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SnipeWriter 5H Analysis


Oct 19, 2015
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A new charger I have been waiting ages for this I was so excited for a new weapon to help out with defense

So you can imagine minor frustration when I discovered this weapons mechanics makes the gootuber look easy
To put it bluntly I have been straggling with this weapon for a bit but unlocking but I see tons of potential for this to be a solid additon already

so I thought I would share some of what I am learning feel free to add to this as you please

- High mobility- this charger has the highest strafe speed of any charger, you can hold charge and still move decently fast to reposition
- Insane ink coverage- 5 charger shots means you have some of the best turf control of any charger, and can easily take control of a Splat Zone in a single charge
- Fast special charge with high ink coverage and sprinkler you have the faster special charge of any charger class
-Tons of pressure- intimidation is as much a part of the game, most players will try to bait out a chargers fire to gain

- No piercing, like the Bamboozler this charger does no have piercing shots
- No stored charge, honestly this feels like a heavy hit for this weapon and limits its mobility
-Swiming immedately removes all charges

-Hold your charge letting go will fire your 1st shot so make sure you line it up 1st before you do
-Anti peak weapon this weapon basically can provide suppressive fire to prevent an enemy charger from being able to peak so be sure to keep pressure on enemy anchors
- Do wait for the perfect shot, if you hit someone immedately follow up on your attack with another shot and if you miss you still take a bunhc of map control in the process so teammates can finish off target
- This is an assist based charger, oftentime you aren't gonna get the OHKO splat rather you are setting up your team to pick off weakened targets

Personally I feel this weapon works very well in Modes like Clam Blitz since it control large areas of the map and easily pick off targets with its poke, it is also a solid candidate imo for object shredding of Rainmaker shields, crab tanks and sheilds
Though out of all the mode this weapon is proabaly best in Splat Zones due to being able to be an achor and cover the zone quickly

Gear reccomendations:
Ink efficentcy : this weapon can use a ton of ink so I feel out of all charger Ink Saver main, and ink recovery are very usefulfor its kit
Run speed : again high strafing speed, and since you cannot store charge run speed is going to be your primary way of getting around
Thermal Ink: you have 5 shots so tagging enemies and using thermal ink to see them can assit especially against enemy chargers trying to peak

Full Support (taticooler Chain)
Special Power up: special power extends the length of the tacticooler buff and with how quickly you can charge special there is a high probablity to chain you taticooler buff
:ability_specialcharge:: again sprinkler, and high coverage....this combined with special power can help with chaining

Blaster/Sloshers- both of these weapon have great aoe attacks which can capitalize on targets you have hit, or that you follow up on afterwards either way netting an assist
bamboozler- again both of these weapon can follow up on each on the others attacks in team games both these charger can easily pick off single targets exceptionally quick

.96 gal- again can benefit in securing kills, but also benefits alot from the taticooler buffs, along with that its special can help protect the Sniperwriter secure objective like Splat Zones and Poping Rainmaker shield'

Flingza/ Dynamo roller: both have high rank poke with their vertical flicks and high map coverage pairing it with the snipewriter can secure spalts and well as have very strong map control

Dualie squelchers- this weapon is probably the best synergy for this weapon, it gains a tons of benefits from taticooler, has wavebreaker for mapping that the charger can follow up of for splat, and has a slow time to kill meaning it can benefit like the other weapons in securing enemy splats

**again some of this is test while others pieces are theory craft at the moment so let me know if there is anything else I missed or might have gotten wrong in my analysis
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