie?!"

He looks over at Agent 1. "Then that must me your...Callie"

He had dropped his gun in shock seeing what he had done. Marie tries to speak up, but no noise comes out. They stand there in silence for a bit before the police started to arrive. Hunter hears police sirens approaching, and runs away from them. Because he didn't want his father to catch him.

Agent Blue, and Orange arrives too late to catch Hunter. They instead help take Marie, and Callie back to base.

Hunter goes into hiding the helmet removing his fear, But it was slowly trying to take over his mind. This other more violent self was starting to manifest itself. He stays in hiding for several days. only leaving to get some food and water. except for the last day where he raided a police off-site storage for dangerous weapons.
A few days after the attack. The agents talk with Captain Cuttlefish there boss, and the Squid Sister's grandfather. Orange speaks up first. "What were you thinking if you knew what the masks could do why didn't you get us involved!"

Marie interjects. "I almost had him if you didn't show up Callie! I probably would have gotten him here without issue. the longer he keeps that mask on the worse the effect gets."

Capt. Cuttlefish sighs. "Callie, she is right. I looked over security footage...Marie actually got him to lower his weapon, but i doubt it will work a second time."

There was a pause as everyone fell silent. "I hate to do this, but I'm removing your safeties."

Blue was shocked by this. "But that means we will be doing actual harm to whoever we attack!"

Cuttlefish nods. "Yes...the mask is too dangerous...If you have to kill him to stop him...So be it!"

Marie went pale. Callie clenches her fist. "I will make him suffer for wounding me!"

Orange sighs. "I feel that if Callie finds him first he is as good as dead...come on Blue, Marie we need to find him First!"

They all get geared up. Orange purposefully slowing Callie down. Once ready they head out. Callie was the last because of what Orange did to slow her down.

Hunter had lost it. Everyone was a threat to him now. The weapons he stole had the police on alert as they thought it was a gang war about to kick off. Police are everywhere, and were just waiting for it to kick off.

The first shots rang out in the downtown area. Hunter had killed an officer, and his partner. Then proceeded to shoot everyone who was around civilian, Gang member, Police. Everyone was a target.

Agent 2 hears the shooting and heads towards it. When she sees Hunter, and all the people he wounded or killed. She jumps down, and drops her weapon. She holds her hands up trying to reason with him. "Hunter stop! listen to me the helmet is messing with your mind!"

Hunter looks over at her, and aims the Splatterscope at her. "Please Hunter STOP! you don't need to do..."

A shot rings out and Agent 2 collapses to the ground. Hunter walks over to Agent 2 and removes the mask. "Marie I'm sorry but Hunter isn't around anymore!"

She just lays there shocked fearing for her life, and bleeding from the shot to her lower abdomen. He grabs her arm, and drags her to the park that was nearby. The entire time she was still trying to reason with him.

He places her against a tree and shoots both her legs. "Call for you cousin I Dare You!" He heads off to hide nearby. Marie lays there in pain shocked that someone could be this brutal.

Agent Blue and Orange finds Marie first. Orange pulls Blue into a bush to hide. "Something isn't right about this."

No sooner than she said this than Agent 1 shows up. She spots her cousin, and runs to her side. "Marie!"

A shot ring out, and Callie stops mid stride. She looks down at her chest and sees the wound. Three more shots ring out, and Callie collapses to the ground. Marie tries to crawl away scared. "No...NO...NO!!!"

Orange tells blue a plan, and heads out to get into position. Blue readies his roller, and charges in. Hunter moves from his hiding spot walking towards Callie, and turns her over. "Such a pity...Letting your emotions blind you to the danger."

He then heads for Marie as Orange gets into a position up higher so she could see everything. Blue charges in just like the plan stated. "Hey UGLY!"

Hunter turns in time to dodge the roller that's when a shot rings out. Hunter collapses to his knees. looking down at his chest he sees that he was bleeding. two more shots and Hunter lays on the ground bleeding.

Blue rushes over to Hunter and removes the helmet. Orange calls in an emergency transport for Agents 1, and 2. Hunter's vision slowly starts to fade as the last things he could hear was Marie crying.
About a week later Hunter wakes up in the Emergency ward of Cuttlefish's training Grounds. He looks around the room confused. Agent Orange was walking in to check on him. "Oh your awake....How are you feeling?"

Hunter doesn't reply. His memories of the last few days he was awake were a blur. "Just...Stay calm ok...What happened that day isn't your fault. It was the helmet's fault."

Hunter looks at her. Hunter gets flashes of the horrid things he had done. "How can i live with myself for what i have done?"

Agent Orange sighs unsure how to answer that. "I'm going to get the Captain... Just don't do anything ok?"

As she leaves the room she passes a message to Blue to make sure no one else enters. She returns a few minutes later with the Captain. "How did you get that helmet?"

Hunter looks at Cuttlefish. "It was my grandfather's. It wasn't working when i got it. After i repaired it i wore it."

Cuttlefish sighs. "You can’t undo what you have done. I know how dangerous the mask is. I have been trying to hunt them all down. It's unfortunate you ended up with one.

Hunter looks worried. "Is Callie, and Marie ok?"

Orange nods. "Yes they are fine, but...I think you have to forget about them. Callie hates you for injuring her, and her cousin. As for Marie.”

She pauses and looks down and rubs the back of her head. “She hasn't left her room in days, and The public wants you dead for hurting the Squid Sisters. Callie is the one who told them."

Hunter sinks into the bed and looks away from them. It's at this moment Callie barges into the room after knocking out Agent Blue. Agent Orange grabbed a hold of the hand that had the knife in it. "YOU SON OF A!!!!"

Callie was fighting hard to get her hand free as the other hand grabbed Hunter by the neck. Hunter looks at her, but his eyes were soulless almost wanting her to kill him. After pulling her away Cuttlefish manages to calm her down, but the damage was done. Hunter lays in bed wishing for death at this point.

Weeks pass Hunter hardly eats, and hardly drinks. Cuttlefish had went public to explain what had happened that day. It took time but the public eventually calmed down. Unfortunately it didn't matter as Hunter was broken.

With no will to keep going he just lays in bed staring at the roof. Then something happened that surprised everyone. Agent orange was guarding Hunter from Callie showing up, but nearly turned into a squid when Marie showed up. "Is...Hunter in here?"

Orange nods. "Yea...I'm surprised he is the first person you want to meet"

Marie looked away from Orange and rubs her arm. "He did nothing wrong, and I want him to know that I don't blame him."

Hunter looks at the door upon hearing Marie's voice. Marie walks in, and stops at the side of Hunter's bed. "Um...Hunter...I don't blame you. I knew full well that the helmet was changing you.

She looks away from him rubbing her arm again. “I was just hoping it wasn't too late to reason with you."

Hunter looks away still feeling guilty for what happened. Marie sighs then thinks for a bit and kisses his cheek. "Please get out of this funk...Grandpa might even have a way to have you redeem yourself."

Marie leaves as she needed to talk with her cousin. when she kissed Hunter he watches her. Thoughts racing through his mind, and that strange feeling returning.
A few minutes later Hunter gets out of bed. He tries to stand up but his knees gave out and collapses to the floor. Orange hears Hunter hit the floor, and runs in to help him up. "Whoa there no need to be in that much of a rush."

Hunter sighs a bit ashamed of himself for how he acted. "I'm have been laying around enough i need to do something!"

Orange nods seeing fire in his eyes. "Ok let me help you."

She helps Hunter out of the emergency wing. Upon leaving they were in a rather open area somewhere that overlooked Octovalley. In the middle was a strange looking structure. it was an obstacle course made out of Hard Light. Cuttlefish was outside watching Blue practice. He turns, and sees Orange helping Hunter. "I'm surprised you’r up, and about."

Hunter nods. "I wanted to redeem myself for what i have done"

Cuttlefish looks back at agent blue. "Take Orange's Hero Charger and hit Blue right now."

Hunter was confused, but did as he was told. Orange hands Hunter her weapon, and helps keep him on his feet as he takes aim. Hunter focuses he could tell that without the helmet he wasn't as skilled, but opportunity shows itself. He take a shot when Blue had stopped to plan his next route. This had caught him off guard and he explodes in Orange ink.

Blue respawns at a nearby respawn pad and screams. "WHAT THE HECK!!!!"

Cuttlefish chuckles. "You have to keep on your guard you never know when, or where the next attack will come from.”

Cuttlefish turns towards Hunter “Well you did as you were told. Now come with me let’s get you geared up."

Orange takes back her weapon as Hunter stumbles after Cuttlefish. Cuttlefish leads him to a shack, and he heads inside as Hunter followed behind. Upon entering he could see it was a storage shack as it had various objects and a lot of Zapfish dolls.

Cuttlefish pulls out a Hero's Charger and a Hero's Combat Mask. "Here this is something you would like. Also here is a suit for you to wear."

Hunter takes the stuff. "Um..Ok...Where do i change?"

Cuttlefish points to a room off to the side. "There is a changing room for ya." He heads back out to tell Orange and Blue something. Hunter heads into the changing room and puts on the gear.

Hunter exits the shack the suit was snug in a few places. As soon as he leaves he sees Agent Blue, and Orange head off. The combat mask gave accurate updates on their position until they were too far away. Cuttlefish turns around, and sees Hunter. "Ah good it fits. I know you’r not great at fighting, but if you want to redeem yourself you are going to have to fight.”

He turns back to the place where Orange and Blue left from. “Your opponent will be here shortly"

About a minute later Agent 1 comes in, and she didn't look happy. "I'm ready to settle this!"

Cuttlefish steps between them. "First person to splat the other is the winner. Take your places."

Agent 1 charges off to her starting point. Hunter goes over to his starting point. Cuttlefish blows his whistle, and the match started.

Hunter starts off by shooting a path for him to take. Turning into squid form as he charges forward. Once he reaches the end of his path he shoots down several different paths, and waits in the middle.

It didn't take long for Agent 1 to appear. When she appeared she looks down the paths he made wondering which one he took. Hunter pops up and tosses a splat bomb at her. then disappears into his ink and quickly moves down one of the paths he made. Agent 1 dodges the grenade, and begins shooting everywhere. "Quit Hiding you COWARD!!!"

Hunter pops back out of the ink, and shoots at her from behind. She explodes in a splash of blue ink. When she respawns she clearly wasn't happy.

Cuttlefish stops her from retaliating. "Your anger got the best of you this day. Remember what happened today and take it as a life lesson. emotions can cloud your judgement, and make you vulnerable."

She storms off clearly not happy. Hunter returns to Cuttlefish's side just as Orange, and Blue show up. "Marie is doing fine. she is afraid of getting near the public, but at least she is out and about."

Cuttlefish nods. "Well our new recruit just beat Callie"

Agent Orange wasn't surprised, but Blue on the other hand was amazed he bested one of the squid sisters.

Cuttlefish continues Hunter's training until it was close to night time. "Alright its time to head home!"

Agent Blue laughs. "Yea! it's Meatloaf Monday!"

Agent Orange chuckles. "Only you would get excited about food!"

They head home after putting on their normal clothes. Hunter hesitates, and Cuttlefish notices that. "What’s wrong Hunter?"

Hunter looks down at his feet. "How can i face my father after what i have done?"

Cuttlefish sighs. "I know what you mean, but you need to face him sooner, rather than later"

Hunter sighs, and nods. He heads to the changing room and puts on his normal gear. Cuttlefish had given left him a backpack with a note on it outside the shack. Hunter picks up the backpack and reads the note. "Keep your hero gear around you never know when you would be needed."

Hunter nods, and puts his hero gear into the backpack. The charger didn't fit but it did fit onto the side of it. Once he was ready he began the long walk home. Each step making him more and more nervous.
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Once he arrived home he hesitates for a minute before knocking. His father answered the door, and sees Hunter standing there. He doesn't say anything and lets Hunter inside. Hunter didn't look at him when he entered. His mother was standing in the kitchen knowing full well what was about to happen.

Once the door was shut his father speaks up in a very rough tone. "Go to your room, and leave your gear down here!"

Hunter jumps hearing the tone of his voice. Tears start to appear in the corner of his eyes. he leaves the backpack at the door, and heads upstairs to his room. His father followed close behind.

Once Hunter was in his room his father slams the door shut and begins locking it. Hunter hears the various locks moving, and remember that those locks weren't there before. He looks around the room, and what he saw was too much. His room was void of everything that was there before.

The only thing left was a mattress, no pillow, and no covers. He looks over at the window in his room and sees Cage bars on them. Hunter just broke down on the spot collapsing onto the mattress. His heart split in two. His own parents punishing for something he had no control over. It was too much as he lays there on the mattress he begins to cry. He doesn't stop crying until he passes out.

In the morning he wakes up but doesn't move from the mattress. There was no reason to do anything. The only reason he got up was that his father unlocked the door. "Get your breakfast and when you’r done you have a lot of chores to do!"

Hunter gets up and leaves his room. the breakfast was quiet. Hunter slowly ate while his father was watching him. Once finished he was handed a list of chores. "Once your done with your chores it’s back to your room!"

Hunter looks over the list and there was a ridiculous amount of chores. "And you’r not allowed to go to bed until it’s finished. You can take a break for Lunch, and Dinner. But that's IT!"

Hunter nods and begins to work. Clean the gutters, Wash all 3 cars, wash the house with a small hand brush, vacuum the whole house, clean the dishes, wash the windows, and do the laundry. Once hunter was finished he went up to his room collapsed onto the bed and passed out unable to even cry.

Everyday the same thing. Every night the same nightmare. The nightmare was him being chased by someone. He couldn't get a good view of the person as he was cloaked in shadow. Each night the shadow figure was getting closer, and closer.

A week passed where and Cuttlfish was getting worried about Hunter. He gets Agent Orange and Blue to come with him. He wanted to make sure nothing bad has happened.

Just before sunset a knock was heard at the door. Hunter's father opens the door. When he notices who it was on the other side he backed up, and salutes the old war hero. The Agents and Cuttlefish enter the home. "What brings you to my abode Capt. Cuttlefish?"

He looks up at Hunter's father. "I'm here for Hunter. He hasn't showed up for training the past few days."

Hunter's father was confused. "Training?"

Cuttlefish sighs. "Your son after the events that transpired was nothing more than an empty shell without a purpose. He blamed himself for what happened that day. Thanks to Agent 2 he got out of bed and wanted a chance at redemption.”

He looks around for Hunter. “I gave he a chance, and after the day was done i sent him home. He didn't seem happy to come home when i sent him."

Hunter walks in with the vacuum, and sees Cuttlefish. Cuttlefish looks at Hunter but when there eyes met Hunter looked away. "I hope the punishment you have given him hasn't destroyed the little bit of him that remains after what happened"

Hunter's father was confused. "Hunter did do all those bad things. Helmet or no Helmet!"

Cuttlefish smacks him with his cane. Orange grabbed the cane to stop him from doing it again. "The Helmet was dangerous those who wear it. Those who had it on for longer than a day starts to show signs of split personality disorder. Their normal personality, and...something far more Evil!”

Hunter’s Father was now really confused. “Now I'm going to take Hunter away to maybe salvage what’s left of him, and train him to be an agent. Maybe if it isn't too late we can keep the other personality in check"
Hunter's father didn't argue. He trusted cuttlefish's decision. He looks over at Hunter. "Go with him."

Hunter just stands there shocked. After the weeks of punishment he was just going to let him go. Cuttlefish speak up first. "He will need his hero gear...I'm guessing you locked it away as punishment?"

Hunter's father nodded. "Where did you put that gear?"

Hunter's father points to a storage closet next to hunter. "In there with all the other things of his."

Hunter slides open the door and sure enough there was his stuff. Hunter grabs the backpack, and runs outside of the house before his father could change his mind. The Agents, and Cuttlefish leave.

Agent Orange pats Hunter on the back. "It’s ok. I know what it feels like to be punished by doing all the chores in the house."

Hunter shakes his head. "No...No you don't. they took everything away from me. My room was empty except a mattress. No pillow, no covers. Bars on the windows, and the breaker turned off for my room. then i had to do all the chores. i had to wash the cars and the house daily."

Agent Orange recoils from what Hunter had said, and looks at cuttlefish. "Lets leave that in the past. With some time they will see reason."

Hunter looks at Cuttlefish doubting him. "Did you know they would do that?"

Cuttlefish sighs. "I knew your father would do something...I just wasn't expecting something so extreme"

They make it back to Cuttlefish's training facility shortly after sunset. Agent Blue and Orange left for home. Cuttlefish takes Hunter over to a large tent. "It’s not much, but at least you get a roof over your head a bed to sleep on, pillows, and covers.

Hunter walks in it was empty except for the bed, but he could help but to smile as tears welled up in his eyes. He puts the bag down near the entrance to the tent and lays down in the bed. Cuttlefish was standing at the doorway. "I won't wake you in the morning. Sleep as long as you need. We won't begin training tomorrow so you have time to adjust living here for a bit."

As he says this Cuttlefish takes his leave. as he was leaving he hears Hunter. "Thank you"

Cuttlefish smiles and gives him the peace symbol as he walks away to his home. Hunter falls asleep shortly after, and again the same nightmare. This time he was close enough that Hunter could make out his features...It was himself that was cloaked in shadow chasing him.

In the morning he bolts awake just as Marie walked in. "OH! I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you."

In her hands was a music player and a portable speaker. "I talked to my cousin, and convinced her that you are a nice person...She even helped pay for this gift."

She hands Hunter the music player and the speaker. Hunter takes the gift, and turns it on. It was the Squid Sister's latest album playing. Hunter was brought to tears. Marie was shocked by the response. "Do you not like it?!"

