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SAI Main Event: Top 16 Bracket and Gametype/Map Rotation

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, May 25, 2016.

TheRapture, May 25, 2016 at 5:16 PM
  1. TheRapture

    TheRapture Dystopian Future Paint Desperado

    Sep 20, 2009
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    After four qualifiers and two weeks of competition, sixteen teams have qualified for the SAI double-elimination, main event!

    Here are your qualified teams and their Winner's Round 1 match-ups:

    Seeding was determined by qualifier points obtained and TO discretion. The bracket page will be updated throughout the duration of the event.

    Gametype/Map Rotation

    Each round of the event will follow the official Gametype/Map rotation list provided below. This list was created by randomization and TO discretion. Gametypes/maps are available for possible games in best of 5 and best of 7 sets, as well as a second Grand Finals if the bracket is reset.

    Winner's Round 1
    1) Arowana Mall (Rainmaker)
    2) Bluefin Depot (Tower Control)
    3) Piranha Pit (Splat Zones)
    4) Camp Triggerfish (TC)
    5) Port Mackerel (SZ)

    Winner's Round 2

    1) Museum d’Alfonsino (TC)
    2) Ancho-V Games (RM)
    3) Bluefin Depot (SZ)
    4) Mahi-Mahi Resort (SZ)
    5) Kelp Dome (TC)

    Winner's Round 3
    1) Hammerhead Bridge (SZ)
    2) Ancho-V Games (TC)
    3) Urchin Underpass (RM)
    4) Blackbelly Skatepark (TC)
    5) Walleye Warehouse (RM)

    Loser's Round 1
    1) Ancho-V Games (SZ)
    2) Flounder Heights (TC)
    3) Mahi-Mahi Resort (RM)
    4) Arowana Mall (SZ)
    5) Saltspray Rig (TC)

    Loser's Round 2

    1) Moray Towers (RM)
    2) Urchin Underpass (TC)
    3) Museum d’Alfonsino (SZ)
    4) Port Mackerel (TC)
    5) Bluefin Depot (RM)

    Loser's Round 3

    1) Saltspray Rig (RM)
    2) Moray Towers (TC)
    3) Flounder Heights (SZ)
    4) Camp Triggerfish (RM)
    5) Blackbelly Skatepark (SZ)

    Loser's Round 4

    1) Mahi-Mahi Resort (TC)
    2) Walleye Warehouse (RM)
    3) Piranha Pit (SZ)
    4) Port Mackerel (RM)
    5) Camp Triggerfish (SZ)

    Loser's Round 5

    1) Blackbelly Skatepark (RM)
    2) Moray Towers (SZ)
    3) Kelp Dome (TC)
    4) Hammerhead Bridge (RM)
    5) Urchin Underpass (SZ)

    Winner's Finals

    1) Mahi-Mahi Resort (SZ)
    2) Piranha Pit (RM)
    3) Hammerhead Bridge (TC)
    4) Flounder Heights (RM)
    5) Arowana Mall (SZ)
    6) Walleye Warehouse (TC)
    7) Museum d’Alfonsino (RM)

    Loser's Finals

    1) Kelp Dome (SZ)
    2) Urchin Underpass (RM)
    3) Walleye Warehouse (SZ)
    4) Bluefin Depot (TC)
    5) Camp Triggerfish (SZ)
    6) Blackbelly Skatepark (TC)
    7) Hammerhead Bridge (RM)

    Grand Finals

    1) Saltspray Rig (SZ)
    2) Moray Towers (TC)
    3) Port Mackerel (RM)
    4) Piranha Pit (SZ)
    5) Camp Triggerfish (TC)
    6) Flounder Heights (RM)
    7) Bluefin Depot (SZ)

    Grand Finals Set 2 (if necessary)
    1) Urchin Underpass (TC)
    2) Arowana Mall (SZ)
    3) Walleye Warehouse (RM)
    4) Blackbelly Skatepark (SZ)
    5) Museum d’Alfonsino (TC)
    6) Kelp Dome (RM)
    7) Mahi-Mahi Resort (SZ)

    And, of course, if you haven't done so already, join the official SAI discord server for updates, communicating with tournament staff, and more!
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheRapture, May 25, 2016.

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