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[S+99]OsweR's splatguides (piranha pit coming!!)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by ReinerRubin5, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. ReinerRubin5

    ReinerRubin5 Inkling

    Dec 24, 2015
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    nice to meet you ,every one ,my nnid is OsweR-1997 ,S+99 ,main shooter and sniper .sometimes i can play other weapon
    i want to share my guide ,but i am chinese ,so maybe my english is bad ,i hope you can understand ,thank you very much :)

    part one : the basic tactics
    1. gamepad
    2. main weapon
    3. sub weapon
    4. special weapon
    5. turf war
    6. splat zones
    7. tower control
    8. rainmaker
    9. stalker and guerrilla warfare
    10. other advice
    part two : maps strategy
    1. ancho-v games (coming soon)
    2. arowana mall
    3. blackbelly skatepark
    4. bluefin depot
    5. camp triggerfish
    6. flounder heights
    7. hammerhead bridge
    8. kelp dome
    9. mahi-mahi resort
    10. moray towers
    11. museum d'alfonsino
    12. piranha pit
    13. port mackerel
    14. saltspray rig
    15. urchin underpass
    16. walleye warehouse

    part one : the basic tactics

    1. gamepad
    if you want to become strong ,please use +5 camera ,because S+ battle is speed duel
    sometimes you need close combat ,sometimes enemy have longer range
    you must be fast approaching ,turning faster than the enemy
    for example ,if you use the splattershot jr. ,enemy use the range blaster ,you can slant rushed to enemy on both sides ,the enemy may be too late turning ,you can defeat the enemy

    gamepad can tell you now war situation ,change color will tell you that the enemy's position ,frequent color changes ,it represents clashed
    if you use inkstrike ,you can set up on the enemy's escape route or behind to help your teammates
    when you seek a breakthrough ,you need to gamepad know the possible safe routes

    the principle of super jump
    please do not jump close to the enemy's colors ,unless it is to suppress enemy
    if our death toll more than enemy ,be careful too
    maybe you use the stealth super jump ,but in enemy positions is still dangerous ,because you may do not retreat

    2. main weapon
    i know everyone's different style ,however ,there are pros and cons of arms ,according to japan's statistics ,highest usage is splattershot
    even the roller and the brush also need precision accuracy ,so i hope you can learn to use shooter
    splattershot is comprehensive arms ,able to cope with a variety of status ,if you can learn ,use of other weapons will be more handy

    when you have a level of technology ,you can challenge yourself ,learn a feature ,you can use the same characteristics weapon
    if you can use ploosh-o-matic(range 20) ,of course you can use jet squelcher(range 80) too
    if you are bamboozler(range 73) master ,you are e-liter 3k scope(range 100) master too
    if you can use inkbrush ,of course you can use roller too

    so i do classified according to the rate ,range ,power ,features
    shooter and splatling additional to consider ink diffusion angle
    even if the range is than 50 ,but the diffusion angle more than 4° ,or the rate less than 40 ,hit ratio is very low ,must be able to close melee
    but ,high rate weapons in close melee too strong ,encounter must keep their distance
    low range weapons must ensure a square position ,and lure the enemy into ,to launch a surprise attack

    (the diffusion angle less than 4° weapons have: splash-o-matic ,l-3 nozzlenose ,splattershot pro ,h-3 nozzlenose ,dual squelcher ,jet squelcher ,and all splatlings)

    when you select the weapon ,should consider whether there is a better alternative
    for example ,in the same subsidiary weapon ,than the sploosh-o-matic (rate75, range20, power40) ,why not choose the custom dual squelcher? (rate55, range68, power28)

    A. shooter
    this series have the largest sub and special combination ,and balanced and diverse performance

    B. blaster
    high power and fireworks can attack enemy in obstacle beside ,this weapons is the most terrain without restrictions ,but weakness is the low rate ,be careful enemy turning

    C. roller
    excellent hit ratio and covering and power ,the weakness is high fuel costs and low rate

    D. slosher
    solid and reliable painting and can attack enemy behind in obstacle ,the weakness is high fuel costs

    E. brush
    run speed equivalent to swim ,broadwise attack more range ,but low power ,this weapon most need assassination