Hunter shakes his head. "No i love it...its just...the past week i have had my heart broken. Tormented by a never ending nightmare. Forced to do chores till my limbs fall off....this is the nicest thing to happen to me."

Hunter drys up his tears, and smiles at Marie. "Thank you"

Marie smiles. "Your welcome. If you want breakfast i can get you something.”

Hunter nods. "That would be nice thanks"

Marie nods and heads out. Hunter puts the music player on the bed. he waits for the current song to finish before leaving the tent. He could see Marie talking to Cuttlefish. As he looked around he felt strange having to call this place home, but he didn't really have a choice. it was either here, or the slave house that was his home. Marie heads off to go get some breakfast for her grandpa and Hunter.

Hunter walks over to Cuttlefish. "Ah Hunter Marie told me you loved the gift."

Hunter nods. "Yea"

Cuttlefish smiles. "Good to hear. Marie just headed off to get us breakfast. I'm not a very good cook so i have my grand daughters get me food in the morning. I get it myself for lunch and dinner.” They have a talk about what being an agent entitles.

Callie showed up a little bit before Marie did. Callie walks up to Hunter. "Hunter...I'm sorry for everything I have done. Marie has showed me what i have done only made things worse for you...Can you forgive me."

Cuttlefish was shocked that Callie would apologize, and he turns to face Hunter to see what he would say. Hunter thinks about it for a bit. Everything she had done ran through his head. "I can...And at the same time I can't...Thank you for the Gift, but what has been done can’t be undone."

Callie was confused but how Hunter was acting she knew what it meant. "Stop blaming yourself for things that happened. The past is done lets just leave that day buried"

Hunter, and Cuttlefish was shocked by her response. It’s about this time Marie showed up and she was confused as to what was going on.

Callie sighs as Marie handed Hunter and Cuttlfish there food. "I got the same thing for both of you. it’s just a Breakfast combo."

Hunter smiles. "It’s fine thank you"

Cuttlefish nods. "now off you two don't need to be late for morning announcements" Callie and Marie quickly head off to give morning announcements.

Cuttlefish moves over to a table and motions for Hunter to sit with him. Hunter walks over and sits on the other side of the table, and they both started to eat. Cuttlefish was the first to say something. "i know you have had a stressful week, but i need to know if you have been having any nightmares. specifically stranger than normal nightmares.”

Hunter stops eating. "yes...one nightmare. every night for the week something cloaked in shadows was chasing me....last night i could finally see who it was...and it was me."

Cuttlefish looked worried. "you did hear everything i told your father about the split personality thing right?"

Hunter nods and continues eating. "yea i heard it."

Cuttlefish nods. "that nightmare shows the other you...The helmet suppresses certain emotions and enhances others. That's what leads to the split personality. Everyone had similar dreams, but saw the creature as a large demon chasing them down...for it to appear as yourself concerns me greatly. Hunter suddenly didn't feel well. "Can we stop talking about this?"

Cuttlefish nods and lets Hunter finish his meal in peace.
After Hunter finished breakfast he went to look around to try, and familiarize himself to his home away from home. Marie and Callie had a show today so they would be busy all day. The other two Orange and Blue were just having some fun with there friends today. So that just left Hunter all alone.

When he was starting to get bored he heads out into town. everyone didn't mess with him, or even acknowledge he was even there. when he got to Sheldon's store Sheldon motioned for him to go away. "I'm sorry Hunter, but do to recent events it would be unwise to have you touch any of my weapons."

Hunter looked at him surprised. "Come on Sheldon you know me!"

Sheldon shot him an angry look. "Look i know what happened to you i was there during the war too, and i have seen what that helmet can do to a soldier...But they don't. they got so much bad information it will be a while till this all settles.”

Sheldon lets out a sigh. “Until such time I'm afraid...Your blacklisted for all the shops."

This hit Hunter hard. "Ok....I understand..."

Hunter turns and leaves the store. Sheldon felt bad for him and calls up the other shops to help fix the situation. The other shop owners trusted Sheldon's wisdom when it came to Old weapons, and they agreed to try and help end spreading of bad rumors about what happened that day.

As Hunter was leaving town square Agent Orange showed up in her civilian outfit. "Hey what’s wrong i spotted you leaving Sheldon's shop with a cloud over your head.”

Hunter looks at her. "I'm blacklisted from all the shops."

Orange try to think of a way to make the situation better, but fate had other plans. Some Pro-Inkling members show up blocking there path. "Get out of here girl our beef with this little punk!"

the group leader pushes Orange away. She realizing how bad this situation just got she goes and gets backup and to get outfitted in her gear. With the Squid Sister's Concert going on, and recent attacks most of the police force was at the concert.

The Pro-Inkling surround Hunter to make sure he can’t escape. Hunter looks around seeing he was trapped was now fearful for his life. The leader steps in and puts on brass knuckles. "Not so tough now without your modified weapon are you!"

The leader begins beating Hunter up. He tries to fight back, but wasn't doing any harm to him. Hunter gets hit twelve times before Agent Blue, and Orange show up to help. The Pro-Inklings were expecting them. the other gang member attack the agents as they arrived leaving the boss to finish his work.

After the 30th hit Hunter was knocked out. Cuttlefish had managed to arrive with some police just before it was too late. Agent Orange, Blue, and Hunter were badly beaten up but none of the gang members got away.

Hunter wakes the next day with Marie next to him. he was still in pain and his left eye was swollen so he had to turn his head fully to see her. "How are you feeling?"

Hunter tries to talk, but nothing came out he was in quite a bit of pain. "I take it that you're in pain...hold on i will see if i can find something for that."

Marie leave just as Agent Blue arrives he was covered in bruises and he was holding an ice bag to his head. "Hey there champ...how are you feeling?"

Again Hunter doesn't say anything. Marie returns with some medicine and a needle. Blue cringes when he sees the needle. Marie gives Hunter some pain medication. "There you go...that should help....I'm sorry for what happened....Our manager asked for higher than normal police presence....and they took advantage of that."

Marie looks away and rubs her arm. Hunter speak up but his words were choked with a bit of blood and swelling from the beating he took. "I...don't...blame...you." Marie looks at him and smile. "Just...rest ok...we have the leader locked away and he won't be getting out for a long time....In case you were wondering...yes your father was there. He didn't say anything, but don't worry about it now just rest.”

She shoots blue a mean look as if to say leave. Blue nods his head and leaves right after Marie does. Hunter closes his eyes and slowly drifts back to sleep.
The next day the swelling had gone down, and he wasn't in as much pain. when he woke up it was mid-day, and no one was around. He gets up, and unhooks himself from the monitoring device.

Once he wasn't tied to the machine anymore he heads out. he had a bit of a limp. its at this time that Agent Orange walks into the medical center to check up on Hunter. "Oh your awake. come on let’s get you something to eat I'm sure you're hungry."

Hunter nods and follows her outside. She was covered in bandages just like Blue was. She lead him to a table where there was some burgers. "mom made extra so i brought some here."

Hunter sits down at the table and slowly eats a burger. Cuttlefish was staring out into the Octo-valley when Hunter finally spotted him. "why is Cuttlefish standing over there?"

Blue looks over and chuckles. "Don't worry about that it’s what he does when he wants to think. Agent 1 and 2 return from their patrol, and remove their masks. Callie sees the burgers and goes to grab one. Marie sees Hunter sitting at the table, and sits across from him. "Hi Hunter. How are you holding up?"

Hunter looks at Marie. "good"

tears welled up in his eyes showing the opposite. Marie sighs and starts to eat a burger. "is it because you got blacklisted?"

Hunter stops, and looks at her. Then just nods before resuming eating. Hunter finishes his burger, and gets up from the table. Marie sees him leave and figured it was best not to pry.

Hunter walks over to the tent that was his makeshift home. he moves the music player, and speaker. Before turning it on, and laying down. It was obvious he needed time to think. The past few weeks have changed his life. To the point where he no longer feels in control of his own life anymore. He falls asleep exhausted from the day.

Marie felt bad for Hunter. She goes over to talk to her grandpa. "I feel sorry for hunter."

Cuttlefish looks at Marie. "I don't blame you for feeling that way. Ever since he got the helmet his life suddenly was out of his control. all we can do is be there for him. once he gets back in control of his life that's when we can point him down the right path."

Marie looks over to where Hunter was sleeping. "is there anything we can do to help him feel in control?"

Cuttlefish shakes his head. "I do not know. we can only do so much...he has to do most of it himself."

Marie didn't feel good about letting Hunter be alone on this path. She tries to think of a way to help Hunter.

Hunter wakes up the next day. he gets up and goes to the shower facilities in the medical ward to get cleaned up. After his shower he dries off as best as he could. Then heads back to the tent to get into the Hero Gear.

Once he had it on he left ready for some training, but no one was there. "Hello?"

He looks around then he hears a voice from behind. "Hello!"

He turns around and sees the shadow version of himself. "YOU!"

Hunter takes aim and starts shooting, but nothing was happening. he looks back at the other him. "HA HA HA HA HA! You Keep running but you never go anywhere. Your life is no longer in your control you should just give up instead of fighting the raging river!"

A distorted voice could be heard "Hu...er...ap....of....t..."

Hunter looks around for whoever was talking hoping they could help him. Suddenly he was hit in the head with a roller and he explodes in blue ink. He respawns near by and he readies his weapon. Looking around franticly but doesn’t see the shadowy him anymore. All he sees was Agent blue and Cuttlefish who looked worried.

Cuttlefish approaches Hunter. "Calm down...what is it!"

Hunter lowers his weapon and holds his head. "I saw him...he was standing right there!"

when he pointed to where the shadow him was. there was blue ink lying where he actually shot. Cuttlefish sighs. "Its getting worse...Hunter you need stay strong. The other you will keep trying to break your mind until he gets control over you."

Hunter looks at him worried. Cuttlefish places his hand on his shoulder. "Remember you don't have to fight this alone. we are your friends, and we will be there for you."

Hunter nods and tries to calm down. Cuttlefish walks over to agent blue. "Ok your going to run a Team exercise with Hunter. let me just get the hard light fields calibrated"

Cuttlefish goes over to a computer stand and starts typing on it. Shortly after he started typing the combat field starts to alter.
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Once everything was in place Blue gives a thumbs up to Hunter before launching over to the starting point Hunter following close behind. Cuttlefish's voice could be hear as he was using a megaphone. "Ok your objective is to get the zapfish doll at the end of the course. Be careful of hidden traps...I'm talking to you Blue"

Blue shakes his fist. "HEY! just because i fell for all the traps on the first run doesn't mean I'm going to keep falling for them!"

Hunter chuckles. "He just giving you a hard time trying to get you to make a mistake, and prove him right"

Blue looks at Hunter and realizes that he was right and was now a bit embarrassed. Cuttlefish blows the whistle and they were on there way. Blue making a lovely path to go on as Hunter tries to take care of threats before Blue gets close. They complete the mission without much issue, and Hunter felt better.

The platform they were on changes to a starting platform this time with harder puzzles to solve to get to the end. "Go again! This time Hunter leads Blue you're his backup"

Hunter nods and charges forward. The training session ends. Every time Blue leads they reach the objective. When Hunter leads they got destroyed.

Cuttlefish shuts down the hard light generators once they were off. "well...Hunter you are good a support...not so much as a leader, BUT! that is completely fine not everyone can change rolls on the fly"

Hunter felt a little better about screwing up. Blue just pats Hunter's back. "Don't fret over it i can't support at all"

Agent Orange shows up about that time having finished her patrol. "Sup!"

Cuttlefish waves to Orange. "Well Hunter is good a support maybe you can help him get better at it?"

Orange nods. "Sure i can give him a few hints" Cuttlefish nods. Blue waves bye as he heads out to start his patrol. Orange waves Hunter over and he walks over. "Ok I'm sorry but my methods of teaching is different from Cuttlefish's. If you are going to learn from me i will not hesitate to point out your flaws.”

Hunter looks at Cuttlefish then back at Orange. "Ok I would like to learn"

Orange smirks. "Ok first up what’s your stance?"

Hunter readies himself into 2 different stances one crouched, one standing. Orange looks over his two stances. "Show me standing"

Hunter stands up and show his stance. It was like he was standing at the mirror and pointing a gun at his reflection. Orange looks it over. "Bad stance you need to be more toward your center of gravity"

She kicks his legs apart and pushes his stance into a slightly crouched. "This stance will help your keep on a swivel, and give you the chance to escape incoming shots faster.”

Hunter leaves that stance and back into trying to memorize the motions. Orange watched once Hunter had it down she smiles. "Good. now show me crouched. Hunter takes a crouched stance. It looked good but Hunter right arm was resting on his right knee while his left arm hanged in the air to balance the gun. Orange looked it over and had nothing serious to pin against it. "Switch the way your legs are and used that to help steady your shots"

Hunter switches his legs. He could feel that he could steady the gun easier because the natural sway from his arms was far less. Hunter then stands up and goes back to that stance trying to memorize the motion. "Good you have the stance down"

Hunter nods as Orange heads over to the hard light generator and activates it. Where the arena was four figures popped up. The first one had a circle on the head and chest. The second one had a circle on the head and an X on the chest. The third one had the oposite on it, and the last had Xs in those places.

Orange smiles at Hunter. “Ok now those are the various targets to shoot at. Go ahead and shoot at them.”

Hunter takes aim and shoots the four targets. When hit they exploded. Those that he hit the X spots caused an ink turret nearby to shoot him. “AH! what the heck Orange!”

She chuckles. “Its to discorage you from hitting the Xs”

Hunter scrapes off the ink that hit him and looks at Orange. “So what’s the next task?”

Orange looks at him and smiles. “Complete the course without hitting a single X.”

Hunter nods and goes to the starting position as Orange punches in a few things. As she does various walls spawn in creating obstacles. Then the targets spawns in. “Ok Hunter...3...2...1……...GO!”

Hunter nearly went before go. He catches himself and charges forward once she said go. He made quick progress heading towards the building 3 figures popped up he shot the first two but left the third as it had no circle.

He heads inside Hero Charger at the ready slowly sweeping the place. A target popped up behind him and he quickly turned and shot it. he hit it in the X that was on its head. “Crap!”

the walls fade and he gets shot again. “Can you shut that thing off!”

Orange laughs. “Sorry no Cuttlefish says not to touch it.”

Hunter sighs and heads back to start. Orange starts up the simulation again. Hunter had to do it another twelve times before he finally passed it without failing. Once he completed it he collapses to the floor. Orange runs over and leans over him. “How you feeling?”

Hunter shakes his head. “Tired, hungry, relieved, and angry.”

Orange smiles and pulls him up. “Come on let’s get something to eat.”

Hunter nods and follows Orange. She waves bye to cuttlefish and leads Hunter back into the city. Once there since he was wearing the Hero mask no one reconized him. They walked over to a nearby food stop that Orange loved to visit. “This place makes great to go meals”

Hunter nods and walks in with her. Orange walks up to the counter. “Two Hero sandwiches to go.”

The person behind the register nods. Orange pays for the meals and after a few minutes they were on there way back. Once there they stop at the table and start to eat.

They ate their meal in silence. The sun was staring to set and Hunter wanted to rest. Orange waves bye to them and heads home. Cuttlefish stayed up to finish something as Hunter laid down and quickly fell to sleep.
He wakes up the next day everything hurt. He slowly gets out of bed and does his morning routine. Hunter walks around still in a bit of pain.

There was no one around as the others were out on a mission. The Pro-Inklings were making a ruckus again. Hunter had nothing to do so he changes back into his normal clothes and heads back into town.

He could hear the fighting going on in the distance. As hunter entered the main plaza it was suddenly filled with a heavy mist. This put Hunter on edge. the Jumbo-Tron comes on and it’s was all the Agents on there. They were laughing, and insulting him. Hunter was emotionally torn by this. He knew it was a trick from the other him, but at the same time seeing them say such thing upset him. "No...NO! this is a trick!"

The other him shows up laughing. "Do you know for sure it’s a trick? Once you're away from them do they not have the chance to talk about you, and you can't hear them?"

Hunter felt uneasy. the other him smiles. "Look deep within yourself and you know this to be true!"

Hunter shakes his head, and runs away from the plaza. The voices of the Agents laughing growing louder and louder the further away he got. The voices, and the fog disappear once he bumped into Agent 2.

Agent 2 stands back up after being knocked down by Hunter. "Hey wa...oh...Hunter are you ok?"

Hunter doesn't say anything he was unsure if what the other him said was the truth or not. Agent 2 offers her hand to help Hunter up. "Hunter you can trust me. I have done nothing to harm you."

Hunter was still uneasy, but takes her hand. Agent 2 helps him up onto his feet before smiling. "What are you doing here out of uniform? the Pro-Inklings started a war to claim the whole city"

Hunter rubs the back of his head. "no one was at the training facility so i went into town...then he showed up again."

Agent 2 looked concerned. "What did he do this time?"

Hunter doesn't answer. Agent 2 sighs. "I get you don't seem in control of your life, but shutting yourself off will only make him win in the end....I want you to trust me Hunter. What is it going to take for you to trust me?"

Hunter doesn't reply. This only agitated Agent 2 but before she could say anything Agent 1 comes over the radio. "They are hold up in the warehouse...something doesn't seem right.”

Agent 2 jumps up onto the rooftops Hunter following behind using his splatterscope to get up to the roof. Once up there he could see the warehouse in question. Agent 2 looks over to Hunter. "Use your scope and tell me what you see...try and get a good view inside"

Hunter nods and takes aim. he tries to get a good line of sight inside the building. "whatever is in there...there are quite a few bits of heavy machinery moving around in there."

Agent 2 nods and relays the information to the other three agents. “Keep your eyes peeled whatever it is it can't be good.”

