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Competitive Spl Team!

  1. Cherbear

    Cherbear Inkling

    Aug 15, 2018
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    This section would just let you all know, who are interested or curious on how to join the team, IF you have all the requirements.

    What position is open?

    Our team currently has a complete roster, of two flex’s, a committed Anchor, striving two Utility players and sub for anchor who is bias for learning and growing.

    How our tryouts work?

    Our tryout is league rank with three of the ζv members, they will see how well you do your role, callouts and playstyle. We don't judge on the power.

    And no, we don't do scrims as tryouts for it may cause the new tryout person to be nervous and overwhelming. We just don't find it as a good way to do our tryouts.

    on practices

    Our current schedule is random and isn’t based on a set schedule, as of yet. But we do try to practice everyday, and scrim three times a week. But we do join tourneys on the weekends.

    Our team is currently div 8 since we’re newly formed team, but we scrim against div 5+ teams. We can even hold our ground against div 2 teams.

    But we hope to climb up the latter with motivation and commitment.

    Hope to see you in our discord server!


    #1 Cherbear, May 16, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2020

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