    F. splatling
    it have high range and rate ,but the weakness is the need to accumulators ,so not suitable for close melee ,and can not climb wall after to immediately attack

    G. chargers
    with high fuel costs and low rate to exchange range and one hit kill power
    excellent sniper must be able to close melee ,so mainstream gear is the damage up ,but also someone use the defense up
    in fact ,sniper much like roller ,the most effective is sneak attack
    if enemy found you ,you'll difficult to hit ,if can not hit ,do not stubborn ,change your position
    sniper need shadowy and elusive ,even excellent sniper can hiding in the enemy positions attack enemy
    proper use your time ,and do not waste time ,sometimes you can be painted in the enemy side ,blockade enemy's escape route ,to help your partner
    in addition ,you can refer to the following picture (too lazy to translate text)

    3. sub weapon

    A. burst bomb
    for the power weak or low range weapons ,this can effectively compensate for deficiencies ,you can first shot burstbomb to enemy ,supplemented gun
    burstbomb can also find the hidden enemy

    B. suction bomb ,splat bomb
    bomb can induce enemy to the location you want ,temporary expulsion of enemy ,or enemy into just corners
    if rainmaker or splashwall before ,you have opportunity to instantly killing enemy
    if enemy is chasing you ,you can stay bomb to let the enemy stop catch ,or in corner to give the enemy an unexpected attack

    C. seeker
    seeker will search for enemy within a certain angle
    in close combat the enemy will not reflect

    D. splash wall
    although the splash wall is the powerful ,but the shooter also was confined ,therefore ,need to observe the situation to grasp the best time use
    use doctrine is against the wall ,otherwise the enemy will go around behind you
    when you stop enemy advance ,you can go to other places to support

    E. beakon ,inkmine ,sprinkler
    often the enemy will destroy the beakon and sprinkler ,so you can hide beside ,observe the enemy's reaction ,opportunistic attack enemy

    beacon can advance fronts ,in principle ,one is enough ,destroy enemy and then supplement
    sprinkler can add gauge
    inkmine lets you notice enemy advancing direction ,and stop enemy chase you

    i hate beacon! remember a principle ,do not let the enemy's beacon to remain in their positions
    advancing frontline positions ,at the same time destroy the enemy's beacon

    F. point sensor ,disruptor
    when you know the enemy's position ,do not forget ,beside enemy might have hidden companion

    4. special weapon
    special weapon although very strong ,but you can not depend on it ,you need rely own strength search and destroy
    if you're opening on painted at home ,you let teammates in 3 vs 4 danger ,and last time you will not have the means to fight back
    if you use Skype ,use special weapon before ,please notify teammates ,let your teammates to lure enemy into attack position you want

    A. inkzooka ,echolocator
    needless to say ,best special weapon

    B. suction bomb rush ,splat bomb rush
    weakness of this weapon ,explosion takes time ,and not use the main weapon
    at close range ,strength enemy will not be afraid this weapon ,he will put you to die
    use of such weapons keep a safe distance with the enemy ,try to use the enemy can not escape corner

    C. seeker rush ,burstbomb rush
    in contrast to the above ,both arms are close fight with the enemy for

    D. bubbler ,kraken
    many people in tower control like use this weapon ,but if enemy use continuous shot weapons ,he will hit you falling into water
    you may not be able to escape the enemy camp ,so use before to consider the distance and teammates

    E. inkstrike ,killer wail
    with gamepad ,there are three ways to use
    attack absolutely can not escape enemy
    blockade the enemy's retreat ,or driving the enemy into corners or you want
    attack aimed at the enemy rebirth point

    5. turf war
    attack is the best defense ,strong player will in opening to search enemy
    once you suppress the enemy rebirth point ,let idle teammate back home
    or when you return to rebirth point ,at the same time painted home to ready gauge

    in splatfest
    you can opening directly reach enemy rebirth point ,defeat all enemies along the way
    if enemies painted at home ,they not think your presence
    (i used to have a perfect cooperation & division teammates ,in splatfest get over sixty triumph)

