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Splatoon 2, 1.3.0 Update: September 7th Patch Notes and Discussion

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Mr.HawK, Sep 7, 2017.

Mr.HawK, Sep 7, 2017 at 3:22 PM
  1. Mr.HawK

    Mr.HawK The Artist

    Apr 23, 2015
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    It's that time of the month again

    Here are the new patch notes for the 1.3.0 update coming out tonight!
    Translated Source: reddit

    Ver.1.3.0 [9/8/2017 (Japan time) distribution]
    Maintenance from 5:50 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (may end earlier)

    ~Warning: Tri-Slosher and Rapid Blaster nerfs ahead!~ (and Ink Jet)

    Match/battle changes:
    • Changed the performance of some Special Weapons:
      • Sting Ray
        • After shooting ink continuously for 1.5 secs, shock waves are generated and damage-dealing beam size is greatly increased
        • Default duration extended by 0.5 secs
      • Splashdown
        • Shortened the amount of time spent paused in the air (at the peak of the jump) by 1/6th of a second
        • Increased the jump height by 31%
        • Changed minimum explosion damage from 40.0 to 55.0
        • Reduced special charge points of some weapons that come with the Splashdown
      • Ink Storm
        • Expanded radius by 13%
        • Reduced the special points needed to charge on most weapons
      • Baller
        • Knockback decreased
        • Increased default endurance/stamina by 33%
        • Increased explosion radius – 17% more damage, 7% more inking
        • Changed minimum explosion damage from 30.0 to 55.0
        • Increased knockback effect against opponents on explosion
      • Ink Jet
        • Increased hitbox of player versus enemy bullets (Shooter weapons), so it will be easier to shoot down
        • Decreased explosion radius at point of impact – 17% for damage, 20% for inking
        • Decreased damage dealt by exhaust (underneath the Ink Jet) by 75%
      • Ink Armor
        • Decreased invincibility at the time when the armor is broken by 8/60 of a second
        • When receiving more than 100.0 damage at once, any excess damage will knock the Ink Armor user back (upper limit capped at 80.0)
    • Changed the performance of some Sub Weapons:
      • Sprinkler
        • Ink is released in three stages; increased the middle of these stages in duration by 5 seconds (this one was a bit difficult to translate, sorry)
        • Ink consumption decreased from 80% to 70% of the ink tank
      • Point Sensor
        • Expanded radius by 20%
        • Reduced the amount of time it took to start recovering ink after throwing it by 15/60 of a second
      • Splash Wall
        • Shortened the time between throwing and deployment by 0.5 seconds
      • Squid Beakon
        • Ink consumption decreased from 90% to 75% of the ink tank
    • Changed the performance of Main Weapons:
      • Tri-Slosher
        • Maximum damage dealt decreased from 62.0 to 52.0
        • Range shortened by 9%
    • Changed the special charge points of some weapons:
      • 210 → 200
        • .96 Gal
      • 200 → 190
        • N-ZAP '85
      • 190 → 170
        • E-Liter 4K, E-Liter 4K Scope
      • 180 → 170
        • Sploosh-o-matic, Splash-o-matic, Aerospray RG, Splattershot Pro, Blaster, Hero Blaster Replica, L3 Nozzlenose, Splat Roller, Hero Roller Replica
      • 180 → 160
        • Carbon Roller, Goo Tuber
      • 170 → 160
        • Inkbrush, Brella, Hero Brella Replica
      • 180 → 190
        • Splat Charger, Splatterscope, Hero Charger Replica
      • 180 → 210
        • Rapid Blaster
      • 210 → 230
        • Tentatek Splattershot
    Various battle fixes:
    • Auto-special gauge charge (dependent on mode/ruleset) now based on points needed (per-weapon basis) rather than consistent over an amount of time
    • Bugfixes for the following issues: Sloshing Machine hitbox/inking turf, rare Inkbrush and Octobrush incorrect hitbox on floor, Inkbrush and Octobrush and sponge interaction, damage recovery issue when touching opponents using Brella or Rollers, Roller vertical swing bug, Sting Ray ink droplet display, Ink Jet bullet interaction with corners, Brella and Ink Armor interaction, damage through/on wire meshes, Suction Bomb/surface interaction ink display on Starfish Mainstage, possible to go OOB/clip through world on Sturgeon Shipyard
    Salmon Run:
    • Sting Ray, Splashdown – same changes as in battles (above)
    • Made Steelhead bombs unable to get stuck on top of Scrapper and Flyfish
    • When using the Sting Ray on Grillers and Steel Eels, fixed an issue where damage was not dealt when aiming at weak points (tentacles, or pilot/driver) through the body.
    • In Lost Outpost, fixed a problem where Steelheads would not attack in certain places
    • Fixed an issue where if, two players tried to pick up the same golden egg near the end of a wave, one of the players would become unable to pick up eggs in the following wave
    • Fixed issue where, after playing online, party members in the plaza were shown to have the Splattershot Jr. equipped
    • Fixed issue where, if a player disconnects just before starting, their weapon will be shown/stuck as the Rainmaker
    • Fixed issue where, if a player disconnects just before the end, the arrow pointing to them (indicating "self") on the scoreboard may be seen by other players
    • Fixed issue where a communication error would occur if a player was assigned a Roller-type weapon for a long period of time
    • Changed number of points required to level up Splatfest Tee slots
      • Slot 1: 4000 → 7500
      • Slot 2: 8000 → 7500
      • Slot 3: 12000 → 7500
      • Total: 24000 → 22500
    • Fixed issue where players appearing in the plaza after Splatfest battles showed as having no shirt slots unlocked
    Other changes:
    • When talking to Murch, you can now see your money and Super Sea Snail count in the corner of the screen
    • Fixed issue where ranked meters incorrectly displayed as breaking, in the case the bar was empty and there was a disconnection
    • Fixed issue where some gear, such as the Splatfest Tee, would not be displayed in the correct order while sorting by frequently used
    • Fixed damage issue with the Baller in the testing area