After shifting to another spot he finally sees what it was. "Uh...We need to get away from here"

Agent 2 looks at Hunter confused. "We have them on the run the remaining gang member are held up inside we can't give them any space to escape"

Just as she finishes Four mechanized suits barge through the walls of the warehouse. the roof collapsed trapping one of them. the other 3 charged for the police line. Hunter runs from the roof, and Agent 2 was right behind him. Shortly after landing the building they were on collapses as a police car went through the building.

The mechanized Gang member spots Hunter. "Somehow i knew you would be around!"

He charges towards Hunter, and swing its fist. Hunter froze in place. His life flashing before his eyes. Everything was slowed down as the other him shows up. He was standing next to the fist. "You going to just stand there? HA HA HA! I knew it you're too weak! You know that feeling you're having right now it...."

He notices Agent 2 doing something. "Well karma is on your side this day."

He disappears just as Agent 2 began pushing him out of the way. When he hit the ground he turns around just in time to see Agent 2 being sent skyward. "Damn missed...oh well won't happen a second time!"

The other fist starts swinging around going for Hunter. He quickly rolls out of the way then runs down the street. The Mechanized suit right behind him.

As the chase went on the other agents had managed to bring one of the other suits down. Hunter continues running around the block unable to shake the mech. It was shooting ink trying to slow Hunter down. After a couple of corners Hunter was back where he started and the path forward was blocked by the previous ink shots the mech had made. "Oh no!"

He turns around just as the mech was about to punch him. he hears a car horn. The horn was from a car speeding towards them. Hunter spots it just in time to jump into the store window. Agent 2 jumps from the car as it careens into the curb strikes the side of the building then into the mech.

The mech smashes the car, but this caused the car to explode. Hunter was blasted to the other end of the store pieces of wood glass and metal flying towards him. Agent 2 sees the giant fireball about to engulf the stores nearby and charges through them looking for Hunter.

She finds Hunter in the back of the store. He had managed to get back onto his feet but he was shell shocked. Agent 2 grabs Hunter. "We need to get out of here now!"

Hunter just looks at her confused unable to hear or understand what she said. When she pulls him towards the back door he followed. Once outside She collapses the ground and begins puking black bile. Her internal injuries were quite bad. Hunter had stood there looking at for half a minute before realizing what was going on. "Marie!"

He picks her up and ignores his own injuries to try and get away from the fight and to someplace to help her. She looks up at him before passing out. “Stay with me Marie!”

Hunter runs into the nearest hospital. "Someone help this Agent is badly injured!"

Doctors rush to their side after seeing how bloody Hunter was. once she was safely in the doctor's care that's when he finally passes out from his injuries. Doctors quickly rush to his aid and give him medical treatment as well.

When hunter regains consciousness it was the next day. Captain Cuttlefish was there. "Ah good you're awake."

Hunter looks at him worried. "Will Marie be alright?"

Cuttlefish nods. "Your haste to get her medical attention left you in worse shape than her, but thanks to you she will be fine."

Hunter sighs in relief. "Where is she?"

Cuttlefish points to the bed across from him. "She is still under from the surgery but she will be fine. Both of your injuries will make you unable to do field work for a while.”

Hunter looks back at cuttlefish "Was...my father injured?"

Cuttlefish shakes his head. "He is one of the few to come out uninjured. the rest it's hard to say. The other agents also took a beating, but they are fine as well.”

Hunter nods, and closes his eyes wanting to rest now that he knows he managed to save Marie's life. Cuttlefish leave without saying another word letting them rest.

The next morning he wakes up because a nurse dropped a tray. "I'm sorry dear. I didn't mean to wake you."

Hunter looks around the room and sees Agent 2 was gone. He just guesses that Callie helped bring her home. "Am i ok to go home?"

The nurse thinks for a bit. "I don't know...I will go and ask the doctors."

She cleans up the mess and heads out talk to the doctor that was treating his injuries. A few minutes pass, and she returns. "Yes you can, but your parents need to come pick you up....want me to contact them?"

Hunter thinks about this for a bit. "Yes please"

The nurse nods, and goes to make the phone call. He lays there lost in thought about what all just happened. He knew he could trust Marie now, but it still bothers him that the other him could show up at any moment.
When his parents arrived it was an awkward quiet moment. Hunter gets into the mandatory wheelchair and they wheel him out to the car. They didn't talk to each other the whole way out to the car. Even the car ride home was quiet.

Once home his mother helps him up to his room. once his door opened he was surprised with what he saw. Everything was back where it belonged. even the poster he got. His mother helps him into bed and shuts the blinds. "Just rest up..ok"

Hunter nods and lays in bed and drifts off to sleep. A Few hours later he wake up with the smell of supper being cooked. When he walked downstairs he sees Agent Blue sitting at the table. "Hi Hunter. I came by just to drop off your gear, but your mother offered for me to stay for a meal. I accepted because my parents were going to a movie I didn't want to see."

Hunter nods, and smiles. His father walks in from the garage. He had just gotten off of work. "Hunter....what you did was very heroic."

Hunter smiles. "Thank you dad"

His mother puts the food on the table, and once his father joined them at the table they began eating. Agent Blue talks to Hunter’s father about how much Hunter has improved. Even going as far as calling him a hero.

That afternoon after Blue heads home Hunter goes up to his room he tinkers a bit to help get back into the swing of having a normal life again. after an hour or so he gets tired and heads to bed.

The day After Hunter wakes up and goes into the bathroom to replace his bandages. Once that was done he grabs his gear and heads out. His father shouts from the table. "Before you head out at least have some breakfast"

Hunter stopped at the door before turning around and going to the table. After breakfast he heads to Plaza and was surprised by how many people were standing outside of Sheldon's store. When they see Hunter they cheered.

Hunter was confused but Sheldon cleared it up. "Hunter after what you did to help save Agent 2 everyone got together and demanded you to be removed from the blacklist."

Sheldon holds up a piece of paper that said to not allow Hunter in the store. "The honor is yours"

Hunter takes the paper and tears it up. Once the little ceremony was finished a few people left their guns for repairs and Hunter gladly helps Sheldon out.

Callie in her Agent uniform stops by the alleyway where Hunter was testing the weapons he was repairing. "Hunter! I knew you would be here. Heard about the lifting of the ban."

Hunter smiles. "Yea this has made things better for me....by that i mean i haven't heard from the other me in a while."

Callie nods. "Well Marie wants to talk with you once your done here. she is at the studio, and she wants to thank you in person for what you have done.”

She looks down at the ground and kicks some pebbles around. “And i would like to thank you as well. My cousin means everything to me. Thank you for saving her like that"

Hunter smiles blushing a bit. "Your welcome Ca....Agent 1" Callie smiles and waves bye. "Well i need to be getting back to the studio soon"

She takes her leave as Hunter continues working. He repairs a roller and uses it. unfortunately another issue showed up and the roller end slipped off. “Well aren’t you a sneaky one”

He spend a good part of the day fixing the weapons only a couple of them gave him issues. mainly the tank exploded due to a clogged barrel on a charger. the brush end of a roller falling off. and a splattershot so beaten up he swore it had to have been thrown in a dryer.

Later that afternoon he finally finished. He was a lot slower due to his injuries, but he powered through the pain to give a quality repair to the equipment. Once he was finished Sheldon payed him. "Here you go hunter."

Hunter takes the money. "Thank you Sheldon but i can't accept this. Not after what it must have taken to get me removed from the black list."

Hunter hands the money back. "I will do it for free just this once."

Sheldon nods and takes the money back. "Ok..if you say so"

Hunter waves bye to Sheldon then heads to the studio. As he moved across the plaza the Squid sisters came on the screen. both of them were on, and giving announcements on the latest map rotation. It didn't take long for Hunter to notice Marie was hiding some pain. “Stay strong Marie I know you can.”

Hunter had said that last part to himself so people wouldn’t question why he would say that. When the announcements ended he walks over to the studio. There were a few people waiting to see the Squid sisters but they were in the back room.
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Hunter was let inside and was lead to the back room. When they were finished. Callie, and Marie shows up in the back. Callie smiles seeing Hunter. Marie smiles but heads into the changing room where Callie helped wash off the make up and put the bandages back on. Once finished with getting Marie doctored up Callie changes into her Hero gear, and quickly leaves to do her patrol.

Marie walks in and sits down at the table and offer Hunter to sit with her. "Hunter...Thank you for saving my life."

Hunter nods and sits in the empty chair. "Your welcome. and Marie."

She looks at him curious to what he was going to say. "To answer your question...I do trust you."

Marie smile. "I'm glad to hear. Gramps had something he wanted me to give to you."

She pulls out the Inkling combat mask and sets it on the table. Hunter just stares at it. He looked like he just seen a ghost. Marie realizing this quickly speaks up. "OH NO NO NO! Calm down its safe now. He completely stripped it and tweaked it. It works just like the Hero's helmet without the bad side effects.”

Hunter looks back and forth to the mask and Marie "uh..thanks I guess."

He hesitates touching it. Marie moves it away looks a little saddened by that. "I guess it was too soon to give it to you."

Hunter blushes and looks away. "I'm sorry"

Marie sighs. "Well want to come with me to the Training facility?"

Hunter nods. "Yea but we need to careful. Our injuries aren't fully healed."

Marie Nods. "I know. it's so hard to put on a false face to hide the pain i was in during the announcements. You know what i mean?”

Hunter nods showing he understood, and they both get up. Hunter leads the way but let’s Marie leave the studio first.

They took the secret path from the Studio to get there. Hunter and Marie arrive, and she keels over. Hunter bends down next to her. "You ok?"

Marie nods. "Yea...I'm fine i just can't shift between forms without it hurting."

Hunter helps her up. "Don't put unnecessary strain on yourself."

Marie nods and with Hunter’s help stands back up. Agent Blue had seen Marie on the ground, and came over to help. "Everything ok?"

Hunter nods. "Yes...is Cuttlefish around?"

Blue shakes his head. "Sorry no...I'm guessing he is over at the police station"

Hunter nods. "Ok. Thanks Blue"

Blue nods and then explodes as Orange splattered him. "HEY! Careful! with our injuries that could be quite dangerous!"

She waves her hand. "Sorry!"

Blue respawns not looking to happy. "She is really good at that."

Hunter and Marie laugh as Blue heads in for another round.

Marie was heading to the shed to put the mask away. Hunter stops her. "No...I will take it. If you believe it is safe then i trust you.”

Marie smile happy to see Hunter actually trusting her. Hunter puts on the helmet and turns it on. Sure enough it worked just like the Hero's mask. he could see his teammates location. which because he was still orange that was Agent Orange.

He turns to Marie and she smiles. "It may be old but it looks good on you"

Hunter blushes and rubs the back of his head. "Thank Marie."

Marie smiles and they chit chat while waiting for Cuttlefish to show up. He does a few hours later. "Ah Hunter glad to see you are enjoying the gift."

Hunter turns to see Cuttlefish. "Yea..thanks for fixing it up."

Cuttlefish chuckles. "You need to be thanking Marie."

Hunter looks at Marie and she blushes and looks away. "She may not be as skilled as you are with Tinkering, but when i told her i wanted to return it she offered to fix it so that it was safe."

Callie show up tired. "I need a hot bath, a massage, and a day off to enjoy them both."

Hunter, Marie, and Cuttlefish laughs. Callie looks at them a bit angry. "Don't laugh it’s true."

Callie storms off to tell Agent orange, and Blue it was their turn to patrol. They stop laughing shortly after. Hunter rubs the back of his head. "Is she always like this?"

Marie nods. "Yes she maybe so lively on TV, but once you lived with her for a while your realize she likes some luxuries in her life."

Cuttlefish chuckles. "Well don't stay too long you need your rest."

Cuttlefish walks off to talk to Callie. Marie sighs. "I should be getting back home...mind helping me?"

Hunter nods. "Sure"

Marie smiles and offers her hand. Hunter takes her hand before they head back through the pipes to the studio. Upon reaching the other side Marie collapses again when she shifts back into humanoid form. Hunter helps her up. "you should not do that anymore. at least not until you're fully healed up."

Marie nodded, and with Hunter's help stands back up. "Thank you Hunter. I live in the hotel behind the studio so i don't need help from here."

Hunter nods. "Ok. just take it easy"

Marie smiles as she waves bye to Hunter and heads on home. Hunter sighs the strange feeling becoming noticeable now. He pushes the feeling aside and heads home. By the time he gets there the sun had started to set. Hunter walks into the house then goes up to his room to lay down. falling asleep nearly instantly.
The next couple of days Hunter didn't do much other than stay at home occasionally heading out to work for Sheldon. He didn’t see much of the agents during this time but he didn’t complain.

Once his injuries were better he grabs his hero gear and leaves after breakfast. Upon entering town he hears of a Splat-fest being announced. It was Team Puppy vs Team Kitty. Everyone was talking about it wondering what side to be apart of. Hunter didn't care too much, but went with Team Kitty.

He moves away from the plaza and takes the passage to the training facility. Upon entering he notices everyone was there, except Marie. Blue speaks up. "Did you see Orange on your way here?"

Hunter shakes his head. "No...What's going on?"

Blue laughs. "It’s Orange's birthday and i wanted to throw her a party."

Hunter was astonished that Blue would go to such lengths. Blue thinks for a bit. "How good are you keeping a straight face."

Hunter gives him a few looking from behind the mask. Blue chuckles. "I guess with the mask on you can hide your expressions well. Me, Cuttlefish, and Callie are going to jump out and surprise her you just stand around here for her.”

Hunter chuckles as Blue dashes off to hide. "Ok i will"

Hunter stands around the entrance waiting for Orange. It didn't take long for her to show up. "Orange glad to see you here. have you seen the others?"

Orange shakes her head. "No..I thought they were here?"

It's at this moment they jump out and surprise her. She nearly jumped out of her clothes by the surprise. "AH!!!"

Cuttlefish comes around with a cake as Hunter laughs when she screamed. "Calm down birthday girl Blue set this all up."

Orange started laughing. "Blue i should beat your head in for this, but i do love the what you went through to do this. I'm also surprised he dragged you along Hunter."

Hunter chuckles. "Actually i didn't even know today was your birthday."

Orange nods and with the knife Cuttlefish was holding she cuts the cake into equal parts for everyone. Cuttlefish had even brought a small box to transport a piece to Marie.

After everyone had their piece Callie pulls Hunter aside. "Can you take Marie her piece?"

Hunter nods. "Yea i can"

Callie smiles. "Thanks Cuttlefish had some practice sessions for everyone today. You can miss a couple as he only planned for three of us to be here."

Callie walks over to the cake and puts it in the small box to transport it. "She lives in the penthouse with me and Grandpa"

Hunter nods. "Ok. I already know what building so i will just be on my way."

Hunter takes the box that held the cake and carefully transports it back to town. Once there he makes his way to the apartment behind the studio. Upon entering he could tell it was one of the more expensive hotels there was just from the lobby.

He makes his way to the top floor and knocks on the door to the penthouse. He hears a faint. "Its unlocked"

Hunter opens the door and walks in. "Hello...Marie?"

He hears a door shut. "Hunter! you know it’s rude to barge in unannounced!"

Hunter notices some water on the floor that went from the bathroom to a room with green stickers on them. He blushes a bit realizing she was in her room changing from her shower. "I'm sorry! Your cousin Callie asked me to bring you your piece of cake from Orange's birthday party."

Marie opens the door her injuries had healed up nicely. "Oh...Thank you...sorry for snapping at you like that."

Hunter shakes his head. "No i did kinda barge in unannounced."

Hunter leaves the cake on the table, and was about to leave when Marie stopped him. "Hunter...Can you stay and help me...I didn't want to ask Callie."

Hunter stops and looks back at her. "Is it changing to and from squid form?"

Marie nods as Hunter smiles. "You only had to ask. I would gladly help you."

Marie smiles. "Since i haven't switched between the forms very much it hurts and i get stuck halfway. i need you to help me deal with the pain."

Hunter nods. "Well i will try."

Marie nods and begins shift between forms. every now and then she would get stuck and Hunter would help her as best as he could. Callie shows up and catches Hunter helping Marie out. "Marie! whats going on here!"

Callie didn't look happy towards Hunter. Marie slides between them in her squid form. "Calm down Callie he has been helping me. Since the injuries i need to rework the muscles that help me change forms."

Callie sighs, She couldn't be mad at her cousin. She picks up Marie and hugs her. "I trust your decisions...Next time tell me ok?"

Marie wraps her tentacles around Callie. "Ok"

Callie sets Marie down and she shifts back not getting stuck this time. "I think that's enough practice for today."

Hunter nods not wanting to anger Callie. "Yea no need to over do it"

Callie heads into the bathroom to take a shower. Marie sits down at the table and eats her cake. "Tell Orange happy birthday for me...ok?"

Hunter nods "I will"

He takes his leave after weaving bye to Marie. He heads back to the training facility.

Once he got back there he ends up running into Orange just before she leaves. "Ow sorry about that."

Orange chuckles. "It’s fine. so how is Marie"

Hunter smiles and steps aside so she could leave. "She is doing fine, and she says 'Happy Birthday'. If you meaning her injuries they are healing but she is hitting a few snags."

Orange cringes when he said snags. "Oh...ok. I hope she can get through these snags"

Orange waves bye then jumps into the drainage pipe that leads back to town. Hunter waves back to Orange as she leave. He then heads to the tent to get the music player and speaker he had left. Blue was already taking down the tent. "Hold up a second"

Blue stops and holds the tent up. the music player was dead as he left it on by accident. but once he put that away in his bag he helps Blue take down the tent. "Thanks Hunter"

Hunter smiles. "Your welcome"

Blue folds up the tarp as Hunter puts away the bed.
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Cuttlefish shows up. "Hunter front and center!"