    6. splat zones
    opening do not hurry grab zone ,enemy will hunt anxious players
    you need to surround the center zone from the side ,make sure our positions ,and defeat most enemies

    it is difficult rule
    you need good luck ,if teammate weak ,you need a pair of four of virtuosity ,rotten teammate more terrible than enemy
    i hope you have time to advance the front ,grabbing the enemy's home ,an increase of enemy inconvenience
    but more often ,you are in support your teammates
    many maps ,you can not completely prevent enemy detour

    if there are two zone ,i would choose to attack the enemy's home ,i hope all teammates together offensive
    because enemy home difficult to attack ,but easy to defend own zone ,this rule comparison who's team more brave
    for example ,in camp triggerfish ,so long as your team can suppress enemy's home ,you can easily protect own zone

    detour or climbing walls enemy will be your easiest target
    you need to lurk in enemy's route ,or choose to any enemy easily ignore nook
    in height difference of terrain ,enemy's sprinklers will ignore corner ,when the enemy jump off ,you can attack enemy from behind
    but do not be reused ,enemy will have experience ,second time enemy maybe check corner
    you need change the location of ambush

    if you are deadlocked with enemy for too long ,maybe enemy can use special weapon
    other enemies may break other routes ,your teammates are crisis
    sometimes you can lure the enemy into our positions ,attack together with partners

    all rules ,if enemy break your home ,you need and teammates ,multi hit less
    or you can put teammates as bait ,select ambush or detour
    i do not like to detour ,as exports are usually very dangerous ,but sometimes have no choice

    7. tower control
    it is easy rule ,because tower is clear objectives ,teammates will not run around

    we need three strikers to resist enemy in frontline
    once tower started advancing ,i hope sniper on the tower ,because snipers close melee weak
    when the tower advances ,you do not need home defense
    if enemy began to move forward tower ,you have enough time to go back arrangement defense

    in opening ,you do not know the enemy's distribution
    once rush tower will attract enemy's attention ,you and partner can grasp the enemy
    you can first grab and then leave tower ,start fighting

    if situation dangerous ,not reluctantly to stay tower ,save your lives ,you can first escape or fight under tower
    maybe enemy take the opportunity to grab tower ,then the enemy will expose danger

    The Art of War : luring the enemy in deep
    enemy is vulnerable in our positions
    in general ,we advancing distance ,behind it will be safe ,otherwise not advance
    of course, there are exceptions

    if you are confident ,and determine vicinity or behind have teammate can to tower ,then you can leave the tower to battle

    8. rainmaker

    the striker

    opening direct attack enemy will be better ,if the enemy concentrate wrecking ball ,they will be your best target

    past i liked grab ball ,now i do not like it ,unless situation allows
    because rainmaker not a good weapon
    in the ranked battle ,can you really believe randomly assigned teammate?
    believe yourself can help teammates open the way

    but remember a principle ,not too far away from the ball
    if you need detour ,please search the enemy of ten seconds range ,otherwise ,you will can not know war situation
    please always pay attention to the movement of the ball ,do not let your teammates to danger

    each maps have the most difficult passed hurdle ,sometimes striker must sacrifice ,defeat the enemy ,or resist enemy fire ,let ball advance smoothly

    if rainmaker to die ,striker try to survive in enemy positions ,maybe enemy's attention be attracted ball ,at this time ,you can get reinforcements

    the rainmaker
    if you want to get ball ,you must first ensure the safety of surrounding
    when observe lurking enemy ,if enemy does not shield position ,you can use the sniper skills: swing the gun
    when you look not rendezvous with the enemy ,enemy is easy to lose vigilance ,this will increase your rainmaker hit ratio

    if you can not hit enemy for some time ,then do not waste time ,enemy will have reinforcements
    you can step back ,luring enemy to advance to easy attack position
    you can also select detour ,waiting for teammates support
    or go forward ,regardless of enemy

    you have the ball ,it will attract enemy's attention ,you can trick enemy to wrong location ,then quickly turned to detour ,or join with partners

