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Splatoon 2 4.5.0 Patch Notes

What do you think about the patch notes for 4.5.0?

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Splatoon 2's patch 4.5.0 doesn't drop until tomorrow, but Nintendo has made available the expected changes for tomorrow's update in a patch notes release.

The patch contains a ton of changes for specific weapons, sub-weapons, as well as a nerf to Ink Storm and a change to Bomb Defense Up DX.

The patch also includes a number of quality of life and non-weapon gameplay changes:

  • Fixed an issue causing players who performed a dodge roll in specific locations on Kelp Dome during Tower Control or Clam Blitz matches to be treated as if they had fallen out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue occurring on Piranha Pit during Tower Control matches, allowing players riding the moving tower to take a shortcut into the opposing team’s base via an elevated platform.
  • As a result of the above fix, the route taken by the tower in Tower Control matches has been altered slightly.
  • Fixed an issue occurring on certain stages when certain symmetrically placed objects were inked, causing minor discrepancies between the actual area inked and the area inked shown on the results screen.
  • Fixed an issue allowing attacks with rollers to pass through the opened brellas of opponents, defeating the brella user.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Splashdown special used by an opponent to shift locations when network conditions are poor.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Ultra Stamp causing the top of crates not to be inked when swinging the stamp while on the ground and near a wall.
  • Other Changes
    • Fixed an issue causing the ink tank strap to not properly reflect your team’s color when using a Splattershot Jr., Custom Splattershot Jr., or Kensa Splattershot Jr.


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