    feel free to post your thoughts on this update and what you hope to see in the future!
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Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Mr.HawK, Sep 7, 2017.

    1. Silxer
    2. MrL1193
      As mentioned in the Reddit thread, it seems likely that this is a mistranslation. Google Translate renders the line in question as:

      • When we received more than 100.0 damage at once, we changed the excess damage so that it gets added to the player body and it gets blown up greatly.
      • ※ The upper limit of damage added at one time is 80.0.
      Now, I know Google Translate isn't the most reliable tool for understanding Japanese, but it sounds to me more like this means that if an Ink Armor user is hit by an attack that deals more than 100 damage at once, the excess damage will pierce the armor, dealing a maximum of 80 damage to the target. It's possible that knockback was also increased, but quite a few attacks already dealt significant knockback to Ink Armor users before the patch was applied, so I doubt that knockback would be the only change.

      EDIT: Official English patch notes are out:


      Apparently, it actually means that the Ink Armor can only block 80 damage at once, so in theory, stuff like fully charged E-Liter shots should be able to kill through the armor.
      Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
      Egg Queen likes this.
    3. Danku
      New Sting Ray feels absolutely outstanding. New Splashdown is super cool too~
      Mendax likes this.
    4. DeadbeatDad
      Sting Ray on sloshing machine just took out entire team of randoms in one. Also hi.
      Wow, guess I'll have to try the Stingray again to see if it's usable now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but we'll see.

      Also kinda could've gone for a Flyfish nerf but what can you do.
    6. the
      Haven't tested it yet, but the way it's phrased makes it sound like it blocks up to 100 damage, but a maximum of 80 excess damage + knockback can be added to the player. So while eliters still can't one-shot ink armor wearers, they can bring them close to death and shatter the armor in one fell swoop. I wonder how big the knockback is... Bonus points for eliters that can launch armored opponents off ledges..
    7. SonnyBlueBalls
      I just used the new stingray; Man was that a buff! I think I would have preferred a little faster movement; I see that as being more valuable.
      Silxer likes this.
    8. CM86
      Here is my take on the 1.3 patch after playing around in it for a little while now. I think its great honestly. The tri slosher is not dead by any means. It is just not unstoppable anymore. Seriously, just because a weapon gets nerfed does not imply it is going to be bad after the fact. A lot of squids are unhappy with the inkjet nerf. Here's the deal. If you are good at the inkjet, you will still be good at using it. Every ranked match when someone was using it, I was getting shot down while on the move, EVERY match, so I know it is still really good. People who do not use inkjet hardly ever will have a fairly steep learning curve now to get a feel for it, but it just requires minor adjustments for pros (which isn't me). I also really like the larger hitbox on the inkjet. I can't tell you how many times I have been shooting at the inkjet, but not hitting anything. Finally, all the ink jets shooting at me mostly came from tentatek's. I bring this up due to the required 230 points needed to get inkjet on it now. It seems like the tentatek ultimately does not care that it needs to get more points to use it. It is such a versatile weapon that, at the end of the day, it does not make to much of a difference (but will probably still be a little noticeable).

      The 1.3 patch did not feel like a nerf to me. It felt like it brought everything back to the middle ground that was otherwise hanging in mega OP land. I don't really think anything went to rock bottom at all.

      Also, congratulations sting ray. You are now useful. Welcome to the middle ground. Hopefully you won't ever sit in rock bottom again.
      So I've tried the updated Stingray some. I'm definitely doing better with it, but I actually ended up using it mostly in very short bursts, meaning I didn't really use the added shockwave a lot. Which means that I'm doing better with it but not because of the update? Which is kinda weird, since I never could do anything with it at all. I guess that just changed overnight...
    10. vanille987
      Finally the stingray got its buff.
      Its absolutely deadly now if you fire it right.
      It's somewhat comparable a smaller killer wail now, but you can move and re-fire it.
    11. MindWanderer
      Is it just me or was the nerf of the Inkjet overkill? I get killed when I use it every single time now. Even juniors kill me almost instantly. And I can't get any kills with it myself, with the burst radius decreased so much.
      Silxer and MissingNumbers like this.

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