    some routes entrance is safe ,but exports very dangerous and narrow
    i would prefer a spacious road ,maybe all parts have ambush ,in other words ,the enemy forces are scattered ,and you have a lot of circuitous route can be selected

    if no teammates ,sometimes also recklessly opportunistic go forward ,even if die ,so long as you can through the interception point ,this can increase the chance of winning

    if you have the advantage ,at the same time ball in our hands
    many people will holding a ball to delay time ,but sometimes remaining a lot of time ,enemy will become stronger because of the crisis ,there is the possibility of being reversed
    remember a principle ,with the ball go forward ,even if the enemy snatched ball ,do not let that Fu_k damn ball to stay at home
    ball farther away from home ,we have time to deploy defense

    9. stalker and guerrilla warfare
    do you have played the metal gear series? human visual have 45° angle attention range
    when a teammate at war with enemy ,you can sneak attack enemy
    you can half push the arrow keys ,there ninja squid effect ,but faster
    using this technique ,you can improve your ability to use roller and other weapons to beat enemies

    when you have the proper territory ,you need to patrol
    can harass the enemy ,hit and run ,but do not reluctantly defeated ,let the enemy distract attention ,to make it fatigue
    fled to the obstacle ,enemy may abandoned the chase ,you can detour attack
    if enemy use dynamo roller or other ,against the wall can help you resist attack ,waiting to counterattack ,like other fps games
    agility is the S+ player features

    enemy want advance ,they must painted regain lost ground ,but enemy particularly easy ignore walls and corners ,you can apply the above principles ,create your tactics

    10. other advice

    A. gears
    ideal gear combination is ability mix two or three
    i like permanent ability (E.g: run speed up ,swim speed up ,damage up ,defense up ,ink resistance up) ,these are mainstream
    some ability to die after launch effect (E.g: comeback ,haunt ,tenacity ,special saver ,quick respawn)
    some ability has a time limit ,impractical (E.g: recon ,opening gambit ,last-ditch effort)
    some ability to use opportunities are few ,or very little help to combat (E.g: bomb range up ,bomb sniffer ,cold-blooded ,ink recovery up ,ink saver main ,ink saver sub ,ninja squid ,stealth super jump ,quick super jump ,special charge up ,special duration up)
    i will not commonly used above the gear ability
    perhaps you have considered weapon and sub and special ,or unique tactics ,but i hope you can improve normal combat skills and survival ,do not have opportunism

    B. headphone
    hearing can help you search for enemy
    even if you're like me ,poor hearing ,not distinguish the difference between the sound of ourselves and enemy
    at least you can know someone nearby activities

    C. winning percentage
    i doubt nintendo will be grouped in accordance with the player's winning percentage ,in order to achieve an equitable
    if you win more games ,more chances for the group to weak

    however ,S+80 before deduction not be afraid ,you need to brave the continuing challenges ,unless your strength really is not enough
    if you can easily beat A+ rival ,you will be able to survive in the S class
    if you can easily beat S rival ,you will be able to survive in the S+ class
    you can assess yourself strength ,in considering whether or not to pursue S+99

    D. self-growth
    courage is your best teacher ,do not be afraid to fight with enemy
    you are a spartan warrior ,use your murderous give enemy fear
    S+ players are homicidal maniac ,supporter is not survive in the S+ class

    in order to win ,i was unscrupulous machiavellianism advocates ,if get win need to die ,i would not hesitate

    you can read The Art of War ,it can be applied in the game and in life

    you can learn from other player's experiences and videos
    if you in the game ,took note enemy or teammates have interesting tactics ,should remember

    (although the kill is important ,but everything has an exception)
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  2. ReinerRubin5