Hunter hears cuttlefish and moves over to him. "Yes sir?"

Cuttlefish points to an obstacle course. "You need to complete that. I will be nice as you have been out of practice for a week while healing so i will give you all the tries you need, but you can't leave until you complete it!"

Hunter nods and heads over to the starting point. Blue watches from the sidelines as Hunter got into place.

Where he stood he could see various traps down the line. but he didn’t worry about it as he would have to navigate a jumping puzzle maze that was in front of him first.

Cuttlefish blows his whistle and Hunter starts. The jumping puzzle wasn’t too hard it was more to slow him down at the start than anything. He make it to the last jump and sees a mesh bridge ahead.

He dashes down the bridge but stops when he sees a metal bar sweeping across the bridge. Out of instinct he turns into a squid and falls through the mesh He hits the ground with a soft squelching thud.

Out of anger Hunter flops around a bit. Blue couldn’t help but laugh as the sight of Hunter flopping around. Cuttlefish smacks blue with his cane. “If i recall correctly you couldn’t even get past the jumping part on your first try.”

Blue falls silent blushes a bit embarrassed. “It was still funny to see him fall through the grate that i didn’t fall for.”

Cuttlefish shoots him an angry look as Hunter heads back to the starting point. Cuttlefish blows his whistle again and Hunter was off.

Hunter made easy work of the first obstacle and when he got to the bridge he avoids the sweeper without turning into a squid. He makes it to the end of the bridge and explodes in a shower of green ink. Blue lost it again he falls back onto the ground laughing.

Hunter spawns behind them. He sees Blue laughing uncontrollably and as he walks by drops a splat bomb on him. Cuttlefish quickly moved away as Blue exploded in orange ink. He respawns just as Hunter gets ready for another run.

Hunter continues on this time getting to the Ink Mine and stopping. He looks around unsure how many there was. He avoids the first one and carefully treads across a minefield. He explodes quite a few times before he manages to find a path through the minefield. He was only halfway through when the sun started to set.

After the minefield it was a literal maze filled with various traps. the walls were made of glass on top of a stone structure preventing him from using his Ink to cheat his way past. As he enters the maze he felt like the maze was moving. He couldn’t tell right away but the maze was round and the various places shift every now and then.

When the sensation went away he proceeds to look behind him and notices the wall was sealed off. “That’s not good.”

He move on deeper into the maze at that point. He spotted a few pathways to go towards, but before he could do anything several figured popped up and a beeping sound was heard. These figures were like the targets before. He quickly starts to shoot at them trying his best not to hit the ones with the Xs.

There was a buzzing sound and the trap splats him. He respawns and quickly heads back through the obstacle course. This cycle repeats itself as he find out the hard way the Maze is not the same way twice. He continues to go through the maze. He finally succeeds once the sun dips below the city.

Cuttlefish smiles. “Good job Hunter….now off with ya no need to be late getting home.”

Cuttlefish waves bye as Hunter leaves. Agent blue already took his leave.

On the way home he notices a party going on in the plaza. He sneaks a peak and sees Callie and Marie ontop of special trucks with a stage on top. Everyone was having a blast. The only thing that kept Hunter from joining in was that he was exhausted. So he heads home to rest.

Upon getting home he was stopped by his father. “Your home late.”

Hunter rubs the back of his head. “Sorry about that Dad...Cuttlefish had me do an obstacle course and i having issues completing it.”

His father nods and notices what mask Hunter was wearing. “Why are you wearing that mask? Isn’t it dangerous to be wearing that?!”

Hunter realized he was still wearing the Inkling combat mask. “NO NO NO! It's completely fine….Agent 2 fixed it so it wasn’t dangerous anymore!”

His father notices that he wasn’t lying and lets Hunter in. “Alright if you say so.”

Hunter enter the home after his father and heads up to bed He removes his hero gear and puts it away. “Can't believe i just walked through town with it on.”

After putting on some normal clothes he pulls out the music player and plugs it up. He puts it on shuffle and lets it play. He turns off the bedroom light and lays in bed falling asleep shortly after. With the music playing he felt at ease.
Hunter wakes up the next day and goes about his normal morning routine. when he went downstairs his parents were nowhere to be seen. When he gets to the refrigerator to get something to drink he notices a note on it. "Gone shopping breakfast is on the table."

He grabs his breakfast and warms it up in the microwave as he gets a drink. He ate his breakfast while watching some TV. Once he finished breakfast he cleans his plate in the sink. Once the plate was in the dish drain he finishes his drink before doing the same to it.

He grabs his gear then heads over to the Agent Training Facility. On the way there he was listening to the music player. He didn't walk very fast as he wasn't in a rush. As he passed through the Plaza he could see something was going on. Hunter turns off the music player and heads to the Plaza.

In the middle was the Squid Sister handing out flyers for their charity event. "Come support the officers who risked their lives protecting you!"

Marie sees Hunter and waves at him. Hunter waves back before taking a flyer. Marie said something so only Hunter could hear. “Meet us at the studio once we're done here”

Hunter nods and stays there to see what was up. When the last flyer was handed out Callie and Maire head over to the studio Hunter followed behind.

Once there the producer spots Hunter walking in and stops him. "You’re Hunter Williston right?"

Hunter nods as the producer starts shouting. "Ok places everyone we have what we need to get started.”

Marie pulls Hunter off to the side. "I'm sorry about this, but you being the son of a well decorated Police officer kinda got you pulled in on this."

Hunter was still unsure what was going on. "What am i being pulled into?"

Callie was the one to answer. "The producer wants to advertise the event by having you talk about how happy you are that your father. Just like the other officers are willing to put there life on the line. Oh and it's live"

Hunter froze up. Callie pokes Hunter's face. "You ok?"

Marie smacks her hand away. "He's nervous...come on Hunter it will be ok. Trust me..all you have to do is answer our questions."

Hunter nods just as the producer steps in. "Everything ok?"

Callie speaks up. "Yea...we kinda forced it on him but i think he is willing do the show"

The producer smiles. "Good now take your places we are going live in a few minutes."

Marie takes Hunter's hand and leads him to where they were shooting the live video from. She has him sit in the far chair that has some space in between them so the TV could be seen. Callie and Marie sat in there chairs ready. Hunter was still nervous but does his best to calm down.

The producer does a once over and makes sure everything was ready. He notices Hunter still wearing his helmet, and removes it. "Ok! Places people were live in...5...4....3..."

He makes a 2 with his hand then a 1 then points to them. the TV turns on and it was the intro. Callie and Marie smile as they begin the annoucement. “Today we have a very speical announcement to give to everyone. ”

Callie motions to the other side of the TV. “We have a guest in the studio today who is the son of Sargent Williston. A decorated hero in the police force.”

The camera pans out to show Hunter sitting there. Maire was the next one to speak "We're here to promote our Charity Event to help the officers who put their lives on the line to stop the Pro-Inkling Gang member from destroying our beautiful city!”

Marie turns to Hunter and smiles “How does it feel to be related to someone who would do everything he could to save this town."

The camera zooms in on Hunter as he rubs the back of his head. "Well. To be truthful. It's an honor to be his son. He love this city just as much as anyone else, and him being out there to catch those who dare harm our city has always been an inspiration to me."

Callie then speaks up after a bit. "Alright! Now were you worried about your father getting hurt when the Gang war escalated?"

As the camera stays focused on Hunter Callie shakes her head a bit as to say. Don't say anything about being there. Hunter nods. "Yes. I was afraid i might not have a father to look up to when things got that crazy, and i was happy when i heard my father was ok one the dust had settled."

Marie smiles. "Yes only a handful of officers were lost to that tragic event, and doctors say the other will make a full recovery. We are doing this event to help the families of those great officers recover during this hard time."

The live TV goes on for about an hour with questions getting thrown around and even a few from the fans. Once it was over Callie and Marie relaxed in the chair. "Callie i now know why you want a hot bath...that sounds lovely right now"

Callie chuckles at Marie's sudden desire for a hot bath. The producer walks up to Hunter. "You did Great! sorry to drag in you into this, but there weren't many people to chose from."

Hunter doesn't look him in the eyes. "Yea."

The producer returns the helmet then turns to Callie and Marie. "Head on home you two and relax the games are canceled today so you don't need to be here to announce anything for the rest of the day.

Callie cheers. "Yay! Hot bath here i come!"

Marie chuckles as Callie gets up to head home, and follows behind. Hunter gets up and leaves as well since no one was stopping him.
Hunter heads to the training facility after he left the studio. No one was there as Blue, and orange were on patrol, and cuttlefish was getting some supplies. Cuttlefish had left a note for him. "Went for some supplies. Won't be too long."

Hunter nods and waits listening to his music. He sees someone approach from the corner of his eye. "Ah your fina..."

Hunter turns towards the figure and sees an Octarian there. Hunter quickly puts some distance between them, and aims his weapon. "Who are you and Why are you here?!"

The Octarian looks at Hunter confused. "Didn't Cuttlefish tell you?"

Hunter just stands there weapon at the ready. "Guess not."

She takes off her hat and Hunter could see she wasn't a normal Octarian. Her tendrils were Teal with blue tips. "I am a spy for Cuttlefish. I was told to meet him here.”

Cuttlefish shows up and sees the Octarian and Hunter. "HUNTER! Stand down!"

Hunter hesitates, but eventually does what he was told. Cuttlefish walks up to them. "This is Sarah. She has been a worthy spy inside Octo-valley and even helped integrate Octarains into Inkopolis"

Sarah nods. “Its thanks to something we helped make to ensure Octarains were not so greatly affected by Inkling ink. Think of it as a drug that changes the way your body reacts to ink.”

Hunter thinks for a bit and remember Spike selling something similar. "Inkchanger?"

Sarah nods. "Yes...I'm curious how do you know of it?"

Hunter rubs the back of his head. "Spike showed it to me. Saying it was a very unique item and that he couldn't sell it to someone without special permission from someone. I guess that was you?"

Sarah nods. "So how do you know spike?"

Hunter laughs. "He may be a shifty guy and charges nearly double, but hard to find objects are his specialty. Request something and pay for it. Next day he will have it!"

Cuttlefish motions for them to follow. "Sorry to break up the conversation but you two come with me. Hunter gear up you're going to need it."

Hunter nods and heads off to change. Once in his Hero outfit he returns. Sarah looks him over. "Well i will say this. The mask actually looks good on you."

Hunter blushes. "Thank you"

Cuttlefish coughs to get there attention. "I called Sarah here as You Two are going to need to get something from an abandoned lab."

Sarah crossed her arms. "Bio-Dome 225?"

Cuttlefish nods. "There is a rare plant in there that is great for healing wounds. Having that on hand will be most useful"

Sarah shakes her head. "Its not going to be that easy. It's dangerous to transport the plant as it radioactive."

Cuttlefish nods. "That and the domes have fallen into disrepair and could collapse any second."

Hunter raises his hand. "Um...not to be that guy right now but. Is it really important to get that plant?"

Sarah looks at Hunter. "that is a very good question, but Cuttlefish didn't mention why he wants it. The plant is hazardous. but the leaves when left to dry can be turned into a paste. this paste works great at repairing internal cellular damage. Damages that would prevent you from changing into and out of squid form."

Hunter nods now knowing why they need to get it. "We need to get that plant!"

Sarah was astonished. "Am i the only one out of the loop here?"

Hunter rubs the back of head. “Sorry. Agent 2 is having issues with changing to and from squid form. We get this plant it will help her"

Cuttlefish nods. "I knew you would agree to this."

Sarah sighs really not wanting to do this dangerous mission. "Fine, but if you become a liability i will not hesitate to leave you behind."

Hunter nods as Cuttlefish hands Hunter a bio-hazard container. "You can be exposed to it for only a few minutes. so be quick in putting this in here. I will set up a containment area to grow the plant."

Hunter and Sarah nods as Hunter takes the container

Sarah leads Hunter to the entrance to octo-valley. Along the way she was asked a few questions. “So what got you involved in being an Hero?”

Hunter shrugs. “Actually it was forced on me...kinda. before i was just a normal inkling who didn’t play much Turf War and just worked on guns. Then things just happened and i end up training with Cuttlefish.”

Sarah sighs not liking the unclear response. “Ok...How come you're the one to get involved and not Callie?”

Hunter was shocked she knew the Agent’s true identity. “I guess it is a test Cuttlefish was secretly doing.”

Sarah stop and looks at him. “So you haven’t been on any other missions?”

Hunter shakes his head. “I was on the mission to take down the Pro-Inklings...though that was just accident i ended up there.”

Sarah sighs she was not liking Hunter’s odd of survival in the Domes. She stops and opens up a strange looking metal door and lets Hunter in first.
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Upon entering the strange door Sarah quickly followed behind shutting the door behind her. Once they both were inside she pushes a button and the floor begins to lower. When it stopped they were on top of several floating platforms.

Sarah leaves the elevator and looks around the floating platforms before launching to another floating platform. Hunter follows behind as best he could but was amazed at the place. When he lands she was standing on top of a kettle. "We have to go through Dome 226 to get into 225 due to the collapse"

Hunter nods and enters the kettle. It felt weird going through the Kettle fast travel and they arrive at Dome 226. Once there he looks around. It was mostly still intact only a few holes in the walls and various pipes broken. "What was this dome used for?"

Sarah arrives behind him. "I don't want to talk about it."

She had her hand to her chest when she said that. Hunter looks down at the ground. "I'm sorry i didn't mean to bring up bad memories."

Sarah just continues on. "The way we have to go is a bit of a maze...Stay close"

She heads off passing by a door that was for authorized personnel only. Upon entering it was clear what this done was used for. They passed by several windows. Inside the windows was various surgery rooms. Hunter stops. "Is this place...an Octoling experimentation lab?"

Sarah stopped as tears welled up in her eyes. "Can we keep moving..Please!"

Hunter walks over to her and pats her back. "Yes. What happened here is in the past. It doesn't change who you are."

Sarah nods, and starts walking again. They walk up to another wing, but the door was smashed in by some debris. "Crap...we're going to have to go through the vents."

Hunter nods. "lead on."

She leads him further into the laboratory. The shadow version of him was walking next to him. "Isn't it beautiful? The torment these subjects must have went through. The way she is acting i can only guess she was one of them."

Hunter tries his best to ignore him, but it just followed them making rather dark comments every now and then.

They reach the main ventilation area. Sarah kicks open the vent and crawls inside. Hunter follows close behind, but was dragging the container as it couldn't fit on his back while in the vents. Sarah spoke up. "Thank you for being so nice to me back there. I...I don't know what came over me there. Just....all those memories of this place. It will forever haunt me."

Hunter sighs. "I know how you feel. To have memories that haunt you every day. I'm still living with that demon."

The other him laughs though Hunter couldn't see him. Sarah stops and looks back. She could tell tell from his voice he wasn't lying. She turns back and continues on taking various turns following what he assumed was a map. She stops when they heard a loud pop. "Uh oh!"

Sarah had said that just as the vent section she was in collapses. Hunter had grabbed her leg to keep her from falling too far. Hunter was surprised how far off the ground they were. Sarah points to something Hunter couldn't see. "Swing me that way!"

Hunter begins swinging her he lets go when she was as far as he could move her. She does a flip and lands on a walkway. "Back up and i will open the vent for you!"

Hunter backs away from the opening kicking the container back as he did. Once he was far enough she jumps up to the vent and cuts out a section of it. big enough to allow Hunter through. Hunter crawls to the new hole and passes her the container to Sarah then drops out of the vent.

He gets up and takes the container back. Sarah points to a ladder but also makes a shush noise. just as something entered the room.

Curious to what she meant he looks down and sees a Reaver-Bot walk into the room. They quietly go down the ladder to the ground floor where the bot was. They take cover near the ladder behind some pieces of the roof.

This Reaver-Bot was standing nearly 8 ft. tall, and resembles the Octo-Samurai of old. Its Fuchsia eye was examining the piece of air duct that fell. It picks it up with its left arm and looks into the duct. It drops the duct and looks around the room as it readies its cannon that was in its right arm. It walks around the room searching for any signs of something being there recently. When it got close to Hunter, and Sarah's location Hunter Lays on top of her keeping her hidden as best as he could. Its hand grabs the debris and was about to move it when another bang happens in a nearby room.

It stands up and looks in the direction of the bang. Then quickly storms off to that location. Once the metal footsteps were no longer there Hunter gets off of Sarah. "Sarah come on we have a window we need to move"

Sarah nods and moves towards the emergency exit to the room. Hunter follows behind keeping an eye out for that thing. They stay silent as they went through the emergency tunnel that ran across the whole facility. They didn’t stop till they were at the door that led to Dome 255
Once they entered the door to Dome 225 that is when Sarah colapses . "Why...Why did it have to be a reaver-bot.”

Hunter crouches down next to her and pats her back. "Its ok. we got away now let’s hurry. The sooner we find the plant the sooner we can leave."

Sarah nods, and stands back up. "The plant were looking for is radioactive. So it will glow a bit in the darkened farms, but keep in mind. it's not the only plant to glow in the dark.”

He pulls out a picture and hands it to Hunter. It hard to see photo in the darkened bio-dome. “Barbed Milfoil is the one we want. It's a parasitic plant so more than likely its growing around a tree or something. We just need to get a big enough piece to grow the leaves from."

Hunter nods and leads the way into the Bio-dome. They were on the catwalks that overlooked the growing room. There was just enough light to see around them. "I'm kinda impressed. This is a rather large farm, and it's all underground."

