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Relics of Old (A Splatoon FanFic)


Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
The next day Hunter wakes up and goes through his morning routine but has some difficulties with everything. After his morning routine he goes downstairs to have some breakfast. He eats in silence but his mother knew something was eating away at him.

After breakfast he heads into town to at least try to keep a normal life going. When he arrived at Ammo Knights Sheldon stopped Hunter. “My oh my..what happened to you?"

Hunter looks away from him. “I don't want to talk about it….any guns needing repairs?”

Sheldon nods. “Always have some lying around. Take your time and dont push yourself.”

Hunter nods and heads into the back. He looks at the various weapons waiting for repairs. He get to work on a roller first. It was in ok condition but the roller was jammed up with something. Hunter tries his best to find what was jamming it before taking it outback to test it.

The test was going well till it jammed up again. It happened so suddenly the pole went into his gut and he pole vaulted over it. He lands hard on his back and just lay there. He was starting to doubt himself. He was sure he fixed the issue. When he got up and looked at the weapon it was completely broke now. He roller was no longer attached to the handle and the handle was bent.

He takes the pieces into the back and makes a note to pay for a replacement. He then tries to work on a E-Liter with a clogged storage chamber. He cracks open the seal and quite a bit of ink comes spewing out making a bit of a mess. Luckily it the turf war self evaporating ink.

He waits a few minutes for most of the ink to evaporate away before continuing his work. He begins examining what was causing the clog and then starts working on fixing it. Turns out it had an illegal modification to it. So he had to call sheldon into the back to show him.

Sheldon was shocked to see a Barrel Compressor inside of it. “That would have caused some real damage if it was ever used in turf wars.”

Hunter nods in agreement. “Good think it jammed the reservoir instead. I want you to inform the police about this illegal modification and the person who turned it in.”

Sheldon nods and quickly runs off to get the police. Hunter sets the weapon aside and resumes work.

The police came around a few minutes later to claim the weapon and modification. Giving Hunter a small metal for his efforts. Hunter had several of these as players always try to sneak illegal mods past judd

He continues to work each with just as much failure rate as the roller. The last weapon was a splatterscope that had a dented barrel. He fixes the barrel but like all weapons before it when he tested it the weapon broke. This time the tank exploded sending Hunter into the wall. Sheldon heard the explosion and goes to check on Hunter. He finds him laying in a puddle of ink with a distinct weapon detonation splatter on the ground.

When Sheldon approached he could hear Hunter crying. “What’s wrong hunter?”

Hunter doesn’t move from his spot. “Every weapon i tried to fix i ended up breaking.”

Sheldon was shocked by this but tries to comfort Hunter. “Its ok Hunter...i’m sure it’s just coincidence that they all broke.”

Hunter doesn’t reply just stays there crying. Sheldon feeling really bad goes to make a phone call. A few minutes later Marie shows up wearing her disguise from their date. She sees Hunter just laying there crying.

She moves over to him. Having some issues with the ink in the way. Once next to him she lifts him out of the puddle of ink he was lying in and looks him over. There were a few cuts on his face from the explosion but luckily nothing permanent. “Hunter calm down.”

Hunter looks at marie and hugs her still crying. “I cant do it...I tried my best and it all went bad.”

Marie hugs Hunter. “Its ok Sheldon told me. Look you tried that the thing you need to take from this. You tried your best and you had some success.”

Hunter starts to calm down a bit and breaks the hug. “But it wasn’t enough...i now owe sheldon so much money to replace the weapons i broke.”

Marie smiles at him. “You tried your best. Though today might not have the best result you at least held up your promise and tried.”

Hunter smiles a bit. “Thank you Marie...but what do i do now...i dont have the money to cover the 10 guns i broke.”

Marie sighs and helps Hunter onto his feet. “You can start by telling Sheldon maybe you two can work something out.”

Hunter nods and heads to Sheldon. Sheldon looks at Hunter worried. “Everything ok?”

Hunter shakes his head. “I tried but i broke 10 guns...i dont have the money to replace what i broke.”

Sheldon sighs and looks at Marie who was behind Hunter. “I can foot the bill this time. But i really did expect more from you Hunter.”

Hunter looks down. “I’m sorry Sheldon.”

Sheldon sighs. “Don’t beat yourself up. Today just wasn’t you day. Just...spend time with your girlfriend and hopefully things will end up being better.”

Hunter nods and heads out. Marie follows Hunter and once she catches up with him grabs his hand. “Come on. Let’s do something that will cheer you up.”

Hunter sighs. “I don’t know tinkering with things always made me feel better after a bad day...but i’m afraid to try.”

Marie kisses his cheek. “I’m here with you Hunter no need to be afraid.”

Hunter nods. “Ok...lets get some stuff then.”

Hunter takes Marie over to the junkyard there were lots of various piles of scrap metal lying around. Hunter passes the yard and goes into the warehouse. When he walked in he was greeted by a rather large Octarain. “Hey Hunter glad to see you are still around...who is this lovely lady?”

Maire smiles at the octarian. “Im Hunter’s girlfriend nice to meet you sir.”

The Octarain laughs. “Name’s Roy. Hunter here loves buying some junk. So i went and opened up this little shop. And sure enough money has been flowing in like crazy. Hunter isn’t the only junk collector out there.”

Maire looks around at the various machines. “I should have come here sooner i see so many things that look intresting to tinker with.”

Hunter chuckles. “Welcome to my world”

Maire laughs and punches Hunter. “Very funny”

They dig through the various piles of stuff looking for things to tinker with before heading to Hunter’s home.
Maire and hunter leave with quite a few various things to tinker on. “That was quite alot of things i would want...but we forgot to bring stuff to carry the stuff.”

Hunter chuckles at Marie’s comment. “I can never walk away from that place without the feeling i left some piece of gold behind.”

Maire laughs. “That is exactly how i feel right now.”

They joke around a bit. As they make there way to his home. When they got to the door they notice someone leaving the home. Maire waves as best as she could with stuff full of junk. “Hey Clementine!”

Clementine waves back and moves over to them. Hunter recognized her as Agent Orange. “Oh hey there you two. So you two planning something with all that junk?”

Maire nods. “Im going to be tinkering with Hunter today...why you stop by here? Thought you would be busy with the splat tournament practice since its only a few days away.”

Clementine laughs. “Nah we wanted to take the day off. No need to overwork ourselves.”

Maire nods and looks at Hunter. “Well lets not catch a cold out here.”

Hunter smiles at Marie. “Its not that cold out here.”

Clementine takes her leave but stops for a second. “Oh forgot to say this. Hunter we found your grandfather’s mask. One of the workers at the plant was kind enough to return it.”

Hunter smiles at her. “Thank you for bringing it back to me.”

Clementine waves and leave to goes to enjoy the rest of the day. Hunter and Maire head inside and were greeted by his mother. “How has your day been?”

Hunter looks down. “Bad...i messed up at Ammo Knights.”

His mother looked at him worried. “It will be ok. Just take your time.