    ReinerRubin5 Inkling

    Dec 24, 2015
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    part two : maps strategy

    this chapter, it is assumed the TAG case
    about turf war ,in principle ,as long as this map is can make the enemy can not escape rebirth point ,i will not explain
    you only need to consider maps and the strength of teammates ,let two or three members invasion enemy spawn point ,leaving one or two members in the central stand ,you can ensure victory
    if disparity between the strength ,turf war principles can be applied to the ranked battle

    because the map is symmetric ,i will be our view to statements the left and right side ,whether at home or enemy positions
    i will explain the principles of offensive ,if you want to defense ,on the reverse application

    if you have questions ,for example ,how to deal with snipers ,sorry ,i can not answer you ,because i do not know the enemy's weapon combination ,strategy there are various possibilities
    of course ,talking about here are just theories ,even in the tag teammates have sufficient strength and understanding ,but the actual at any time may accidents
    so i said just principles ,in the ranked battle ,you need to make up for teammates defect and ad hoc response ,or you charge ,you can inspire teammates

    1. ancho-v games (coming soon)

    2. arowana mall
    in splat zones
    enemy can attack with four routes (contain barbed wire platform) ,so we need at least one member occupying left side ,it can control two routes ,least one member defense central or right side ,remaining members to maneuver warfare ,control the enemy plaza

    the both side have terrain height difference ,it is suitable from behind attack enemy
    when you control air superiority ,you can grenadiers hinder the enemy

    in tower control
    according to road of the tower ,you need all members to control the right side ,because enemy rarely on left side to defense ,so you can also attack enemy's rear from the left route
    and this rule provides a right side wall ,it can help you to attack final stage

    in rainmaker
    left route is not good idea ,doors and export is too small ,too difficult ,teammates unable to support ,so this is a striker circuitous route
    rainmaker can reckless rush to the front ,even though die ,we still have the advantage of air superiority

    3. blackbelly skatepark
    this is the smallest map ,so detour very short ,good use ,and you do not need use super jump
    moreover ,if you will be defeated in the highlands ,the beacon will certainly be destroyed ,so beacon is useless

    in splat zones
    you have to prevent enemy detour ,as possible using the principles of turf war ,and time to time monitor the central tower
    you can hide in front wall ,ready to attack the enemy

    in tower control
    battle occurred mainly in the plains ,because highlands is very low ,difficult to apply
    when the tower to advance ,you need one member faced with enemy positions and to detour ,one member jumping enemy highlands

    in rainmaker
    you need killer.....
    because map is too small ,detour is meaningless

    4. bluefin depot
    in splat zones
    to front or detour ,guard zone or other side ,depends on allocation of enemies and members
    enemy detour not terrible ,the difficulty of this rule is that your teammates do not have enough power and do not solidarity
    this rule provides one platform ,you can grenadier on the enemy position

    in tower control
    on the left represents the defense ,on the right represents the attack
    you and teammates can choose any route ,that are harmless ,you have plenty of time to defend
    when more than 50% ,you can from the tower jump to the enemy positions (in picture deep yellow area)

    in rainmaker
    four climbing routes (left 1 ,left 2 ,right 2 ,right 1) and three touchdowns routes (climb ,platform ,barbed wire)
    left 1 conservative route ,so long as you can to close second climb ,will be able to more than 50% ,but exports too small
    left 2 is left 1 alternate detour route ,you need teammates respectively beachhead
    right 1 is a another conservative route (barbed wire)
    right 2 you can on the platform ,jump directly to approaching end point ,will be able to more than 80% ,but you have to wipe out nearby enemies

    in this map ,rainmaker may not need guardian
    because the offensive line is very wide ,but entrance is narrow ,you need more strikers detour and invasion enemy home
    if enemy attention rainmaker ,striker will be able to attack
    if enemy attention striker ,rainmaker will be able to move forward
    for example ,if rainmaker select left 1 ,striker can be left 2 and right 2 respectively detour
    even though rainmaker to die ,striker still can rescue and surrounded enemy
    respectively forward can make rainmaker have more touchdowns chance