Sarah nods and looks around but collapses again as she begins to hyperventilate. Hunter tries to calm her down. "Sarah get a hold of yourself....are you allergic to something in here?"

Sarah runs back to the service tunnels they came from she was defiantly having issues. Hunter powers up the low light feature on the mask and begins looking around. "Sarah just stay safe i will be back."

He readies his Splatterscope and finds a way down. upon reaching the ground he could see most of the plants have died. but there was something filling their space. He ignores this and begins searching for Barbed Milfoil.

Few feet into the maze of plants he hears something walking. He pokes his head around the corner and sees a Reaver-bot, but this one looked odd. Weird tendrils were undulating through its frame. and where the head would be was a pulsating bulb of some kind.

It walks past Hunter without seeing him. Hunter remains there for a bit before continuing on. The deeper he went the more of those things he saw. He tries his best to stay quiet but he gets cornered when a infested Reaver-Bot turned a corner and was walking towards him.

Hunter escapes by jumping over the hedge. when he did he could see some strange glowing thing in the distance. He heads over to that area doing is best to avoid more Infested Reaver-Bots as he made his way through the maze.

When he approached the plant he pulls out the photo and checks to see if both were similar. It was a near identical match. Hunter puts down the canister and carefully takes a chunk of the plant. Upon cutting the plant a loud screech could be heard echoing throughout the room. Hunter quickly puts the plant in the container and shuts it before putting it back onto his back.

By the time he put it on his back one of those Infested Reaver-bots appears and tries to capture Hunter. Hunter quickly dodges its reach and starts running. Every turn Hunter made another one shows up. It almost seemed as if all these Reaver bots were talking to each other.

He manages to hide in a lab nearby. As he catches his breath he looks around the room for an exit. its at this time he notices something. It was a folder contains information on a plant of some kind. It was in Octarian so he couldn't read it, but the photos that were there shows one of the infested Reaver bots. "This could be important."

He takes the folder and tries to find his way back to the catwalks. Its at this time he notices something flying. It was an infested scout drone. Hunter tries his best to stay hidden from that thing as he made his way to the exit. Hunter could tell they were hunting for him by the way the drone was flying around.

The metallic sounds from their footsteps were growing louder and faster as he got to the catwalks. He quickly super jumps onto the catwalk. As he does this the drone spots him and try to swoop down and knock him off of the catwalk. Hunter manages to dodge the drone long enough to make to the service tunnel shutting the door behind him and quickly latching it shut. Sarah was shocked to see Hunter lock the door behind him. “What is it?”

Hunter sighs when the door was locked. He didn’t a moments of piece as Sarah shifts the container and checks what was inside. "Ok good you found it...and whats with the folder?"

Hunter looks at her. "Not sure, but whatever was in that bio-dome this is research on it."

Sarah nods and leads the way to an emergency exit. "This is a one way trip. so be careful on landing."

Sarah jumps into the kettle and was launched through a pipe to who knows where. Hunter does the same. The launch was really jarring how violent it was. once he reached the apex of his jump he could see where they were going to land. and that a yellow tent was set up nearby it.

They land and a chalkboard infront of the tent said to go inside and remove everything for decontamination. "I guess we need to go into there?"

Sarah nods and walks in first Hunter right behind. Upon entering men in bright yellow outfits that looked like Bio-Contaiment suits takes them both towards private decontamination chambers. Hunter stayed quiet calm happy for this to happen as what he saw in there wasn't natural and he didn't want it to spread.

Sarah on the other hand sounded like she was fighting them the whole time. Once decontamination was done he was given some basic clothes to wear until his stuff could be cleaned off.

Sarah was happy to be done with it, but as a precaution they were taken to a separate tent to wait out possible infection incubation period. The tent they were in was relatively plain and was separated so they could have there own private quarters. "I'm just glad im away from...whatever that was down there."

Sarah nods and lays down on her bed. "Sorry about back there. I dont know what came over me. I was just suddenly having a hard time breathing."

Hunter chuckles “It's fine you're better now right?”

They talk to each other about the event and even play a few games of 20 questions. They stayed locked up for about a month due to federal Quarintine Laws and Regulations. Sarah had gotten a mild cold but thanks to early medication it didn't last long.
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Once Hunter was released from the quarantine he gets his hero gear and was ready for some action. Cuttlefish liked his eagerness. "Well then Hunter if you feel up to it. Marie is ready to go onto patrol. You can join her."

Hunter nods and heads off. He catches up to Marie as she was watching over the plaza. "hey agent 2"

Marie looks over at Hunter and chuckles. "Well then...what will your nickname be?"

Hunter shrugs. "I never gave it any thought."

Marie chuckles. "Well no need to force it. Come follow me I will show you what we normally do on Patrols."

Hunter nods. “Alright after you then.”

Marie nods and turns into a squid before launching away. Hunter does the same and chases after her. She was literally not making it easy for him to keep up. Eventually she stops at the docks and Hunter lands next to her.

She turns to Hunter then points to the docks. "First stop is always the docks usually it’s just strange materials coming in and out."

Hunter nods and scans the docks. "So we just sit up here and watch for activity or do you search?"

Maire was scanning the docks "Normally no unless there is suspicious activity like that far boat.”

She points to the boat on the far side of the docks. “Come on time to search that boat."

She jumps down off the building they were on and runs into the docks. The men standing around the suspected boat were looking very shifty. Hunter followed but moves to another boat that had a tall

As Marie approached they began running. Hunter takes several quick shots at the guys running. Those that were hit turned into squids and flopped around unable to move very well in Hunter's ink.

Marie quickly locks down the ship and waves Hunter over. Hunter launches across the docks and lands on the boat. "Good job now keep them here as i examine the supplies."

Hunter nods and keeps his distance but was ready for anything. One guys tried to get smart and flops towards the ledge. Hunter throws a splat bomb and knocks him back. "Who said you can leave?"

Marie returns and gets on the communicator. "We got an illegal shipment far side of the docks."

Hunter gives a thumbs up showing everything was good. Few minutes later cops show up and arrest the criminals. Hunter and Marie watch as the criminal got taken away. the boat was then cleaned out and towed to a boat storage yard. They both launched away before the boat started moving.

Once ontop of a nearby building Marie sighs glad she was on solid land. "I hate being on a boat...just the thought of water being held back by mere inches of metal."

She shivers as Hunter pats his back. "Let continue the patrol"

She nods and heads and launches away Hunter following behind. Marie showed him the ropes as they hopped around. Even stopping for a quick bite before continuing on. There patrol wasn’t every eventful so they head back to the Training Facility. As they enter a couple of other agent went past them ready do there patrol. “Those the new guys?”

Marie nods as they walk across the facility. “Yes they did some very crazy stunt to save their friend….I dont feel like talking about it.”

Hunter nods. “Ok I won't ask for information then.”
Marie goes to report to Cuttlefish as Hunter watches Blue and Orange have there splat match. For a roller user Blue was giving Orange a run for her money even though she was amazing with a charger. Orange gets a lucky shot and blue gets stuck in her ink. Hunter shakes his head knowing what was happening next. Sure enough Blue ends up re-spawning next to him. “Good try”

Blue sighs and looks at Hunter. “Thanks she is one tough opponent.”

Cuttlefish leaves to go do something just as Marie walks up not in her hero clothes. "Feel like going to a movie?"

Hunter looks at her and sees she was in a dress like she was going out for the night. "Um..i guess so...which movie were you wanting to see?"

Marie giggles. "Squidinator Genesis"

Hunter smiles. "Oh that finally came out. Yea lets go see it."

Marie giggles more. "Ok go get dressed there is a bag for you."

Hunter nods and heads off. When he returned he felt odd being in a tux. "Um..Ok I'm dressed...how do i look?"

Marie looks at him and smiles. "Perfect. Now come on i have our ride waiting for us at the studio"

Hunter nods and follows. Blue was laughing at how silly Hunter looked in a tux. Orange was scolding him. She leads him through the pipes and they end up at the studio surprisingly clean.

She holds out her hand before leading Hunter to a limo. "Wait...Is this the premier of Genesis?"

Marie looks at him. "Yea. Thought it would be interesting to go to a primer for our first date"

Hunter's face turns red at this point but he didn't reject the idea. The driver opens the door for them and they get inside the Limo. Callie was already in there. "Bout time Marie....Hunter?"

Marie and Hunter sit down before the driver shuts the door. Marie gives Callie an inquisitive look. "Yes Callie?"

Callie points to Hunter. "Why is Hunter here?"

Hunter just looks at the floor his face still red. Marie chuckles. "He is my boyfriend. This will be our first date."

Callie sighs. "Bit extreme for a first date don't you think? I mean look at him! He hasn't change from that shade of red since entering the Limo."

Callie sighs and hands Hunter some gum. "Here this should help distract your mind"

Hunter takes the gum and starts eating. It was a lovely cherry flavor. "Thank you Callie."

Callie nods and gives Marie a piece before taking one herself. Marie sits in silence she always enjoyed watching the world go bye when she was a passenger. Hunter watches with her.

They eventually stop at the movie premier. Hunter gets out first and holds the door for Callie and Marie. Once Marie was out she waits for Hunter to close the door before taking his arm and they walk inside. The gum was helping as he wasn't as red as he could be. Marie waves at everyone who was shocked she was actually dating someone.

Once they were inside Marie lets go. "Mind getting the drinks?"

Hunter nods. "I can get them...what do you want?"

Marie thinks for a bit. "Just anything without caffeine"

Hunter nods and goes to get the drinks. After getting the drinks he enters the theater. Callie and Marie had there own space up top. Hunter walks up and sits down next to Marie. "Welcome to the best seat in any theater"

Hunter chuckles. "I know great view and no one behind you to kick your seat or spill something on you"

Callie giggles. "Sounds like you have had some pretty bad experiences."

Hunter nods. “You wouldn’t believe what i have gone through at my first Theater experience.”

Once everyone was seated they start the movie. The movie was yet another spinoff of the orginal Squidanator, but it was consistent in what it wanted to deliver. The movie lasted for an Hour and a half.

Hunter, Callie, and Marie were the last to leave as they liked to see if anything was after the credits. On the way out Hunter was behind Callie and Marie as they were signing things. These public appearances were always crowded with fans. One person actually wanted Hunter’s Autograph and he was unsure. Marie give him a smile and gives him a thumbs up. Hunter smiles seeing Marie’s confidence in him and he signs it.

They make it to the Limo a few minutes later. Once inside Callie tells the driver to take Hunter home first but to take the long way. Once they were seated they began talking about the movie. Marie was the first to talk about it. “Oh My Kracken! That was a Great movie!”

Hunter nods. “Yes i agree the entire series was founded on time travel, but they have stated consistant. Its only a matter of time before the inevitable happens.”

Callie was the one to speak up about that. “The ending hinted at it. Surely the next movie is where it all comes to a close!”

Maire nodded. “Yes It is only a matter of time because every movie there is the war with the machines. Its going to happen sooner or later.”

Hunter nods. “Yes but this time the machine was not destroyed this time around. so the next movie must involve the start of the war!”

Callie nods. “It wouldn’t supprsie me.”

They continued talking for several minutes then the driver opened the window. “Sorry to bother you but we're here.”

Hunter looks out the window and sees his home. "Oh i guess I'm dropped off first...have a good night Marie. You too Callie"

He gets out of the vehicle and waves bye as he shuts the door. They wave bye as they drive off. Hunter turns and walks in the house. his mother jumps hearing the door open. "Oh Hunter Glad you're finally home. Your father is needing to pull an all nighter tonight. I can quickly make you something if your hungry.”

Hunter shake his head. "No thanks I'm good."

His mother starts giving him a curious look. "So...when did you start going out with Marie?"

Hunter's face turns red again. "Well...um...tonight was kinda our first date."

His mother walks over and hugs him. "Oh my little boy is becoming a man"

Hunter breaks free of the hug by turning into a squid then back. "I had forgotten you were so strong mom"

She chuckles to herself. "Sorry about that. Well if you want something just ask"

Hunter nods and heads up to his room to get out of the tux. Once in normal clothes he lays in bed and eventually falls asleep.
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Hunter wakes up in the morning and goes through his morning routine. When he gets down to the kitchen his mother was watching TV as she cooked. His father was still asleep as he got there very late from his all nighter. The TV was talking about the movie premier, and leaving a long segment of Marie's date for the show. His mother smiles seeing him on the TV. "Be prepared for things to change in your life. Dating a celebrity is a big thing."

Hunter blushes as his mother put breakfast on the table. "Thank you mom"

She chuckles. "Your welcome son"

He quickly eats breakfast before leaving. Upon entering the town he could tell people were looking at him. even with his grandfather's helmet on him he could tell they were looking at him. He enters Sheldon's store and Sheldon was surprised to see him this early. "Hunter..I'm surprised your here."

Hunter looks at him confused. "Why is that?" Sheldon chuckles. "Thought you would be with Marie silly"

Hunter blushes. "She is extremely busy...and her producer isn't exactly the best person in the world."

Sheldon nods. "That makes sense. ANYWHO! I don't have any weapons for you today. Sorry."

Hunter nods. "That's fine. I can always try again after some games take place today."

Sheldon nods and waves as Hunter leaves. The announcement had started when he left so everyone was watching the jumbotron. It was just the normal Turf war map rotations. Then at the end Callie brings up the Movie. He was happy to hear they kept him out of it, but did go on about how good the movie was. it was obviously an advertisement for the movie.

He stops off at the studio once the announcements were over. Marie walks up to hunter and grabs his hand and pulls him to the side. "Can you pick up breakfast for Gramps....we are going to be busy all day."

Hunter nods. "I can do that."

Marie nods. "Thank you."

Suddenly the manager’s voice could be heard shouting from the other room. "Maire front and center!"

Marie looked worried. "Oh crap that's producer. got to go"

Hunter waves bye to her as she heads back to the producer.

Hunter doesn’t wait around and leaves to get breakfast for cuttlefish. He stops at Waffle House and gets a breakfast special. As he waited he could feel people just staring at him. He didn’t feel very comfortable. He was glad the waitress was quick with the order. He pays for it and takes it to Cuttlefish.

After arrived at Cuttlefish's training area He looks around for Cuttlefish he sees Orange and Blue doing some exercises. he eventually finds Cuttlefish looking at octovalley. He walks up to Cuttlefish with the food in hand. "Marie told me to get this for you."

Cuttlefish turns and sees his breakfast. "Thank you Hunter....Now get geared up i was waiting for you. the three of you are going to do training exercises."

Hunter looks at him confused. "How long will that take?"

Cuttlefish thinks for a bit. "Not long maybe thirty minutes...Since Callie and Marie are going to be busy all day. You three need to be ready to head out."

Hunter nods. "Alright."

He heads off to get dressed. Orange and Blue wave at him as he passes by, and he returns the wave. He quickly gets dressed in the changing room. With his gear on he heads outside, and they line up as Cuttlefish walks up to them. "This exercise will put you out of your comfort zone"

Cuttlefish takes all 3 of their weapons, and sets them aside. He pulls out different weapons and hands them those. Hunter got a bucket, Orange a roller, and Blue got charger. Blue looked nervous. Orange pats his back. "Its ok its only a training exercise"

Cuttlefish nods. "Yes this exercise is to have you use weapons you're not comfortable with."

They nod and head over to the starting zone. Cuttlefish starts up the Hard Light projectors and the training session begins. it was just basic target practice so he could eat his breakfast without any issues.

Orange took the first run through she was swinging the roller around wildly hitting everything she could. She collapses to her knees once she completed the course that led back around to the start. Hunter and Blue help her back onto her feet. “How the heck do you wield that thing without becoming exhausted?”

Blue chuckles. “Not easy is it...Huh a score of 24 of 50 not bad”

Hunter gets ready but blue ran in before he did. Hunter shakes his head and waits his turn. Shots could be heard being thrown around wildly. When Blue showed up again he was covered in his own ink. “The gun has alot of kick to it.”

Orange helps clean off the ink. “Yea it can knock you on your backside with ease..but you did get a score of 30 out of 50. Not bad.”

Blue chuckles. “Good thing this is just the basic one. The advanced one times you and they shoot back.”

Hunter sighs and takes his turn. He runs forward bucket ready. The first set of targets pop up and he quickly slings the bucket around. He covered the area but the targets disappeared and he didn’t get points for it. a little upset but he takes a deep breath and continues on. The rest of the way was similar. Only the last half did he start scoring more hits. When he crossed the finish line he looks at his score. 21 of 50. Orange pats his back. “you did good for your first run through.”

Orange gets ready and goes again. The pattern continues for 20 minutes. all 3 managed to get a score of 50 by the time it was over. Cuttlefish blows his whistle and the hard light generators turn off. They leave the starting point and walk over to cuttlefish. “You all did really well. Inital scores shows promise early. and within 30 minutes you had the weapon down as if you wielded it for weeks.”

Blue speaks up. “I didn’t like the fact you changed up the target spawns.”

Cuttlefish and Orange hit blue in the head. “OW! what was that for!”

Hunter speaks up. “It doesn’t show improvement if you memorize the course that's more memory not muscle memory.”

Blue rubs the back of his head as cuttlefish continues "Orange, Blue time for a patrol. Hunter you can do whatever you want, but keep your communication device handy."

Hunter nods and gets changed back into his normal outfit before heading back into town. Cuttlefish stops him on the way out. “You must treat Marie right. She is pampered yes but you know what i meant by treat her right. If i find out you did anything wrong i will hunt you down and splat you like an octoling.”

Hunter was taken aback by this sudden threat. but knew why he did it. He cares for his grandkids and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to them. “I understand sir.”

