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SCL 10: wrath of the Squich King, results and Feedback

Discussion in 'Tournament Results' started by Fightersword, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Fightersword

    Fightersword Good TOs are Capitalists
    Super Moderator

    May 20, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Well everysquid, SCL has finally broken double digits. We've laughed, we've cried, you've all yelled at us many many times, and now we're here. Thanks to everyone for competing. Without further ado, May I present our top 3 teams.

    First, allow me to congratulate our winners, NST- err wait, NSTC didn't actually win this one. The winners are the distinguished Koopa Clan, who defeated Under the Bus in a hard won and close game. They've been in the top 3 runnings numerous times, and this time managed to break NSTC's streak on the SCL title

    Second place was Under the Bus, a 4 man team captained by Srb2dude and made up of players of great skill. Though frankly underseeded this tournament, they managed to defeat NSTC in the semifinals and fought a hard game against KC. Though they didn't win it out in the end, their skills were certainly something to behold.

    And the winner of the bronze match and 3rd place title was the well known and renown NSTC. Frankly I think hell would open up before they didn't make at least top 3. They nabbed the place after defeating SND, who were on the top of their games this tournament, in the bronze match.

    Full results and honorable mention(s) in spoiler
    1st place
    Koopa Clan 1

    2nd place

    3rd place
    Name Subject To Change

    4th place
    Squids Next Door: Honorable mention for their incredibly strong showing in the tournament

    5th place tie
    Choke Squad
    Đ¥namite Splatoon

    9th place tie
    Crème Fresh
    CoolDown 2 - CoolDoge
    Dank Determination
    Get Kraken
    Team Infinity Splatoon
    Blackbelly Bouncers

    17th place tie
    Part Time Warriors
    the visionaries
    Panda Global Warming
    Blooper Ink
    Killer Wails
    Hydra Heights
    Los Falcon Punch 2
    Fresh Squids 2

    As always this is also a feedback thread. Let me know what you thought about the tournament and proceedings below.

    We're taking a break from the next time slot. The next SCL will be held in around one month rather than two weeks.

    Bracket Here: Link
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  2. Static

    Static Inkling Cadet

    Sep 8, 2015
    Likes Received:
    thank you!!! that makes keeping the "all tournament results" thread updated soooo much easier! XD

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