    5. camp triggerfish
    in turf war
    this map to the river distinguish camp ,because the watergate will only open at last minute ,so difficult to achieve complete suppression enemy
    even though you can beat enemy at spawn point ,but enemy can super jump ,maybe your home in crisis
    maybe enemy will attack you from behind ,so you need in enemy positions to search and destroy ,but do not back home ,because enemy in their home have advantage ,enemy will certainly go home
    turf and defense tasks to teammate

    in splat zones
    i said before ,you do not care your zone ,only need all members to the two-pronged ,invasion enemy positions
    but in the ranked battle ,you need to consider the condition of teammates
    if you are the defenders on left side ,you can gean shoot or grenadiers
    if you are a striker on right side ,when you have advantage to go ahead
    hopefully ,finally all members will be set at the enemy spawn point ,enemy will have no chance to escape

    in tower control
    you do not need go to the right ,because the right side of the enemy is not easy to support ,we are not easy to defend ,but you need to pay attention
    if you can defeat enemy in the front ,you will have time to chase enemy on the right side
    by the same token ,if you have advantage ,you need to invade enemy positions ,but pay attention to the left side

    in rainmaker
    have you ever thought ,why go on the left is mainstream?
    because left side have spacious entrance and plaza ,but enemy's export too narrow ,so you can easy to get reinforcements
    if you can lure enemy down to ground ,enemy will be nowhere to run
    but opposite in front side

    when rainmaker in the final stage ,striker must advance ,and you need one or two striker responsible for detour from the front ,invade enemy positions

    6. flounder heights
    in spalt zones
    when you select a detour ,you will be in danger ,so please not reluctantly to defeat enemy ,your task is to interference enemy ,help teammates the front attack
    all rule ,when you have air superiority ,you have time to invasion enemy spawn point ,let teammates attack detour enemies

    in tower control
    in the opening ,you need two members guard air
    more than 30% ,you need two members to protect the front and rear ,stay one member to air defense
    more than 60% ,you need three members to offensive end point
    when the tower is between 20 to 30% ,there is a chance you can directly jump on the enemy's highland

    in rainmaker
    from enemy platform into the enemy field ,not from the far right and our platform into the enemy field
    when your teammates control the air ,don't be afraid ,you can move forward reckless
    close to the end point ,you can be painted walls ,in order to cross the defense

    7. hammerhead bridge
    in splat zones
    invasion enemy home ,on the left and right sides and enemy tower to ambush and monitor

    in tower control
    invasion target is the right side square and front of the barbed wire ,you can also invasion enemy rebirth point

    in rainmaker
    this map ,all battle occurred mainly in the ground
    because terrain is complex ,enemy has many circuitous routes ,or stay on the wall ,if you are on the barbed wire ,hiding in the ground of the enemy can attack you ,so rainmaker need guardian
    one striker to using the ink check both sides and ground and rear of the building

    8. kelp dome
    ranked battle this map provides five export ,and three entrances into the enemy home
    right outlet no retreat ,only strong player can apply
    barbed wire and central tower provide your advantage monitor enemy

    in splat zones
    when you have advantage ,you need to patrol ,and occasionally harass enemy home
    if you are in crisis ,you need to ensure the left front
    or risk to harass enemy home ,compared to seek a breakthrough in the right front ,it can be more dispersed enemy

    in tower control
    first 50% principle similar splat zones
    after 50% ,you need striker detour into enemy home ,attack enemy behind
    if enemy over 50% ,impatient is useless ,only expect a counterattack after
    can make one member to regain lost ground to the left of center ,you can will be surrounded by the enemy on left

    in rainmaker
    principles similar tower control
    if you get ball after choose the right side ,maybe you can by barbed wire back home ,leaving from the right
    the right of barbed wire can make rainmaker attack behind enemy ,to help striker

    however ,if situation permits ,or you have Skype ,rainmaker can walk on the left route
    if enemy want to stop ,teammates will hinder them
    with luck ,the enemy will not notice ,rainmaker can easily touchdowns

    rainmaker entrance arrival distance is shorter than the distance traveled by enemy at home
    so you can trick enemy in the wrong position ,then quickly detour
    the same situation is stalemate fighting ,smart detour let the enemy weighed down ,dispersed enemy forces let us breakthrough

    idle striker can select detour or regain lost ground ,attack enemy behind ,and prepare rainmaker alternate route

    if enemy on the left ,can use principles of tower control
    when you snatch the ball ,please first hide in home ,from the right to leave
    this allows the enemy far away from our house door ,make teammates have time to regain lost ground