Hunter nods and walks upstairs with Marie. They place the junk down on his desk that he uses to work. Hunter had laid down on the bed wanting to clear his head for a bit. Marie kisses his forehead before heading downstairs to help his mother cook supper.

As he laid there he closed his eyes and tries to clear his mind of the bad day that happened. The room was silent due to soundproofing he put up to keep the noise he made stay in his room. Which was his father’s request. A few minute later he could feel someone watching him. He looks over at the window and both it and the blinds were closed.

He sits up and looks around his room. Unable to see what could be giving him the strange feeling. He pushes it to the back of his mind and heads downstairs. Marie was helping cook some cupcakes while his mother was cooking some pork. “Hunter! Almost done here i will be up and we can start tinkering.”

Hunter nods. “Take your time i need to get some tools awayways. I have my set but i dont have any spare.”

Maire smiles at Hunter. “Ok just don't be long.”

Hunter nods and heads off. He didn’t have to go far as a few blocks away was the Hardware store. On the way there he still felt eye on him. Someone or something was watching him. He arrived at the hardware store without incident. Jack the store owner waves at Hunter. “Didja break another bit?”

Hunter chuckles. “No not yet. But i need another set for my girlfriend.”

Jack laughs. “Well well well seems the little tinkerer got himself someone that sounds like a keeper.”

Hunter nods and blushes. “Yea she is worth keeping.”

Jack keeps laughing as he goes into the back to assemble the kit. He left the door open so he could listen to the store. “You want a basic or advanced kit?”

Hunter was looking around at the various tools when he hears Jack’s voice. “Um..Advanced kit. She has been doing some tinkering on her own...and can i get a travel case for them?”

Jack laughs. “Big spender eh...she better appreciate this like you did when you first got the full kit.”

Jack finishes in the back and walks out with a hard case filled with the tools. “I will cut you a deal on this and have you pay for a basic kit and the case. Since its a gift for someone speical to ya...that and you did overpay last time you were here. It was a mistake on my part.”

Hunter was surprised by the generosity but accepted it. “Thanks Jack”

Hunter pays for the kit and heads home. Jack waves bye to Hunter as he leaves. On the way home Hunter didn’t feel the sensation of someone watching him. Which helped to calm him down. Upon arriving at home Marie was cleaning the kitchen while she waited.

Hunter waves at Marie. “Hey Marie i’m back”

Marie smiles and quickly finishes before walking over to him. “Thats a big kit.”

Hunter chuckles. “Yea its the advanced kit with travel case.”

Hunter opens it up revealing all the various tools a tinkerer needed minus power tools. “This is your tinkers kit. Take care of it and it should last a long time.”

Marie takes it and closes it so she didn’t drop the tools accidently. “Ready to start tinkering?”

Hunter nods and heads upstairs with Marie. He sits down at his desk Maire taking a spot next to him and they begin working on something together.

About 30 minutes in they had a final design for what they want it to do. But supper was ready so they went downstairs to eat. The BBQ pulled pork was really good when they had there desert Marie playfully put some of the icing from her cupcake on his nose. “Hey!”

Maire and hunter’s mother laugh at the little prank. Hunter cleans off the iceing and hugs Marie. “The cupcakes are delicious.”

Maire blushes. “Thank you Hunter.”

Hunter mother chuckles seeing them being so happy together. “I will clean this up. You two go back to tinkering.”

Hunter nods and takes Marie’s hand and walks back up to his room. Once there they start working on dismantling the various things they got at the junk store. Hunter was having some difficulties but marie was there to keep him calm and help him work through it.

Around 2 in the morning is when they stop. Maire didn’t want to break curfew just to get home so she called Callie and tells her where she would be staying. Once that was out of the way she goes to get ready for the night. She borrows a T-shirt and shorts from Hunter to sleep in.

They get comfortable in bed together. Marie kisses hunter before snuggling up next to him. “Good night Hunter.”

Hunter smiles at her and returns the kiss before wrapping his arms around her. “Good night Maire”

Hunter and Marie eventually drift off to sleep.
He was in Inkopolis running through some alleyways. When he tried to stop he couldn’t something wasn’t right he wasn’t in control of his body. He exits the allways there were cops aiming their guns at him. “FREEZE!”

He could only watch as he jumped to the side and shoots the cops. “Please stop...why are you doing this! Stop it!”

His words never left his mouth as he began chasing down innocent people and shooting them dead. Anyone who ended up in his sights were killed on sight.

Someone lands behind him and he turns around to sees Agent 2. "Please Hunter STOP! you don't need to do..."

He had shot her in the chest. He closes his eyes not wanting to see her like that. When he opened his eyes again he could see Marie leaning against a tree. Shortly afterwards Agent 1 shows up but he readied his weapon and unloaded several shots into her. Seeing the look of fear on Marie’s face scared him. “NO….NO!!!! STOP! Please STOP!!”

Again his words never left his mouth as he approached Marie ready to kill her. Its at this moment he turns to see Agent blue coming in with his roller. He dodges it but get shot. Its at this moment He jerks awake.

He bolts from his bed confused and scared he ends up under his worktable in his squid form. Maire felt this sudden motion and quickly jumped out of bed looking for an attacker. She turns on the light and doesn’t see Hunter. “Hunter! Where did you go!”

She look around and finds him shaking under the table. She looked worried as she picked him up. “There there...Come on now calm down and tell me what happened.”

She lays him down on the bed as he changed back into his human form. He was still shaking as he tells her everything that happened in the dream. She went pale and this only had made Hunter even more scared. “Hunter….what you just seen...was a few months ago. When you….lost it and began killing people.”

She looked away from him and rubbed when she was shot. “Both me and Callie were also in your crosshairs….If it wasn’t for Agent Orange and Blue….”

Her silence said enough. Hunter felt sick and left for the bathroom. Marie stays there unsure what to do. She contacts her grandfather in hopes he might shed some light on the situation.

Hunter had thrown up when he got to the bathroom. So he was cleaning himself off from that. When he looked into the mirror he questioned who he was seeing in it. The thought that Sketh did those things just made him feel sick again.

Marie walked over to the bathroom with her phone. “Um...Hunter...Cuttlefish wants to talk with you.”

Hunter looks at her confused and takes the phone. “Hello?”

Cuttlefish’s voice comes through the phone. “Hello Hunter. Marie tells me you saw what the other you did when you weren’t aware of it. I’m sorry you had see that. That all is in the past don’t dwell on it too much. You have done so much to redeem yourself. That’s all that i can say, but it would be best if you talked to someone you trust.”

Hunter looks at Marie who was standing in the doorway worried. “Thank you sir...I will try my best to get past this.” He hangs up and hands the phone back to Marie. “Can...We just sleep...i dont want to talk about it right now.”

Marie sighs. “Ok...we can talk when your ready”

Hunter nods and they both head back to bed. Once back in bed they drift off to sleep. This time in his dream it was just a white void. He looks around confused. Every now and then he would see a shadow but it would vanish before he could get a good look at it. “Hello!”