Cuttlefish nods and lets him go. Hunter turns into a squid and heads back to the city. Once back into the city he walk to the plaza. Upon getting there he could see Callie and Marie again in the middle this time they were signing autographs. Hunter walks closer then regrets his decision. The Producer pulls him off to the side. "I want a word with you."

Hunter was trying to break free of his grip. "Marie and Callie are under contract. I don't need you messing things up. If i catch you around them again I will personally introduce you to the bottom of the ocean."

Hunter breaks free then kicks out his leg then pins him to the ground. "How DARE you threaten me!"

This had gotten the attention of everyone Callie and Marie runs over and breaks it up. Callie held the producer back as Marie held Hunter back. "Whats going on!"

Hunter looks at Marie. "This sack of filth just threatened to send me to the bottom of the ocean if he caught me around you again."

Callie punches the producer in the gut upon hearing Hunter. "Producer..Your FIRED!"

He just laughs. "You cant fire me as I'm still in control of the contract."

Hunter walks up to him. "Prove it."

The producer holds out a piece of paper and Hunter reads it while keeping distance between him and the producer. Hunter laughs when he finishs reading it. "You are right, but i see how to contract can be voided."

Hunter calls up his father and tell him what had happened. about 5 minutes later a cop shows up. It was his father. He picks up the producer. "Think your clever huh? Picking on someone half your size. Lets see how you like it Behind Bars!"

The producer was fighting to break free of the cop. "You cant arrest me I'm innocent!"

Hunter’s father manages to get him in the vehicle. "Your right you are innocent. Until proven guilty in the court of Law."

He begins giving the manager his Miranda Rights. Once they drove away Hunter tears up the contract. "If at any time the owner of this contract is arrested for Criminal behavior this contract is void.”

Marie hugs Hunter and kisses him on the lips. Hunter blushes. "Thank you Hunter he was such a horrible person.”

Callie hugs them both. "Were free of him!"

The crowd cheers for some reason. Callie and Marie go back to doing signatures but were in a much lighter mood now. Hunter get a call and answers it. "Agent can you please collect evidence of criminal behavior for a Mr. P. Cardsworth"

Hunter nods. "Will do"

Hunter heads into the studio and asks for the security guards various questions. They mention some strange things going on in the Studio. This intrested him. “Can you show me what you mean?”

The guards lead him to the video servalance area. “He spends alot of time in here doing something. Im guessing tamping with the security footage to hide anything he was doing. He hasn’t been in here for two days so maybe there is something.”

Hunter nods and starts to dig through the video footage. This took a few hours, but he had all the evidence he needed to lock Mr. Cardsworth the awful Manager away for good. He calls the person back. “This is Agent I have evidence on a Mr. P. Cardsworth tampering with evidence, dealing in some suspicious material, and a few other things. The evidence is at the secruity office of the Studio ready for pickup.”

The person on the other side speaks up. “Thank you Agent. also your mother would like you back home before night this time.”

Hunter sighs. “I will try sir.”

Hunter hangs up he knew it was his father but it was obvious why he called him an agent and not son. He turns around and bumps into a well dressed man. “So are you the one who caught Mr. Cardsworth?”

Hunter nods. “Yea...am i in trouble?”

The man shakes his head. “The name is Mr. Grove I own the studio. It had come to my attention that Cardsworth has been using my place of business to do some shady deals. Now that he is behind bars I will need to hire a new one.”

He looks at Hunter. “As of now you are a Temperary Manager. Your job is to get a proper manager in charge.”

Hunter nods as Callie and Marie enter the studio they were exhausted. "What a day. I could use a Hot bath."

Hunter chuckles seeing them. "Well then Go home and take a bath."

Callie looks at him confused. "I'm acting manager until you get a replacement. At least that is what Mr. Grove says."

He points to Mr. Grove that they had walked passed. Marie was shocked to see the owner of the studio was there. "Mr. Grove are you sure that's a good idea?"

Mr. Grove looks at her. "No, but it is only temporary. Three days tops."

Callie didn't stick around and rushed home for that bath. Marie laughs seeing her so happy. She walks over to Hunter and hugs him. "Thank you. He was running us into the ground.”

Hunter returns the hug "Yea...Now go enjoy the rest of the day off I need to do a few things here."

Marie nods and heads off. Mr. Grove chuckles. "Ah young love. Such a beautiful thing."

Hunter blushes. "Well i need to go make an ad in the paper. Enjoy the rest of your day Hunter."

Hunter nods. "You too sir"

He tips his hat and goes on his way. Several people were waiting to see Callie and Marie at the window, but were disappointed when they didn’t show up.

Hunter worked with the security guards to install hidden cameras in various places this way they could keep a better eye on the new manager. The old manager was was using the lack of camera to do his dirty work.

After the new cameras were ordered, and he plotted out where to install them he leaves the studio. Upon leaving a few people bum rushed him with paper and pins. "Can we get the autograph of the guy who saved Callie and Marie!"

Hunter nods and starts signing things. “Sure”
Once that was done he heads to Callie and Marie's penthouse. Once there he knocks on the door. After a few minutes Marie opens the door. "Oh hi Hunter come in!"

She steps out of the way and Hunter walks in. He looks around the penthouse and doesn't see Callie anywhere. "I guess Callie is enjoying that long hot soak she wanted?"

Marie chuckles. "Yes...So...How was it?"

Hunter was confused. "How was your first signing. I saw you get swarmed a small group of people at the exit of the studio."

Hunter rubs the back of his head. "Oh that. yea..It was interesting. Your fans are really dedicated."

Marie nods and walks into the kitchen. “You want a drink?”

Hunter nods “Yes anything will be fine.”

Maire nods and pours 2 grape sodas as Hunter looked around. "So is this how my life is going to be?"

Marie shrugs. "Popularity changes from time to time. It just depends"

Hunter nods. "Ok."

Marie hands Hunter his drink. She was wanting to say something but didn't know how to ask. Hunter accepts the drink and notices Maire was wanting to say something. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Marie looks at him. "Do you like me?"

Hunter blushes. "Ok...wasn't expecting that question."

She looked at him worried. "Maire....When i saw you as Agent Two that day those Pro-inkling attacked those Octarians in the middle of the plaza. I felt something strange. When you handed me the signed poster, and i took it home. when i examined it on my wall i could feel the same feeling again when i looked at your image in that poster. Every time I'm near you I get the same feeling. I don't know what this feeling is. But every time i have it. Its always at you."

Marie blushed. "I think i know what your feeling. Ever since that day you saved my life i have had the same thing towards you."

Hunter removes his mask and looks at her in her eyes. He could tell she was telling the truth. Marie closes her eyes and leans in. Hunter closes his eyes and kisses her. Marie breaks the kiss when Callie opened the bathroom door. "AHHH! that felt amazing!"

She looks around and sees Hunter and Marie looking away from each other blushing. "Oh...I'm sorry I didn't mean to break up your moment"

Marie shakes her head and goes to take a bath next. Callie walks to the kitchen as Marie take a bath. "Did you two confess your feeling for each other?"

Hunter nods still blushing. putting on the mask to hide how red his face was. Callie felt bad. "Um...I'm so sorry about that."

Hunter stays quiet as Callie goes on about her business.

Marie leave the bath about half an hour later. When she left she sees Hunter and motions for him to follow. Once inside her room Marie Shuts the door. "Ok. Can we try that kiss again?"

Marie was blushing. Hunter removes his helmet and nods. She gets ready again as Hunter goes in to kiss her. They kissed for about 10 seconds before Marie broke the contact and opened her eyes. "Hunter."

Hunter smiles at her. "Marie"

She smiles and hugs him. "Thank you for talking with me about this. I was so confused. I didn't know if you felt the same way."

Hunter pats her back. "It’s ok I'm happy we talked as well."

Marie's face was bright red when Hunter breaks the hug and opens the door thinking he heard something hit it. Sure enough Callie collapses into the room. Marie helps Callie up. “Were you spying on us?!”

Callie shakes her head. “I was just making sure Hunter wasn’t trying anything funny!”

Maire sighs. “Its ok Callie...but Hunter it is getting late. Dont want you to get in trouble with your father now do we?”

Hunter nods and puts back on his mask. “Yea i should be getting home from this eventful day.”

Maire gives Hunter one last hug before sending him on his way. Hunter took the quick way home as his father wouldn’t be happy if he was late.

Hunter arrives at home just before his father so he knew he was fine. He quickly ate supper then went to go tinker around with various things trying to find make a gift for Marie. He ends up falling asleep at his table.
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Cuttlefish kept them all busy for a about a week. when they finally got a day off Hunter wanted to enjoy it with Maire.

Hunter had gotten up early. He looks outside and sees it was about to rain, and rushes downstairs after getting ready. He grabbed some toast before heading out the door.

He runs to the studio and makes it just before the rain started to fall. It was locked with a note saying closed due to rain. Not wanting to be outside when the rain falls he quickly moves to the building behind the studio. The little bit of rain that landed on him burned his skin as he entered the hotel where Callie and Marie live.

When he made it up to the penthouse Callie was surprised to see him. "Hunter..thought you would stay home with the rain coming in and all."

Hunter rubs the back of his head and flinches because he touched where water had hit him. "I will get Marie and some medicine for your water burn."

Hunter nods. "Thank you Callie."

Callie knocked on Marie's door. "Marie wake up Hunter is here." She heads off to get the medication. Hunter walks into the living room where he could see outside. Marie got up and got dressed before walking out of her room. "Morning hunter."

Callie chuckles seeing Marie half awake. Callie tosses Hunter the burn cream and he starts to apply it to his burns. "Marie isn't much of a morning person Normally i wake her up early, but since it was suppose to rain today i let her sleep in.”

Marie nods and goes to get some breakfast. "Hunter you want anything?"

Hunter shakes his head. "Im good."

Callie walks over to the kitchen and has a private talk with Marie. Hunter goes to bathroom to clean off his hands from the burn cream. "Why does natural water have to hurt us so badly?"

No one answered as he kinda just mumbled that question to himself. once his hands was clean he sits down on the couch in the living room.

Once Marie had her breakfast she goes to take a quick shower. Callie sits down next to Hunter. "Hunter. Maire tells me that you two love each other. I just want to know if i can trust you to protect her even when times look their darkest."

Hunter was unsure how to answer that. "I don't know what has created this distrust but i want to be with Marie, and i would do whatever it takes to make sure she was safe. I would even leap into the ocean if it meant i could save her life."

Callie was shocked by his response. "Um...wow...Ok...i..."

Marie leaves the shower gets dressed and now fully awake. "So what should we do since we're rained in?"

Callie thinks for a bit. "Well we normally just play games. We can include Hunter"

Marie smiles and nods. "Might as well."

Callie gets up to get the board games. Hunter sits there wondering what game they would be playing. Callie puts one aside. "This one is currently broken."

Hunter opens it up and looks at it. "I can fix it...If Marie helps"

Marie blushes. "I'm no tinker I couldn't even figure it out."

Hunter chuckles. "I can help you figure it out. besides. you managed to fix my grandfather's helmet just fine."

Marie nods as Callie felt like a third wheel. She was starting to become jealous of Marie.

Hunter takes the game apart and examines it. “Ha i know what's wrong. Maire can you spot it?”

Marie leans in and looks around it took her a bit. but was surprised it was just a loose wire. “really that was it? huh.”

Callie was watching them. She was now wanting someone who would treat her like Hunter treated Marie. When the board game started up Hunter smiles at Marie because he let her fix it. "See not that hard is it?"

Marie shakes her head. "No I'm...actually surprised that's all that was wrong."

Once the case was put back together they played a few games of Life. Marie and Hunter poking fun at there future together. After the 3rd game even though Callie won she ends up tossing the table. "Marie you insensitive little flounder! You two have just a perfect little life don't you! You two just match so perfectly! I should jump out into the rain right now! you know what I will!"

Callie heads for the door Hunter beats her there. "Calm down Callie you're not thinking strai..."

She uppercut him before pulling him away from the door, and leaves with Marie on her heels. Hunter needed a minute to come back from that. She was surprisingly strong.

Maire desperately tries to talk Callie out of leaving the building while it was raining. Even going as far and tackling her into the receptions desk. Callie had stopped when she was tackled. "Why...Why do you get the person who would do what ever it take to save you, but i don't have anyone."

Callie was in tears. Marie hugs Callie. "Just give it time. You will find someone but maiming yourself won't help you. Please Callie. Come back upstairs and lets talk this out. Maire gets off of Callie and helps her up. She was still crying as Marie takes her hand and leads her back upstairs.

Hunter managed to get back onto his feet just as they return to the penthouse. Callie and Marie head into Maire's room and begin talking. Hunter walks over bathroom and checks where she hit him. It was already brused. "Ow.."

He couldn't really feel it as it was just now forming. he goes into the kitchen and gets a cold compress to put on his chin. After 30 minutes Callie and Maire leave Callie's room. Callie was drying her tears. Marie smiles at Hunter as Callie speaks up. "Hunter...Im sorry...For hitting you."

Hunter shakes his head. "No need for apologies you didn't do anything permanent."

Maire walks over and checks his injury. "Callie you have one heck of an uppercut. I can see where your fingers were when you hit him."

Callie walks over and sees her fist in Hunter's chin. Callie looks away. Hunter puts his hand on her shoulder. "You are never going to find someone if you can't let things slide. People are not perfect and mistakes are going to be made."

Callie looks at Hunter and smiles. Marie hugs them both. "See Callie told you he would understand."

The rain starts to let up at that point and the sun peeks through the clouds.
Maire notices the sun peeking through the sky. "Hey the sun is coming out."

Callie runs over to the window. "Yay we don't have to stay in here all day!"

Hunter and Maire chuckle seeing her enthusiasm. Marie looks at Hunter. "I want to see what you do during a normal day."

Hunter starts to blush as he rubs the back of his head. "Well I don't exactly do much, but you are welcome to come watch...uh...won't you get mobbed by fans?"

Marie giggles. "I have ways of hiding in plain sight"

Hunter nods as Callie rushes to her room to get dressed for some shopping. Marie heads to her room to put on her disguise. When Maire walks out she walks up to Hunter. She was wearing a large jacket and ski boots. Her hair was hidden under a large cap. "See i told you i could hide in plain sight"

Hunter chuckles. "I don't know what you mean Marie told me that. I don't know you"

Marie punches him. "Ha told ya!"

Hunter chuckles. "Well let's not let Sheldon wait much longer."

Marie nods and they take their leave. Callie was right behind them but she was dressed up like normal to go shopping. At the entrance they wave bye to each other. Marie follows Hunter to Sheldon's weapon shop, and Callie heads off to do some shopping.

Marie was holding onto Hunter's arm He smiles at her. "You know people will find out sooner or later that we're dating."

Marie giggles. "I know, but it's nice to have some privacy to be with you."

Hunter smiles as they walked to Sheldon's shop.

Upon entering the shop Sheldon waves hi to Hunter then looks at the girl handing off of his arm. "Hunter who is your friend?"

Hunter looks at her. "Sheldon can be trusted."

Marie nods and removes her hat and winks at Sheldon before putting her hat back on. Sheldon laughs a bit. "My what a catch Hunter. Well anything i can do for you?"

Hunter nods. "I'm here to work on a few weapons."

Sheldon was confused. "You're on a date and you want to work?"

Marie giggles. "I asked him to show me what he does normally."

Sheldon rubs the back of his head confused. "Um..ok. The alley is still damp so you won't be able to test weapons for a bit as it drys, but the weapons in the back are waiting for repairs."

Hunter nods. "Thank you Sheldon."

Marie waves bye as they head to the back. Marie lets go of Hunter's arm as he starts to inspect the weapons. Maire could spot a few obvious defects from where she was standing. "Why do you repair weapons instead of playing games?"

Hunter chuckles. "Turf wars don't interest me very much. I always find more pleasure out of seeing my repairs helping keep people playing."

He was examining a Octoshot Replica unsure what was wrong with it. "Then there is the story behind the weapon itself. As a player uses the weapon gets dings and scratches all over the weapon. No two weapons are ever alike. Much like this one.”

He holds out the octoshot Replica. “It fairly new, but from what i can tell is the barrel is jammed."

Marie looks at the weapon. "How can you tell?"

Hunter chuckles. "I can't actually, but it's an educated guess as the rest of the weapon looks fine."

Marie was confused. "Ok...what about that roller?"

Hunter puts down the Octoshot Replica, and picks up the roller. "OK...From examining the weapons. The user is fairly new to rollers. The grip is loose as sign of him trying to wild this like a gun. The Internal spreader has been damaged due to him using it so roughly and improperly."

Marie tilts her head. "Him?"

Hunter shrugs. "Could be a her...I just make a guess depending on what parts get damaged. Male players tend to damage the whole gun. where Female tend to damage critical parts from over use. So put simply if the damage is visual i assume its male."

Marie giggles. "All that from just looking at the weapon?"

Hunter chuckles. "Yea i have had a few years of working on these."

He picks up a Splattershot Jr., and hands it to Maire. "Can you spot the issue?"

Maire examines the gun turning it around looking over it carefully. "Um..i don't see anything wrong...Oh!"

she had pulled the trigger and noticed no resistance. "The trigger is broke!"

Hunter smiles and nods. "Yes you are correct."

He takes the Splattershot Jr. back and and begins repairing it. Hunter was working very quickly. Marie was watching, but was unable to keep up. "Um...what did you just do?"

Hunter looks at her seeing her confused expression. "OH...sorry...sorry...I'm so used to working fast.”

Hunter points out the various pieces he removed then showing the repaired part. Then slowly shows the repair process for the weapon's trigger. "See?"

Marie nods. "I do now."

Hunter nods as Sheldon walks into the back. "Um. Hunter did you repair a Splattershot Jr.?"