    9. mahi-mahi resort
    in splat zones
    victory depends on the occupation of central (it including both sides of the zone) ,because gean fighting is difficult
    opening you need go to left side ,quickly defeat the enemy on the ground ,but maybe you need one member invasion enemy highlands ,monitoring and interference
    right side is not good idea ,addition to your weapon considerations ,or nobody defense
    or you can not care ,maybe annoying ,but enemy in the air is not terrible ,they will eventually be down
    when you expel enemy to other side ,you do not worry home

    in tower control
    contrast with the splat zones ,right side is most important
    50% previous ,enemy on the right side and their highlands ,you need two strikers invasion enemy positions ,one striker support in ground ,so you do not need worry left side

    because 50% previous the height of tower
    if enemy began tower advance ,but you can not in highlands stop enemy ,you also difficult to defeat the enemy on the ground
    when the tower is between 50 to 70% ,highlands is still useful ,because the enemy will ignore the attacks from rear ,you have ten seconds ,jump off the highlands ,attack from rear

    in rainmaker
    this rule ,both sides are important ,members need to average distribution
    about the entrance ,three entrances are not easily accessible
    (the middle door appeared in the final ninety seconds)
    so the best route is the right route ,enemy is difficult to ambush ,and promote rate faster
    enemy is the same idea ,so our need to attention the left side
    when the left side ensure safety ,all members need to invasion right side ,but maybe can make one member detour
    if you can control right side ,then our three doors will be very easy defend
    do not be afraid ,even rainmaker challenge the right side failure ,enemy will be concentrated on right side ,your team can surround them

    left route and middle route is relatively ordinary ,primarily as alternate
    when the enemy gathered at one side ,you can detour
    you can also take the initiative to mislead enemy ,same reasons of the kelp dome

    10. moray towers
    sniper paradise!
    analogy with building ,each flat is one floor (your zone is the first floor ,the square in front of the spawn point is the sixth floor ,and so on)

    the same principles of the camp triggerfish ,all members must attack
    you need to as much as possible climb enemy floors ,and to make use the walls ,this can reduce the chance of enemy counterattack
    so this is compare to which team have more member have attack desire

    in splat zones
    according to the above principles ,most only stay one member to defense
    if enemy has captured many our floors ,maybe you want to fight back from the top ,but you can also climb your floor ,sandwiched enemy

    Ideally is one sniper
    too many snipers ,then striker becomes less ,offensive capability will be much weaker
    even sniper is very strong ,pair of four is also very difficult ,so do not be afraid sniper

    in tower control
    the same principles of the splat zones
    but does not need defenders ,and only from the top and front defense

    in rainmaker
    the first floor has three routes (one of climb wall to the tower control end)
    climbing on the left is the fastest route ,but you need two members detour

    when the third floor of impasse ,you can pretend back the second floor to lure the enemy ,or up from the stairwell
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  3. ReinerRubin5

    ReinerRubin5 Inkling

    Dec 24, 2015
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    11. museum d'alfonsino
    in turf war
    use here ,you can reach the enemy spawn point
    or rainmaker touchdowns faster

    in splat zones
    you need members occupied the left and highland below ,to ensure our security ,and gradually occupied the opposite side of ground
    the right side more dangerous ,if you want ,you can first in the right highland ,against the wall to adjust camera ,observe enemies distribution
    even you occupied the enemy's home ,members also need attention the left side

    in tower control
    when the tower at 70% ,you can jump on enemy's the right side highland
    allows one member from the left detour

    in rainmaker
    four three routes (left ,spinning platforms ,right) and three touchdowns routes (jump to left wall ,middle wall ,right wall)
    the left barbed wire supply an extra route (pictured above)
    the spinning platforms and left wall is best route
    the right wall is bad ,too high and narrow