His voice just echoes in the endless void. He hears something behind him and when he turns around he sees himself. He jumps back but notices it’s just a mirror. “What the?”

As he stared into it violently shifted like a damaged video glitching out. He backs away from the mirror unsure what it was. The mirror explodes and where he was standing in the reflection was himself. “No...It cant be...I killed you!”

The second him faded into dust and a voice began echoing throughout the endless void. “Once separated it can never be whole again. If either shall die the other will die with it.”

Hunter looks around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. Everytime he looks in the direction it comes from he sees himself before it glitches away. “What do you mean! Answer Me!”

He feels hands grab him and force him to the ground. “But you already know the answers. The question is who are you.”

He wakes up again with Marie shaking him. He was in a cold sweat and grabs Marie’s arms fearing she was attacking him. He calms down once he sees it was Marie. “Hunter i think we need to talk about it now….A second nightmare in one night can’t be good for you.”

Hunter looks away from her. “I don’t know what to say...I...don’t even know what the nightmares even mean.”

Marie hugs him. “Its ok. Just say anything. I dont want you to feel like your alone in this.”

Hunter turns around and Hugs Marie. “Thank you”

They talked for an hour before falling asleep in eachother’s arms.

That morning Hunter wakes up before marie so he goes to do his normal routine and lets her sleep in a bit more. When he was brushing his teeth he looked in the mirror. He was expecting to see Sketh looking back at him but he didn’t which made him feel good about things right now.

Upon leaving the bathroom Marie was standing there waiting. She was wearing one of Hunter’s T-shirts and Shorts. She hands him her clothes. “Hunter can you put them in the wash. They are kinda my only clothes i brought and i got them a bit dirty on our little project yesterday.”

Hunter nods and takes the clothes. “Ok” He heads off to do some laundry as Marie does her morning routine.

His mother was cooking breakfast it smelled like her famous blueberry waffles and scrambled eggs. As he was doing the laundry he feel someone grab his shoulder when he turns around he sees no one was there.

He was a little weirded out by that but just figured it was just the remanence of those nightmares from the night before. He calms down and quietly hums to himself as he finishes the laundry. Maire walks in behind him. “Whats that your humming?”

Hunter looks at her and blushes a bit. “Its really nothing. Something i was tinkering with ended up having a rather odd rythem to it so i just started working with it and make up that song when i was 10.”

Marie giggles. “It sounded nice. Maybe one day we can make it a beat for a song.”

Hunter looks at her supprised. “You...you really mean that?”

Marie nods. “Yea.”

The dryer buzzes at that moment. “Oh your clothes are finished. You can change in my room. I will be in the kitchen.”

Maire nods and after she gets dressed they enjoy some breakfast before Marie had to leave for her job as a celebrity. “Remember hunter You are in control of who you are. Just stay strong in your beliefs and let nothing sway you otherwise.”

Hunter nods and waves bye as Maire left. He returns to his room and gets back to tinkering.
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Inkling Cadet
Nov 9, 2015
Hunter tinkers away at the stuff when he notices his grandfather’s mask. He picks it up and looks at it. “All of this started because of you Grandpa….how did you keep your sanity?” He puts on the mask and could tell he was going to have issue with it. The H.U.D. was designed for a normal person. Not one who is half blind.

He removes the mask and starts to tweek it. If he could get the HUD to display only on his right half then could see the details. It took him a few hours to get that situated properly. It really wasn’t designed for a one eyed person. His mother knocked on the door. “Hunter lunch is ready.”

He puts on the mask to try it out as he heads downstairs. His mother had made some grilled cheese sandwiches and gave Hunter some. “Hunter you need to do more than just spend your time inside. I know you don’t like playing turf wars, but maybe try a match to get your minds off things.” He looks at his mother worried. “Um...ok.” His mother could tell he was worried. “You don't have to….but you can't keep yourself cooped up the entire time….just think about it ok?”

He sighs. “Ok mom.” He finishes his grilled cheese and heads upstairs to get his gear. As he was getting ready he could feel like he was being watched again this disturbed him but gave him a reason to get out of the house to try and clear his mind. Once he was set he heads into town. The plaza was busy like usual people always ready to play.

He walks into the tower and signs up for turf war. As he sat the waiting room he double checks his gear. Everyone else was talking with their friends. When his name was called he takes a deep breath and heads to the lobby where he met everyone he is playing with. He was in a group with mostly new players he could tell by there gear. Splatshot Jr. with a basic T-shirt. But there was one other a more seasoned vet that was talking to two of them. She wielded a Krak-on Splat Roller. Judd showed up and began explaining the rules before being sent out.

They arrived at Museum D'Alfonsino. Hunter was paired against the other seasoned vet but at least it would be interesting. He was on blue team while the others were team Orange. A rather basic color in this game type but it was easy to tell sides. The new kids looked at Hunter and he gives them an encouraging smile. “Listen the goal of this game is the cover the ground with as much ink as you can. Use your squid forms to move around and refill your ink. You don't have to splat the other team but don't be afraid to do it you're safe in the arenas. These special pads respawn you back here.” They nodded to show they understood. “Ok this map is easy the main goal is the hold the middle. I will provide cover as best as I can.”

The whistle blows and they were off the newbies were running around randomly but at least they were doing it right. Hunter made a trail for himself on the way to spinning art panels. He could see the enemy team running around randomly except for the roller. Hunter quickly covers the area to help slow down anyone who gets into his range. One of the enemy newbies wanders into his range and he takes aim. He pulls the trigger and splats the new player. The exact moment the person was splatted he gets a flash of someone Skeith killed. He holds his head a little spooked by the vision. He shakes it off and focuses on the match. This time the roller came in to avenge the newbie. He takes aim and fires but the roller dodges. This person was skilled so he keeps trying. When the roller moved out of his range he assumes his stance and locked down the area. This person may be quick on feet to dodge so many shots, but it wouldn’t deter him.

His team finally got to the middle and were just wildly splaying their weapons, and the roller would mow them down. It was hard to cover his team from this swift roller. She was actively avoiding him. Every time one of the newbies from the enemy team wandered in he didn’t hesitate to splat them but every time he did he saw more of those flashes.

“Get out of my head! That is not me!” Near the end the roller had made a miscalculation and her Kraken form wore out just in range and Hunter promptly splatted her. This time the flashback was stronger and he could hear the screaming. He collapses to his knee and holds his head. “Why are you plaguing me!” when he looked up he could see Skeith standing across the way he shakes his head. “No..you’re not real!”

He snaps back to reality when one of the new players pokes him. “You ok Mister?” He looks at the newbie. “Yea...Yea i’m fine. Come on time to see who won.” He leads them back to Judd the cat the other team was waiting for them. One of his teammates ran over and hugged the roller user. Judd speaks up and presents his ruling. “Meow Blue team had 44.68% of the area. Orange team had.” He paused for dramatic effect like he always does. “48.46%” Orange team celebrated even one of the blue teammates but only because it was a relative that won and they were quite young still. Once they were back in the lobby he left to go talk to Cuttlefish.

