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Ryanator: How Ryan uses the GamePad (More Handcam Footage)

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015.

Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015 at 7:00 AM
  1. Nintendome

    Nintendome Inkredible YouTuber

    Jun 3, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Hi squids! It's Hank from Nintendome. It seems that many of you enjoyed @ThatSrb2DUDE's awesome handcam footage! If you are looking for more, @Ryanator from... Ryanatorr (funny how that works) has provided some excellent handcam footage of his own!

    Make sure to watch closely and take a look to see how he uses the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and the motion controls to move his Inkling around the turf!

    Watch here:

    For more fresh Splatoon videos, please consider subscribing to Ryanatorr's YouTube channel!

    Of course, be sure to stick around Squidboards for all things Splatoon! Stay fresh, squids!
    #1 Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015
    Lasted edited by : Nov 4, 2015
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Nintendome, Oct 25, 2015.

    1. [EJ]_Locke
      For some reason I doubt that this article was necessary.
    2. Burritoburger
      for some reason I highly doubt you're necessary AMIRITE
      Hannah and Nintendome like this.
    3. Captain Norris
      Captain Norris
      Like many articles.
    4. Squidalicious
      *slow claps*
    5. Nihabz
      Motion is a gimmick for ppl who can't aim.
    6. Rhode
      I don't understand the point of watching someone's hands when they play Splatoon. This shouldn't be a news article lol.
    7. Ryuji
      Agreed. It's not like you're playing wrong if you don't play the way Ryan or DUDE does. People just get so enamored with well known players that they want to emulate them. Better just to play the way that is most comfortable/efficient for you rather than be a copycat lol
    8. Dolphoshi
      It's more a way of improving if you can learn what other people do you can see if that works for you but if it doesn't it's easier to learn how to counter it when you see what they do (that being said a main article is stretching it a bit)
    9. Damandatwin
      ProphetEyes and Dew like this.
    10. Nihabz
      Well it is. I got to S+ with analog. If you like playing with shaky cam, that's your prerogative.
    11. Charlight
      Says one of the best roller mains in Splatoon.

      Even with rollers I feel like motion > sticks. Turning around 180 degrees at +5 sensitivity and killing someone who would've otherwise killed you feels so fulfilling. Strongly suggest you give it a try, try out different sensitivities. It's not even as shaky at lower sensitivity.
      toxictower and MissingNumbers like this.
    12. Bowrock
      I find it extremely hard to watch someone play with sticks because the camera movement is so... unnatural.
      Also, this is first console shooter I've played. The motion controls are maybe even better than mouse+ keyboard imo.
      Dew and Captain Norris like this.
    13. Zero Meddler
      Zero Meddler
      So? Why does it matter if someone uses motion as opposed to analog controls to aim? As long as they can play well, that's all that matters.
      Good for you. Plenty of motion control players have also reached S+ soooo...
      toxictower likes this.
    14. Squidalicious
      That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Play with what you like. But you can't say motion controls are bad almost every player on the big teams use motion controls. Why? Because it allows you to move so quickly. Especially useful for chargers and close range weapons.
    15. Misery
      I've always had mostly the same thoughts.

      Though, to be fair, I have a dark, infinite hatred of motion controls. Cant stand them, wont use them. Hell, one of the only consoles I've *ever* sold off was the Wii, and this was the reason. Just... bleh. Didnt regret that one for a second. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      Of course, THESE days I couldnt do it anyway; it'd hurt too much. Not worth that. But yeah, I usually just see it as "Nintendo's annoying gimmick".

      That being said though, everyone should just use whatever they want. I do fine with the sticks, but then my level of coordination is a bit abnormal, so I dont really get any of that "awkward" movement from the things. Though, that to me would be better than the "wobble" movement I see in most vids showing this method of control, but... to each their own, I guess.
    16. The ΩS
      The ΩS
      @Misery In all honesty, that's just what it is. If it doesn't work for you, then it was never meant to be. I just find it annoying that people just gawk on the idea that motion control is just a gimmick and doesn't help anyone or say it's an excuse for people with poor aiming with sticks. Granted, it would be more so true back during Wii era. But I think games like Splatoon was made to shine it's brightest with the Wii U's motion controls.

      I used sticks at first and it was great. But I began facing people at higher levels with really keen aim and I know my aim was pretty much at a standstill of being crap. I think at that moment is either Aerospray for turf or any roller for kills because I was pretty much killed by anyone with a quicker aim and hi-range weapon (dem chargers). So I tried it out myself with motion controls and played around in single player on random days here and there. And it's starting to click for me. I still get splat and bad games, but man I feel "viable" than before. And in some games, its just racking money.

      Interesting enough, I always wondered how other people played with motion controls. Could probably improve my splating and defense a bit (still need to look at my screen more).
      toxictower and Captain Norris like this.
    17. Misery
      Most of the time though, it really IS just a gimmick; few games ever do anything useful or good with it. I've always had the impression that developers/publishers tend to look at something like the original Wii Sports, and have basically the same reaction that MMO developers do when copying World of Warcraft: "This game sells so well that it prints money! And it uses motion controls.... IVE GOT IT. If we use motion controls, our game will print money too! A FOOLPROOF PLAN." So they're just jammed in there in some damn stupid way. And in reality, in this game it is also just a replacement for a mouse/keyboard. I dont like mouse+keyboard much either, not at all, and I'm bad with a mouse (which is rare among PC gamers), but even MY use of a mouse never, ever has that "wobble" that comes so frequently with the motion controls in this game. The accuracy of a mouse is just way too high.

      Even for accurate snipers in this game... I've watched them, and it takes them longer to aim than it does in a PC game (where it's near instant), and their aim does definitely tend to wobble a little bit. This includes S-ranked players. The difference isnt exactly huge, and something tells me alot of people dont perceive it, but it's definitely there. In a PC game, that very small difference would be the enemy's window to victory.

      Buuuuuut.... none of this really matters in my case. I literally am incapable of using the damn things, even if for some baffling reason I wanted to. With my tendon/nerve problems in my right arm (and the fact that I"m rather prone to that overall), it causes a flare-up really fast, and nerve pain can be debilitating when it gets bad. I've had days (fortunately not for awhile now) where I'd get a flare-up in my lower back or my leg, and I could barely walk in that state. This is all just as irritating as it sounds. So yeah, I cant use the stupid things anyway.

      But as long as everyone is happy with whatever method they chose, it's all good, I think. Probably.

      Now if only they'd release another damn Splatling some time this millennium. That's my actual current issue with the game.
    18. The ΩS
      The ΩS
      Clearly, if you have a physical disability, then it not surprising why it's not viable to you. However, I just don't see it as gimmicky this time around. It'll always be the case with any console for any game with it, but it's not hugely apparent on the Wii U as much as the Wii.
    19. Misery
      Nah, that's not the only reason. I didnt always have that problem (and currently I do alot of PT for it, it'll vanish sooner or later), but I still found the whole motion controls thing to be just awful right from the start. That developers OBSESSED over it throughout the Wii's lifespan just led me to get rid of the thing.

      I'm just glad they went mostly with a different gimmick this time around, in the form of the screen on the controller. That controller can feel a bit blocky at times, but I like it well enough. And it lets me actually step AWAY from my stupid desk to go play Isaac or something.

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