    12. piranha pit
    in turf war

    this map is the first bigger and widest ,features is the two camps too close
    home have complex terrain ,the enemy can easily escape ,in principle ,you need three members to suppress the enemy rebirth point
    if there is no tag's cooperation ,attack the enemy home be impractical

    in splat zones
    because the two zone and home are too close ,route too more ,can not take into account any side ,so first strike any side is not much difference
    into the enemy zone is full of obstacles ,so beacon can be arranged in the outer side bottom ,this can add to our rescue and detour choice ,to force the enemy away from the field to deal beacon ,and surrounded or dispersed enemy

    in tower control
    be ensure safety of the tower ,you need strikers in the central conveyor both sides to surround the enemy
    when more than 60% ,the terrain is not conducive to defense ,because the conveyor and highland to battle is not stable ,the defensive side need to concentrate on one side

    in rainmaker
    although the rebirth points is different ,but the same principle of the tower control ,when the central breakthrough ,striker must occupied enemy's plaza
    in principle ,the rainmaker are walking to the conveyor right side ,because the conveyor too close to the enemy rebirth point ,however rainmaker can walk the conveyor of half to jump off the right side
    the conveyor left side is the fastest route ,if striker can use special weapons ,rainmaker can try to this route

    13. port mackerel
    this is my most relaxed articles ,all the rules are same principles
    you only need to occupy all the central routes as quickly as possible ,and occupied enemies's home even rebirth point

    14. saltspray rig
    in splat zones
    this map can be divided into five areas (home ,both sides ,bottom ,center ,top)
    opening you need all members into central defeat enemy ,avoid enemy occupied the top ,at the same time occupying both sides
    you do not care the bottom
    when you have advantage ,you need three members in the enemy side ,one member monitor enemy detour
    but in the turf war ,may allow one member to control the bottom

    in tower control
    the same principles

    in rainmaker
    you do not need in the central defeat all the enemies ,so long as enemy die more them ,all striker must attack the enemy spawn point as quickly as possible

    if rainmaker want to delay the time ,in the premise of no enter prohibited area ,you can try to the top area

    15. urchin underpass
    in splat zones
    you should try to suppress the enemy spawn point

    in tower control
    if the top 50% advances smoothly ,idle striker detour attack the enemy spawn point
    if you are confident ,even though only you in the tower ,at 50% ,you can to tower jump to the enemy highland ,let behind teammate on tower

    in defense you can get from the right side to the enemy behind

    in rainmaker
    this rule provides a wall at home ,you can quickly arrive battlefield
    if you use Skype ,in opening the strongest members can occupied the enemy right side ,teammates do not need to ensure our position ,together direct attack ,maybe you can quickly defeat the enemy
    by the same token ,when rainmaker across to barbed wire ,climbing wall safer and faster than taking the stairs

    if the enemy attacked our home ,when you snatching back rainmaker ,or want to delay the time ,maybe you can go on the both side highland ,there actually quite safety
    or from the right side to leave ,let rainmaker further away from our house

    16. walleye warehouse
    in splat zones
    this is my favorite map ,and the second smallest map ,very suitable detour ,easy to suppress the enemy rebirth point
    because central is very wide ,so the beacon can useful

    in tower control
    when offensive ,can make one member detour to right side ,or you can to tower jump to the container
    the left route is very narrow ,two teams are not good to use ,but pay attention enemy detour to our behind
    if the enemy push the tower ,you can detour to enemy behind

    in rainmaker
    according to the above principles ,i do not think the left is good route
    if teammates collaborate ,the best route is the front
    even though lose rainmaker ,you can surround the enemy
    because the map is too small ,rainmaker mislead the enemy or detour is dangerous
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  4. Static

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    Sep 8, 2015
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    nice, although it would be a lot easier on the eyes if you made spoilers for everything so that it is easier to find things and the page isnt as long!
  5. Teeny Weeny Man

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    Nov 20, 2015
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    You put a lot of time into this, and we all appreciate it but, it's all little confusing to read.
  6. La Enchilada

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    Apr 25, 2016
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    Not bad. You went through a lot of effort writing this up so I appreciate the time you put into this helpful guide. If I may, the use of spoiler tags for images would greatly increase the read speed of the documentation and help ease the reading of your work.
  7. ChipsAhoy

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    Wow! Thank you! It actually helps a lot! It is a little confusing to read but, it does help!

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