Hunter nods. "Just give me a minute and it will be."

Sheldon nods. "The owner is outside ready to take it. He is the dark blue inkling with blue ends. He is standing by himself, and kinda looked bummed about his weapon."

Hunter nods, and quickly finishes the repair work. Then taking the weapon into the main room. there were several Inklings there looking through weapons. The male dark blue inkling with blue end was over by the wall by himself. He was all by himself and looked worried about something. Hunter walks up to him. "Here is your weapon back. Word of advice. Don't squeeze so hard on the trigger."

The inkling nods. "Thank you"

Hunter nods and waves as the inkling left to go play some more games. Marie was right behind Hunter watching him work. "He seems familiar."

Hunter nods. "Yea....oh well. hopefully he won't break his gun for a while."

He heads into the back. Sheldon stops Marie and hands her a weapon from the group that turn it in for repairs. "Take this back there for me?"

Marie nods, and takes the weapon to the back. As she entered the back Hunter looks at her. “Another one?”

Marie nods. “Yea your going to be busy today aren't you”

Hunter nods and started to work on the broken weapon Marie was holding and went slow so Marie could see. He tests every weapon that had to undergo some extensive repairs. Once Hunter gives his seal of approval he puts the weapons in a special spot listed repaired. Maire smiles. "Think next time i can help?"

Hunter nods. "I don't see why not, but i will be judging your repair work."

Marie looked nervous. "ok."

Hunter pats her back. "I'm sorry i take repair work seriously. If a weapon fails critical at full charge it can do major harm to its operator and anyone nearby."

Marie nods understanding his dedication to safety. Hunter leads them out waving bye to Sheldon. They walk hand in hand to a place that sells great smoothies."This place makes the best smoothies for the price you pay.”

Maire was sceptical but indulged getting a strawberry banana smoothie. Hunter got a chocolate smoothie. When Maire takes a sip of the drink she was supprsied. “Oh my! That is very good. and she only charges 120? this is worth 200 easy!”

Hunter chuckles. “The 200 one comes with a meal i dont get the meal that often.”

Maire nods just as the Jumbo-tron kicked on. The music played and was a recorded announcement. it listed the maps for today's games, and a message about the squid sisters had a day off. Marie giggles seeing the message. "I like our new manager."

Hunter nods. "Yea she actually treats the two of you as a person instead of a thing to make money."

they walk back to the Penthouse hand in hand as they drank their smoothies and talked about various thing.
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Very good fan fiction, based off your name I can guess English isn't your first language, so I'm not about to go haywire with that. The story seems rushed in some places, like how most of the characters say their exact feelings that I know just about nobody would say, and it seems weird for those parts, about the rain thing, if inkling skin gets burned by water then what is it? It can't be ink because it fades away after a few minutes, not a few hours. Finally, I give this story an 8/10 half of it being because you gave Hunter a creative name, unlike Blue, or Orange. If you read this, thanks! :D


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Nov 9, 2015
Very good fan fiction, based off your name I can guess English isn't your first language, so I'm not about to go haywire with that. The story seems rushed in some places, like how most of the characters say their exact feelings that I know just about nobody would say, and it seems weird for those parts, about the rain thing, if inkling skin gets burned by water then what is it? It can't be ink because it fades away after a few minutes, not a few hours. Finally, I give this story an 8/10 half of it being because you gave Hunter a creative name, unlike Blue, or Orange. If you read this, thanks! :D
Ty for your opinion Bazbot. unfortunatly English is my first language. but i just suck at it. i know some places are bad. I would love to revisit and fix it up. but for the life of me i cant find out what is wrong. even when people point it out it doesn't seem wrong to me. but since i haven't touched the early chapters since i made them. you can see i have made some progress. feel free to check out my second fanfiction as well.


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Hunter and Marie walk into the penthouse. Callie was still shopping. "Well i enjoyed learning what you do on a normal day Hunter."

Hunter chuckles. "I told you it wasn't much."

Marie giggles. "yea but what you do is very important. That Splattershot JR. you repaired made that person so happy. I'm sure he is playing games right now getting better at using it."

Hunter nods. "Yes not just him, but everyone else who's weapons i have repaired."

Its at that moment Marie gets a phone call. "Oh! that's my phone."

She pulls out her phone and checks it. "Huh its the new manager."

She answers the phone call. "Hello....yea...no she is still shopping....OH! that thing. That means its time for a splatfest....Yea...Ok once Callie gets here we will be on our way....Bye."

She hangs up the phone and sighs. "We have a splatfest to do. It's going to be a long night."

Hunter hugs her. "I'm sure you will do just fine."

Marie giggles. "You always know what to say to cheer me up."

She kisses him just as Callie stumbles through the door with several bags in hand. "I'm Back!"

Hunter stops hugging Marie. "Get dressed Callie you two have a splatfest to do.”

Callie's mood dropped. "UGH! I swear that machine loves to ruin a perfect day."

Marie chuckles and heads off to her room to get ready, and Callie does the same. Hunter leaves to meet them at the studio. He didn't have to wait long as they show up about 10 minutes later. Marie gives Hunter a wave as they go to announce the Splatfest.

The announcement goes out, and the people were in a rush to sign up. It was Team Empire against Team Rebels. He didn't get the reference for the choices but didn't argue. Since it was later than normal everyone quickly started to get things in place. The manager was busy getting everything into place even though part of the studio was under renovations to improve floor space. Hunter tented to the Squid Sister's needs as to put some weight off of the manager. "You need anything before i head out?"

Callie nods. "Yes a box of chocolates."

Mare lightly smacks her. "You know you cant control yourself around chocolate."

Callie chuckles. "Aww your no fun Maire."

Marie chuckles as well and looks at Hunter. "Two bottles of water for now."

Hunter nods and heads out. The manager stops him before he leaves. "You taking care of Callie and Maire?"

Hunter nods as she sighs relived. "Thank you That's one less thing for me to worry about.”

Hunter gives the manager a pat on her back. "Take a chill pill. You don't need to get so stressed out."

She nods and lets him leave as she rushes back into getting things set up. Hunter stopped by a corner store and gets the bottles of water, but was nice and got 2 small pieces of chocolate. He pays for the stuff and heads back to the studio.

Callie and Marie were outside talking to their grandpa. "I'm back!"

Marie waves at Hunter. "Welcome back. Cuttlefish was going to help provide security for the event. Your want to be apart of the security?"

Hunter nods. "Yea i will just need a few minutes to get my gear."

Cuttlefish nods. "Alright. Then you will meet with Agent Blue and Orange when you get back."

Hunter nods and hands Maire the bag with the water in it. “Got something extra for the both of you.”

Callie freaks out when she sees chocolate and takes one of them. She unwraps it then instantly goes to eat it. Maire giggles and slowly eats hers as Hunter turns into a squid and launches home.
Once Hunter returns he lands on the roof next to Agent Orange. "Hey Hunter glad you could join us."

Hunter nods. "Glad to be of some help since i don't really play turf wars that much."

Orange giggles. "At least you have played. Ok Blue had the alleys to the north. You will be watching over the plaza I will get the alleyways to the south."

Hunter nods as she takes off. Hunter puts up his Hero charger and looks over the crowd. There were quite a few people already setup for the event that would take place all night.

As he sat there he could see many people wearing the two various team colors making squads ready to start splatfest. Team Empire and Team Rebel in their respective colors.

He could hear Orange and Blue talk to each other over the comms. He didn’t bother to tell them they were in the public channel. “Remember our first Splatfest Clementine?”

Agent Orange chuckles. “Its Orange when were on duty remember Blue, or should I call you Whinter.”

Agent blue chuckles. “Point made.”

They continued on for a bit only stopping once the squid sisters started to make the announcement. Once the Announcement was made they began singing. Hunter sits up there on the roof bobbing his head to the music.

Everyone in the plaza either rushed for the tower to fight, or stayed and danced the night away. The sun sets a few minutes later and the bright lights of the splatfest party lit up the entire plaza.

Hunter hears Blue mention something about a metal on concrete sound and going to investigate. Shortly afterwards Orange reports the same thing. Hunter was on edge looking over the plaza and the nearby rooftops.

In front of one of the lit up signs was a figure. Hunter goes to take aim at him but it was too late. He spots a missile like object appear on the figure’s back. Sure enough it was an inkstrike. it lauches high into the air.

Hunter watches it’s flight path. after noticing it was going to land in the middle of the plaza he begins shooting trying to take down the inkstrike. He succeeds and it harmlessly explodes in a shower of ink.

The ink covers the Plaza and the music stops. Callie imediatly gets on the radio. “WHAT THE MEANING OF THIS!”

Hunter replied quickly. “Someone launched an inkstike there may be more.”

No sooner than he said this as his mask shows another target point in his vision. “INCOMEING!!”

Callie and Maire jump off stage as quickly as they could and the inkstrike hits the plaza. But it was filled with seawater.

The lethal water sprays all over the area killing many inklings maiming others. Screams of panic and pain could be heard. Hunter was horrified by what he saw, but steals himself as he spots the figure running across the rooftops again. He super jumps over to him.

Upon landing he was met with empty roof. He looks around the mask helping him see better in the darkened rooftops. a splatbomb lands at his feet. He quickly kicks it away just before it could explode with its lethal payload.

Hunter jumps over to the next roof keeping distance between the attacker and him. but it was a trap. he triggers an ink-mine which explodes on him. Fearing he was just hit with water he quickly move away to examine himself. He felt pain but it was nothing more than a diffrent color teams ink.

Cuttlefish’s voice breaks over the radio. “The squid sisters have just been kidnapped quickly chase after them!”

Hunter nods. “On it!”

Before Hunter could launch away he was smacked hard by a roller forcing him into squid form to recover. The shadow figure smirks and jumps to the next roof where he sees it pick up 2 other figures and take off. Hunter recovers a few seconds later and tries to give pursuit but there was no trace of the figure.

Hunter gets on the radio. “Lost the suspect.”

Cuttlefish replies to this discouraging news. “Ok Hunter, return to the plaza and look for Orange and Blue i haven’t heard a thing from them in a bit. There locator beacons shows them near each other west of the plaza.”

Hunter nods. “Understood.”

He looks back in the possible direction the criminal escaped. “I swear to god you harm Callie or Maire at all i will make you suffer!”

The shadow Hunter starts laughing as Hunter made his way to the plaza. Emergency workers were already on the scene trying to help those who were injured. and try to identify who all was killed.

Hunter searches west of the plaza and finds both Orange and Blue lying down in green ink. The only light in the alleyway was a faulty door light that was nearby. Hunter lands next to them and checks them. Once he notices they were still alive he gets on his radio. “Cuttlefish...Orange and Blue and both down.”

Cuttlefish immediately gets into action. “Roger that on my way to pick you all up.”

Hunter pulls Orange and blue from the ink and lays them against a wall. He then leans against the opposite wall. His other self shows up in his vision and walks around. “The ones who took your love away is out there...and all you're doing is sitting here?”

Hunter looks at him. “I lost sight of them. If i was to search i would be searching for hours with no chance of success.”

The other him grabs Hunter by the neck He feels the hand on his neck. “You are a Weak and pathetic excuse for a Inkling if you are just going to let him get away! Now leave these two behind and go find her, and make whoever is responsible pay.”

Hunter thinks on it for a bit and nods. “If it pleases you then yes i will try to find the one responsible.”

Hunter launched away just as Cuttlefish arrive in an ambulance to take Orange and Blue away.
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All fanfics are revised ready for new chapters


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Hunter searched for hours looking for anything to lead him to the one who did it, but to no avail He ends up falling asleep in an alleyway. He is woken up by an Octarian trying to steal his weapon. “Hey!”

The Octarian jumped seeing Hunter wake up and starts running. Hunter gives chase not sure why he was doing it. The Octarian darts down alleyway after alleyway. They end up at a farmers market. Hunter loses sight of the Octarian but slowly makes his way through the market looking for any sign of him.

There was several Inklings and Octarians in the market it made his job difficult. About halfway through the market he spots the Octarian darting into a building. Hunter charges into the building right after him. Once inside he catches the Octarian trying to flee out a small window. Hunter grabs the Octarian and slams him onto the ground. “Going somewhere?”

The Octarian holds up his hands. “I’m sorry! I just wanted your gun to sell it to help feed my family!”

Hunter points his Heroshot at the Octarain’s head. “Who were you going to sell it to?”

The Octarian looks at Hunter afraid for his life. “I was going to sell it to Shadow Broker! He runs the gunshop in the back alley behind the farmers market on the south end!”

Hunter takes his leave the Octarian just stays laying there afraid Hunter might do something. Hunter heads for this supposed gun merchant. Upon reaching the back alley he could hear what sounded like a conversation going on.

He follows it and sure enough a makeshift stall was set up with a lot of illegal weapons hanging on the wall. Hunter readied his weapon and the 3 Inklings that were trying to buy something quickly run when they spotted him. Hunter let them leave as he wanted a word with the shopkeep. “Well what do we have here?”

The Shadow Broker sees Hunter and just tries to talk his way out of the situation. “Um...is this about a damaged gun. Look i don’t cover broken merchandise but you clearly seem angry about something. how about a free replacement with something on the wall here?”

Hunter shoots the wall and The Shadow Broker jumps. “I want to know if anyone came by here to purchase some weapons. Weapons that could deliver a Water Strike.”

The Shadow Broker was now afraid. “Um...yea….someone came by to buy something like that...y..y.yy.yyyou want a name?”

Hunter charges up the Heroshot. “My time is precious so spill it. or i spill your guts”

The Shadow Broker slowly moves his left hand to a book under the counter and puts it up on top. then flips through it. “Um….umm…...AH! here we go….You're looking for the bounty hunter Zach Fergans.”

Hunter rips out the page and looks at it while keeping his distance. “Well you're not lying, but i can’t let you continue your business.”

The Shadow Broker figuring there was no escape quickly darts for a gun on the wall. Hunter takes a quick shot and the tank explodes of the weapon he was grabbing for. It covering The Shadow Broker in blue ink forcing him into Octo form. People hear the exploding tank and alert the police. Hunter not needing anything else began his hunt for this Zach.

It took a few days to find him. He finds him at one of his stake outs. Hunter ambushes him and begins to beat him up. Zach tries to fight back but Hunter was relentless. Zach was eventually knocked up only able to hit Hunter a few times. Hunter picks him up and takes him to the empty Studio and locks him in the basement.

He then takes this time to collect seawater. It wasn’t hard for him to get the seawater unnoticed as the studio had a secret access tunnel inside of it. Once he had collected several buckets worth of water he then sets up a camera to the giant tv outside the studio. He then begins the interrogation

Hunter turns on the camera and puts on a voice filter. "Wake up we're live."

Zach looks up blindfolded. "Who's there...Where am I?"

Zach was looking around confused trying to break free. "You're not going anywhere pal. I want answers."

Zach looks towards Hunter. "Who are you? Why am i here!"

Hunter picks up a bucket of water and splashes it on Zach "Shut up! I am the one asking questions here!"

Zach cries out in pain for a minute before calming down a bit. Hunter continues the interogation with another bucket at the ready. "Now who hired you to take the Squid Sisters!"

Zach shakes his head. "I don't know I was given a large sum of money from a guy dressed in a heavy coat. He or She hid their identity using a voice synthesizer like your using now."

Zach wriggles around as he said this clearly in a lot of pain. "Where did you acquire those Inkstrike missiles filled with water!"

Zach was confused. "Why do you want to AHHH!!!!"

Hunter dumps another bucket of water on Zach as he was talking. "I told you I am asking the questions here! Now ANSWER!"

Zach replies through pained screams. "It was AHHH! An Octarian in the GAHH!!! downtown area. UAHHHH!!! Goes by the name of Shadow Broker!"

Zach continues moaning in pain as Hunter speaks again. "Now tell me where you took the Squid Sisters!"

Zach was writhing around in a lot of pain. "I took them to a warehouse in the Industrial Sector. Locked them up in a container that was on a truck. Right next to it was the remaining payment."

Hunter dumps another bucket of water on Zach. "Who came to claim the container!"

Zach writhes around in pain. "AAAAHH!!! I don't know there was some private military guys guarding the place. they had a red E on there shoulders!"

Shadow hunter shows up. “He has given us what we want. now end him!”

Hunter walks around behind Zach "Thank you for your cooperation!"

Hunter grabbed Zach’s head tilted it back and shoved a bottle of water into his mouth. After a few seconds of struggling Zach was dead. Hunter lets go of Zach’s head and it tilts forward the bottle still in his mouth and it fills with a red liquid. "Were done here!"

Hunter presses a button and the camera turns off. He then goes to pick up the tail of the container in question. He leaves the studio and launches towards the docks. He turns on his headset to listen in to any radio chatter from Cuttlefish or the other Heros.

It didn’t take long for Cuttlefish to have someone investigate. Hunter lands at the docks and begins to look for the warehouse in question. He searched each one of the warehouses. He finds what he was looking for. There was a small squad of soldiers moving supplies. Hunter keeps his distance but overhears a nearby conversation.

“Why is charlie squad posted at the water treatment plant? we could use some extra hands here!”

Hunter peaks around the edge he was hiding behind and sees two soldiers stand there talking as they waited for the next truck. “I don’t know but Scarlet herself asked for them to be there. So there must be a special reason.”

Hunter smirks and moves away as a truck approaches. Once clear he super jumps to the water treatment plant. its at that moment his headset starts to give off a lot of static so he shuts it off. “they must know i’m listening in.”
Hunter lands a good distance away and using his mask’s zoom feature tries to spot possible hostiles. Sure enough there were quite a few patrolling around. “Yep there is no reason for them to be here other than to keep something hidden. I wonder what it is.”

