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Salmon Run Ideas

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by SpaltNub, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. SpaltNub

    SpaltNub Inkling

    Apr 15, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Right now Salmon Run feels a little empty and can be very frustrating. For this I have a few ideas to stop the frustration.

    1. Make a Salmon Run have a total egg goal instead of lots of mini goals. Through out the rounds it still shows the minor goal but when you reach the end screen it adds the mini goals up. If your total golden eggs is the same as the big goal you will still win but you will not get XP as much.

    2. Sometimes, people get really annoyed when the salmon run has bad weapons (e.g. Hydra Splatling, E-liter 4K) this can make salmon run a lot harder as one player is struggling to fight against the salmon. For this I think they should get abilities like the gear in game depending on what weapon you have to make a slight help but the higher your salmon run rank is the less power it gives you (e.g Intern and Part timer quite a lot of buff but Over Achiever and Professional get less of a boost)

    I hope you like my ideas :D
  2. Marfie

    Marfie Semi-Pro Squid

    Jan 2, 2018
    Likes Received:
    1. I don't see how this would fix frustration with Salmon Run (I don't think this is even a point of frustration regarding the mode to most players). The mode ups the difficultly each round so having mini goals makes sense + a total goal at the end doesn't really fix/alter anything. If someone is failing to reach the mini goals they'd probably fail to get enough eggs for a large goal as well. Also the last thing Salmon Run needs to do is give out less points if you just managed to scrape enough eggs to get by (which can be difficult in higher ranks).

    2. Part of the difficulty in Salmon Run is using all weapons effectively, and while nobody's happy when the Gloogas show up in rotation you usually don't get super bad compositions that would require buffing.
    Also the Hydra isn't bad in Salmon Run it's range is good at taking out Salmonids and Bosses from afar and it's rapid fire rate (when fully charged) means you can do crowd control OR go after certain bosses. It's only at a disadvantage when it gets super crazy or on SR maps which are super small.
  3. thundasi

    thundasi Senior Squid

    Jan 5, 2018
    Likes Received:
    this sounds like everyone would flake even more and it would be a mad dash in wave 3 if you even made it that , far most team mates dont watch who is even alive or remember they have a special to use. Managing a overall egg count is not something i see happening as well.

    Take the galooga dueies what would you do with ink mines? a sprinkler would be marginal at best. Burst bombs would result in one person sitting around raining them down all wave to also minimal effect. the big pain would be Knowing what kits to teammates had also like the guys with the ink mines, sprinkler, Splash wall, Point Sensors couldn't kill them. so if they encountered one they would have to "this way" HOPE someone actually looks and then come to do it.
    By that metric, 4/9 bomb kits being unusable,

    Splat Bomb
    Suction Bomb
    Burst Bomb Low Damage
    Curling Bomb Bomb will get deflected off or knocked in the water
    Auto Bomb They will run off away from where you throw them
    Point Sensor
    You have a great chance ending up in a run with no one having bombs at all.

    We all wish the tutorial was better, thats something we can agree on though.
    #3 thundasi, Apr 15, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018

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