He heads through the secret passage and it wasn’t long before he was at the training facility. When he got there he saw Orange and Blue duking it out again. He got another flash of when Blue attacked him before Orange shot him. He collapses to the ground his head spinning at this point. Blue notices Hunter but got splatted before he could say anything. Orange was laughing and waited for Blue to respawn. “Come on, Winter, it shouldn’t take that long for you to respawn!” When Blue respawned he quickly ran over to Hunter. Clementine noticed at that point and hopped over. “Hunter! Are you ok?”

Hunter shakes his head. “Is Cuttlefish here?” Blue goes to get Cuttlefish as Orange stayed back and helped Hunter up. “What's wrong?” Hunter looks at Orange. “I'm getting flashbacks….to that day.” She looks at him confused. “What day you talking about? The Day Marie shot you?” Hunter shakes his head. “The day you shot me.” Orange went pale having to remember that day. “Um….I think I should go get marie.” She leaves just as Cuttlefish approaches. “What is it Hunter?” Hunter looks at Cuttlefish. “I'm getting flashbacks.” Cuttlefish sighs. “I thought that would happen. There is nothing i can do for you the flashbacks should subsided after a day or so….where did the flashbacks occur?” Hunter looks away from him. “When i was playing Turf War….At the exact moment I splatted someone...and not to long ago when i got here and saw Agent orange and blue.” Cuttlefish strokes his beard thinking. “I don’t get why you're suddenly having these flair ups but i'm sure whatever the reason it will pass with time.”

Hunter feels someone hug him and he turns to see Marie. “Hi Marie...I’m sorry you had to get dragged here for me.” Marie shakes his head. “It's fine. I want to be there for you Hunter.” Hunter smiles at her. “Thank you Marie.” Cuttlefish looks at Marie. “He will be fine. Just try and avoid something that could trigger a flashback.” Maire nods. “Come on Hunter let try and relax for today.” Hunter nods. “Ok.” Marie takes Hunter’s hand but was stopped by cuttlefish. “I will need to speak with you later so go and have fun with Hunter.” Marie nods and they head back to Inkopolis.
Hunter and Marie spent the day together. Maire was trying her best to keep Hunter safe from any flashbacks. She was worried that Skeith was coming back, but the thing her grandpa said worried her. That afternoon Hunter heads home alone. When he got home his mother pulls him aside and a talk with him. She was very worried that something was wrong. Once Hunter was in bed she called a psychiatrist to seek help.

At the same time Marie was talking with her grandfather. “What do you mean I need to leave him alone!” Cuttlefish knew she would be angry. “I know how you feel Marie, but if he builds a dependence on you then he will never be able to do anything by himself. Skeith broke him and it’s up to him to put the pieces together. All we can do is show him where the pieces are.” Marie sighs. “I understand Grandpa….You sure i need to leave him alone tomorrow?” Cuttlefish nods. “I will have go on a patrol to see if he is able to do things on his own. Hopefully he will get a few things figured out for himself.” Marie shakes her head. “The things he said...I feel like that other him...Skeith is still around….I hope I’m wrong.” Cuttlefish nods agreeing with her. “Ok now you will need to be busy all day tomorrow so Hunter won't come and visit.”

The next day Hunter wakes up and cleans himself up before going to breakfast. He only found a note that said “gone to get groceries here is some money to get something in town.” Under the note was some money. He sighs and takes it before going into town. He stopped a cafe and order a breakfast platter before taking a seat near the windows. He opens up the phone and calls Marie. Maire had answered it. “Hey Marie if you're free to day can we hang out some more?” Marie dreaded this call but tries her best to not to let Hunter know it. “Sorry Hunter I’m going to be busy today. Cuttlefish mentioned that he might have something for you to do if you want. Sorry but i need to get off of here and get back to work.” Hunter sighs. “Ok...Do your best and Marie...I love you.” Marie had hung up as to emphasise she was in a hurry. Hunter puts away his phone and waits for his breakfast.

Once he got his breakfast he ate in silence watching the people go by the busy plaza. Once he finished his breakfast he heads home to grab his hero gear before meeting Cuttlefish. After arriving at the training facility he goes to find Cuttlefish. He finds him messing around with the hard light projector. “Marie said you had something for me?” Cuttlefish nods. “With the squid sisters busy today I’m kinda shorthanded. Mind helping me out by going on patrol?” Hunter nods. “I guess i can help out.”

Cuttlefish looks at him. “I’m not forcing you to do this” Hunter nods. “I know. But my mother is afraid i'm becoming depressed, and that i need to do more things outside of home.” Cuttlefish nods. “I can see why she is worried. You will have an easy patrol route. I had Orange and Blue cover the more dangerous parts of the city.” Hunter nods and once he got the route he heads off.

Half way through his route he stops feeling someone watching him. Upon turning around there was himself. “Skeith! GO AWAY!” Skeith laughs. “Go away? I’m hurt Hunter I thought you were starting to like me.” Hunter shoots at him but it doesn’t phase him. “Tisk Tisk Hunter. You can't hurt me physically as i'm in your head, or should I say OUR head” Hunter growls at him. “Now now Hunter no need to be angry with me. You should be angry with Marie.” “Quite! I will not have you say bad things about Marie!” Skeith laughs some more. “You told her that you love her but she didn’t return it. She says she is busy today after having a talk with her grandpa. I’m sure she is just sitting at the studio wishing this day was through.”

Hunter leaps to another building not wanting to hear it but Skeith was there. “Whats wrong? Do you not trust me? Then how about look for yourself. No harm no foul right?” Hunter looks away from Skeith. “You have done nothing but ruin my life!.” Skeith walks next to him. “Agreed. But it wasn’t me who shot you in the head and cause us to be blind in our left eye.” Hunter growls some more. “You just show up to piss me off?” Skeith smiles. “No but I’m not joking about Marie lying. To prove me wrong all you have to do is go to the penthouse.” Hunter sighs. “Fine if it will get you to leave me alone i will go see if Marie is at the Penthouse”

He launches over to studio. Then onto the tower that had a good view inside the penthouse. He pulls out a pair of binoculars from his kit and looks inside of the penthouse. He sees Callie sitting inside on the couch watching TV. “There does that satisfy you?” Skeith appears next to him. “Cuttlefish said the Squid Sisters were busy. Callie looks like she isn’t that busy. So by process of elimination.” Hunter growls. “Maybe they were busy for the morning patrol.” He looks back at the penthouse and Marie shows up she was pacing. Nervous about something. Skeith chuckles. “They are both there. If they were ‘busy’ then why are they there. I’d say she lied to you as you got too clingy.” “SHUT UP Skeith YOUR WRONG!” Skeith smiles. “Then go down there and find out the truth. If she did lie to you then what does that say about your trust in her.” Hunter leaps over to the hotel and goes through the roof entrance.