As Hunter was devising a plan of attack 2 streams from someone's super jump appears, and lands inside the facility. Sure enough this got the guards attention and they were going after whoever it was. Hunter takes this opportunity and super jump to the main structure.

Upon entering it he follows the maze of passages until he enters a large room with 3 open air water vats. Over one of these was Callie and Maire. “Callie, Marie!”

They looked over at Hunter. “Run it’s a trap!”

It was too late someone lands behind Hunter and kicks him in the back. Hunter gains his balance and turns ready for a fight. In front of him was a adult Inkling with scarlet red tendrils she was wearing a red dress and didn’t at all look like a soldier. “Who are you!”

Hunter aims his weapon right between the woman’s eyes, and she just smirks. “The name is Scarlet Rose!”

She moves with the grace of an angel but hits like a monster truck. She roundhouse kicked the Heroshot Hunter barely keeps a hold of it, but Scarlet didn’t stop there. She does a front flip striking Hunter on the top of his head. She continues this relentless assault until Hunter managed to shoot the ground and Squid away. “Release the Squid Sisters!”

Scarlet laughs. “Choose your words carefully boy!”

She darts across the room and avoiding Hunter’s shots. She punches him in the gut then grabs the gun and rips it out of his hand before striking him in the face with it. She tosses it aside knowing she wouldn’t need it. “I was expecting more of a fight from someone who is suppose to save people!”

Time seemed to stop he looks around confused then He showed up. “This ***** deserve to die! Let me have control and i will teach her a lesson!”

Hunter nods and the other him takes over. Time starts up again and Scarlet resumes beating up Hunter. Her first hit knocks the Inkling Combat Mask off of his head. Revealing Red eyes. “That was a gift you *****!”

Hunter starts striking at Scarlet and she goes defensive. His strikes were making their mark, but she didn’t give a sign of pain. She then catches Hunter’s arm and slams onto the railing over one of the vats. Hunter quickly turns into a squid then back delivering a rather punishing uppercut to Scarlet. She takes a few steps back and rubs her lips before checking the back of her hand. “It’s been awhile since someone could actually harm me like that. So glad you stepped up your game!”

Scarlet charges in and somersaults over Hunter but grabs his shoulders then kicks him hard in the back. She backflips and lands on her feet before charging at Hunter again. Hunter stumbled but when she charged in at him he sidesteps and grabs her. He uses her momentum against her and slams her head against the wall. He then proceeds to bash her face into the wall repeatedly.

It’s about this time the two other heroes show up. It was Zerul and Robin. They go and try to free Callie and Marie as Hunter continues his brutal assault.

Scarlet grabs Hunter’s leg and pulls it up tripping him. Scarlet then proceeds to smash Hunter’s face in. “YOU *******! I WILL NOT HAVE YOU RUIN MY PERFECT FACE!”

Hunter turns into a squid to break free. Hunter moves away and pops up just in time to see Zerul managing to free Callie and Marie in a safe spot. He turns his attention back to Scarlet as she was charging in again. Hunter smirks and catches her leg as she began another round house kick. “I’m going to end you!”

He slams her head into the railing then knocks her onto the ground and begins to stomp her face in. Scarlet would have been killed by Hunter’s stomping if it wasn’t for Callie pushing him. “STOP IT HUNTER!”

Hunter looks at Callie and grabs her by the neck and lifts her up. “How Dare You! You would save the life of someone who would gladly end yours!”

Callie couldn’t respond as his grip on her neck was tightening. “HUNTER!”

Hunter hers his name and turns to see Marie holding the Heroshot at him. A shot rings out and everything goes black as his body falls limp.
He opens his eyes he is in the middle of the plaza. Everyone around was laying down as if they were sleeping. “Wh...what’s going on?”

He checks the various people shaking them but they were not responding. “Hey! come on! Wake up!”

A voice could be heard echoing from everywhere. “Why don’t you lay down and join them. You need your rest.”

Hunter looks around confused. “Who is there?”

The other version of Hunter shows up in front of him, and grabs him by the neck. “It’s me!”

Hunter looks at him confused. He turns into a squid and gets free. When he turns back he starts backing away while holding his neck. “Wh...what is going on here!”

The other Hunter laughs. “You don’t get it do you! I’m taking control over your body!”

Hunter shakes his head. “No it’s my body and i want you out!”

The other Hunter laughs. “You are weak compared to me!”

As if to prove his point he turns into a giant, and begins to laugh demonically. “I think the first order of business is a change of name! I think Skeith will do nicely.”

Hunter looks at him angrily. “I will not allow you to do this!”

Skeith laughs. “What are you going to do about it! Your Weak!”

Hunter grits his teeth Skeith clearly had a point. It’s at this time he hears another voice. “Stay strong Hunter. I’m here with you!”

Hunter looks around for the source of the voice, but was interrupted by Skeith smashing the tower. “You're all alone and Powerless against me!”

Hunter starts to run away. Skeith was slowly smashing everything behind him. Every now and then he would hear that third voice again. Every time he hears the voice it had a soothing effect on him. It suddenly hit him. Marie was talking to him. “I’m not alone! I have Family! I have a girlfriend! And I friend!”

Skeith laughs. “They can't help you in here! it's just Me and you!”

Skeith brings down his fist on Hunter. He catches it and tries to stop himself from being crushed. “No...It can’t end like this!”

As he thought of those he was losing they appeared and helped lift the fist. Marie, Callie, His parents, Cuttlefish, Zerul, Robin and several others show up. With their help they throw Skeith’s fist away. Skeith was surprised by this. “How can this be! DIE!!!!”

He brings down a finger onto Hunter. Hunter catches the finger and holds it back. “You don’t get it do you! My strength comes from those close to me!”

He flips Skeith over making crash down in the ocean. Skeith begins to shout out in extreme pain as he slowly dissolved. Hunter collapses onto the ground and passes out.

He wakes up in a hospital bed. he couldn’t see out of his left eye as it was bandaged. It was dark in the room. only lit by the illuminated red exit sign. He could feel someone laying on him. When he looks down he could make out Marie’s face. “Maire?”

Marie mumbles something as she opens her eyes confused. “Huh...wha...HUNTER!”

She hugs him then quickly released when he winces in pain. “SORRY!”

Hunter smiles at Marie. “I killed him...I killed Skeith. The other me!”

Marie was unsure what he meant by that. “Just rest Hunter...just remember i'm here for you.”

Hunter nods and closes his eyes to go back to sleep as he felt really tired. He hears marie get up and mention the bathroom before leaving. He drifts off to sleep. This time he was enjoying the day with Marie in the park.
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Hey, I am currently writing a FabRic called the journey, you may have seen it in the forum page. I was wondering if I could use Hunter, your OC, I'm my story. Would that be ok?


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incase you were not aware Project ARC and Relics of old are in the same world.


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Hunter wakes up several days later. He looks around the brightly lit room and notices he was all alone. He looks out the window and shields his eye from the light. “What...time is it?”

As his eye adjusts to the light he lowers his hand and sees it was about mid-day. He looks around again curious as to where Marie had went. “Marie?”

He doesn’t see anyone around and was a bit unsettled. A few minutes later a nurse walks in to check on him.. “Oh you’re awake. I will get the doctor.”

Hunter lays back down as the nurse went to get a doctor. His head spinning and he felt a bit queasy. It wasn’t long before the doctor showed up. Hunter looks over at him as he adjusts the bed to be a more sitting position. “Glad to see you’re awake. With the injuries you sustained….you should be dead."

Hunter’s heart starts to pound faster. The nurse tries to calm Hunter. “Calm down...don’t get worked up or you might make your condition worse.”

Hunter takes a few deep breaths and starts to calm down. The doctor continues. “The injuries you sustained were luckily non fatal...but i fear…you can no longer see out of your left eye.”

The machine starts beeping more and more the nurse tries her hardest to keep Hunter calm but the doctor injected him with a mild sedative. The beeping slowed as he drifts back off to sleep.

He wakes up the next day. Marie was next to him eating some breakfast. “Ma...rie?”

Marie jumps hearing Hunter’s voice and looks over at him. “Oh my god you’re awake!”

She grabs his hand and interlaces their fingers. Hunter pulls his hand away. “Who...wounded me?”

Marie froze but she knew this question would come sooner or later. She puts both of her hands to her chest and looks away. “I’m sorry Hunter...I didn’t mean to wound you like that. I jus!!!”

Hunter had bolted out of bed and began choking Marie. “WHY!! DID YOU DO IT!”

Through pained breaths she replied. “Sketh was controlling your body.”

Hunter could see she wasn’t lying and begins to break down. Marie moves out from under him as he was crying. “Why...Why does my life end up being an endless cycle of torment and pain!”

Marie reaches out to pat his shoulder but Hunter swats it away and he looks at her angry. “Haven’t you done enough damage!”

Marie was taken aback tear welling in her eyes and she runs off. Hunter realising what he had done just curls up on the cold floor and keeps crying. He doesn’t move till a nurse helped him back into the bed.

A few days pass Marie never showed up to meet Hunter. The doctor allow him to leave as he was in good physical health, but gave him a prescription to see a psychologist.

Hunter didn’t walk straight home. He went to Callie and Marie’s penthouse. Hunter knocks on the door and was greeted by Callie. “Oh. Hi Callie. Is Marie here?”

Callie gives Hunter a rather serious look. “Haven’t you done enough damage!”

Callie darts back inside and slams the door shut. In shock Hunter stands there dumbfounded. He knocks on the door a few more times but only got Callie shouting “Go away or im calling your father to arrest you!”

Hunter’s mood sank and he slowly made his way home. But was stopped at the door by the hotel owner. It had started raining when he was talking to Callie. Hunter sighs and waits for the rain to clear.

Sitting in a chair near the main door he tests how much peripheral vision he had since he could no longer see out of his left eye. He felt blind with how much he couldn’t see. The only fortunate thing is that he could walk around just fine without both eyes.

As he sat near the door looking outside thoughts crossed his mind on ending it all. Something so simple that could end his suffering. Just to go outside and kill himself.

The hotel owner went upstairs to take care of a problem that had arisen so Hunter was alone in the main lobby. The lobby was quiet the only sounds that could be heard was some tv chatter from the nearby rooms and the rain outside.

Hunter sighs as he got up and walked to the door. He stands there for a minute before he opens the door but doesn’t cross over into the rain. He lingers there judging if this was the right thing to do. Suddenly he hears a loud voice “Hunter!”

Before Hunter could turn around he was yanked back into the lobby. He was laying on the floor looking up at the person who pulled him back in. It was Marie. “Marie?”

She had tears in her eyes but nods. “Yes Hunter I’m here.”

Hunter begins crying and hugs Marie. “I’m sorry for what i did. I didn’t mean it and I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way.”

Marie was shocked Hunter hugged her and wraps her arms around him. “And I’m sorry for everything as well.”

Hunter lets Marie go and tries to dry his tears. Marie grabs her handkerchief and after dabbing away the tears in her eyes she helps Hunter. “Come upstairs. Please!”

Hunter nods and follows Marie. She leads them back into the penthouse Callie was standing there clearly angry with Hunter. He stops when he sees her and bows to Callie. “I am sorry for what i have caused. Can you forgive me?”

Callie hits Hunter in the back of the head and Marie freaks out. “Hunter! Oh My Squid are you ok!”

She helps Hunter back up who was rubbing the back of his head. “Ok….i deserved that one.”

Callie still looked angry. “You deserve alot more you Bast…”

Maire cuts Callie off with a rather serious look.

Callie sighs and heads off to her room. Marie leds Hunter into the kitchen and gets a cold compress. “There There Hunter. Does it still hurt?”

Hunter nods a bit. “She hits like a truck.”

Mare nods. “She is very protective. I feel she gets it from her mother. My mom always said her sister was a rather headstrong person who wasn’t afraid to defend someone precious to her.”

Hunter sighs. “So what now? I cant be an agent...surely working with my hands now that im half blind isn’t going to work out….what options do i have left.”

Marie pinches his cheek. “OW! OW! OW! OW!!!!”

Marie had let go and gave him a serious look. “Not with that attitude. Look i know your life has been rough. But please...dont give up on yourself. I always do my best even when it's never enough to do something. Like my mother always said. “Give 110% until your can’t give no more”

Hunter chuckles at Marie’s impression of her mother. “Whats so funny?”

Hunter smiles. “Nothing you just remind me of my father. And i understand what you mean. As long as i never give up willingly i can achieve anything….am I in the ballpark on that?”

Marie nods. “Yes very close”

They continue talking until Hunter was too tired to keep talking and takes a nap on the couch. Marie laying his head in her lap to watch over him.

Callie comes out and sees Hunter laying on the couch. “What a hog.”

Marie shoots her a mean look. “How you would feel after getting shot in the head?”

Callie sighs. “Can he at least move his feet so i can watch some TV?”

Maire shifts Hunter so he didn’t take up so much room as Callie turned on the TV and puts in a move.

Callie looks at Maire. “You want anything before i sit down?”

Marie shakes her head then nods. “Actually a cup of water. For when Hunter wakes back up would be nice.”

Callie nods and gets a glass of water and puts it on the coffee table before sitting down to watch the movie.
Hunter remained asleep till the next morning. He wakes up on the couch. As he sat up the cover he was laying under slides of. “What?”

He looks outside and sees it was early morning and the weather had cleared up. “Oh crap...how long was i asleep?”

He pulls out his phone and sees it was 7:24 am and notices he had 4 missed calls. He checks who calls him and it was his father. “Uh oh...i'm in for it now.”

He calls his father and waits for him to pick up. “Hi dad.”

A male voice comes through the phone. “Oh thank god you're ok...you weren’t at the hospital and i couldn’t get you on the phone i thought the worst has happened.”

Hunter rubs the back of his head. “Yea im ok...im at Callie and Marie’s penthouse as i was trying to apologise for something i did. I fell asleep shortly after getting here i guess i was asleep all night.”

Hunter hears a door open and look over to see who it was as his father talked. “I will pick you up in a bit. Just stay there.”

Hunter sighs. “Ok dad.”

His father hangs up as Hunter spots Callie leaving her room to go to the bathroom. Hunter doesn’t say anything and just lays back down.

About three minutes later Marie wakes up and goes to check on Hunter. She leads over the couch and looks at Hunter just laying there. “Good morning sleepy head.”

Hunter looks over at her. “Good morning Marie. My father will be picking me up soon.”

Marie nods. “Ok i guess he is worried about your injury...Just...take it slow ok..you seem to doing fine with only one eye but don't push yourself ok!”

Hunter nods and gets up to stretch. “Yea i know...i just...i’m just unsure...about everything.”

Marie walks over and grabs his hand and bring it to her chest clasping it with both hands. “I will do anything to help you through this.”

Hunter smiles and kisses her. Marie blushes but doesn’t refuse the kiss. “Thank you Marie.”

Hunter’s phone started ringing and he checks it. “Its my dad...i guess he is either on his way or is already here.”

Maire nods and lets Hunter go so he could leave. “Talk to me any time you need.”

Hunter smiles as he answers his phone. It was his dad saying he was outside. “Ok on my way down now.”

Hunter sighs. “Bye Marie.”

Maire gives a smile and waves bye as Hunter leaves. He takes the elevator to the lobby. Once there he sees his father. Hunter could tell he was staring at his eye and covers it. “Hi dad.”

When Hunter was close his father moves his hand from his head and looks at the eye. It wasn’t it’s normal blue color and there was a cross scare on it from the doctors trying there best to save his life. “Hunter...I’m...sorry.”

Hunter looks away from him. “Don’t be father...I had this coming ever since i put on Grandpa’s mask.”

His father sighs. “Come on son...On the way home we can get some ice-cream”

Hunter smiles and follows his father back into his patrol car. He sits inside and buckles up. As he watched the world go by he started to feel queasy. Being half blind had mess with his senses. His father picked up on it and drove slower. “Tell me if you need me to pull over.”

Hunter nods and tries his best to keep his lunch down. It wasn’t long that he needed to have his father pullover. Hunter managed to open the door before throwing up his non existent breakfast. His father pats his back and hands him some napkins. “There there. Feel better?”

Hunter cleans himself off before smiling to his dad. “Thank you.”

They get back underway and they managed to get to the ice-cream parlor without another incident. They take the ice-cream to go just incase. On the way home his father asks the big question. “How bad is it?”

Hunter sighs as he knew it would come up. “I can’t see out of that eye at all.”

His father sighs. “That fine...we will find a way to help you though this time of your life.”

Hunter nods and just watches out the car window until they made it home. Upon entering his mother greets them at the door. “Welcome home you two.”

There was one other person there. Capitan Cuttlefish gives his usual peace sign. “Glad to see you up and about. An injury like yours normal ends with being six feet under.”

His mother gave a swift kick to the shin. “OW!...ok ok no need to harm the elderly. Welcome home. The other agents were not able to come here to meet you. But once they get some time they will stop by. I hope to see you back on the front lines.”

Hunter looks away from him unsure how to answer him. “You dont have to jump right back into it Hunter. Whenever your good and ready. Maire told me how down you were. Well i need to get on my way Remember Hunter we are also your family and you can come to us when you need us.”

Hunter gives a small smile. “Thank you sir.”

Cuttlefish nods and heads on his way giving his normal peace sign as he walked out of the house. Hunter’s father put there icecream down on the kitchen counter and divided them up. “Come have your ice-cream before it melts.”

Hunter moves to the kitchen to have his ice-cream. His mother brought up the questions that he was dreading. The rest of the afternoon was question and that night he lays down in the bed and just watches his roof questioning what he should do until he fell asleep.

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