He kicks in the door with his weapon at the ready. “Marie I want the truth!” Callie jumped up and stood in front of Marie. “That is no reason to come barging in!” Marie pushes Callie to the side. “It's….my fault. This is exactly what i was afraid of...Hunter I'm sorry about lying to you. Gramps told me to keep my distance from you today. He feared you were building a dependence for me, and it seems he was right since you just showed up….Why did you show up Gramps said you were on a route that would have taken you far away from me?”

Suddenly he felt a gun to the back of his head and a familiar voice. “Drop it. We don't want a repeat of last time.” Hunter turns his head so he could see who it was and Clementine was standing there with her gun aimed at him. Maire runs over and pulls the gun away from Hunter. “I knew this plan wouldn’t work!...It was him wasn’t it?....Skeith?” Hunter looks at Marie when she asked him if it was Skeith then looked away. “ah….y...yea…..He played with my emotions until i just...lost track of what it was i was suppose to do.” Mere steps away from him afraid he would hurt her again. “M...Marie?”

He saw Marie’s reaction and was worried. “I...I'm sorry Hunter I want to help you. But if Skeith can manipulate you that easily then there isn’t more i can do….Please...Leave here.” Hunter was dumb stuck by this. “M...Marie?” She didn’t look at him and pointed out the broken door. Hunter dropped the weapon and ran off crying. Marie watched hunter leave then looked at Callie and Clementine. “W...was that the wrong thing to do?” Clementine sighs. “What’s done is done. Let's just hope Hunter can get past this. When he was in the hospital after the day Skeith reared his head….he could only think of you and those he hurt. He took it hard and it was difficult to rekindle the fire in his eyes. Now I'm not sure what it will take to help him past this. I just hope he doesn’t lash out like before.” Marie froze in place remembering what happened that day. “We need to find him!” Clementine nodded. “Callie you're with me Marie stay here and contact your grandpa."


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Nov 9, 2015
Hunter had vanished into the city even though they were only second behind him. After about 10 minutes of searching Marie shows up and points them to a location where Hunter’s headset was last detected. Once there all they found was the headset. Marie had picked it up and looked around. “Hunter! Hunter! Please come back!” With no response she looked at the other worried. Agent orange walked up to Marie and hugs her. “It will be ok. We will find him.” Marie smiles. “Thank you Clementine. We need to find him before Skeith takes hold again.” Agent Orange nods and they resume the search spreading out on their own to cover more ground.

As they searched they hear cuttlefish giving them a warning about an approaching storm. Fearing they only had a limited time before something bad happens to Hunter they hasten to find him. Marie lands on top of a small shop in the downtown district. She desperately searches for any signs of Hunter, but she was interrupted by a swift kick in the back to where she fell into the alleyway between the store and another building. She quickly recovers and looks for her assailant. Standing in front of her was Hunter. “Hunter...wh...why did you do that.” Hunter tilts his head. “Hunter. I know not this name in which you speak of….unless you mean that weak easy to break fragment that resides locked away deep in my mind.”

Maire looks at this person angrily. “So you’re Skeith?” Skeith laughs. “Fits doesn’t it? The terror of death. And how fitting that my first act as such is on the person who helped me in crushing that weakling. That’s right I manipulated him and you played my game perfectly.” Marie charges in not wanting to hear another word of it. She began to attack Skeith relentlessly and he was blocking everything she was throwing at him. “Give it up even half blind i'm doing better than you!” He grabs her arm and tosses her against the wall before following up with a strong punch. She manages to turn into a squid just in time to avoid getting hit. Skeith's hand smashes through the concrete wall and he turns to her with a smile. “I was worried i wasn’t going to have any FUN!”

He charges in releasing a flurry of punches Marie tries her best but Skeith was just stronger. She was fighting an unfair battle and she knew it. She tries one last thing to get through to Hunter. “HUNTER! I’M SORRY! I didn’t mean to push you away….I...I was afraid of losing you to him. PLEASE! Please come back to me!” Skeith laughs. “Time to die!” Skeith kicks Marie with a roundhouse kick. It would have killed her if it wasn’t for Hunter’s interference. “NOOOO!!! I love Marie I won't let you kill her.” Skeith laughs. “Fine I won’t kill her.” There was a clap of thunder signaling the storm was here. “Right on time. Enjoy melting Marie! As for you Hunter do know you just gave your lover a slow and painful DEATH!”

He walks away with a smirk on his face. Marie activates her kidnaping beacon. It was meant for when she was kidnaped so the others could find her. She was hoping someone would get to her in time. As she looked up at the sky her body aching all over though nothing was broken she was in too much pain to move on her own. It felt like hours passed before she hears someone. It was a passerby who spotted her on the ground. This person was a Female Octarian late 30s medium build with cyan hair. She was trying to hurry home when she spotted Maire. “You look like you lost a fight with a dump truck...come on my place isn’t too far from here.” Marie didn’t say anything as it hurt to even move. This Octarian didn’t know it as Marie but she would quickly find out. They manage to get into a small home just before the rain started to fall. The Octarian puts Marie down on the couch before shutting the door and getting medical supplies.

Meanwhile Skeith found a nice dry place to stay for the night he looks at his left hand and rubs it a bit. “Hunter, you’re body is weak. If you were stronger i would have brought down that entire wall.” “Shut it Skeith you killed the only person i loved.” Skeith laughs. “I killed her?” He laughs “You did NOTHING to stop me till it was too late! Think about it Hunter the entire fight you just sat in your little corner not even taking note it was Marie I was fighting till she shouted your name.” Skeith sighs and relaxes in the little place he had. “Well nothing can be done about it now. The rain has come and I’m sure she is slowly melting away. Quite a painful way to go.”

The next morning the rain had subsided and very quickly the Octarian’s home was swarmed by cops. Maire convinces the cops that it's ok and thanks the Octarian for her help. Marie rides with the cops back home where Callie was restlessly pacing the penthouse hoping Marie was alright. When Marie walked in Callie quickly runs over to her and hugs her crying. “OH THANK GOD YOU'RE SAFE!” Marie hugs Callie back. “I found Hunter. But Skeith has convinced him that he is weak and thus Hunter didn’t put up a fight. But when I finally got through to him….I think I need to speak to gramps about using that one drug.” Callie looks at her worried. “You do realize if it fails...Hunter will be gone for good….That's why that drug has been banned!” Maire sighs. “Yes I know….But if he just going to constantly relapse...I have no choice. I care about him I don't want to lose him again. He is still in the early stages. Skeith will try to keep Hunter demoralized so he wouldn’t fight back. The longer this takes the stronger Skeith gets.”

Callie sighs and lets Marie rest. “I will take care of this.” Maire stops her cousin. “Please...don't kill him.” Marie looks at Callie worried that she was going to do that. “I can't promise that. But if you don't see him again… I'm sorry” She pulls away from Marie and heads out the door. She went to go meet with Cuttlefish at the training facility. The whole gang was there ready for a possible war. Callie pulls her grandpa aside to talk to him. “Gramps...Marie wants to use that drug on Hunter.” Cuttlefish looks at Callie with a serious look. “You know we only have one shot with that drug.” Callie nods. “I know but if he keeps relapsing without using it then he is better off taking a dip in the ocean.”

Cuttlefish sighs. “Alright. I have a guy in the Inkopolis Hospital for the Clinically Insane. Im sure they still have a bottle of the stuff lying around. You better be a good shot because if you miss Skeith will know what you're up too and try and stop you.” Callie nods and heads out to meet this person. Cuttlefish commands the others to sweep the city and find Hunter but not to engage. “I hope your plan works Callie.”

Callie quickly arrived at the hospital she had to ask a few staff members to finally find the one in charge of the special drugs. When she mentioned Cuttlefish they were all too willing to help but questioned why that particular drug. Callie tells the clerk what she was planning. The clerk wishes her luck as she left. It's about this time the Hunt was underway. Skeith knew they would be looking for him so he does his best to blend into the crowd. The hunt was slow as they were having a hard time finding Hunter, or rather Skeith. Around Noon someone spotted him and Callie quickly follows up on that lead. She carefully follows Skeith till he was in a spot where no innocent people would get hurt.

“HUNTER!” Skeith stops and turns around. Ah Callie my, you look like you're absolutely furious about something. Come...speak your mind.” He had a evil smirk on his face as he looked at Callie. Callie tosses her gun to the side. “You *******! You let Marie die! Because of you She is gone. Killed by the rainstorm! I am going to kill you even if it kills me!” Skeith smiles. “That's the spirit, honey, show me what you got. Lets hope you put up a better fight than Marie!.” Marie charges in and begins to pound on Skeith who was just letting her kit him. “Yes Callie, pour out all your hate! It makes me feel ALIVE!” Callie was a little creeped out by that statement but continues her assault until she was stopped by Skeith. He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her off of the ground. “It has to be fate that i get to kill the fabled squid sisters back to back. I'm going to savor this victory!” Callie was fighting to get free. “What’s the matter….Oh i get it you were expecting Hunter. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry to disappoint but he is gone! Thanks to you his is nothing more than an empty husk!” Callie smirks. “GOOD” she pulls out a needle and shoves it into Skeith’s chest before kicking it forcing all of it’s contents to be dumped into Skeith’s body.

Skeith lets go of Callie when she kicked on the needle. He pulls it out and examines it. “Wh...What was in this!” Callie smiles. “A super Suppressant banned by all government for its unstable results!” Skeith snares at Callie before charging in at her. She kept backing away from his attacks damaging anything he hit. Skeith was showing the demonic like strength he possessed. This was the stuff that Cuttlefish feared with those masks. Once out on the street Skeith began to weaken. “Oh did i forget i got a mild sedative added to it. And you just helped me spread it faster through your body!” Skeith was angry but he could hardly keep himself steady at this point. Callie began to attack and Skeith in his weakened state couldn’t do anything to stop her. She had won the fight but the last fight of this war had to be fought by Hunter. Callie leans over Skeith. “Hunter, listen to me Marie is fine I lied so i could give you a fighting chance. The drug i have given you is meant to break the minds of those who are clinically insane. You need to fight him as this drug has a very powerful effect on the mind. You need to fight Skeith. Me and Marie are wanting this nightmare to end as much as you do but you need fight him and win!”

Callie stays with Hunter as an ambulance came to take him away. They feared what would happen since they used an illegal drug on Hunter. They don’t take them to the normal hospital instead they take them to the Inkopolis Hospital for the Clinically Insane. They had no choice as the drug that was used on him was very powerful and normal hospitals are not equipped for that type of drug. Callie called Marie and tells her of the progress and where they were. They both were hoping Hunter makes it through this. They didn’t want to kill him because Skeith won.
Hunter wakes up and looks around He was confused he had no clue where he was or how he got there. As he looked around all he could see was black emptiness. There was light above him shining on a strange patch of yellow flowers that he was laying on. He gets up and and tries to find an exit. Once his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could see that he was in some sort of ruins.

He walks around till he finds another room with a beam of light. In the middle of that beam was someone he approaches them. “Hey! Can you help….” When he got close the figured turned around. It was Skeith and he was smiling. “Well well well look who decided to wake up!” Skeith holds out his hand offering it. “Take my hand and i will help you through this.” Hunter backs away from Sketh and Skeith’s smile just grew. “Good boy i thought i wasn’t going to have any fun today.” He vanished in a puff of smoke.

Hunter looks around confused unsure what to do next. He spots a door in the distance. He runs over to the door and crosses through it. He begins to fall landing on what should be the floor. But looking around showed it to be a wall. “Wh...where am I?” He runs along the wall looking for a way out everything was confusing him. Water flowing across the wall to the floor made no sense to him because of the wall being the floor at the moment. “Get me out of here!” As he shouts that he hears a voice in the distance. “Why leave the game has just started!” He keeps going and finds another door he carefully go through this one and it was right side up again.

What ever this place it was confusing. He was now in front of what looked like a cathedral. He could see lights inside glowing. Thinking someone was in there he rushing to the door. “Hey anyone here! I need Help!” He walks into it and all the torches go out. “H...hello?” He walks deeper into the cathedral and creepy music started to pay from the pipe organ. He turns around and sees Skeith playing it. “Enjoying the chaos?” He gets up and jumps down to where Hunter was standing. The organ was still playing. “I would have killed you long before now if it wasn’t for one thing. It just wouldn’t be fun, but things have changed.” He kicked Hunter in the chest and he gets launched through the wall of the cathedral into an empty void where he was floating. Sketh walks through the hole in the wall and fall out of sight.

Hunter hits something and upon turning around he sees a strange stone creature. Its limbs were not attached. Overall appearance made it look like a slim humanoid with a strange incomplete circle through its head. It grabs Hunter and begins to crush him. “GAHHHH!!!” Hunter as trying his hardest to break free. The statue began speaking in a booming voice. “It's no use fighting this. You have lost your love and your friends don't care for your safety.” Hunter breaks free and tries to get away.

Skeith perseus Hunter catching him again. “And you want to know the best part. Your last conversation with her was a fight and the one before that she didn’t return the love. All before i got my chance to kill her.” Hunter was considering defeat till a voice started to echo through the infinite void. “Dont give in Hunter you can win!” The voice was too distorted to know who it was but he breaks free of skeiths grip.

He wakes up in his bed and looks around. It was his room nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He gets up and heads downstairs but suddenly things didn’t seem right. The colors were off from what he remembered. He walks into the kitchen and trips over something. Looking at what he tripped over he sees his mother. He backs away from her scared as she was covered in blood. “M….Mom?!??” He crawls towards her and she remained motionless lying in a pool of her own blood. He sees a pair of legs and looks up and sees himself, or more accurately Skeith. “Fine you want to do this the hard way how about i show you what i have done while you were sleeping!” He vanishes again in a puff of smoke.

Fearing what he meant he quickly go into town. There were even more bodies everywhere and everything was in silence. He runs over to the studio and throws up. Callie was laying there skinned, but Marie was nowhere to be seen. Its at that time the screen comes on He backs away so he could see the screen. The screen showed Marie She was tied up above a pool of water. “nn...no...NO!” Marie drops and her screams were muffled by the water. Being tied up she couldn’t swim. He watches as the water slowly turns red as she dissolved. He collapses to his knees just looking at the image on the screen. Skeith stands next to him. “Killing her felt so good. You should have been there for her torture.”

Hunter’s hands ball up and he begins to swing at Skeith. Skeith smirks and fights back. This wasn’t a fair fight Skeith was stronger than he was. Hunter tries to escape but skeith grabs him and throws him to the ground. “It's too late to back down now.” He picks Hunter back up. “Tell me what was your plan attacking me.” Hunter doesn’t reply. “Thought so.” He throws Hunter into the air before roundhouse kicking him through the wall into a trolley. The trolley rocks a bit before continuing on its path. Hunter was in a lot of pain he sits up and looks ahead of him but it was too late the tracks ended and the trolley flies off of the edge.

He hears someone talking to him. “Hunter...It's me..Marie. Don't listen to Skeith he wants to weaken you so he can win. He tried to kill me but he failed. I need you show him that you are stronger. That you are the one in charge!” Hunter hearing Marie’s voice fills him with strength. The trolley suddenly stops falling and the walls began to collapse inward Hunter quickly jumps out the hole in the wall before he was crushed. He looks behind him and it was skeith in his stone humanoid form. He spoke in a distorted way. “Your friends can’t help you in here. It is only me and you!” He summons a weapon. It looked like a red staff until a flaming blade appears on its end making it look like a scythe.

Skeith laughs and swings the scythe. Being unable to move anywhere he braces for impact, but it never came. He looks up and the blade was being halted by something. He looks behind him and he could see Marie holding the blade. “You’re wrong Skeith. You are nothing more than a heartless beast. True strength comes from those you love. And those who you care about!” His mother and Father appear next to him and grab him before throwing him towards Skeith.

Skeith backs away from Hunter. “Just a minor setback.” He holds up his left hand and a strange flower appears at the end of it. It shoots out beams of light that pierce through Hunter’s body. “Let’s have a look at your deepest. Darkest nightmares!” Hunter could feel Skeith digging through his soul looking for in inner demons. Hunter was fighting Skeith trying his hardest to break free. He suddenly sees a glimpse into reality He was laying in a hospital bed Blue, Orange, Marie, Callie, Cuttlefish, his parents were all their. “I….Will...Not...Give….IN!!!” He breaks free and the the void around them began to shift Suddenly Hunter had ground to stand on.

Skeith looked worried things were not going as planed for him. Hunter’s friends and family appear before him and hand him a Splatterscope. Skeith reacting to this swing his scythe downward trying to cut down Hunter before he could do anything. Everyone vanished and the fight was on. Skeith swinging his scythe trying his best to kill Hunter. Hunter was avoiding the scythe looking for an opening. He gets his chance when Skeith charges that beam attack again. Hunter takes aim. He could feel everyone’s hope that he makes it out of this event. He pulls the trigger and the shot fires. It flies towards Skeith as his beam attack fires. The rounds meet in the middle and Hunter’s shot breaks through striking Skeith.

Skeith lets out a roar as his form beings to destabilize and break apart. “HAHAHAHAH fool Killing me is impossible. Neither can live if the other dies!” Hunter runs towards him. And hugs Skeith. A flash of light and Hunter bolts awake in the hospital as the doctors had to defib him. He coughs heavily before it subsides and he moans. “Why does it feel like someone has been dancing on my chest.” Marie bends down and kisses him. “Di...did you take care of skeith. “Hunter chuckles. “No...for he and i are now one. But that was the only outcome that could work...for neither could live if the other dies.” Marie nods. That moment Hunter’s heart stopped must have been the moment Skeith and Hunter became one. “Just rest now. I will be back tomorrow to check on you...It's late and the only people allowed to stay is your parents.” Everyone waves bye to Hunter. His father had to go to work to pay for the medicine to cure the drug that was used on him. His mother stayed with him to keep him company for the night.


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Nov 9, 2015
His mother could tell Hunter didn’t want to talk and just stays quiet. Hunter didn’t get any restful sleep fearing if he went to sleep Skeith would show up again. A nurse hands Hunter’s mother some medicine to give to Hunter if he needs it. His mother nods watches her son worried she had lost him forever. It was a long night for the both of them. His mother passes out shortly before sunrise. Hunter was still up. He was extremely tired but to scared to go to sleep.

The door opens up and Marie walks in. Hunter turns to see who it was and smiles glad to see it was Marie. She could see the bags under Hunter’s eyes. ‘Did you get any sleep?” Hunter shakes his head. “No. I’m too scared to go to sleep. Afraid what i might find.” Marie sighs. “You need your sleep. I will stay here right next to you till you wake up. A nurse walks in. “Oh. you have guests i can come back in a bit.” Marie walks over to her. “Can you bring something to help Hunter sleep?” the nurse looks at Hunter’s mother and sees the medicine she handed her earlier that night. “Right there is the medicine. Guess his mother didn’t get a chance to give it to her son.”

Marie thanks the nurse as she takes her leave. Marie then walks over to the medicine Hunter’s mother put onto the counter so she could sleep. She takes it and walks over to Hunter. “Take these...I will get you something help take them. I will be right back.” Hunter looks at the medicine before looking at Marie as she leaves the room. He felt nervous his hand begins to shake as he watched the door. He had to put his other hand on the medicine to keep it from flying out. The shaking not stopping.

Marie returns with a drink and walks up to hunter and notices his hands. She sets the cup down and grasps his hands. “I’m here. No need to be scared. Everything will be ok.” The shaking slowly calms down. Hunter grabs the drink and looks at the medicine one last time hesitating. Marie watches unsure what to do. Hunter takes the medicine and Marie smiles at him. Hunter’s vision begins to blur as the medicine takes effect. He felt his eyes getting really heavy and he passes out. Marie sits down next to Hunter and waits.

He wakes up the next day in a panic. Hunter’s mother had to fight with him to keep him in bed. Once Hunter calms down he looks around scared of something. “Hunter! What is it!” Hunter doesn’t even register the question afraid of what was in his dream. Hunter keeps quiet as his mother kept asking questions. Questions Hunter didn’t even know he can answer properly. Marie walks in with 2 lunch specials from the hospital cafeteria. She sees Hunter was awake. “Oh...i guess i need to go grab another lunch.” Hunter’s mother speaks up. “Don’t worry. I’ll grab myself something to eat. You and Hunter enjoy lunch.” She gets up and heads out as Marie sits down next to Hunter.

Marie hands Hunter the lunch special. “Its not much. Just a ham sandwich and some mashed potatoes. If you want a drink i can go get you one.” Hunter takes the lunch and looks at it then at Marie. “I would like a drink.” Marie smiles and nods before going to get him a drink. “Thank you Marie.” She stopped at the door. “Your welcome.” Hunter quietly eats as he was starving. Marie returns quickly handing Hunter a soda. “Take it slow Hunter. Don’t need to get sick.” Hunter takes the drink. “Sorry.” She could tell something was bothering him. “If you want to talk about something you can tell me.”

Hunter froze he dreaded this question, but knew he needed to talk to someone. “It's about Skeith. This is the second time i dealt with him...I’m afraid he is going to show up again and kill everyone i ever know. The things he showed me about what he was going to do with you is just...you would have it worse than everyone else.” Marie paled a bit realizing how much Skeith had manipulated him.

Marie takes his hand and laces their fingers together. “Look. all of that is past us. We can focus on a brighter future together.” Hunter looks away from her. “I have done nothing but cause you pain...and suffering...Why?...Why do you still want to be with me?” Marie knew this question was going to come up. “Because Hunter. Out of everyone i have ever let get close to me. Everything you have done has not affected me in the slightest. I love you and i will always love you.” Hunter looks at her with tears in his eyes. “Thank you...Marie.” She smiles and kisses him as she frees their hands. She sits down and begins eating. Hunter does the same.

Hunter’s mother had walked in just after marie when she returned and heard everything. She sits down and eats her lunch in peace seeing that Marie was a very strong person in Hunter’s life. Which made her feel better over the stuff that has happened. Hunter finishes his lunch and lays back down. Marie could tell he was bored. “I’m sorry Hunter. Once you're allowed to leave we can find something to do.” Hunter turns to Marie and smiles. “I would like that.”

About an hour later a doctor walks in and sits down at the foot of Hunter’s bed. Hunter had dozed off and Marie was playing a game on her phone so she didn’t notice him enter. The doctor coughs to make his presence known. Marie looks up and closes out of her game. She gently shakes hunter. He moans a bit before sitting up. “What is it?” He sees the doctor and was confused.

The doctor looks at his notes then back to Hunter. “Hunter my name is Dr. James. I am here to ask some personal questions.” Hunter looked at Marie unsure about this. The doctor picks up on this. “I am a Psychiatrist and i am going to help you. But for me to help you i need to ask some personal questions.” Hunter was unsure if he wanted to answer these questions. Marie grabs his hand he looks at her as she does this. “It will be ok Hunter.” Hunter nods and Dr. James begins his questions.

About 3 hours later the Doctor had what he needed. Marie was doing everything she could to comfort Hunter because of the questions the doctor had asked brought forth some very bad memories. Memories Hunter wishes never happened. The doctor heads to the door with his notepad. “Once these results have been looked at by some others we can decide how serious your mental issues are. Till then you will need to stay here to ensure you're not a threat to yourself….or anyone around you.” The doctor leaves to try and get the results as fast as possible.

Hunter was just sitting on the bed unmoving and not talking. Marie holds his hand in hopes Hunter recovered from having to relive such dark thoughts. “Hunter. Please come out of this. That stuff is in the past. You need to forget about all the bad stuff that happened. Just focus on the good that has happened in that time. You and me have met. We have been on a few dates. You’re apart of the new squidbeak platoon…Come on Hunter give me something.” Hunter looks at her and grips her hand tighter. “I love you Marie.” Marie hugs Hunter with her free arm. “I love you too.” She gently lays him back down. “Just rest. It will be a bit before we get the results.”

He lays there worried about what the results would be. Half an hour passes by in silence before the doctor returns. Marie gets Hunter’s attention and he sits up. The doctor looks at Hunter. “You have a few mental issues. Depression, Split Personality, Extreme Aggression, Bipolar Disorder, and a few minor ones. You mentioned you became one with your other personality so some of these illnesses should go away in time...but you will be very emotionally unstable during this transition. The worse case i have seen was a person with 3 personalities finally collapsing into insanity. He did recover but that was a long path to take.

Hunter was worried Marie could pick up on this and tries to comfort him. The doctor looks at his notes. “I can prescribe you something. But word of warning. It side effects are completely random. As it varies from person to person.” Hunter thinks for a bit. “Give me the medicine. If the side effects are bad then i will stop taking it.” Marie smiles at Hunter as the doctor writes the prescription. “By the way your father has payed for the medical treatment and you are physically in no danger so you are free to leave.” Hunter nods and gets out of bed. Marie helps him get unhooked from the monitoring devices and helps him out of bed.

Hunter and Marie head out stopping to get the prescription. “Thank you.” The doctor nods. “Just take it slow the effects won't be instant as it needs time to build up in your system. Just take one pill a day.” Hunter nods and follows Marie out. Marie hands Hunter his Inkling Combat Mask and he puts it on. She smiles at him as they leave only to be met with a crowd of people wanting to get a photo of Marie and Hunter. Marie sighs and takes Hunter’s hand as she forces her way through the crowd. “I knew i should have worn my disguise.” Once they were free of the paparazzi she takes him up to her penthouse so she could get changed.

As Hunter waited Callie walks in from her bedroom. She looked like she just woke up. She didn’t notice Hunter as she went to the bathroom talking to herself. “I hate late night concerts. Always throws off my sleep schedule.” Hunter chuckles once the bathroom door was closed. He didn’t have to wait long as Marie was quick about getting a disguise on. She walks out of the bedroom with a large hat on her head turned backwards a Squid sister T-shirt that was a little big on her and a blue pair of shorts.

Hunter smiles at her. “Who are you and have you seen Marie she walked into the bedroom to change and i haven’t seen her since.” Marie giggles and punches Hunter gently. “You tease!” Hunter chuckles. “I guess to the drug store first...then we can do something together.” Marie nods and takes Hunter’s hand and they head out. “Want to try working together at sheldon's?” Hunter thinks for a bit and nods. “Yea i could use the money...especially after everything that has happened.” Marie nods. “Yea…” She didn’t want to dig any further knowing he still felt bad about what happened the last time he worked for sheldon.

Things go steady for a few months then Hunter popped the question. Marie was overjoyed about getting married. During the wedding many salty fans attended out of respect for Marie. From then on Hunter and Marie’s life remained ever entwined in holy matrimony.

(If you thought this was an odd way to end it. I was running out of ideas. SORRY. But this many chapers in and its about time to end this one. Hope you all enjoyed. I had fun writing this fanfiction. The first 25 chapters came to me very quickly. (not joking here started as a dream) then it slowed down. ALOT now its just time to say goodby to Hunter. He has been cured of Sketh. But only time will tell if there is any residual side effects.)

(didn't mean to have that sound like a cliff hanger ending)


Mar 28, 2019
I don't know if you will ever read this, but recently I have downloaded Grammarly. I use on my keyboard (I have a mobile device right now) and I knew that your English wasn't great. So I copied and pasted your work onto Google Docs (I DIDNT POST ANY OF IT OK?) and used the keyboard. It showed me all kinds of mistakes, not trying to be rude, and it even showed how many there were. One of the times I saw a total of 78 mistakes! Most of them were just spelling errors and 2 of the same word next to one another, but I was surprised. Also, this story was great too! So sad this story ended 2 years after I started to read it so... Ya. Also, all this coming from a keyboard..... Hmmm.

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